Title: Q and A
Author: Chiaki
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing does NOT belong to me - it and its characters belong to their respective owners. However, this story and any original characters are mine.
Pairings: Indeed... ^-^ Take a guess.
Ratings: R
Warnings: original character POV, yaoi, implied citrus, sap, slight angst, ooc-ness, weird.... XP
Notes: Hm. I have no idea where this came from, but I liked the idea of it so much I perused its muse. ^_< A lot of the things come purely from me because I have no idea what college is like whatsoever. Yet. Not to mention college during the colonies. ^-^ Comments and constructive criticism is welcome. Flames will be used to warm my arse. =^-^= Thank you.

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Q and A


:: AC 202 :: early winter :: Earth - area previously the eastern coast of the USA ::

Our professor finished explaining the new assignment just as the bell rang. "Okay class!" Dr. Morgan shouted as we stood up, "find a single person to interview on today's topic, and with your information write a minimum of two pages as your response! Easy right? See you guys on Monday!"

I filed out with the multiple bodies and headed for the campus' cafe where I would find my victim - I mean subject. A certain blue-eyed, Japanese sophomore who just happened to be my roomie for the past two years in a row and whom I proudly called friend.

// He's probably typing away on that damned laptop and sipping a latte.... // (1)

I shook my head and smiled as I started to jog. I'd have to move fast if I wanted some time for my interview with Heero.


There were only five people in the cafe, and soft music lingered through the air. Heero sat in his favorite corner. The laptop rested on the table. His long bangs fell into his eyes while his adorned fingers flew across the keyboard, still oblivious to my arrival. I maneuvered around a chair and saw that Heero was wearing dark denim pants, a cream-colored turtleneck sweater, and black boots. Although he would never admit it, fashion and shopping were a passion for the twenty-year-old. My girlfriend and Heero were partners in crime at the local mall - much to the amusement of their respective boyfriends. There was a sudden glint of silver when the sunlight caught on the cross dangling from his neck. The Chapstick only made his lips seem fuller.

"Hey Heero," I smiled as I sat myself in the chair across from him. "Got some time?"

Those piercing sapphire eyes were warm on me and with a curt nod he closed his laptop. "Sure Mikhail. What do you need?"(2)

I grinned. "My assignment is to interview a person on a specific topic and write a response. I chose you as my person." After years of living and being around Heero I knew it was best to get directly to the point. He raised one eyebrow slightly before nodding again.

// Yes!! I have a chance-- //

"What's the topic?"

// Damn! Shoulda seen that one coming. //

"Love?" I crossed my fingers under the table, waiting for the impending doom. It didn't come.



Heero rolled his eyes. "I said okay, baka. Now start asking before I change my mind." I couldn't help it. I was in shock. Heero was a very private person, and even though the entire school adored him he had a very select group of friends. My roomie was not one to talk much, let alone on such a personal matter. I must have sat there with my mouth open for a full minute. "Mikhail," he sighed and reached over to close my jaw before settling back in his seat. "Your time's ticking away."

I shook my head and smiled. "Duo?"

That earned a slight rosy hue (which would have been very difficult to notice if not for the brightness filtering through the windows) to grace his high, prominent cheekbones. "Hai. Two thirty." I checked my watch; it was only one fifty.

"That's plenty of time." I pulled out the questionnaire from my bag along with a pencil and my tape recorder. Inserting a new tape, I positioned it on his side of the table, picked up my pencil, pulled out a notebook, and pressed the red button.

"Please state your name and grade."

Heero shifted slightly and inhaled. "Heero Yuy. Second year."

"Do you believe in Love?" I didn't look up from my papers.

"Yes," he exhaled.

"Okay. Now in your opinion, what exactly is Love?" I was poised and ready to write down at most, a sentence answer. Instead he chuckled, and I finally looked up.

He shook his head of chocolate. "I used to ask myself that question all the time," he admitted in a voice lower than normal. Heero smiled when he looked at me. "Emotions were foreign to me and with something like Love I had no idea what to think. I tried to give myself an answer, a definition, an explanation of what Love was." He took a short sip of his cold latte. "When I was younger I was never very good at expressing my emotions, and I think that was partly because of the way I was brought up..."

I stared in awe at my friend.

"Hell. I wasn't supposed to even have them - but I did, so instead I learned how to hide them..." Heero looked me straight in the eye. "I was perfect at hiding behind my mask."(3)

"Heero..." I breathed, but he only continued.

"I started to read every book I could get my hands on. I watched every romantic movie ever made. There were television shows, plays, and the Internet all spouting out different opinions about what Love was. I picked a few concepts here and there that clicked most with me, to make up my own opinion about what It was. Now that I had a `definition,' how was I to know when I was in it?" He smirked slightly. "People told me I'd know when I felt it. How the hell would I know what that feeling was if I never experienced it before?" Heero ran a slender hand through his bangs. "Truth is, before I even knew what was happening I was so deep, I was surrounded by it. I couldn't get out. I didn't want to get out. I guess those people were right. You just know. No questions asked, but it was entirely indefinable. So I gave up on trying to explain it or describe it." Heero looked thoughtful. "Love for me is Duo. He is Love manifested, and that's all I need to know."

