Title: #6 Fireworks
Series: The Holiday Series
Author: Calic0cat <calic0cat@fastmail.fm>
Story Completed: July 6, 2003
Genre: Yaoi, Fluff, Sap, Romance, Holiday Fic
Pairing: 1x2x1, background 3x4, 6+9
Rated: NC-17
Warnings: OOC, Swearing, Minor Relena-bashing, Lemon
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Disclaimer: Duo and Heero and the rest of the GW gang aren't mine. This story is. Nuff said.

Notes: Sixth in the Holiday Series (written for Canada Day (July 1) & Independence Day (July 4)).

*** Time passing or scene/POV change

Author's Notes: Little late for the holidays but better late than never, right? Blame the muse that came up with the not-in-the-original-plan lemon for the delay. Thanks go out to Sunhawk *again* for prereading and suggestions. Feedback is appreciated.


"You're *sure* it's okay?" Quatre asked anxiously.

"Yes, Quatre, I'm sure," Heero repeated patiently. "She's going to have to accept that Duo and I are together sooner or later. It might as well be now. Go ahead and invite Relena to your barbeque and fireworks party. Duo and I can handle whatever she might say or do; she isn't going to mess things up between us. If her sensibilities are offended or her feelings get hurt, that's her problem. It's a private party, no media presence, so it's a good time to get the inevitable over with."

This was something that he'd talked over with Duo very carefully even before Quatre's party was mentioned. Right after Duo moved into his room, in fact. Which happened right after their Father's Day camping trip. He hadn't wanted to risk making Duo uncomfortable but he wanted Relena to be forced to face the fact that he was in a committed relationship with Duo and she needed to get over her crush. Or obsession, at this point he really wasn't too sure that wasn't the more appropriate term.

At any rate, he had explicit permission from Duo to quite thoroughly rub Relena's nose in their relationship as soon as a suitable opportunity arose. Though Duo *had* requested that he try to keep any other audience to a minimum, preferably only their closest friends. Heero had agreed without argument to the request. They didn't hide their relationship in public by any means but they did usually keep things fairly discreet. More overt displays of affection were reserved for private. Outgoing as Duo could be at times, Heero had already discovered back on April Fool's Day that his partner was ill at ease with particularly open displays of affection in public places.

Heero didn't intend to get particularly carried away; he knew that the fact that Duo had given him permission to make their relationship quite clear to Relena didn't change the fact that anything too extreme would make Duo uncomfortable. But he had a feeling that a little bit of handholding wasn't going to be enough to convince Relena. Quatre's party should provide the perfect opportunity for a more unambiguous display in a relatively private setting.


Duo patted Chocolate's head apologetically. "Sorry, fella. Too many people around and too much going on for you to stay with me. You're better off out here with Abdul." He handed Chocolate's leash to the Maguanac, "If the fireworks bother him, just put him in his crate - Heero said he'd bring it and Chocolate's other stuff - his food and bowls and so on - down once he unloads the car - indoors with the windows shut and he should be okay. I don't think the banging fireworks will bother him but the shrill shrieking ones might." 'Or Relena's shrieking when she sees Heero and I together and realizes that the rumours she's been hearing are *true*...' Duo added silently, wincing at the thought. He wasn't looking forward to that part of the party.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Abdul assured Duo. "I'll take good care of him for you."

"I know you will," Duo smiled. "Thanks, Abdul." He gave Chocolate one final pat before turning to head back to the house. He hadn't really wanted to leave Chocolate home alone in his dog-run while he and Heero were at Quatre's for the afternoon and evening so he'd been relieved when Trowa had suggested that they bring the dog and just leave him at the stables with Abdul. The Maguanac would be staying there to watch over the horses and guard dogs during the fireworks anyway; one more dog certainly wouldn't be a problem for him.

