Title: Love Bites! [ficlet]
Author: Chiaki
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers apply. I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters.
Warnings: R?, lime, weirdness.....but that's me....so.....
Pairings: Take a wild guess...

Notes: I figured I owed you all ....since I'm barely able to do a thing anymore with my workload in RL. ^_^ Here's a little sumthin sumthin I thought up. ::laughs:: Hope you enjoy.


Love Bites!


Ever so slowly, the pilot of Wing opened his cobalt blue eyes and was greeted by the empty space beside him. Had his lover gotten up before him? No... that was impossible....it was only...1:45!! Okay, so maybe it was.

"Ugh...." Yawning widely he began to stretch but jerked short as slight pain shot through his body reminding him of the heady night before. Slowly he removed himself from the queen sized bed and made his way limping to the bathroom all the while mumbling about a certain American pilot. He blinked a few times adjusting to the sudden bright light and stared in horror at his reflection within the large mirror.


* * * * * *

When Duo came down the stairs and into the kitchen earlier that morning he was greeted by his fellow comrades, which only added to his already more-than-cheerful mood. It was rare that all five Gundam pilots would be able to have some time to themselves in between missions and they savored every chance they were given. The four were now all situated in the kitchen; Wufei, Duo, and Quatre at the table while Trowa was making something edible to eat.

Wufei eyed the amethyst eyed boy carefully, "What's up with you?"

"Hmm?" Duo lifted his eyes from the mission report he was reading to look at the wary Chinese. "Why, whatever to do you mean Wu?"

Said teenager cringed at the nickname. "It is not Wu, Maxwell--"

"It's Wufei. How many times must I tell you that?" Duo finished for him. "You don't have to tell me anymore Wu because no matter how many times you tell me.....I'm still gonna call you Wu...Wu."

"Argh....," Wufei threw his hands up in exasperation. "I give up!"

Smirking at his victory Duo returned to his papers when Quatre interrupted.

"Seriously Duo...." The blond looked anxious as well. "What's wrong?"

"Wrong? Nothing's wrong...everything's fine..." Duo looked around the room to find that they were all wearing looks of disbelief. "What?!"

Trowa moved forward to set five plates around the wooden table. "You know what we mean Duo," he turned to face the braided pilot. "And where is Yuy?"

"Yes....," Wufei snickered. "Where is that pilot of yours??"

Duo managed a very rosy hue but returned with a grin, "Wouldn't you like to know Wu." He winked. "He's probably still asleep."

"Yuy?" The tallest pilot questioned. "Yuy would never--" But the roar of the Japanese pilot and forceful opening of the kitchen door cut him short.

"DUO~!! Would you look at what you've done to me!!! Omae--" In his little fit of rage, Heero somehow wasn't aware that he had an audience. Stopping short and looking around he finished, "...o korosu....."

All four pairs of eyes were glued to the vision before them. Instead of being clad in his infamous outfit of black spandex and a green tank top, Heero was actually wearing something different. Barefoot, he was wearing a pair of dark, straight legged denim jeans that hung a little loose from his lithe body and exposed the top two and a half inches of his black silk boxers. His short sleeved, white collared shirt hung open, revealing the smooth expanse of well-toned muscles and tanned skin. Heero's wild mane of chocolate was still damp from his recent shower, weighing his long bangs down and into his captivating eyes. But most evident of the beauty that stood before them were the multiple, mouth-sized welts and discolorations adorning his upper torso, collar, and neck.

"Yuy...." Trowa began.

"What in the world.....," Quatre stared in awe.

"Happened to you?" Wufei finished as he raked his dark eyes up and down the delicious body.

Completely forgetting his embarrassed and revealing state Heero cried, "Love bites!!" And before he knew it, he was hauled over his tall lover's shoulder, and being carried toward the stairs.

"MAXWELL!" The others ran out of the small kitchen to chase after the pair. "What in Nataku's name are you doing?!!"

"What does it look like I'm doing Wu?" Duo called as he patted Heero's wiggling ass.

"Dammit! That's still sore!! Put me down right now Duo or.....omae o korosu!!" Heero pounded Duo's back and struggled to break free of his lover's iron grasp but to no avail.

"All in good time, baby. All in good time....." And grinning, proceeded to walk up the flight of stairs and toward their room, leaving behind a trio of dumbfounded pilots.





Notes: So....how'd you like it? ^____^ The idea popped into my overloaded brain while doing my good for nothing homework. I'm very sorry I haven't updated my site or my fics...::sighs:: Please be patient with me minna....I promise I'll be back! Ja ne~!

=^.^= Chiaki