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Secret Mission
By, Bunny


Duo leaned back on his bed. It was summer so most of the school was gone, leaving the dorms extreamly quite. His musing was interupted as the door opened up and the chatter of several familar voices entered the room. "Hi Duo." Quatre turned to him smiling.

Trowa and Wufei gave a small curve of the lips, and Heero ignored him going straight to the computer. Duo didn't attempt to hide his dissapointment at the lack of words.

"Uh...Any new missions Heero?"


"I'll take that as a no." Duo stared at his feet.

Trowa glanced at Quatre and Wufei who just gave him the `now what' look. They all knew that Duo was in love with Heero, but the dense guy never seemed to realize it.

"Hey why don't we all go get some dinner from that new Chinese and Thai Resturant." Quatre piped up.

"I'm in" Trowa said smiling at the arabian pilot.

"Sounds good to me." Wufei levelly. They looked over at Duo then Heero and back to Duo.

Suddenly Duo jumped up. "Yea Quatre man, good idea I'm starving. Heero?"

"Work to do."

"oh" Duo reluctently turns and walks out the door of their dorm.
"I'll see you guys later sleep well." Duo waved unlocking the door of his room and stepping in. He gasped and steped back at what he saw. The room was dark litted dimmly with candles, on the table in the center of the room was a rose and a peice of paper. Duo stumbled over to the table picking up the paper reading it out loud.

"Dou, I'm sorry for lying to you and ignoring you but I wanted you to stay here where you can enjoy the peace. It's a small mission. I'll be back soon. Heero."

Dou feel to his knees "You sweet, sweet bastard. How could you go with out me. Kami-sama let the mission go well."
"Do you think we should have prepared him for what was waiting for him when we came back?" Quatre asked

"No" Wufei said bluntly.
"Dou? Dou? Are you there? It's Docter J."

"Huh?" Dou looked up completly doubfounded as the vid com came to life. "um. Yes what is it ?"

The Docter looked at the senary, "Hn. Well as it turns out the mission Heero was sent on is a trap and the OZ is waiting on him and they have enough armaments there to easily take on one or even two Gundams. You need to go stop him and get him out of there."

"What! Can't you...never mind bye." Dou jumped up and ran down the hall right past Wufei's open room where the other pilots stoped their conversation.

"Dou?" Before Quatre could think Trowa and Wufei were runnning out the door.
"Itai! Lemme go. I need to go help Heero."

"He told us to keep you here."

"You don't understand Trowa. It's a trap. They will distroy him. Docter J just contacted me. Now Lemme go." Dou jurked his braid from Wufei's grasp and went running again leaving leaving the pilots of Heavyarms and Shenlong staring as sandrock's pilot ran up to them.
"HEEERRRRRRROOOOO!!!!!!(1)" Dou yelled through the com link adjusting it to Heero's frequency the other pilots behind him.

"Huh, Dou? Go back now."

"Heero its a trap they want you to come so they can destroy you!"


"Doctor J sent the message to me right after I read your letter."

"Then I guess I'll see you in just a couple minutes."
A little while later Heero jumps out of his gundam in the hanger. Duo runs troaward him and traps him in a hug. "We're a team Heero you'll never get rid of me

1. a Relena moment (shudders)