Return to Happiness
Part Six


by: Chiaki
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[ Part 6 ]

"Wow...." Duo breathed as he saw the grand hall before him. Everything was in place, just waiting for the guests to arrive.

// Rashid and the others did a REALLY good job.....gotta compliment them when I see `em//

With light feet, he made his way down the marble staircase trying to guess where his Baby would be. Duo didn't notice the figure at the bottom of the stairs that he crashed into.

"I'm sorry I didn't-" Duo stopped apologizing when he saw who it was. Pulling on the `mask' again he nodded his head curtly. "Takizawa."

"Maxwell isn't it?" A nod and Duo began to move to his left but Matt blocked him.

"Well then," Matt smiled. "I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow ne? Seeing as I'm an escort and all......and you are?" Duo narrowed his eyes at the grinning man.

// What is up with him....??//

"I'm Trowa's Best Man." Matt's left eye twitched and he licked his lips. Duo had enough and pushed his way past Matt. Not turning around, Matt spoke again.

"I hope Akito will be at the wedding as well, because I did not see him arrive with Heero."

Duo stopped dead in his tracks. A little black cloud of fear began to form inside but Duo closed his eyes and willed it to go away. He had no idea who this Akito was, but obviously that damned man did. He knew that he should go straight to Heero and ask him himself, but his curiosity got the best of him.

"Akito?" Matt slowly faced the nervous looking American. Feigning surprise he gasped.

"You don't know who he is??!"

"If I did I wouldn't have asked you." Duo snarled. Matt "tsked" and waggled his finger before pinning Duo with a cold glare.

"What makes you think I'll tell you?" Duo rolled his eyes.

//I should've known better.........ugh. What a jerk.//

"It was nice seeing you again Takizawa." Duo ground out and left the man at the stairs. Nearing the parlor, Duo was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. The person leaned in close to whisper in his ear.

"Ask Heero," -pause- " Ask him if he loves Akito."

// WHAT??! Oh Goddess I was a fool.......no wait......what if this is just a trick? I mean, that guy is totally obsessed with my Baby. Yeah, that's it. It's a trick..............Heero told me he stilled loved me..........and we made love last night............But what if it's true? What if....he lied to me?......No Heero would never lie to me......would he?//

The little black cloud that threatened Duo earlier had returned with a vengeance. He turned around to yell at the damned man but the parlor doors had opened.

"Ah~! Winner-san! Just who I was looking for. Good afternoon Heero." The Japanese leered at the blue eyed man. Heero acknowledged him with a sharp nod then turned to face his love.

"Duo-koi?" The American had his head bowed, his eyes hidden by his jagged bangs, and his whole body seemed to be trembling.

"Duo? What's wrong?" The worry clearly heard in Quatre's voice.


"Hai? What is it?"

"Would you ever lie to me?" Duo's voice was trembling too.

"Lie to you?" Quatre looked back and forth between the two. Heero had never looked more afraid in his life, and Duo never looked.....well........like he did at that moment.

"Akito." It was a statement and a question at the same time. Heero's face immediately paled at the name.

// How did he know??......Oh no.....he must think that--- but who told him that?.....//

Heero turned his Deathglare toward the other Japanese man in the room. Matt blinked back at him innocently. He was about to get some answers from Matt when Duo's next words shocked him even further.

"Do you love him Heero?" Duo finally lifted his head to stare with blank eyes at Heero. He carefully studied his beloved's face. After so many years of living and working with Heero during the war, he could read him like an open book. Several emotions crossed the beauty's face and Duo knew the truth even before he spoke.

"Duo, please let me explain. This is a misunder-" Heero pleaded.

"I can't believe you lied to me Heero. You. The only person in this damn world that I trusted with my SOUL!!!" Duo shouted, no longer containing his anger. The noise brought an audience of Trowa, a few Maguanacs, the Changs who were coming down the stairs, and other house help. Wufei took one look at the two and stormed his way over, anger apparent in his features and movement.

"What the HELL is going on here?!!!" His voice taking on the tone he used to use when demanding justice. Duo was now glaring at Heero, when only last night the sounds of their reunion echoed through the halls.

"It's about that bastard Akito, right Heero?" Duo's voice hard. Wufei shot a glance at Heero.

