Return to Happiness
Part 4

By: Chiaki

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Pairings: 2x1, 3x4, 5xS, and ?+1 .....
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[ Part Four ]

"What the hell is going on??!" Duo shouted. All around him, people were asking the same question and becoming frenetic. Duo turned to where he hoped Wufei was.


"Yeah, Maxwell?"

"What the HELL is going on??!"

"If I knew I would tell you! Hey wait a minute!! Do you hear that?....Look down there!" Duo twisted to his right. Sure enough, there on the dance floor, were about ten Arabian clad figures. Most of the club was still bathed in darkness, but the dance floor was illuminated in a soft blue light. The speakers situated around the club were playing an Arab tune. Words were not needed to express the intention of the song. It was a song of seduction, lust, desire, and love.

All the attention was centered on the dance floor as the figures began to move. They moved as a unit, dancing with grace in a circle on the floor around a central dancer. Their costumes were exquisite works of art. Even from the balcony, Duo could see that their dress followed the same style, but with different variations on each girl. They wore different shades of blue, sheer material and a shimmering veil hid half their face. The song picked up speed and the dancers' movements became faster, bolder, and more sensuous.

Duo looked across the room at Trowa and Quatre who had stunned looks on their faces.

//They obviously didn't have this planned... So I wonder who did?//

The song stopped suddenly and Duo reverted his gaze to the dancers who were now parting to reveal a vision in silver and white. Although the dancer's back was towards Duo, he felt is heart stop. This dancer's costume surpassed them all. It hugged her body in all the right places, accentuating her delicious curves. Billowy silver pants hung dangerously low on her hips and she was barefoot. The spaghetti like shirt bared her midriff, exposing her firm belly. Sheer, whispy material connected from the back to each jeweled hand. Waist length ebony hair hung to about mid-back and even from his view, Duo could see that she also wore a veil.

Gasps could be heard throughout the club. This was certainly a Goddess come down from the heavens. Just the mere sight of her brought moans from all, sexual orientation pushed aside. Barely breathing, the entire club waited for some unknown moment.

She slowly raised slender limbs above her head, poised and ready. The song began once again, fast and furious. Not missing a beat, the girl flowed with the music, dancing around the floor finally coming before celebrants. She touched, teased, and taunted the two young men with her sensual dance. The song ended and with a swift turn from her audience of two she faced the rest of the club, eyes closed, a smile on her face.

Duo watched, mesmerized, as she opened her eyes, and their gazes locked. The whole club faded away; the people, the music, the shouts of praise, everything faded away. Those eyes were so familiar to Duo. They burned with such intensity, none of which he'd ever seen before, save one person. But it couldn't be!! This person was obviously a girl, and his beloved was certainly a man!! Oh, but those eyes, they were the same ones Duo fell in love with so long ago. The same deep cobalt depths he could drown in, he was drowning in.

"Heero...." He breathed.


Heero lowered his trembling arms. His whole body was shaking at the sight up on the balcony. There was Duo, his love, and a look of astonishment on his gorgeous face. A tap on his shoulder brought him out of his trance. Quatre and Trowa were standing there next to him with flushed faces.

"That was marvelous!! How did you know that dance? I was sure only those of my family knew it...." Quatre stammered. Trowa just nodded his head in agreement. Heero couldn't hold back his laughter, this was just too funny!!

"Quatre! Trowa-kun! It's me! Heero!" he smiled. Quatre gave one final incredulous look at the dancer before him, then fainted in Trowa's arms.

"Thank God!" Trowa breathed."I thought I was going STRAIGHT!!"

Again, Heero had to laugh.


"So let me get this straight. For an entire month, you have been learning and practicing the `Dance of the Soul' with my sisters as a gift to us??" Quatre's voice sounded disbelieving but he wore a smile on his face. (1)

"Hai. I just didn't think that I was that good..." Heero blushed.

"Oh, it was good, believe us, it was GOOD!" Heero turned to the source of the voice. It was Wufei approaching the three with Sally and Duo. Heero only blushed harder.

"Heero-kun!! I didn't know you were such a good dancer! Why didn't you tell me?" Sally squealed. The embarrassed Japanese ran a slender hand through his unruly hair. He had removed his wig and veil a while ago because it was getting a little uncomfortable.

