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<shonen-ai, a little Duo kicking. Happy ending though>

New Revelations
By, Bunny


Pain soared through Duo's body as a metal claw with long sharp fingers ripped into his back. He had been jumped. The war was over, and he lived with Heero, Quatre, Trowa, and Wu Fei. He had gone to get groceries for dinner when on his way back some ex-OZ soldiers grabbed him in a alley he used as a short cut. One of them was missing a arm and had a metal claw replacing it, and now that claw was removing its self from the fresh gashes and jabbing one finger of the claw into his gut. He fell to his knees on the ground.

Laughing, he heard the soldiers laughing. `Those ex-OZ bastards.' thought Duo.

The soldiers ran off. `Thank God I don't think they hit any thing vital' He used all his strength to get up his back stung with sweat and dirt in his open wounds. His gut made it almost impossible to stand. The pain was blinding, but in this part of town no one would find him he needed to try and get home.
"I'm worried. Duo should have been back by now" Quatre spoke worriedly to the others.

"Maybe there was a crowd at market." Wu Fei spoke calmly yet slightly reassuring to the innocent looking Quatre.

"I'll go look for him." Heero went and opened the door but stood stiff. "Duo!"

The others looked out the door and saw the beaten sight of Duo. Blood staining his beautiful hair. His cloths torn and a look of sheer pain on his face. Heero soon regained his ability to move and ran to catch Duo as he fell in the middle of the yard.
Heero sat in his room in front of his computer his arms folded on the desk resting his head on them. They had got Duo inside, cleaned, and bandaged him. Quatre was slightly less than hysterical after all him and Duo had always been good friends. Trowa was calming Quatre down. Wu Fei had even appeared a little shocked, but no Heero just went in his room and locked the door. What was it? He had seen allot of suffering, but why did Duo's pain affect him so? Ah! He knew. But telling Duo his feelings, no. He remembered when he first met Duo, heh. Oh Kami-sama let him heal.
Wu Fei was walking back into the main room of the house where Trowa sat beside Quatre who had a tissue. "So?" Trowa asked looking up.

"He locked him self in his room. Only thing I heard in the room was the humming of the computer."

"Ouch! Heero...locked him self in his room?" The others looked to the source of the voice. Duo was standing leaning against a wall looking most uncomfortable.

"Duo! You're awake. You shouldn't be out of bed." Quatre spoke having cheered up at the sight of his friend.

"Yeah after we got you in and bandaged he just walked back to his room." Trowa said answering Duo. "Would you care to tell us what happened this afternoon."

Duo let out a long breath and described in detail to them the events of earlier that afternoon.
`Is that Duo I hear?' Heero strained ears. `Yes...' After a seconds hesitation he stood and walked towards the door. He reached to turn the knob then realized he locked the door. `Man I really am out of it.' He undid the lock and carefully opened the door.
"Did you recognize the men." Wu Fei asked non-chantedly.

"No, I was to busy admiring their shoes." Duo said sarcastically.

"Heero!" Quatre cried happily.

Duo whipped his head around. "Ouch! I shouldn't do that." Duo said making a funny face. The others smiled.

"So how are you feeling?" Heero asked

"I've been better."

"Well I got some medicine from Doctor J. It should heal you instantaneously. I'll give it to you after you've rested some more."

"Duo you really should thank Heero he was the one who caught you when you passed out earlier. He did most of the work since we weren't real sure on what to do." Quatre piped up.

"Well then I thank you Heero." Duo smiled over at Heero. Who turned away, and became pink. Wu Fei and Trowa saw this and smiled.

"I have some work to do. Rest up Duo." He turned in the direction of his room and walked off.

"Heero's right I think I will go lay back down." He walked off.

"They have it bad, don't you think Wu Fei?" Trowa said raising a eyebrow.

"Yea I don't think I've ever seen Heero blush. I think Quatre had fun teasing those two."

"You bet I did."
Three hours later Duo woke up and for a second forgot the pain. His eyes shot open coming face to face with a set of blue orbs and platinum hair. "Hi Duo. Man you sleep hard you've been sleeping like a rock for three hours."

"Three hours, huh? What time is it?"

"six-thirty. Here let me go get Heero so we can get those cuts taken care of. K? Don't go anywhere."

"How can he make jokes. I feel like I've been shredded. Wait I have (sigh)." A moment later Quatre walked in with Wu Fei, Trowa, and....Heero. `Heero'

"Can you turn over Duo?" Heero asked calmly. The others chuckled then shrunk after catching a glance from Duo.

"Owie!! No!" Trowa and Wu Fei went and gently picked up the protesting Duo and set him on his stomach. Heero walked over to the bed and tenderly began to remove Duo's bandages. Duo shut his eyes and bit his lip. Heero spared a glance a Duo hesitating.

"Just about got the bandages off Duo. There. Now time for the medicine. Um...Duo would you like something other than to your lip to chew on cause this medicine is going to have to be messaged in."

"Ahh! (sigh)" Duo narrowed his eyes.

"Here" Trowa put a towel in front of Duo. "Chew on this when it hurts it won't hurt like the being knocked unconscious that you was about to ask for."

"Okay go ahead Heero." He shut his eyes and gasped at the stinging solution on his back then felt Heero's strong hands. He totally forgot the pain. His facial features relaxed along with the rest of his body. Heero looked at him seeing the relief on his face as the wounds began to close up, but he actually seemed to be reacting more to Heero's hands than the medicine. Quatre smiled at his friends relief...pleasure? Wu Fei saw this, Duo's statement that is, and smiled a rare smile. Trowa chuckled.

Heero worked on the hole `low' on his back. He breathed in and slowly moved his hands around Duo's side the back of the hole closed. He would need Duo to turn over again. He removed his still lingering hands from Duo's back. Duo cracked open a eye trying to look uncomfortable. "Uh...Am I done?"

"Nope. Uh...I need you to turn over again. The front of the hole ...." Duo managed to turn himself over looking uncomfortable remembering how far down the front of the gash was. He closed his eyes feeling the solution once again along with Heero's hesitant hand on his lower abdominal muscles.

And minute later it was over and he felt weakness drift away. He opened his eyes and looked at where Heero's hands were at. His wounds were gone and he felt strong again. He sat up and looked around. Heero was the only other person in the room, he was sitting in the chair beside his bed. "Thank you Heero"

"Its okay" Duo got up to take a look at himself but his legs gave out and fell into the chair Heero was sitting in. They stared at each other for a second.

Duo then got up to shut and lock the door. "We need to talk." Heero just nodded.

Both started at once " Heero" "Duo" "I-I Love you!" They just stared at each other. Heero who had stood up walked to Duo and kissed him hard. Duo returned the favor equally.
Duo woke up sun shining onto his face. He looked beside him seeing the still sleeping form of Heero. The night before had been beautiful. He knew there would be many more.