Return to Happiness

by: Chiaki
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Warnings: OOC, SAPP and WAFF, ::purrs::


[ Epilogue ]

Duo hurriedly straitened out his tuxedo as he stood next to Trowa at the altar.

"Does my tux look okay?"

"It's fine, don`t worry about it."

"Okay.... Oh my god they're starting!!"

The band began to play and the crowd immediately settled down. The majority of the guests craned their necks to get a better glimpse of the procession. "Oohs" and "Awws" were scattered throughout the crowd as Lianne came down the aisle. Her off white gown and tiny veil made her look like a little fairy as she scattering her flower petals of white and sky blue. When the little girl neared the front rows her proud mother was there to scoop her up. Following Lianne was Akito, baring matching wedding bands of platinum on a silver cushion. He wore a little black tuxedo, a cheeky grin, and had his hair plaited for the occasion. Akito won as many "Oohs" and "Awws" as the flower girl. His proud father beamed as Akito smiled brightly at him before turning to sit with his nanny. Second to last was the other Best Man. He was unescorted, but nonetheless happy, tears of joy gleaming in his eyes.

The melody changed and everyone stood up turning to the arched doorway behind them. The Chinese man was smiling as he escorted the groom down the isle. Tears were shed here and there as the pair passed them by. The radiant groom was a vision in a white tuxedo with silver embroidery on the breast.

They reached the altar, and the groom in black stepped down to take the hand of his husband-to-be. Wufei turned to the man on his arm and saw the silver tears streaming down his face. He smiled, wiped the tears away, and placed a chaste kiss on the trembling lips.

"You take good care of him, understand?" Wufei held the man protectively as he eyed the groom before him.

"I promise Wu," was the sincere reply. The Chinese gave a sharp nod as he gave away his friend. Then Wufei went to sit with his wife and daughter as the minister started the ceremony.

"My friends," the aging man declared. "We are here today to witness the joining of these two souls, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy.........."


"It was a privalege knowing you as individuals, and now it is an honor knowing you as a couple. May your life together be filled with love and happiness." Quatre raised his glass to the newlyweds. Duo grinned as he lifted his glass while the other arm was wrapped possessively around his husband. Heero smiled at his friends.

"Here, here!"

"A dance!" Sally shouted.

"Yes, the first dance together as a married couple!" her husband cheered. Heero blushed in embarrassment while Duo dragged him to the center of the dance floor, but as the music started, everything else was forgotten. Neither one heard the words of the song as they danced slowly in each other's arms. Neither one noticed when they were joined by other couples on the floor. All that mattered was that they were together. They were all that existed for that moment in time. Words couldn't describe what they felt, so tremendous and overwhelming the emotions.

"You know what Heero?" Duo whispered. The cobalt-eyed man lifted his head from his perch on Duo's shoulder to look into glowing amethyst orbs. Duo searched the sea of blue below him and saw his future. A future filled with love, memories yet to be made, the joy of fatherhood, and spending eternity with the one held so tight in his embrace. Duo raised one hand to caress his husbands face and leaned down stopping inches from the other's lips.

"What is it Duo?" Heero's light voice filled his heart.

//Oh Goddess.....how I love him.......My baby..........//

Shinigami smiled with a light that reached his eyes.

"I'm happy."







Okay, obviously, this is a while after the end of Untitled. ( And it wasn't Quatre and Trowa's wedding...did I fool you too?? ^_~ ) It's about a year......un. *nods head twice* Sorry, I didn't feel like putting a whole reflection on the past year. I didn't think it was that important. Obviously Duo moved to earth to live with his family ne? Okay. You can make up the rest. ^____^ Awww........*sniffles* God! That was so sappy! Hey! I wanted it to be okay?? I thought we could use some, after all of this angst. It's good angst, but too much of a good thing can be bad. *scratches her head* Did that make sense??

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