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There's a beep, and Heero down sizes a couple of screens. "Hn."

"Who's the message from?" Duo calls over from where he and the other pilots sat at the kitchen table. Heero clenched his teeth and moved away from the laptop. "

It's... for you, Duo."

Duo jumped up to his feet. "Cool! Who's it from Howard? Hilde?"

"No." Heero replied monotony.

Duo just bounced over to the laptop, but Heero laid a hand on his shoulder and squeezed a little. Duo looked confused. He went to the screen where the message was waiting. The other's watched as Duo's grip on the glass he was holding tightened until the glass broke. He just closed the laptop and walked off. He came back a couple minutes later. "I have to go for a couple days...to L2. I'll meet ya guys at Q's place on L4. K?"

"Duo." Heero stared at the boy. 'I knew he'd go when I saw that message.' Duo just shouldered his pack, cracked a grin at his fellow pilots, and left.


"Heero. What are you doing that's Duo's mail?" Trowa looked at him odd as the others came up behind him.

"I'm getting the address to the new Maxwell Church." Heero informed typing in a couple of codes.

"That's where he's going?" Quatre looked concerned. "Yeah. Listen.

Dear Duo,

The church is finally completed and the children love it. Will you please come visit. Father Jean and I haven't seen you in months. Of coarse we understand about your mission not allowing you to come, but please if you can make it come and visit.

Sister Anne."

"They are Father Maxwell and Sister Helen's siblings. Isn't that who Duo said they were?" Trowa asked.

Heero nodded. "I figured we stop over at L2 on our way to L4, and make sure he's okay. Discretely of coarse."

"Sounds like a plan" Wufei replied. They all knew all about Duo and his sad child hood. Or least they thought they did.


"This place is beautiful!" Quatre exclaimed.

"Yeah." Trowa mumbled.

"Hear that?" Wufei asked. Music accompanied by a painfully sweet voice drift over the hill from the church.

"It's Duo." Heero replied as he began sneaking toward the church until they had a view of Duo standing by a large wooden cross. Children sat in front of him; the boys looked impressed and the girls were starry eyed, and the priest and sister stood with their back toward the pilots.

Quatre giggled softly. "I don't think we have to wor--ry." Quatre stuttered and pointed at Duo. What they all saw was a vision of Duo with black demonic like wings, red and black silk robes draped over his shoulders, his eyes glowing green, and a scythe lay at his feet.

"What the fuck?" Heero actually let his composure drop as a look of utter shock covered his face.

"Ditto." The others mumbled. No body other than them seemed to see it. They shook their heads and Duo stood; no wings, no robes, no scythe, and no glowing eyes.

"I think we should go. I have research to do it seems." Wufei said quietly, and the others nodded.


"That's quite a story master Quatre. Are you sure you all weren't hallucinating?" Rasid stood in front of the pilots as Abdul brought some tea.

"We all saw the exact same thing." Trowa put in.

"Hmmm. I guess not then."

"I'm going to do some research. I'll be back tomorrow." Wufei said getting up.

"Wufei?" Heero narrowed his eyes.

"I'm going to L5. I have a hunch, but I have to go there to confirm it." Wufei told them as he left. Quatre hunched his shoulders in despair. Trowa wrapped and arm around him and handed him his tea. Abdul snickered, but bolted when Rasid gave him a glare-o-death.


Wufei arrived late the next morning looking rather pale, carrying a small box in his hands.

"How'd that hunch go?" Heero asked as his friend entered the study he had left the afternoon before. Wufei just glared at him and sat down. He reached into the box and pulled out some paper and handed each of the pilots one. They gasped.

"That is a sketch from 3,000 years ago. It's the foretold avatar of Shinigami, God of death."

"B-but" Quatre stammered.

"That's Duo" Trowa filled in. Heero just stared at the paper as Wufei brought out a thick aging book.

" 'Prophecies of the Gods' That picture was in here. Here's what it says about it. In a time of great war a child shall be born. His past is full of great joy and pain. His life is filled with death. Covered with a mask of happiness he shall grow and be confronted by the God of Death. The God offers the young warrior his strength and some of his power. If the warrior accepts and becomes his avatar he shall be granted this. Powered by a mighty vision of the future he fights for his kind and his cause. This is what is foretold." Wufei closed the book and looked around.

"Master Quatre?" Rasid's voice came from behind the door.


"I just came to tell you Duo is here."

"Thank you." Rasid left and the others looked at each other. And before they were able to put the material back Duo burst in the door.

"Yo Minna! You'll never guess who I ran into at the shuttle base...Hilde. We're going clubbin' tonight." Duo looked around and picked up a peice of paper. "What the fuck?" Duo glanced around.

"My thoughts exactly Shinigami." Heero snorted. Duo dropped the paper and went pale. He looked around confused. Wufei reopened the book and handed it to him. Duo scanned over the page, and looked up smiling.

"Hehe. I didn't know I was famous. I still don't understand how come you guys were looking it up." He sat by Heero.

"We stopped by L2 to check on you." Quatre informed him.

"When we saw you though this vision is what we saw instead. I saw something in a book once and followed it up." Wufei filled in.