// What the hell?? Why would Duo say that about-- unless, Heero hasn't told him yet?//

"Duo, you don't understand. Akito is-" Trowa who had reached the group was cut short by the resounding smack in the hall. With the speed of the perfect soldier, Heero had slapped Duo before anyone could stop him. He glared right back at the violet-eyed man.

"Don't you EVER call Akito a bastard." The ice in his voice froze the blood in their veins. "You want the truth Duo? Fine. I do love Akito." Heero's voice took on such intensity Duo began to wither from it. "I love him with every fiber of my being, with every ounce of my soul, just like I love you!!"

No one dared to breathe, the emotion so thick in the air. Duo, who was absolutely confused, stared at the man crying freely before him. Though his face was expressionless, the cobalt depths spoke volumes. Turning swiftly, Heero swung his right fist straight into Matt's face with such force that he flew a good distance before landing on his ass. Blood leaked from his nose, as he lay unconscious on the floor. Again, no one made an effort to move, but this time because they did not want to.

Heero glanced around at everyone before resting his gaze on Duo again. The violet eyes brimmed with tears.

In a voice barely audible, Heero whispered. "How could you loose faith in me?" And ran past everyone, heading for the doors.

"Hee-chan wait!! Heero!!" Quatre quickly chased after his friend, the two disappearing out the entrance. The circle tightened around the sobbing Duo and Sally attentively shook his shoulder.

"Duo, honey?" He slowly lifted his head to gaze into Sally's concerned eyes. "Did you even ask who Akito was?" The American opened his mouth to make up some excuse, but quickly closed it. He shook his head "no" instead.

"Do you ever think before you speak?" Wufei growled. Again, "no" and Wufei rolled his eyes. The sound of the door opening caught everyone's attention. A tired looking blond entered, alone.

//I've got to work out again.......//

"No luck, love?" Trowa asked wrapping his arm around the Arab's slim waist. Quatre shook his head "no" trying to catch his breath.

"You know Heero-chan, koi." Breathe. "No one can catch him, or FIND him for that matter, if he doesn't want you to." Breathe. "I'd say that he'll be back tonight, before Akito gets here for the wedding tomorrow." Trowa and the others nodded in agreement. Then Quatre turned his attention to Duo. "Duo, didn't Heero say that he had something important to tell you? Think hard, I'm sure he did. Heero isn't one to forget something so important."

Duo lowered his eyes, trying to clear his head, and do what Quatre asked.

// ........There's nothing I want more right now than to be in your arms. Get up, get dressed, and come downstairs. I have something to tell you..... I'll be waiting.//

"Y-yes, I remember now...Heero asked me to come downstairs because he had s-something to tell me.........."

"Duo," Trowa began. "Heero didn't want you to return to him out of pity, so he decided not to tell you about Akito and swore us to secrecy also."

//Pity? Why would I pity Heero?//

"He wanted you to return to him because you still loved him and not because of that pity. Do you understand Duo?" Quatre finished for his love. The American shook his head "no" again.

"Why would I pity Heero because of Akito? I don't understand at all."

The other three ex-pilots looked at each other, wondering who would break the news to Duo. Wufei solved their problem.

"Akito is Heero's SON." Duo looked utterly baffled at the Chinese.

Duo stopped dead. Takizawa. WHY the Japanese man was knocked out on the floor made sense all of a sudden.

// Takizawa told me to ask Heero if he loved Akito, and I never stopped to think to ask who he WAS first........That ASSHOLE did this!! That-!! Heero figured it out..........And I fell for it...........Oh god what have I done?//

Realization dawned on Duo's face as he looked back at Wufei.

"Takizawa." Duo spat out the name.

"Yes, he misguided you. Probably to gain what he desired as usual." Wufei kicked Matt's foot. "Bastard."

Duo turned to Quatre again, fear and question in his eyes.

"So......... who's the lucky lady?"

//Please don't let it be Relena. Please don't let it be Relena...//

"Lady?" Quatre looked confused. Trowa mirrored his fiance`s statement. Wufei smacked his forehead.

"Duo." Violet locked with onyx. "Those two are so caught up with the wedding tomorrow, they keep on forgetting that you weren't with us those three years." Wufei closed his eyes. "Heero is Akito's mother....." He heard a faint squeak and when he opened them again Duo was passed out on the floor.