One major advantage to bringing Chocolate along was that they wouldn't have to go home afterwards; they could stay for the night like many of the other guests. Heero had saved Quatre the embarrassment of asking and had simply stated that one room would be sufficient. Duo caught himself grinning rather broadly at the thought. He made an effort to tone down his expression but without much success. After only a couple of weeks as lovers, he and Heero were still very much in the "honeymoon" stage. There was no such thing as being too tired or not in the mood. And he really doubted that being under someone else's roof would be a deterrent tonight either; though they *would* at least try to be a bit more quiet than usual. Some things were just *not* meant to be shared.


Heero snapped the cap back on the lens and slung his camera over his shoulder. He hoped that he would get a few good shots of their friends during the party. Maybe even one good enough to add to the collection on the walls at home. Though earning a place there was a matter of a photo capturing a moment that they wanted to remember rather than necessarily being an exceptionally good picture. He'd taken a few pictures already; the one of Quatre obeying the instructions on Trowa's "Kiss the Cook" barbeque apron had the potential to be worthy of joining the other photos of "family".

It was just too bad that Wufei had flatly refused to wear his apron; Cathy had offered to fill the requirement in his case. 'His loss...' Heero thought. If he'd been supposed to wear one of those and Duo had been making the offer, he'd have had the damn thing on in a heartbeat.

There was definitely a bit of flirting going on between Cathy and Wufei, whether it ever developed into anything more or not. Cathy had been hanging around the rest of them quite a bit; the circus was spending most of its time on Earth lately since it was so expensive to haul the entire operation around in space. It was far less costly to simply tour from city to city on Earth and the crowds tended to be bigger too. If the circus was more than a few hours away by car and Cathy wanted to come visit, she would just call the estate and someone would take Quatre's private jet and go pick her up. She'd been hesitant to take advantage of the offer at first but Quatre had finally convinced her that it really wasn't a problem. Now, it was rarely more than a couple of weeks between her visits.

Glancing around the group of guests, Heero wasn't sure whether or not he was relieved that Relena still hadn't arrived; he really wanted to get the inevitable confrontation over with. Relena, Zechs, Dorothy, and Noin were the only guests that remained unaccounted for. 'That meeting must have run late...' Relena had had to attend a budget meeting today and Dorothy and Noin had been quite unhappy that they got stuck with bodyguard duty.

Relena had somehow managed to "accidentally" give all of her usual bodyguards the day off - again - and had called Une to request a replacement - again. Specifically, *him*. Une had smirked in satisfaction as she told the story to Heero earlier. She had said that she'd told Relena vaguely that she'd see what she could arrange; that she was sure that she could come up with a suitable bodyguard. Then she'd cancelled Dorothy and Noin's day off and given the job to them. After all, by assigning female Preventers to guard Relena, they could follow her *everywhere*. It only made sense.

Heero had a sneaking suspicion that Relena was not having a very pleasant day with her reluctant bodyguards. Dorothy could be a real bitch when she wanted to yet never say a damn thing that could actually get her reprimanded. And Noin... Well, Heero was pretty sure that today was the day that Zechs had been supposed to take her ring-shopping. Noin would *not* be in a very good mood. He could almost bring himself to feel sorry for Relena. *Almost.*

"Hee-eee-rrr-ooo! Where are you? I want to talk to you, Heero!"

'But not quite,' Heero decided grimly. Obviously, Relena had arrived. He turned to look for Duo, hoping that they could meet her together. He really, really hoped that by the end of the party Relena would finally accept that he was just plain *NOT INTERESTED*.


Duo cringed mentally as an all-too-familiar voice pierced the air. Relena sounded distinctly disgruntled. He took a quick glance around and spotted Heero heading towards him. He grabbed a plate and burgers for them both and waved Heero towards one of the tables. Let Relena come looking for them; he couldn't see any reason why they should go to her.

Just as Duo was about to sit down at a table, Heero caught his arm and suggested, "Let's sit under a tree instead. Might as well make things clear from the start."

Not sure what Heero had in mind, Duo gathered up their food and followed him.