The brilliant smile that engulfed my vision verified the genuineness of his answer. I was completely overwhelmed and at the same time more than pleased with his answer. Now that made perfect sense. I always knew that Heero was a smart guy.

He cleared his throat lightly, "anymore questions Mikhail?"

"Yah," I checked my form. "Just a few."

"Un." That was my cue to continue.

"Do you think the excessive use of the word love diminishes its meaning?"

"No, because it's just a word. When you try to express your love to someone, then words don't even come close enough. Although it's nice to hear it once in a while." He smiled shyly.

"Are you currently in a romantic relationship or have had a romantic relationship with someone?"

Heero snorted as if to say, `you already know the answer to that one.' "Yes to the first."

I nodded my head and continued with the next question. "Do you love this person or are you in love?"

"Both." I tilted my head in confusion. "He's my best friend and my love."

I nodded again. "Are you and your partner on an intimate level?" "...Yes."

"Do you think that the Love you and your partner share makes the sex all the more enjoyable?"

Pink was a color that definitely suited Heero's cheeks. He was currently nibbling on his lower lip in nervous habit.


"No," he shook his head and glanced at me before turning to face the window. "Sex is always enjoyable if done right. Love makes sex... mind-blowing. It becomes making love. It's Duo and every unexplainable thing he makes me feel," Heero blinked very slowly and turned to face me again. "That's why it's mind-blowing and enjoyable and euphoric."

I nodded my head as I felt the blood rise to my own cheeks.

"That and," Heero looked absolutely devious. "Duo is so huge, that when he makes love to me I can't walk right for days on end."

// IwillnothaveanosebleedIwillnothaveanosebleedIwillnot -- //

"Dammit Heero!" As I coughed my state of nervousness away I could hear his giddy laughter. "That wasn't necessary!"

"Oh I know. It's just fun watching you squirm." His smirk turned into another brilliant smile, and then I realized the presence of another.

"Hey Mikhail," I turned around and looked up to meet amaryllis gems. Duo was wearing his usual winter attire; black denim pants, black boots, and a royal purple scarf. His black, woolen coat was open revealing a black sweater underneath. He was the epitome of masculinity and style. "Are you okay? You're all flushed."

"Yah, Duo." I cleared my throat. "I'm okay. No thanks to your girlfriend here," I ignored the Deathglare shot my way.

// Now we're even Yuy. //

"Thanks for your concern."

The young American chuckled, "Yah. No problem." He held out a hand to Heero and his long braid swung slightly. "Ready to go baby?"

"Any more questions Mikhail?"

I checked my sheet. "Nope. You two lovebirds are free to go." I stopped my recorder and looked down at my blank notebook.

// Good thing that was on... I couldn't have written anything even if I tried... //

Heero packed his stuff and stood up, immediately attaching himself to Duo's side. The long arm wrapped possessively around Heero's tapered waist. The couple then paused, just basking in the presence of the other, and I took that time to observe them.

// Those two are so in love you can actually see it between them... //

It was in the way Duo held Heero - it was in the way Heero let himself be held. It was in the way they became better people, just by being with each other and by the simple look in their eyes. It was in the way the air around them seemed to glow, and in the way they said each other's names. They just seemed to fit, in more ways than one. Even how Duo stood a good head taller than his Japanese lover; it just looked right.

// What was it Heero always said? Oh yah.. "Damn my Asian genes!" // (4)

I giggled and that brought them out of their trance.

Heero shot me another Deathglare and was about to say something, when Duo beat him to it. "Well, we better get going koi. We don't want to miss our movie."

The blue-eyed man looked up into his partner's eyes. "Right," he then turned back to me. "Jya ne Mikhail. I'll see you later."

"Okay. Bye you guys!"

They both smiled and headed toward the exit. The smile on my own face kept as I watched them chat, about their day no doubt, and wondered if I would ever be so lucky.

"Maybe one day..." I murmured. It was then I noticed the unusual shift in distance between my two friends. Heero was habitually plastered to his American lover's side.

"How odd...." I looked closer still.


Heero had a limp.




[1] Of course Heero's on his laptop! And a latte? Heh. I can do whatever I want.
[2] Mikhail. Pronounced Mik-al. Russian name I believe. Pretty ne?
[3] Of course Heero is referring to his Soldier mask and his training with Odin Lowe etc. However, Mikhail, along with the rest of the world save the ex-Gundam pilots, Relena, Hilde, etc. do not know about him. Being a Gundam pilot that is. ^-~
[4] I just had to throw that in there! ::laughs:: I can so relate to being short. Damn Asian genes. ^-~ ::giggles more::
And of course... the last sentence. If you didn't get that, then I suggest you read Heero's response to the last question. Kudos to anyone who gets it! ::smiles deviously::

Well I hope you all enjoyed this fic. I actually wrote something. I stopped everything I was doing to write this down before I lost it... so please. Feedback would be very lovely. ^-^ Matte ne minna!