Title: First Impressions
Author: Chiaki Dark
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and its characters do not belong to me. However, this story and any original characters are mine.
Pairings: Established 2x1
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: OC POV, Post-EW, Sap?, and I don't know what else. O.o

Notes: I've decided to expand from my recent oneshot "Q and A" into an arc, which deals with that specific AU. (Reading this fic before "Q and A" should not be too confusing. After all, this fic chronologically comes before it.) All short, snippet-like fics will be told in my original character Mikhail's POV.... I give you readers the "first" fic in the entitled...... Sugar Arc.


First Impressions: Sugar Arc


Life was good.

Earth and the Colonies had finally made peace after years of warring, lives were rebuilt, and I was finally starting my first year of college. God-but to be able to leave home and create a new life with the doors of opportunity laid at my feet was simply amazing. It was no easy task getting into the ENA University-it being the top school for computer sciences and all-but I guess busting my butt in high school paid off in the end. (1)

There had been a lot of crying as I boarded the shuttle that took me from my home, but then again, I'm the only boy out of five children. My elder sisters-God bless them-couldn't handle the thought of their "baby boy" leaving them behind on L1 while he took off for Earth. It took a while to get used to, but the ache of missing them isn't so sharp any more.

I glanced over to my desk. Our most recent family portrait, framed in black, always brought a smile to my face. Behind that was a calendar, and the day was circled in red.

Room mate.

"That's right," I swung my legs over the edge of my bed where I had been lightly dozing. "My roomie arrives today..."

I could feel my stomach knot and churn. No matter how many times I had done this the past seven days, first introductions always gave me the jitters.

Better yet-the person who walked through that banged-up door would be my living companion for the next nine months.

Dread for all the unfortunate possibilities filled me.

What if he was some unworldly slob? What if he had the horrible habit of snoring? What if he wants my side of the room?

What if he doesn't like me??

"Dammit!" I tugged at my scalp. "Take a deep breath, Mikhail. Don't think about the what ifs," I whispered to myself. Everything will work out fine.

A light knock broke me out of my thoughts, and I gazed upon the most stunning looking person I had ever seen.

"Hey man! This is room thirty, right?"

I nodded mutely, too caught up in the presence before me.

He was tall-an easy six foot with broad shoulders, long legs, and a lazy grin. His body was encased in black from head to toe. He wore chunky boots, loose slacks, and a fitted, long-sleeved shirt but they did nothing to hide the well defined, lean muscles of his person. He carried a large box in one arm while a suitcase rested at his feet, and what I had initially thought to be a rope was actually a long braid of soft brown hair, twitching at his thighs. His eyes were a surprising, smiling shade of violet.

"Duo Maxwell," he thrust out a large, long fingered hand and I shook it with a grin on my face.

"Mikhail Kingsworth. Wait--" I knew I had heard that name before. "Did you say DUO MAXWELL? The owner and President of the Maxwell Corporation?!"

His lazy grin turned into a sheepish smile. "Uh... yeah. You got me."

"Shit man! What are you doing here?! You came up with the latest net system and crap!! Aren't you worth millions?!" (2) A little voice in the back of my head commented on how utterly childlike I sounded, but I was too shocked to be embarrassed.

"Well...I'm helping Heero move and yeah I'm worth millions, but not as much as Quatre." Duo's laughter was rich, and my shock began to fade away. *He's just a regular guy...But who the hell is Quatre and...*

I blinked. "Heero?"

A smaller body chose to step out from behind Duo's larger frame and I knew I had to retract my previous statement. Duo was no longer the most stunning person I had ever seen.

"I'm Heero Yuy-your room mate. It's nice to meet you."

His jeans were faded almost to white and he wore an un-tucked, short sleeve, button-up white shirt. There was a silver cross hanging against his bare collarbone and his hair was in quiet disarray. No person should have such cheekbones or such a strong jaw, graceful neck, and soft-looking lips. Heero was art made flesh-an ethereal combination of balance, power, and beauty. And his eyes. They were as deep and mysterious as the ocean.

There was a sharp squeak on the hallway linoleum, as Heero stepped back into the one-armed embrace of Duo and it brought my gaze down to his yellow-sneakered feet.

For some reason, they made me want to smile.

And I did when I gazed upon them together for the first time.

There was a relaxed way in which they stood, as if no personal boundaries had been trespassed, and they fit together like two pieces of a whole. It was then I noticed their wardrobe coloration and only one thought prevailed in my mind.

Yin and yang.

Duo and Heero were equal and yet complete opposites, balancing each other out in every aspect imaginable. Their being together seemed to me, the most natural thing in the universe.

"You two are a strong couple. You complement each other well..." I smiled softly, anxious for their reaction to my words.

Duo seemed very surprised but in no way offended. It was Heero I was hesitant to look at, but the quiet young man only blushed a little before mumbling a soft, "thank you."

"Wow, Mikhail. How'd you guess Heero and I were together?" Duo maneuvered his boyfriend and his belongings inside. The braided man set the things on the empty bed. "People usually guess we're best friends or something like that..."

"No way!" I shook my head. "Someone would have to be blind to not see what you two have. Trust me-those people were just being cautious." I grinned at the still quiet Heero.

"Okay, fair enough." Duo's grin was wider. "I'm glad you seem to be more than okay with this..."

"Yes. It is an admirable quality to be so open-minded." While Heero's tone and face were neutral, his eyes were warm on me. I fought hard not to blush.

"Thanks, Heero. It's not a big deal. Besides, it would be wrong of me to condemn your relationship when my own sister has a girlfriend. I guess it doesn't matter to me who you're with as long as it's love and you're happy..."

The smile on both their faces was breathtaking.

"I think, Mikhail," Heero took a confident step forward in my direction and held out his hand. I took it, and found a warm feeling spreading through me like wildfire. "That we're going to do just fine."

It was my turn to smile.


"I couldn't agree more, Heero. I couldn't agree more."





1. ENA: East North American Alliance. Just a name I made up for this area. O_o

2. So Duo is a successful business man in this fic, and yes, it has nothing to do with mechanics. I wanted to explore the other areas of Duo's intelligence and expertise. Further details will be in future snippets of this arc.

So! How did you like that? Didn't, maybe? Mikhail is a sure sweetheart, isn't he?

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-Chiaki Dark

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