Heero snagged a folded towel from one of the lounge chairs near the pool and led the way to one of the large trees near the patio. He shook out the towel and spread it on the grass before seating himself with his back against the tree. "Have a seat," he invited, patting the ground between his outstretched legs.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Duo set the food down beside Heero then lowered himself to sit between Heero's legs, leaning back against Heero's chest. They hadn't been nearly this obvious about their relationship in public since April Fool's Day and he wasn't entirely happy that they were doing this just to make a point with Relena. He supposed that part of his unease was the old street instincts that warned never to do anything conspicuous. Instincts that insisted even more strongly that he never do anything to reveal what was important to him to the outside world for fear that someone would take it away. The rest of his discomfort was simply the fact that he didn't like to "use" something that should be so personal and meaningful just to make a point. Much like he'd been unhappy with the way that Heero had been trying so hard to get a reaction out of Wufei back on April Fool's Day.

He'd agreed to do this because he knew Relena's persistent pursuit was severely annoying Heero. Duo didn't particularly appreciate it either; Relena needed to accept that Heero was both uninterested and unavailable. But he still felt very ill at ease about putting their relationship so blatantly on display, especially just for that purpose. Ironically, if he and Heero had simply been sitting under the tree eating and Heero had pulled him into this position on impulse, it wouldn't have bothered him nearly as much. He still wouldn't have been completely comfortable with it but he wouldn't have been nearly as tense as he was now.

"Duo, we don't have to do this," Heero murmured in his ear, arms wrapping around Duo in a hug. "I can just try telling her that I'm not interested yet again. Sooner or later she'll have to believe it. I don't want you to do something you're this uncomfortable with just to make a point with Relena."

Some of the tension drained from Duo's muscles at Heero's words. Just knowing that Heero had picked up on his discomfort and wanted to fix it helped. He leaned his head back against Heero's shoulder and tilted it so that he could see Heero's face. "No, s'okay Ro. I'm not comfortable but I'm not miserable either; go ahead with the plan." Seeing the uncertainty on Heero's face, he added, "It's not exactly just being so obvious in public that's bugging me. If this was spontaneous, I'd probably be okay even though we don't have complete privacy; it's the idea that we're doing things solely because they're deliberately calculated to make Relena accept that you're not available that bothers me the most, I think."

There was a single heartbeat of silence as Heero's arms tightened around him, then Heero said softly, "Duo, if I thought you were okay with this kind of thing in public, it *would* be spontaneous and it would happen pretty damn often. I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks; never have. I just don't want to make *you* uncomfortable."

Duo blinked, startled. He hadn't realized that Heero was holding back just because of him. 'That sounds like he *would* like to be a bit more obvious about our relationship in public... I thought he was uncomfortable with that kind of thing too...' But when he thought back to April Fool's Day and the discussion they'd had regarding public displays of affection, he realized that Heero hadn't actually said that. 'Shit, I should've realized before. 'Specially after the stuff we talked about during the camping trip. Nobody that he cared about has ever really openly showed their affection for him; he's still not completely convinced that Odin cared for him. It's not fair to restrict him to handholding and little pecks of kisses in public if he wants more than that,' Duo thought guiltily. "Uh, I won't say that I'd be completely comfortable with it but as long as we don't get too carried away, I can live with it. And it'll probably get easier as I get used to it. Don't hold back just 'cause of me, Ro. If you really want to show our relationship a little more in public, go ahead." He smiled and raised one hand to Heero's face, smoothing the wrinkles of concern gently. "I promise I'll speak up if it bothers me too much, 'kay?"

"You're sure?"

Drawing Heero's face down towards him, Duo kissed him tenderly. And much more deeply than he usually would in public, even among a group consisting primarily of friends. When they separated, he assured Heero quietly, "Yeah, I'm sure."

