Duo and Heero's Lovely Escapades
By; Bunny

Duo sat at the table with his head in his hands, his fingers massaging the side of his head.

"Headache?" Came Heero's distant voice. Duo didn't respond. It was late, and there was a nearly burnt out candle in the middle of the table. Heero narrowed his eyes then finally sat down in a empty seat. "What was you doing?"


"Hn. That explains the headache."


"Here," Heero got up and stood behind Duo easing Duo's hands down then began gently massaging Duo's temples. Duo relaxed, his eyes shutting.

"That feels good..." Duo purred not meaning to sound as sensual as he did.
Wu Fei, Trowa, and Quatre watched silently from the doorway.
"I'd almost think you were being sympathetic, Heero."

"Who says I'm not. Even so being the God of Death do you really need sympathy."

"I hate that nick name."

"No one said you had to like it."

"You know something your not helping my headache. Just blow my brains out that would...no you really would. Just like that time when OZ captured me you came to destroy me and I told ya to go ahead, you just about pulled the trigger to."

"Well you did tell me to shoot you." Heero said in his usual monotone voice.

"Then we escaped you took me to one of the colonies then went back to kill the doctors. Least Trowa showed up."

"You're complaining about me just about shooting you, and you almost killed me. And caused me to get captured by Sally Po and the Alliance. Remember when we first met. Relena had been there when I landed and I was going to finish my mission and kill her, but"

"But I shot ya in the arm right when you was trying to kill Relena and destroy your Gundam."

"Then the Alliance caught me. They tied me up"

"I played super hero knocked the guards out. I was just lucky you could read lips. Then you tried killing yourself by not opening your parachute when we jumped out of that building. I swear you survive every thing. You got right up after tumbling down that cliff and set your broken leg. Damn...ugh that was gross. You are super human aren't you Heero?"


Duo lets out a long breath. "Hey my headaches gone."

"Good I can sit back down."

"I didn't ask you to massage my head."

"That's right you didn't did you." Duo looked at Heero questioningly he had a odd smirk on his face and his eyes were closed. He sighed and leaned back.
The others backed away from the door way and walked to another room. "I didn't know they knew each other that long." Quatre spoke softly.

"Yea." Trowa nodded his head.

"Heero shows much compassion towards Duo." Wu Fei spoke.

"Thing is, is he aware of it?" Quatre questioned.

"He is. So is Duo." Trowa spoke in response.

"You knew the others were in the doorway right?" Heero said still leaning back.

"Yep." Duo said with his usual chuckle.

"I'm going for some coffee you want to come Duo?"

"Yea man. I vote Starbucks."

"Ok then. We can go through the back door."

"I'll write the others a note." He grabbed and paper and jotted down something.
"Hey where did they go?" Wu Fei looked about when they passed the room where Duo and Heero had been.

"There is a note on the table." Quatre pointed out.

Trowa picked it up and read. "Gone to Starbucks. P.S It isn't polite to stand in doorways. See ya later Duo and oh yea Heero too." Trowa laughed. "Well we know Duo wrote this."

"They knew we were in the door way. Why didn't they say anything." Wu Fei scowled.
"Duo what did you put on that note?"

"Well lets see gone to Starbucks., and I believe I mentioned that it wasn't polite to stand in door ways."

"Hn." Was Heero's response as he took a sip of his coffee. Duo just looked at his empty mug and ordered another.
Heero held open the door of the house as Duo stumbled in. The others were siting on the couch and watched at the site of Duo stumbling around.

"Heero threaten the floor so it will stop moving."

"Baka! Its your fault for having three Irish coffees and one shot of after shock!"

"I'm going to be sick!" Duo cried tripping over his feet as he dashed for the bathroom. Heero shook his head and sat down. The others just stared at him. Retching was heard in the background.

"Uh...I think I'll go make sure he's okay." Quatre got up and went to check on Duo.

"Will Maxwell be okay?" Wu Fei asked raising a eye brow.

"Yea we go through this every time." Heero answered his usual non-chanted voice, but still different from the one he spoke to Duo with.

"So Heero. Have you've really known Duo since we landed on Earth." Trowa asked changing the subject.

