Return to Happiness
Part 3

By: Chiaki
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Pairings: 2x1, 3x4, 5xS, ?+1

WARNING!! Major OOCness. If that's not your thing...then I suggest you read no further....gomen ne. ^_^


[ Part Three ]

The next three days went by quickly for the reunited friends. They went on outings, watched the latest movie at the theater, and got reacquainted with each other. Quatre was now the head of his family's business, which ranged from communication to just about everything. Trowa still worked at the circus, but now it was more of a hobby than a job. As Wufei said, he still worked with the Preventers ever since his move to earth. Now that Duo had a chance to get to know Sally, he knew why the Chinese man had fallen for her. She was kind, loving, and above all, had a temper to match her mate's. Even though he had missed out on many things, Duo found himself happier than he had been in the last, wasted three years of his young adult life.

It was Tuesday morning and after finishing his braid, Duo left his room and headed downstairs for breakfast. With each step down the marble staircase, Duo's heart beat faster, threatening to jump out of his chest. This was the day of Heero's arrival...the day he would apologize to his love, and the day, he hoped, that he would finally, be truly, happy. He faced the dining hall's massive wooden doors, took a deep breath, and headed in.

Duo looked around the room trying to appear calm and collected, searching for a certain Japanese man. Sally sat with her daughter on the left side of the table along with Wufei. They were laughing cheerily while eating their morning meal. Trowa was to the right, reading the newspaper and sipping his coffee. The blond-haired man was busily chatting to someone on the vid-phone, but the ex-pilot of Wing was no where to be found. Duo felt both disappointed and relieved.

//God....can I really do this? Will he still love me?...No! I have nothing to loose, nothing to loose, nothing to loose........Where the HELL is HE??!!//

Trying to hide his state of anxiousness Duo sat down in the chair next to Trowa. The young man simply nodded his head to acknowledge Duo's presence his eyes never leaving the paper before him.

"Morning Duo!" Quatre said hastily before returning to the machine.

"Good mornin Unkow Deew-o!!" Lianne chimed.

"Good mornin' sweetie!"

Lianne giggled as she returned to her mushy cereal.(1) Sally smiled at the braided young man sitting across from her then looked at her husband.

"Morning Maxwell." Wufei smirked. He lifted an eyebrow at his American friend. Duo was oddly quiet.

// He thinks he can hide it from us. Hmph. We know you better than that Maxwell, just because we haven`t seen you for a while doesn`t mean we don`t know you anymore Duo. I see you are apprehensive about meeting a certain someone. Hehehe....You are in for one HELL of a surprise....//

Wufei successfully hid his widening smile from the rest of the group. The annoying beeping of the vid-phone made him look up at his Arabian friend. Quatre had been getting calls all this morning. Obviously there was some sort of problem, which the incompetent employees couldn't handle themselves.

//Weakness// Wufei snorted. (2)

Quatre rolled his eyes in frustration as he received the new caller. The gasp of surprise on his angelic face drew the attention of everyone at the table. They all wondered who the caller was, since they could not see the screen from their positions around the large table. Quatre quickly glanced at them before returning to the call. A sultry voice broke the silence.

"What's the matter Quatre? Forgot about me already?" the slightly feminine, yet distinctive masculine voice sounded very amused. It was followed by melodious laughter. Duo couldn't believe his ears. The voice was familiar if just a little richer, smoother, and less nasally. (3)

//THAT voice!! I know that voice, it's HIS voice....//

Duo stared at the back of the laptop, as if he could actually see the person on the screen.

"Good Morning Heero." Quatre tried to sound as normal as possible. Although, Heero was quite sure that Quatre would invite his ex-lover, (after all Duo was his friend too), he would never believed that Duo had actually come. Had Heero given up on his love? On their happiness together? Never; Heero had been faithful to Duo since the night the Duo had left Heero. And even though endless numbers of wealthy and beautiful men, from all around, had been throwing themselves at his feet, Heero refused them all. Quatre felt that he shouldn't tell Heero that Duo was indeed there and would be present at the wedding, at least not over the vid-phone.

"Osu!" Heero greeted. "Ano ne Quatre-kun....There's a problem with the business transaction," He paused. " and I won't be able to leave until it's fixed. Meaning I'm not gonna make it today...."

"But Heero-kun!!" Quatre exclaimed. "Today's REHEARSAL!! You can't miss the rehearsal!! You`re my Best Man!!"

"I'm sorry Quatre." Heero apologized. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'm sure Fei-kun will go over the procedure with me and I'll be good to go!!"


" I heard that Fei-kun!!" Heero chuckled lightly.

"You will be here for the wedding though, right?!" Quatre sounded a bit worried.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Quatre-kun." Heero replied smiling. "Actually, I'll be there...um...hold on, let me check." Heero disappeared from view as he went in search for something. Popping back onto the screen Heero announced "I'll be there Thursday night. Right on time for your um....bachelor party?"

