Title: #42 Request
Arc: Life With Heero
Author: Calic0cat <calic0cat@fastmail.fm>
Story Completed: Feb. 26, 2003
Genre: Shonen Ai/Yaoi, Angst, Friendship
Pairing: None yet
Rated: PG
Warnings: AU, OOC, Swearing
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Disclaimer: Duo and Heero and the rest of the GW gang aren't mine. This story is. Nuff said.

Notes: The arc begins between one and two years after Endless Waltz. Duo POV in this story.

************ Time passing or scene change

Author's Notes: See earlier fics for notes on the arc as a whole. Feedback is appreciated.


Duo read through the request again. He really, *really* did *not* want to do this. This was going to dig up a whole load of crap that he had hoped to avoid ever actually dealing with. Stuff he'd walled up in a dark corner of his memories and pretended didn't exist. But... 'Even if they happen to locate some of the others, they were all off the streets years earlier. I've probably got the best knowledge of the area that they're going to find.'

The fact that he was more than capable of defending himself wouldn't exactly hurt either. And since the L2 government was well aware of exactly who he was and what he'd been, they were offering to deputize him for the duration. 'License to kill. Terrific,' he thought sarcastically.

Sure, the Preventers were doing the preliminary sweep since there were several known gangs with weapons caches in the area. But the odds were good that there would still be some armed individuals left, maybe even full-fledged gangs that law enforcement was not aware of. The derelict region was rife with possible hideouts.

The main purpose of the secondary sweep - the one they wanted him for - however, was to flush out the street rats and older homeless population that were hiding out in those condemned buildings. In the hidden basements and underground parking garages and dozens upon dozens of other hidey-holes. Before it all came tumbling down around them.

Because one of the promises the L2 government had made at the trade summit was to completely clear the war-torn remnants of certain neighbourhoods. To clear the land for new construction, new enterprises, new *jobs*. And there was no way that the suspicious, half-feral street rats and the others would just politely pick up and move because notices were posted throughout the area. Most street rats wouldn't even be able to *read* the damn notices and they sure as hell wouldn't blindly obey the government even if they *did* find out that the entire region was condemned and scheduled for demolition. When the demolition crews moved in, the population would go into hiding. And end up dying as their "homes" were torn down around them.

"Fuck," Duo swore in frustration. He was going to have to do it. Go back to the rat's warren of alleys and tumbledown buildings that surrounded and included the burnt-out Maxwell Church.

He hadn't been back there since stowing away on that ship years ago. Just *thinking* about going back was stirring up a whole shitload of things he'd rather not remember. 'If I'm going to do this, I'm going to need backup,' he acknowledged silently. Physical backup *and* emotional backup.

"Hey, Heero? I need a really, *really* big favour..."