"I only recently learned how to dance Sally, really...." Heero mumbled not making eye contact with anyone. Duo in particular. Wufei noticed this and turned to Duo, pulling him off to the side.

"Do not let your fear hold you back again, Duo." Wufei whispered as he looked Duo straight in the eye. "Ganbatte my friend." And Duo was shoved in Heero's direction. Swallowing the lump in his throat Duo approached his Baby.

//Oh Goddess but he's beautiful....... //

Heero still wore the revealing Arabian dress, but now wore matching shoes. (2) Duo glanced down at himself, making sure he looked presentable. He wore his favorite leather pants with his black boots. Duo had decided on a simple black shirt that fit his torso like a second skin. Black leather strings criss-crossed the low v-neck and exposed his finely toned chest. Almost all conversation stopped as Duo stood directly in front of Heero. The Japanese man looked up at the gorgeous American before him. The smile that Heero had missed those three long years lit up Duo's face and his bright violet eyes shown with emotion. Returning the smile, Heero slowly rose up and found that he stood slightly past Duo's chin. He sighed inwardly because he was still the shortest of the five.

//Damn Japanese genes.....// (3)

However, before any words could be exchanged between the two bishounen, another interrupted them.

"Heero~~! That was MAGNIFICENT!!!"

"Oh, hello Takizawa-san. Heero turned slightly to face the other Japanese man. Duo almost melted at the sound of his love's voice. If it was sensual over the vid-phone, it was orgasmic live. (4)

"Heero, could I please have this dance?" Matt held out his hand. Heero looked at Duo with pleading eyes waiting for him to say something, anything. When nothing came from Duo's mouth Heero sighed.

"Yes, you may." Unaware that Duo was burning holes through his head, Matt led Heero to the floor.

"Come, Little One, let us dance too." Trowa took Quatre's hand and followed the two onto the dance floor. Quatre looked back helplessly at his American friend.

"Oh Wufei~~!" Sally called in a sing-song voice. Wufei hated to leave Duo alone, but whatever happened from now on, would be the result of Duo's actions.

//Come on Duo. It's all up to you now......// Wufei gave him an encouraging smile before he went after his wife on the lighted platform.

Duo took the seat Heero had just vacated and watched the pair dance to a slow song. Matt was pitifully trying to pull Heero closer and engage in a conversation with the beauty he held. If Heero did not want to be close, then nothing could make him do otherwise. He was the "Perfect Soldier" after all. Heero kept his eyes on the sulking figure in black.

//Why hasn't he cut in yet? ...Oh Duo......//

Heero turned his head away from the amethyst-eyed man, so he would not see the tears fall. The song ended, and another admirer cut in to dance with Heero. Matt reluctantly gave his treasure up. Five songs and ten partners later, Heero gave up hoping Duo would "save" him. He let go and began to enjoy the thrill of dancing surrounded by beautiful men and women.

Duo didn't understand himself at the moment. He wondered why he just sat there, song after song, partner after partner. It was as if he was glued to his seat and some unknown force was pushing down on him. He couldn't move, all he could do was stare at the beauty on the dance floor. For the first few songs, Heero just swayed to the music, obviously not wanting to dance. But now, Heero was starting to dance like he had earlier in the `Dance of the Soul'. Unable to resist the sight of Heero's gyrating body Duo sprang from his seat and with a growl of determination made his way through the crowd.


A.N. [1]I just made this up....um....it's an Arabian love/desire/soul dance sorta deal and only the Winner family knows of it's um...ways....^_^ And sweet little Hee-chan decided to dance it for the party...Oh, and by the way the other dancers were a few of Quatre's sisters......der.
[2]He can't go around bare-foot the whole night now can he? [3]Damn genes!! LOL ....This is partly why everyone calls him Heero-chan now....^_^
[4]Not a word I know, but it worked!! ^_^

Minna~!*glompsnuggle* Well gee. Here's part 4. Bad huh? I guess this is going to be more than 4 parts after all....I was planning on making this part longer....demo...I decided not to. Hehehehehe.... :P Stay tuned for part 5......where you're all in for a um *ahem* surprise.....*snickers*