The breathtaking smile and kiss that followed more than made up for any discomfort caused by the knowledge that others might be watching them. Even a shrill shriek of "*HEERO!!*" couldn't completely ruin the moment.


Heero was distinctly annoyed to have his tender moment with Duo interrupted by a dismayed shriek. He ignored Relena's shrill voice and took his time breaking off the kiss. Keeping his arms securely wrapped around Duo, he raised his head. "I'm a bit busy at the moment, Relena. What do you want?" Heero demanded, letting his annoyance show both in his voice and expression.

Relena's face reddened unattractively. "I want to talk to you for a minute, Heero."

Drawing a deep breath to control his irritation, Heero managed to keep his voice reasonably civil. "Fine. So talk."

Relena's voice slid into a whine as she insisted, "I want to talk to you in *private*."

"Relena, just say whatever the hell you want to say and be done with it." Duo's hand squeezed his arm in warning and Heero forced himself to be a bit more polite. He was just so damn tired of politely telling her that he wasn't interested only to have her right back in his face pestering him within days... "Look Relena, Duo and I were having a very pleasant afternoon until you interrupted; I'd like to pick up where we left off. Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of Duo; I'd tell him all about it anyway. So just - say whatever it is you think you need to say." As an afterthought, he added, "Please."

The young woman's face crumpled. Heero realized in alarm that she was on the verge of tears. 'Oh shit.'

"The rumours are - true?" she whispered. "You and Maxwell are... Heero, you're..."

"Yes," Heero said bluntly. "I'm gay and Duo and I are lovers." He winced as Relena's face whitened and she burst into tears. 'Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly the gentlest way to tell her... But it's the truth, what's the point of sugarcoating it?' Relena turned and fled towards the house.

Heero sighed heavily and reluctantly loosened his grasp on Duo. "I suppose I'd better go after her," he muttered. "Make sure she doesn't do anything stupid." Much to Heero's surprise, Duo didn't immediately move away now that their goal of persuading Relena that he was taken was accomplished.

Instead, Duo settled back against Heero's chest and relaxed slightly. Heero could tell that he wasn't completely at ease but he wasn't nearly as tense as he had been initially. "No, Ro," Duo said, shaking his head. "You *were* a little rough on her but if you go after her, she'll just get her hopes back up again. One of the others will look after her. See, there goes Q heading into the house now. He'll handle Relena; make sure she's okay without giving her the wrong idea."

"You're right," Heero agreed. He looked down at where Duo was still leaning against him and realized that Duo really was going to stay put. That he'd meant it about being willing to be more open about their relationship in public if Heero wanted to. Even if it did make him a bit ill at ease. 'I'll just have to be careful not to get carried away and make him *too* uncomfortable,' Heero decided. He wouldn't refuse the gesture; it *was* something that he wanted after all. He wanted to be able to hold and kiss Duo whenever he wanted rather than having to wait till they were alone. To have others know that Duo was with *him*; that Duo loved him. And he knew that Duo wouldn't make the offer if he didn't mean it; if he wasn't willing to put up with a bit of discomfort in order to give Heero what he wanted. That the offer was made out of love and the wish to make Heero happy.

Deeds spoke louder than words for both of them. Words alone were just - noise. Easily said and just as easily forgotten.

They'd started off their relationship trying to act like couples that they'd seen in books and movies. Forever saying "I love you" and calling each other pet names, at least in private. It had been damn awkward and they'd both been increasingly uncomfortable with it. It hadn't taken long to realize that sort of behaviour just - wasn't *them*. So they'd stopped. Oh, they still said "I love you" once in a while. And the occasional "koi" or "love" was said as well. But the words had even more meaning because they weren't said casually. And the deeds, big and small, that had replaced them the rest of the time meant just as much if not more.

'Like me finding Sister Helen's mother for Duo and him tracking down those pictures of Odin and me for me. And the way that I help him with his hair or he stays quiet while I have my morning coffee and read the paper.' And the dozens of other things that they did for each other.

