Title: Green-eyed Death [Prequel to ficlet: Love Bites!!]
Author: Chiaki =^.^=
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers apply. I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters. The story however is mine and so are any original characters.
Pairings: 2x1
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: PWPish, LEMON, sap, language!....erm.....crossdressing...::laughs evilly:: Blame Akuma- san, she got me hooked. ^_^

Notes: This goes out to my dearly beloved Akuma-san, and only because of her request of the "heady night" am I writing this. Well...okay...maybe it's for me too. ::hentai grin::

If you love a possessive Duo, raise your hand! ::Akuma and Chiaki jump up and down with both hands waving in the air::

Akuma and Chiaki: We do!! We do!! ^__^
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Duo: Aww.....I'm here baby.
Heero: Sankyu koi. ::cuddles beloved::
Duo: Now it's THREE against one!! ::jumps up and down with Akuma and Chiaki who cackle darkly::
Heero: O_O !!!!

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Green-eyed Death


Dark amethyst eyes narrowed ever so slightly on the four figures near the balcony window. Swallowing the growl that threatened to leave his throat, Duo calmly made his way to the group. As he approached, cobalt eyes snapped in his direction and the two locked gazes.

// Oh shit....These guys are in trouble......and so am I..... //

Heero knew the look the radiated from his lover's dark eyes all too well. Although Duo would never openly admit it, the American pilot had one mean jealous streak. Heero knew that Duo didn't doubt him, they trusted each other with their very lives; it was just that......well....Duo didn't like to share. That and Heero believed Duo felt he was undeserving of his love and that one day he might slip away like all those before him.

// Duo no baka....such green eyes.... // (1)

The closer he got, Duo could practically feel the way the other three men raked their eyes across his koi's exposed flesh, practically caressing Heero with their stare.

// Damn those men. Damn those scientists. Damn this mission and damn that dress!! // (2)

"Excuse me gentlemen, but I believe that is my girlfriend you are hitting on." Duo interrupted the conversation with cold courtesy and dragged the undercover Japanese onto the dance floor.

"Duo!" Heero whispered harshly as he was crushed against the muscled chest. "You could jeopardize our mission! Omae...."

"No Heero," he whispered into his lover's ear. "All we had to do was get into the main computer upstairs, download the information, and get out of here. No where does it say that my boyfriend was to be gawked at by these bastards in tuxedos. The mission was accepted and completed."

"Duo....." Heero admonished with a lighter tone. The Gundam pilot of DeathScythe gently nipped at the Japanese's ear causing the shorter boy to shiver.

"Come on baby," he ground his hips against his trembling lover. "Let's blow this---"

"Excuse us..." A deep alto interrupted. "But we were speaking with the lady first and not once did she mention that she had boyfriend."

Heero felt his koi stiffen when the older man and his friends intruded on them. He watched with slightly amused blue eyes as Duo turned ever so slowly to face the arrogant fools.

"Well I am her boyfriend and there's not a damned thing you can do about it," Duo straightened and lifted his chin as he placed himself before his Heero, shielding the Japanese boy from the other men. "So I suggest you leave now before I really get angry and make one hell of a scene."

Dismissing the American pilot, the dark haired man turned his attention to Heero. "Come on darling. I could offer you so much more than what this little...," he haughtily looked Duo over with disgust, "....street rat can."(3)

If it weren't for Heero's inhuman strength there definitely would have been a scene. It took all of his might to hold back his enraged lover from ripping out their throats with his bare hands. Although, Heero thought, I would love to do that myself. Gently stroking Duo's arms with his thumbs, Heero managed to calm the American down, and leaned up on his toes to kiss the creamy neck. Heero then came around from behind his beloved to stand before the leering men. Cold, dark blue eyes scanned each up and down, ending with the dark haired one in center who insulted his Duo. Sneering and clearly unimpressed, Heero said in a clear, loud monotone, "I highly doubt it."

Without glancing back Heero again turned to press up close against his smirking boyfriend and wound his covered arms around his neck. His cobalt blue eyes darkened immensely as he whispered, "Come on darling, let's go home....," he brushed his moist lips against Duo's dry ones, "so you can show me exactly what this little street rat can do."(4)

Shinigami only grinned and whisked away his beloved into the shadows of the night.