The entire group chuckled at the comment. Quatre breathed a sigh of relief knowing that his entire family(4) would be there for his wedding. Heero suddenly rolled his eyes.

"They beckon Quatre. Send Rashid to get me okay? I'm going to need some help with my things...See you soon lovebirds! Bye!"

"Ja ne Heero! Take care!" Heero gave Quatre his sexiest grin and winked(5) before signing off. The blond signed off and looked up at his friends.

"Well then," He smiled awkwardly. "I guess we should get to rehearsal huh?"


Duo tried not to fidget as he stood next to Trowa. The minister was explaining the order of the ceremony and vows to the two husbands-to- be.

//Goddess!!! Could he go any slower??!...argg...//

The irritated young man examined the surrounding area for the fifth time. The exterior of Quatre's mansion was just as breathtaking as the interior. A ten-foot, beige colored, stone wall surrounded the entire place, serving as a source for privacy as well as protection. The garden was not overwhelmed with prissy(6) flowers, but possessed carefully placed trees and floral. The wedding ceremony would take place in the center of the garden. White chairs were positioned in perfect rows decorated with a few flower arrangements. A white carpet ran along the center aisle and at its end was a "makeshift" altar. Silk, white banners attached to the two poles behind the altar moved freely with the breeze. All in all, the entire array was simple yet elegant.

All twenty-nine of Quatre's sisters were currently huddled in a large group chatting and laughing merrily. They were obviously excited about the upcoming event as most women were. The whole lot of them were to be "bride's maids" to Quatre. Although she would not be participating in the actually wedding ceremony, Sally along with her daughter were also drawn into the group. Earlier, she proudly told Duo that Lianne would be the couple's flower girl and was just as thrilled about it as her daughter was. Duo knew that all those present at today's rehearsal played a part in the ceremony. He knew most of them, but there were a few unknown faces among them. There was a small group of young men a little ways toward the house. Straining his neck, Duo could see Wufei in the midst of them, who looked exceedingly annoyed. Taking pity on the man, Duo excused himself and made his way toward the Chinese.

"Wu-man! Hey! Do you want to go inside and get something to eat?" Duo fabricated an excuse as he neared them. Wufei jerked his head toward the sound of Duo's voice and a genuine smile broke over his face.

//Duo!! Oh thank you Nataku!!//

"Sure Maxwell. That sounds good...." When Wufei made it to Duo's side he added in a whispered voice. "I owe you one. Now let's get the hell out of here!" Duo tried to suppress his snicker of agreement. He was about to reply to Wufei's comment but was cut short by an unknown voice.

"Chang-san!" Wufei schooled his face into a pleasant look and Duo followed suit. Then turning around they came face to face with a very handsome young man. From the looks of it, a well to do businessman, Duo thought. He scrutinized the stranger approaching him. He wore a crisp, black suit, shiny black shoes to match, and a platinum watch adorned his right wrist. He was around Duo's height but a bit more built. Bright green eyes were accentuated by jet-black hair that was cut fairly short. He flashed pearly whites as he turned to Duo.

"Hello. I'm Matt Takizawa, CEO of Future Enterprises. And you are?" Even though his words and mannerism were polite, Duo didn't fall for the facade.

//Hello. I'm Matt Takizawa, asshole extraordinaire// Duo also put up his mask.(7)

"Duo Maxwell, mechanic of Hirde's shop on L2 and Quatre's Best Man." He didn't bother to shake the man's outstretched hand. Dismissing his presence, Matt turned to Wufei.

"Chang-san." He smiled brightly. " You wouldn't happen to know where your friend Heero is now would you?" Duo narrowed his violet eyes.

"Heero is at present not here Takizawa-san and if I knew where he was I would tell you."

//Yeah right!//

"Why do you want to know where Heero is?" Duo asked suspiciously.

The man's smile vanished and was replaced by a glare.

"What I want with Heero is none of your business..." he turned to Wufei once again "Thank you for your help Chang-san. Ah! There's Winner-san! He'll know where Heero is!" Matt pushed his way between the two men and continued to call out to their blond friend.

Without hesitation Wufei answered Duo's unvoiced question as they walked to the house.

"Heero's most persistent suitor."

"Most persistent....???" // Oh no.....//

"Hn." Wufei stalked toward the open glass-like doors. "There are many others" -pause- "but that one beats them ALL."

//ALL?? Oh man...this is going to be harder than I thought...Could he involved with one of them? They have so much more to offer him than I do.....Oh Goddess help me//

Duo reached the entrance first but paused, lost in thought. Sensing Duo's discomfort and doubt, he quickly placed a hand on the taller man's shoulder before passing him.

"They have all tried, and failed to claim Heero's heart." Wufei said and stepped inside. He walked a little ways before turning around to face Duo who was a few feet behind him. The frown on his face was gone, but Duo still looked troubled.

