Return to Happiness
Part Five
By: Chiaki
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Pairings: 2x1, 3x4, 5xS, and OC+1
WARNING!!! LIME!! And.....OOC,....AU? SAPPINESS..... & YAOI.......^___^ Dur.

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[Part Five]

The song ended by the time Duo reached Heero, giving him the perfect opportunity to finally cut in. He glared at those surrounding the Japanese, daring them to challenge him. No one wanted to face the daunting American. With imperceptible speed Duo pulled Heero towards him. Heero crashed into his firm chest, then shot Duo the `Yuy Death Glare' under which Duo did not succumb.

"Dance with me." Duo's voice was rough and it came as more of a command than a request. Heero stared into the amethyst eyes that were severe with emotion. Heero knew he was caught, but would not give up so easily. A familiar smirk crossed his lips and he pulled away from Duo's grasp. His own cobalt eyes saying "come and get me" and it began.

For the rest of the night they danced, never stopping, never breaking. Neither one spoke, but then again, words were not always needed between the two. Heero was so caught up in his seduction of Duo, that he did not notice until it was too late. Duo had maneuvered Heero into a secluded corner of the club, his back to the wall. Placing a hand on each side of Heero's head, Duo licked his lips as he watched the smaller man squirm.

"What do you think you're doing?" His voice was rough with passion.

"Trying to get away from you! What does it look like?!" Heero growled. Duo flinched at his words and Heero wished he never said them. Taking in a deep breath and lifting his chin, Heero addressed the man who had him trapped.

"What took you so long?"



"EXCUSE me!? How was I supposed to know? You certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself Baby....." Duo growled as he shoved his right knee between Heero's legs. Heero's flushed face deepened in hue.

"D-Duo..." Heero breathed. How did he get himself into this? He was NOT supposed to submit. He was supposed to be stronger than this!!! No one but the self proclaimed Shinigami had this much power over the stoic ex-pilot of Wing. Death's simple touch over-rid his senses, ration, logic, and Heero lost himself to passion.

// How...??? But he`s ALWAYS had this power over me....So good.....I can't .........fight it........any...more.... //

"So tell me Baby...." Duo raised his knee, lifting Heero off the ground. "/Were/ you enjoying yourself?" Duo ran his tongue along Heero's jaw-line and down his neck. His long slender fingers ran themselves along Heero's chest and down his firm stomach. Constantly placing soft butterfly kisses along Heero's neck, he grabbed the dazed Japanese by the hips and pulled him even closer to his own hot body. Not an inch was left between them. Surrendering to the inevitable, Heero unconsciously rocked against Duo`s hard thigh, the delicious friction causing him to moan in pleasure. "That`s it baby, ride it."

"Does Matt make you scream baby?" he hissed, punctuating the `scream` with a soft caress to Heero`s erect manhood. Duo opened his lust-glazed eyes to gaze upon the man he loved so much, all the while rubbing Heero's throbbing erection. Heero was panting, bruised, swollen lips parted, his own half-lidded eyes cloudy with lust. He raised his chin in invitation, and was rewarded with a soul-searing kiss. They pulled back finally when their bodies screamed at them to breathe.

"Well does he?" Duo snarled grinding his hips against Heero's erection.

"Nnnn..nnn....ah....Aaah! D-DUO~!" His cry of ecstasy was drowned out by the blaring music. Heero's whole body convulsed at his fierce climax. Sweating and tired, he collapsed onto Duo.

"Baby?" No answer. Lovingly, he pushed back a few chocolate silk strands from his koi's face.

"I love you Hee-chan...." Duo whispered and lifted the light form, making his way toward the exit.

"Master Duo? What happened to Master Heero? Is he all right?" Rashid questioned as Duo reached the doorway.

"Heero just fell asleep Rashid. I guess all that dancing made him tired...." Duo said as he shifted Heero so now he was draped over his right shoulder. " Please tell Quatre and Trowa that I had to take Heero home."

"Yes Master Duo, of course." Rashid smirked at the retreating man's back.


"Where the hell am I?" Heero asked groggily as he sat up. He had woken up in an unfamiliar room to find himself clean and changed. He wore black silk boxers and a cotton shirt, that were definitely not his. They were a bit loose on his body. Glancing at the clock on the nightstand, Heero found that it was one in the morning. Heero recalled the events of last night.

// Oh God, did that really happen....?? .....Did I really hear him say that last night or--//

"You're in my room, " Duo interrupted his thoughts. He closed the bedroom door, then turned back to face the man on his bed. Heero watched his love as he made his way across the room to sit beside him. For a few minutes the two bishounen just eyed each other, finally getting a good look at the other without the colorful lights of the club. Duo's heart ached at the sight of his beloved.

// Goddess, is it possible that he is even more gorgeous now than ever before?//

"You didn't answer my question." The American sighed, he knew which question Heero was referring to. Running a hand through his bangs he turned to face Heero.