* * * * * *

"Duo..." Heero moaned in pure delight as Duo pushed him up against their bedroom door. Forcefully, Duo placed a muscled thigh between Heero's legs and pinned his hands above his head.(5) Duo ran his tongue along the arched neck before releasing his hold on Heero's wrists to cup his lover's face. They stood there for what seemed like an eternity gazing into each other's eyes before Duo claimed Heero's lips with his own in a soul shattering kiss. Soft whimpering came from the honeyed mouth Duo was plundering, driving him insane. The tender sounds of pleasure Heero made were a natural high for the American pilot; knowing that he caused the usually stoic pilot to abandon all control and give himself up to pleasure made it even more so. The mewling grew in intensity and almost viciously, Duo pulled away from the bruised lips to gather Heero in his arms, carry him the short distance, and lightly toss him on their bed.

Duo looked down on his lover sprawled across the dark sheets as he removed his clothes. Heero's breathing had grown ragged, his chest heaving up and down, drawing even more attention to the beautiful tanned skin. Heero had actually picked the black dress for the mission himself, astonishing both Duo and the other pilots earlier that afternoon. The velvet dress came right above the knee and hugged the Japanese boy in all the right places enhancing his narrow waist and long, slender legs. Even though it was long sleeved the dress bared his collar, shoulders, and neck. Duo watched mesmerized as Heero pulled the hem of his dress up and lightly stroke himself through the satin material. Using his other hand Heero trailed slender fingers down his neck and across the sweaty skin.

"Duo.....please....touch me," Heero whispered, eyes closed, and head turned to the side. "Duo..."

Heero was answered as a weight settled over his body, pushing him deeper into the bed. Duo growled in pleasure as his skin came into contact with the crushed velvet of Heero's dress.

"Mm....." He nipped at Heero's left ear as he entwined their hands together. "Do you know how fucking HOT you are in that dress? Hmm Heero?" Duo placed butterfly kisses along the strong jaw before nibbling on Heero's lower lip. Thrusting his tongue into the welcoming cavern, the amethyst-eyed boy savored the intoxicating taste of his lover. Pulling away, he smiled gently as Heero lifted his head off the bed trying to prolong the sweet torture of Duo's kiss. Keeping just out of the Wing pilot's reach Duo whispered hoarsely, "Did you know that practically everyone was staring at you? Devouring you with their greedy eyes?"

Heero opened his hazy blues to stare directly into the face of his impassioned lover and slightly shook his head no. Duo continued, "They all wanted you so much...." He stated, ghosting his lips down Heero's neck. "But you're mine...," the teasing mouth nipped at Heero's collar prying a gasp from the pilot of Wing. "This is mine..." Duo suckled gently on Heero's left shoulder and started a slow, light grinding of his hips. "And this....and this.....and this....," he nipped, bit, and suckled every inch of his way across Heero's skin. Exposed skin, which was beginning to show signs of several small welts and love bites courtesy of one possessive Shinigami.

His Japanese lover was breathing hard now and constantly swallowing to rewet his dry throat. Heero had been whimpering, that insanely arousing sound continuously, as Duo marked what was his. Only when his body reacted to the cool air of the room caressing his overheated skin was Heero able to pull out of his overwhelmed state. Duo had managed to remove the confining dress and other garments without him noticing and now his lover held that same greedy look in his darkened eyes.

"All mine," Duo's tone dripped with emotion but before he could claim his beloved's lips Heero slowly began to move. The American stilled and watched fearfully as Heero sat up and straddled his lap, never once breaking the intense eye contact. He moved carefully, making sure Duo saw every motion as he took Duo's trembling right hand in his and kissed it with such tenderness, Duo thought the silver tears that were welling up would spill. Amethyst eyes widened as Heero then placed their entwined hands on his heaving chest...exactly over his heart. Duo's palm tingled, feeling the heartbeat which seemed to be in perfect synchronization with his.

Heero pressed close to his silent beloved, foreheads touching, and breath mingling. "All yours..."