"One cannot claim something that already belongs to another, Maxwell." Grinning madly, Wufei continued to the kitchen, leaving an incredulous looking Duo behind.


"Has Heero arrived yet Rashid?"

"Yes Master Quatre. Master Yuy arrived an hour ago, but I haven't seen him since. I believe he is sleeping in his room. He said it was a horrible trip."

"Oh, thank you very much Rashid." Quatre said as he turned the corridor headed towards Heero's room missing the slight smile that appeared on Rashid's face.

No one had seen the Japanese man at all, even though they all knew that he was there. Quatre had asked all the house help and they had all seen their favorite guest. Quatre lightly knocked on his bedroom door and when he didn't answer, Quatre turned the knob. Sticking his head in, he saw the missing ex-pilot sprawled out on his queen-sized bed. He noticed on further examination that Heero hadn't even bother to unpack and undress. Heero's bags and shoes were thrown carelessly near the door. His suit was wrinkled and his face was buried in one of the down pillows. Quatre smiled and closed the door.

This time, Quatre went in search for Rashid. He found him in the parlor talking with Wufei. Duo was no where to be seen.


"Yes, Master Quatre?" Wufei nodded at his arrival.

"We have about three hours until the party. Please make sure no one disturbs Heero. Hee-chan is obviously exhausted from the trip so I will allow him to rest. But be sure to wake him up and send him to the place of our celebration before the party starts okay? Please don't forget to do this Rashid."

"No Master Quatre, I will not forget."

"Thank you. Wufei, shall we go to dinner then?" The onyx-eyed man nodded again.

"Lead the way Q-chan."


"This is one hell of a party! Doncha think so Wu-man?" Duo yelled a little to be heard over the pounding music.

"Yeah, it is!"

After the Changs left their daughter in the care of the Maguanacs, they all left via-limousine to a club in the city which Trowa had rented for that night. A large number of people would be at their party; a few of Quatre's co-workers, his sisters and their husbands, business associates, Catherine, Dorothy, Zechs, Noin, Lady Une, and even the ex-Queen of the World herself, just to name a few.

Quatre was breathtaking in black slacks and a light blue silk shirt. His tall fiance wore a similar outfit, his silk shirt being a dark green that enhanced his emerald eyes. The two were sitting together, arms wrapped loosely around each other, while they chatted with Zechs and Noin. Lady Une was somewhere near the bar with his wife, and Dorothy was on the dance floor with Relena. Wufei mentally cringed at the sight of the blond. It was true that she had gotten over her infatuation with Heero, but she was still a parasitic bitch.(8) The only reason why she was there in the first place was that Quatre was just too kind for his own good.

Wufei sipped at his drink as he watched Duo scan the room for the hundredth time. From their spot on the balcony they could clearly see everything and everyone. Which was why Duo hadn't left his perch since the start of the party. Wufei took another sip as he pondered over why Heero hadn't shown up yet. It seemed as if the Fates were playing with Duo. It was two days before the wedding of Quatre and Trowa and Duo had yet to lay eyes on his beloved.

"Have you seen him yet Wu-man?"

"No, not yet Duo. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be here soon. It's only been half an hour since the party started."

"Yeah, I know....it's just that...."

"I know."

"Thanks Wu," Duo clapped him on the back then turned thoughtful. "Hey Wu. Are you and Hee-chan close?"

Wufei grinned at the violet eyed vision before him.

"Why? Are you jealous?" Duo raised both eyebrows at the question. Then eruppted into hearty laughter.

"Of you Wu?! Never!!"

"Hey!" Wufei punched Duo in the arm.

"Ow! You dork!" Duo pretended to be hurt. "You hit like a girl!"

"Oh yeah??!! Well-" Wufei stopped short as the entire club was swallowed in darkness.


[1] I didn't know if one-year olds ate solid foods yet, so I made it mushy. LOL
[2]Old habits die HARD
[3]In fanfics I`ve read Heero has a nasal voice but he`s older now so less nasally .....much better!
[4]Quatre's entire family being; Trowa, Wufei, Duo, and Heero of course!!
[5]Can you imagine Heero being a flirt??!! I can!!!!!!
[6]Prissy.....LOL.....no prissy flowers here!!
[7]Ah....the mask......We all wear one once in a while don' t we?
[8]hahahaha....parasitic bitch...so Relena ne? Doesn't know when or where she's not wanted..... *cringes*

So whatdya think? Kinda long huh? And weird....if you don't get my stupid jibberish please ask any questions you might have!! ^__^ Wasn't that some OOCness?? Just you wait until the next part....when- oh wait! I can't give that away now can I?? And gee!!! Engulfed in darkness??! OMG! What's gonna happen? *dodges tomatoes, knives, shoes, etc....* HEHEHEHEHE....*grins evilly* Who knows??