Including Duo's offer to be more open about their relationship in public. 'I'll have to think of something very special to show him how much I appreciate this...' Heero thought.


Duo snuggled deeper into the warmth of Heero's arms. "Cold?" Heero asked.

"Just a little chilly," Duo admitted. The breeze had picked up as the evening passed and the fact that it was such a clear night meant that the temperature was dropping quickly since there was no cloud cover to help retain the heat.

"Want to go in and change?"

"Nah, the fireworks won't last long anyway," Duo said. "I'd just end up missing most of them."

Heero's whisper against his ear made Duo shiver in anticipation, "No, you wouldn't. We'll have fireworks of our own once we go upstairs, after all. Think those ones will be even more impressive?"

"Oh yeah..." Duo agreed. Suddenly, he wasn't all that interested in the noisy display of coloured lights that they were watching. He could hardly wait for *these* fireworks to finish. 'Can't disappoint Q by running off before they're done though... Tempting as the thought might be...'

Despite his impatience for the show to finish so that they could leave, Duo enjoyed the remainder of the fireworks display. Quatre had gone to a lot of trouble and expense to have a terrific, professionally produced show for his guests and it deserved every "ooh" and "aah" it received. And since it was dark out, Duo didn't even feel uncomfortable with the fact that he and Heero were viewing the fireworks from a shared lounge chair surrounded by a whole bunch of friends and acquaintances. Including Relena, who had been a bit teary and unhappy all evening - and hadn't come anywhere near either Heero or himself - but had stayed for the rest of the party nevertheless. Duo hoped that was a sign that she'd finally accepted reality and given up on Heero.

As everyone drifted off into the house or to their cars after the fireworks ended, Duo laced his fingers through Heero's. "So, gonna go get our own fireworks underway, Mr. Fireworks Operator?" Duo teased as they started towards the house.

"Actually, I thought I'd leave that up to you tonight..." Heero responded.

Duo stopped in his tracks, wishing that there was more light on the patio so that he could see Heero's face more clearly. The one time that they'd discussed this before, just a couple of days after they'd first made love, Heero had been so hesitant that he'd dropped the subject. He'd understood that Heero simply wasn't ready to surrender control yet. Oh, Heero would have tried if he pressed the issue but if Heero wasn't really ready not only would it not have the same meaning but it would also have the potential to go very seriously wrong. He would rather wait till Heero truly wanted to try switching roles. And now it sounded like Heero was... But he still had to ask cautiously, "Are you sure, Ro?"


The simple answer was reassuringly confident but Duo knew that giving up control wouldn't be an easy thing for Heero to do. He'd had so little control over his life for so long that he was fiercely protective of the control he'd gained when the war ended and J and the other scientists went up in a blaze of glory with the fused-together Peacemillion and Libra. Just knowing that Heero was willingly offering to surrender that control to him meant one hell of a lot to Duo. Wordlessly, he began to walk again, raising their joined hands to press a kiss to the back of Heero's as they headed into the house.


"Close your eyes?"

The door had just clicked shut and locked when the softly whispered request - and it *was* just a request, Duo's tone made that clear - made Heero's mouth go dry. He knew why Duo had made it; his other senses would be heightened by removing sight. He'd done the same thing with Duo a couple of times since they became lovers except that he'd actually used a blindfold. He knew why Duo wasn't doing the same with him; knew that Duo understood how difficult giving up control was for him. Knew that Duo was deliberately giving him a choice of whether or not to comply with the request. 'I trust him,' Heero thought simply as he closed his eyes and stood, waiting.

He didn't have to wait long. Fingertips brushed gently across his cheeks and down his neck, dipping through the hollows of his collarbone as they moved to unbutton his shirt. Once his shirt was undone and tugged free of his pants, a tickling, tantalizing touch followed a similar path, brushing across his face repeatedly before moving lower. 'The tip of his braid,' Heero realized after the first startled moment. He bit off a gasp as that tickling sensation teased a nipple then was replaced by the warm wet roughness of a tongue. The warmth retreated, leaving a chill in its place as the room's cool air met the dampness left behind.