// How can he know me so well.....how.......Heero...... //

Stunned for only a moment, Duo blinked back his tears and finished what he started out to do. The kiss was fierce with passion, boiling the blood that coursed through their veins. Heero's length was throbbing, aching with pent up pressure from the lack of friction while Duo fared no better. Slowly, DeathScythe's pilot laid them down again and reached for the nearly empty tube sitting on the nightstand next to their bed. Squeezing a generous amount onto his fingers, he rubbed them together a little before Duo pressing them lightly against Heero's opening, coating it with the warm substance.

Heero bucked at the familiar sensation. Every fiber of his being ached with anticipation of what was about to happen next and all Heero could do was moan the name of his lover. The digits delved inside quickly, pumping only twice before leaving Heero with that ugly, empty feeling, but before he could voice out any complaints, the fingers were replaced with Duo's slickened member in one smooth thrust.

"DUO!!" Heero cried out as he arched off the bed. "Ahhh..ahh...."

Holding still to regain control, Duo gently lapped at a single mark on Heero's chest. His mark. Duo smiled when Heero began to writhe beneath him and answered his lover's wordless plea with another deep thrust.

"AH!" Heero clutched at the creamy neck and buried his face in his lover's chest. How could he describe something that felt so wonderful and so right? Filled by the heat and passion and love that was Duo Maxwell, he lost himself to the moment. "More Duo....harder.....I need..." he sobbed lightly, frustrated because he couldn't begin to explain what he was feeling.(5) "Duo....ahhh!!"

There it is, Duo thought and drove into the loving heat that was Heero again. The Japanese boy screamed out as he hit that special spot over again and again. Rhythm was lost, control abandoned, as the two lovers were swept up into the storm of passion. Feeling Heero's oncoming climax and knowing he wouldn't last any longer, Duo reached between them to grasp his beloved's straining erection.

"Baby, look at me..." he panted only inches away from the gorgeous face twisted in ecstasy. The cobalt depths fluttered half way open and Duo pumped his hand counter to his deep thrusts. The grip on his neck tightened as the hot velvet surrounding his length clamped down around him and Heero cried out for all the heavens to hear. Moments later his own orgasm ripped through him leaving the name of his beloved echoing through the night.

Trembling with the aftershocks of post orgasmic bliss, the young lovers fell back to cuddle on the bed.(6) Wrapping an arm possessively around Heero's waist, Duo pulled the shorter boy closer, tucking him into the crook of his neck. A happy sigh was carried to his ears as Sleep began to cast its spell.

"....I--" Duo began but stopped short when he realized his sleepy lover was whispering something. Tilting his head slightly to hear, he smiled and gave a light chuckle before kissing the silken strands of chocolate and joining his beloved in Morpheous' domain.

"Hai love, I am yours. Your.... green-eyed Death...."


[ owari ]


[1] I'm sure you all have heard the phrase "green eyes" but if you haven't it means you're jealous. ^_^ Which our Duo-kun is ne? ::giggles::

[2] The dress was for the mission of course. How else would we get our fave bishie in one??!! ::laughs:: I know I know...I love to torture Duo. Him being sexually frustrated is soo great. ::laughs as she gets thwapped by said bishie::

[3] I know I didn't give a lot of details about the mission and such but who gives a flying fuck? Ooopss. Sorry. Excuse my language. Anyways. They're at this fancy-shmancy party along with these rich, arrogant Ozzies. Needless to say, Heero is the center of some attention. Some very UNWANTED attention by Duo's book.

Duo: Damn right!!
Heero: Omae... ::blushes::
Chiaki: -__- ;;

[4] Oh hell yeah. I love it when Heero get's all ....seductive/slutty on Duo. But ONLY Duo. ^_~ In the words of the great Akuma...screw him silly!!!!

[5] Erm.....Heero was never good at expressing his feelings, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have any.... and well...in the throes of passion and eternal love ( hey..so I'm a romantic. :P ), Duo makes him feel so good...but he can't esplain* it (yes I meant it to be spelled like that*)...sobbing happy, frustrated, pleasure-filled tears is a good thing. ^_^ Oi.

[6] Cuddling after making love. Is. A. Must.

Okay. So after making passionate love....::sighs dreamily:: Heero was whispering that his Duo had green eyes....and of course our lovable American bishie agrees with him. ^__^ hehehe.

So Akuma san! Do you like it? Does it pass for a good explanation of that "heady night"?? =^.^=

::goes off to work on her new fics:: Shh..^_~