Title: Return to Happiness:Prologue

By: Chiaki
Pairings: 2x?,3x4,5xS
Rating:yaoi/shounen ai...LOL. I don't know you decide. Oh. And a bit of AU and definately OOC!!!!


[ Prologue ]

The early morning silence was shattered by the shrill cry of an alarm clock. A graceful hand reached out from underneath the pile of black satin sheets, and with a passion threw the alarm clock at the wall. The hand withdrew as the bed's occupant woke up.

"Damn Monday mornings...I hate Mondays...." Duo grumbled as he slowly stretched out his arms. Rubbing his eyes, Duo got up and slowly walked to the window. He opened the shades to gaze on the city below. It was the Duo's routine for the past three years after the war had ended. Every morning he would get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, sleep, and do it all over again the following day.

//When did my life become so worthless?...// Duo thought as he watched the artificial sun rise, its red glow illuminating the young man's face.

~When you turned your back on the one you loved. The one you STILL love...~ His heart and soul retorted.

//Dammit no! I can't love him....I can't//

~And why the hell not??! You've been miserable without him!! You coward! Damn you....Your only chance at happiness and you throw it away! And now you ask ME why you're life's worthless??!!~

//I..// Duo lost his words as the memory came flooding back once again.


*It was a month after the war had ended. The gundam pilots were now finally free to live. In their shared room at Quatre's mansion, Duo reluctantly pulled out of his lover. Bringing the sheets up around them, he gazed in awe at the beauty beside him. People had always told him that he had to be the most beautiful being they had ever seen. They were wrong. Duo lightly caressed his lover's face. His Baby was perfection. Words could not do him justice. It was only because his lover was oblivious to his own beauty that others were as well. Not to mention the ever present scowl on that perfect face, one could only take so much. Now that his lover was 'relearning' his emotions, his sensuality and beauty began to emerge. People began to notice him more. They would openly stare now when the two were out in public because the scowl was replaced with a smile. A smile that reached the owner's eyes. Duo chuckled lightly as that same smile slowly grew on his sleepy lover's face.

"Duo....." his lover sighed as he opened hazy cobalt eyes.

"Yeah baby?" Duo kissed him on the brow then lazily pulled back.


"What is it?"

"I never told you ....Duo......" Duo heard the nervousness and fear? in his beloved's voice.

"What baby?" Duo asked quite alert. Fear gripped his heart. He couldn't hear those words right now, as much as he felt the same way. It wasn't that he didn't love Heero. He knew he was crazy in love with the ex-pilot of Wing, and knew that the Japanese boy's soul was his own's mate. He just wasn't ready to have him be taken away so soon.

//Not again....no...not again//

"....Aishiteru Duo.......zutto" his lover finished with a sigh. The cobalt depths Duo could drown in radiated all the truth in his words. Panic arose in Duo's mind. He loves me? No, he can't love me!! Duo thought.

// It's too soon....no he'll-//

"No..." Duo murmured as he rose from the bed. Heero lay there in shock at Duo's unexpected reaction.

// Duo....what did I do wrong? My heart...it hurts...//

Paralyzed by his shock, Heero didn't notice that Duo had hastily packed a black duffle bag, dressed, and was about to leave the room. He felt Duo stop as he opened the bedroom door and lifted trembling confused-filled eyes to his koi. The violet eyes were a whirlpool of emotions mainly dominated by fear. Duo glanced down, then back up again with a look so heart-wrentching, the tears in Heero's eyes spilt forth. Then, Duo left, leaving a trembling Heero behind, lost once again to the world.*


~You thought he'd die just like all the others. Like all the others who loved you. Couldn't you see that he was different? Couldn't you see that DEATH couldn't keep you two apart? You were blinded by your fear Duo. You should have had more trust in him. That was a STUPID reason to leave him. When he needed you the most Duo. When YOU needed him the most...~

"I know..." Duo cried finally. "I know...."


Notes: Heya! I know....it's been a while...anyways...this was/is my very first ficcie. I just thought I'd share! ^_^ Hope you like it! Feedback is more than welcomed, it's craved!!!