"Don't hold back, Ro," Duo murmured in his ear. Heero shivered slightly as the fine hairs there were stirred by Duo's breath. "Let me hear what you like. And what you don't like - that's important too, Heero. Just 'cause I like something you do to me doesn't mean the reverse is necessarily true so tell me if I do anything you don't enjoy, 'kay?"

"Okay," Heero responded softly. Letting his reactions show was almost more difficult than suppressing them would be. He'd known this would be difficult but the ways in which it was difficult were somewhat different than he'd expected. He hadn't realized that allowing a gasp or moan to escape or simply keeping his eyes shut would be as challenging as it was.

Heero couldn't help tensing slightly as his clothing was removed piece by piece. The vulnerability he felt knowing that Duo was probably still fully dressed while he was virtually - no, completely, he corrected as careful hands slid his boxers down his hips - naked was disturbing.

His hand was guided to Duo's shoulder. "Lean on me if you need to, Ro. Left foot up," Duo's voice instructed. Heero lifted his foot and balanced against Duo's bent-over form while Duo moved his discarded clothing. "Okay, left down and right up." Heero shifted his weight again. He was very conscious of the fact that Duo's shoulder was, as he'd suspected, still clothed. "Okay, all clear," Duo said. Heero put his foot down and dropped his arm to his side, feeling very exposed.

"Think you can undress me with your eyes shut?" Duo laughed softly.

"If you want me to," Heero answered. The offer of an active role was perfectly timed to help ease his increasing tension. His hand being raised and pressed against a firm chest provided the only acknowledgement necessary. He brought his other hand to join it and set to work. His task would have been far easier if Duo's hands hadn't been busy exploring his body at the same time. He fumbled with buttons more than once and ended up popping a couple off completely by the time he slid Duo's shirt off of his shoulders. Duo's pants were even more challenging to deal with since Duo was tickling him with the tip of his braid and distracting him.

The brief instant that Heero was alone, completely out of contact with Duo while Duo disposed of his own discarded clothing, made him grateful for the firm, full-body-contact hug that enveloped him a moment later. Hugging Duo back, he responded eagerly to the first actual kiss of the night. He opened his mouth readily to Duo's explorations, surrendering to his probing tongue. Duo pressed their bodies more tightly together, making Heero groan into the kiss, his arousal becoming a bit firmer. His tension and anxiety were delaying his body's response; Duo's arousal pressed against him felt much harder than his own. He knew that Duo wouldn't rush things though; they had all night and Duo would take things just as slow as necessary to be sure that he was ready.


Well aware that Heero was nowhere near ready to take the next step, Duo carefully manoeuvered him to the edge of the bed and backed him up until his legs touched the mattress. "Sit," he said simply. Under other circumstances - namely if Heero wasn't already so tense - he would have playfully pushed him over backwards to fall onto the mattress. Not this time though; he didn't want to do anything to increase Heero's tension. He settled himself straddling Heero's legs, sitting on his lap while he massaged his shoulders. Kissing him tenderly, Duo continued to massage and rub Heero's shoulders and back until the muscles began to relax. He wanted to make tonight as incredible as possible for Heero. And that meant that his lover needed to be far less tense.

As most of the tension faded from Heero's body, Duo slid off his lap and knelt between his spread legs. Placing Heero's hands on the bed, he instructed gently, "Keep them there. No touching." 'Not right now anyway... Soon, though...' He drew his braid over his shoulder again and resumed tickling and teasing Heero with the feathery tuft at its end. Alternately using teeth and tongue, fingers and braid, he worked his way down Heero's torso then shifted his attention to the tender flesh on the inside of Heero's thighs.