"I was scared..."

"That's not an excuse!! I was scared too!! I was TERRIFIED!!!!" Heero trembled as he tried to control the emotions inside. The violet eyes shone with tears and held an statement that asked permission for him to finish. Heero slowly nodded.

"I know it`s not. But you see Heero, everyone I've ever loved, was taken from me. Every single person. And being the fool I was, I thought it would happen to you too...I know I was wrong. I have hated myself for the past three years of my life for doing what I did to you.... I hated myself even more because I couldn't face my fears and tell you so.... I'm sorry that I ran from you, I'm sorry that I hurt you, I'm sorry for not saying what I knew, and felt........"

"Duo...." Too stunned to speak, Heero could only mutter his name.

"Aishiteru Heero...." Duo took Heero's face into his hands, caressing the tanned cheeks with his thumbs. "I have since the day I laid eyes on you, since forever and until forever.....Please forgive me...."

"No more apologies...." Heero touched his fingers to Duo's lips. "It's over. This is now......" Heero leaned in to kiss those luscious lips, putting every fiber of his being into it. He felt Duo do the same. As the breathtaking kiss ended, Heero remembered another very important thing he needed to tell his Duo.

// I wonder how Duo's gonna take this..... //

Smiling gently he pulled back so that he was arm's length from the American.

"Koi, there's something I need to tell you....." Duo's onslaught of passionate kisses pulled him away from reality.

"Not now baby......later ne? Right now.....let me love you..." Duo thanked the Goddess above before he proceeded with showing Heero just how much he loved him, now that he was able to tell him.


It was around noon when Duo woke up. He felt for the warm body even though he knew that Heero would not be there. When he opened his eyes he found a small note on Heero's pillow. Smiling, he read the familiar, clean handwriting.



Ohayo sleepy head. Quatre called for me this morning. He wanted to discuss the business transaction. Gomen ne. There's nothing I want more right now than to be in your arms. Get up, get dressed, and come downstairs. I have something to tell you..... I'll be waiting.



// He always was an early riser........//

Now, after so long, Duo had his chance at happiness. He couldn't believe the events of last night; the club, his confession, making sweet love, over and over again, to his blue-eyed baby. He thanked the Goddess again before getting ready to go downstairs.


Rashid made his way to the front door and straightened his shirt, before receiving the caller. Putting on his best smile, the large man heaved open the door to the back of a tall man. Tilting his ebony head to the left, he took one last drag from his cigarette before dropping it and grinding it into porch. He turned to face Rashid with a cocky grin. The man wore tight black pants and a white collared shirt that was left open at the top with the sleeves rolled up. Slowly he removed his shades and hooked them on his shirt.

"Takizawa-san. What a pleasure to see you again."

"Same here Rashid. I'd like to speak with Winner-san if you don't mind."

// Among other things.//

"Of course. Right this way please." Rashid narrowed his eyes in suspicion momentarily before moving slightly to allow Matt to enter. He closed the door and led Matt to the closed doors of the parlor.

"Please wait here. Master Quatre will be with you in a moment." Rashid stated before leaving to help out with the wedding plans.

Matt took a seat at the closest table to the parlor door. The entire hall was filled with round tables, each surrounded by eight chairs. There were candles, flowers, a small stage crowded with music stands, and more of that wispy white material. (1) It was Friday, the wedding was tomorrow, and the preparations were being finished. The Japanese man rolled his eyes in impatience, when a muffled voice from the parlor caught his attention.

"So Heero.......Duo?" Matt got up and tiptoed his way to the doors. The carpet silencing his footsteps. He growled in his throat at the mention of Duo. Matt was still thoroughly pissed off from the events of last night. Especially when he found out that his Heero had left with that braided idiot. Calming his temper for the moment, Matt pressed his ear to the door.

"Yes........so happy."

"Oh Heero!!................great!" Laughter could be heard then was followed by silence.

"Quatre,......Duo........haven't told him........do you think?"

"Well...important.......love him and he loves you........"

"I know........what if.......wrong way? .........Akito and I...."

"Don't worry......be all right.........Duo'll understand."

".......hope so....."

Matt pulled back from the door and rushed back to his seat. The gears in his head turned with the information he had just discovered.

// That baka doesn't know about Akito......because Heero hadn't told him....yet. Oh this is perfect!!// Matt's green eyes seemed to glow as a menacing smile crossed his thin lips.

"All I have to do is get to that American first," he snickered as he pictured the results of his scheme in his mind. Matt Takizawa's smile widened.

"Then Heero Yuy will be mine."


[1] I'm referring to the cloth used in part.....3....with the description of the altar and such. lol.....


Hehehe....gomen ne. I know...I left you guys hanging again. And I said that this would be the last part, but guess what? It's not. :P I had this major project and I had absolutely no time to write. [sigh] So I'm stretching this out to (hopefully) 6 parts. Bear with me minna~! I'm almost done!! ^_____^