Carefully gauging Heero's increasing tension - though now it was from arousal rather than anxiety - Duo paused, mouth very close to Heero's now-leaking arousal. "Open your eyes, Ro," he murmured, his breath causing Heero's cock to twitch. He smiled up at the passion-clouded eyes that immediately sought his own. "You can touch now," he added. Then dropped his head, swallowing as much of Heero's length as he could in a single swift move. He was ready for the involuntary buck of Heero's hips, moving with them so that he wouldn't choke. As he began to lick and suck, he felt Heero's hands plunging into his hair.


When Duo gave him permission to open his eyes, Heero saw spots at first. His vision cleared just in time to catch a glimpse of Duo's mischievous smile as he gave permission to touch. Heero barely had time to be grateful for that permission - his fingers ached from the tension of keeping them clenched in the bedding, from resisting the urge to touch Duo - before he was enveloped by Duo's warm, wet mouth. A wordless cry escaped him and his hips bucked involuntarily. His hands slid into Duo's hair, urging him on. But at the same time Heero retained just enough awareness to keep from hurting Duo by applying too much pressure or pulling painfully on his hair.

It didn't take very long for Heero to be teetering on the verge of climax. Duo knew his body and his reactions well enough to bring him there and keep him there with ease. "Duo, please!" Heero gasped. Duo responded to his plea immediately. Cool fingers caressing his sac were enough to send him crashing over the edge with an inarticulate shout. The next thing he was truly aware of was Duo swinging his legs up onto the bed and pressing him back against the mattress. He tasted himself on Duo's lips as Duo crawled over him and kissed him deeply. Duo's hardness pressed against him, reminding Heero that things had been distinctly one-sided so far.

"Ro?" Duo asked, face hovering over his. "Sure about this?"

Heero nodded, then forced out a firm "Yes" as Duo continued to look a bit dubious. "Want this. Want *you*," he affirmed. He'd been anxious about this at first but Duo's oblique approach along with the bits of choice, of control, that he'd given back to Heero despite the fact that Heero had turned control over to him, had relaxed Heero and confirmed his wish to give Duo this.


Finally seeing conviction in Heero's eyes as well as hearing it in his voice, Duo murmured, "Alright." He wanted it too - but only if Heero truly did.

He kissed Heero once more, then slipped from the bed to retrieve the lube from their suitcase. Setting it in easy reach, he crawled back on the bed. Duo ran his fingertips lightly over Heero's abdomen, tickling him playfully with the tip of his mostly-unravelled braid before shaking his hair loose from it. He took the time to bring Heero to full arousal again with tongue and lips and fingers before moving to kneel between Heero's thighs. Circling Heero's entrance with well-lubed fingers, he watched Heero's face carefully as he slid one fingertip inside. Heero had a bad tendency to ignore pain; it wasn't even something that he did consciously. He had simply become so accustomed to doing so during his training that his mind automatically marked pain as irrelevant until it reached a staggering level. He still felt it before that; he just failed to react to it appropriately.

Duo had that fact firmly in mind as he began to stretch Heero. Any signs of pain would be slight; he knew that he would have to watch for them very closely. There was no excuse for causing pain during making love and Duo had no intention of doing so. He ignored his own throbbing arousal while he carefully prepared Heero. Finding his prostate was easier than Duo had expected but Heero's reaction to his firm pressure against it caught him by surprise. Heero jack-knifed off the bed with a strangled cry and his muscles clamped down hard, trapping Duo's fingers.

"Shh, Heero, s'okay, relax, easy Ro," Duo murmured soothingly. He stretched his free hand out to stroke Heero's cheek. Heero's eyes, wide and almost panicked, met his. "What's wrong Ro?" he asked gently, struggling to keep his voice soft and level. His heart was pounding rapidly. In theory, he knew that he hadn't done anything wrong, that Heero should have felt pleasure. But he also vaguely recalled a mention in the research they'd done before their first time together that not everyone enjoyed prostate stimulation as much, some not at all...

"I... Too much... Too intense..."

As Heero struggled for the words, Duo pieced together the problem from the words he managed to get out. 'Damn. Too *much* pleasure; caught him by surprise. Too far out of control...' "Okay, Ro, just relax for a minute and we'll switch," he offered. He needed Heero to relax so that he could slip his fingers out without hurting him. Then they'd just switch back to their usual roles. Yeah, he was a little disappointed but it wasn't that big a deal. They were together either way; who took which role really wasn't that important to him.


"No!" Heero protested. He didn't want to give up. Duo always reacted strongly to thrusts against his prostate but he hadn't been prepared for how overwhelming a reaction that could create in *him*. He hadn't realized how apt his remark earlier about having their own fireworks had been. Heero wasn't quite sure whether he liked the intensity of it or not but he wanted to find out what the whole experience was like on this end of things now that they'd made it this far. And he didn't want to disappoint Duo either. "No," he repeated more calmly. "Just - surprised me; I'm okay." He took several slow, deep breaths and managed to relax again.

"If you're sure..."

Heero caught the hand that was gently stroking his cheek and held it so that he could press a kiss against the palm. "I'm sure."

"Okay." Duo's face showed his concern and Heero could feel how hard Duo's heart was pounding as he pressed a kiss to Duo's wrist before releasing his hand. He regretted having reacted so strongly; he'd obviously shaken Duo.

As Duo's fingers began to move slightly, carefully, inside him, Heero consciously attempted to relax more. He tried not to tense in anticipation of the next touch against his prostate and was relieved when it didn't happen right away. When it did happen, it was a light, tentative brush rather than a firm thrust and the pleasure it induced was not overwhelming in its intensity. Remembering Duo's instruction to tell him what he liked, Heero gasped out, "Better. Feels good. Not so intense." He was relieved to see some of the anxiety on Duo's face be replaced by confidence at his words.


Duo took his time bringing Heero back to the point of readiness that he'd been at before. He was careful to keep his stimulation of Heero's prostate much lighter than the first time; he didn't want to overwhelm Heero again. Maybe eventually Heero would learn to enjoy that degree of intensity but it wouldn't happen in a single night.

By the time Duo finally decided that Heero was ready to move on to the next step, Heero's breathing was irregular and his words of encouragement had been replaced by moans and gasps. Duo smiled tenderly down at the flushed, sweaty face beneath him as he positioned himself. "Ready, Ro?" he asked one more time. Receiving a fierce, "Yes!" in response, he pressed forward slowly and steadily, letting Heero open to accept him in rather than forcing his way in. His breath caught as Heero's muscles squeezed convulsively and he stilled, waiting for Heero to adjust and relax again. "Deep breaths," he reminded Heero. He knew that was easier said than done but it *did* make a big difference in the ease of being on the receiving end of things. Once Heero relaxed again, he pressed forward, sliding deeper until he was completely sheathed in Heero. "God you feel good, Ro..." Leaning down, Duo kissed Heero passionately, their tongues tangling enthusiastically, before he began to move.


Rising to meet Duo's thrusts, Heero finally surrendered to the desire building inside him. Surrendered to the urge to let go of his control. To let himself fall, trusting Duo to be there with him. He shifted position, raising his hips so that Duo would strike his prostate a bit more directly. Not quite like that first time - Heero couldn't quite bring himself to try that again, not yet - but still a more solid pressure than Duo had been applying. Heero gasped and white lights exploded in his vision as Duo's next thrust hit. "Faster!" he ordered in a breathless voice. Duo obliged him. The pressure built, the aching need for release grew, and as Duo struck his prostate for the third time, Heero gave in to that need, crying out Duo's name as his climax hit. A moment later, the heat of Duo's release filled him and Duo collapsed, a welcome weight against Heero's body.

Bringing his arms up around his lover, a single semi-coherent thought flitted through Heero's mind before he slid into sated slumber. 'Have to add a fireworks photo to our collection...'