"Yes." Just then Quatre walked back in the room. "He's resting."
"AHHHAHAAA! Some one turn off the sun!" Was the sound of Duo waking up the next morning. Heero walked into the room leaning against a wall.

"Having a nice hangover Duo?"


"Because of watching you and getting to say I told you so."

"SO YOU GET PLEASURE OUT OF MY owwie!" He lowered he voice twenty notches. "<whimpers> Headache just kicked in." Heero, for like the first time in forever, broke out in laughter. "You think that's funny huh Heero?"

The others looked shocked at the sound of Heero laughing then accompanied by the braking of glass. They looked down the hall and saw Heero rushing out

"Good aim Duo. Considering your hiding under your covers." Heero walked down the hall trying hard not to crack up, but couldn't help it upon seeing his friends' statements.

Scared at the fact of Heero laughing they got up and walked down the hall. Duo was curled up under the covers with a pillow over his head.

"Um...Duo are you okay." Came Quatre's quiet voice.

"Yea my non existent hangover gives me a reason to throw things at Heero. I was up last night with a couple pots of coffee. <laughs>" Duo said taking the pillow off his head and sitting up showing that he was fully dressed.
`What is he doing to me? I laughed. How can he make me act so strangely?'

"Heero?" Trowa walked into the den where Heero was leaning against a cabinet looking out the window.


"So I do believe that's the first time I heard you laugh."


"You must admit Heero. Duo does allot to get your attention."


"Duo stayed up all night getting the alcohol out of his system. He doesn't have a hangover...he was trying to get you to laugh."

"What are you getting at Trowa" Heero tightened his voice.

"I think you know Heero. Think about it. Besides this morning when was the last time you laughed."

"NO MORE CAFFEINE FOR ME!" Came a familiar voice in the kitchenet accompanied with Quatre's laugh.

"Think about it." Trowa walked off.

`I know Trowa. You don't think I knew already that he was sober?' Heero walked out of the den heading to the kitchenet.
"Oh Heero. I'm making pancakes would you like some." Quatre peered over his shoulder from his place at the stove.


"Come on Heero these pancakes are delicious." Duo said looking up from his own plate of pancakes having given up his hang over act.

"Hn. I got work to do." Heero headed for the back door on the other side of the kitchenet. "Doncha always." Duo mumbled looking back at his food picking up his fork. Heero shot back a glance seeing every ones eyes but Duo's were fixed on him. `Is he...upset?'
Later that night Duo lay on his bed staring at the ceiling not able to sleep. When the door opened. Duo looked at the figure entering his room. "Heero?" Heero walked silently up to him smiling evilly. He straddled Duo who just looked on like it was all a dream. Heero began placing soft kisses over Duo's face then his neck. He brought his hand up tracing Duo's collar bone and jaw then grabbed Duo's neck with one hand and squeezed hard cutting off his air supply. "Ahh!" was all Duo managed to get out grabbing Heero's hand struggling. It was late the others probably hadn't heard him. Then by bringing his leg up Duo managed to throw Heero off of him and went running out the door, but fell after a gunshot was heard. Duo grabbed his shoulder and pulled himself back up. "Heero! Why!?"

Just then Heero came charging.
"huh? What's Duo doing." Wu Fei asked looking down the hallway. As the others came up behind him Heero stood beside Wu Fei. And saw the blood coming from under Duo's hand.

"Something isn't right." Heero said low.

That's when they heard Duo cry. "Heero! Why!?"

Just then someone looking exactly like Heero bolted out off the room right for Duo.

"Duo!" The real Heero called out. Duo turned his head. Just as two hands seized his throat lifting him up pounding him into the wall. Taking a hand off his throat still holding Duo against the wall the other Heero began punching Duo in the stomach. While the real Heero launched himself at his impostor, gun already in hand he shot the fake in the gut causing him to fly back letting the now unconcious Duo fall to the ground Quatre rushed to Duo as Trowa and Wu Fei looked on and Heero grabbed the fake. "WHO ARE YOU!"

The fake let a small smirk on his face. "The best friend Shinigami Duo. Duo betrayed me and left me to die." Heero just narrowed his eyes and shot the guys brains out. "Duo just doesn't let someone die." Heero watched as the body disappeared.

"What!" The others looked on extremely puzzled.

"I can't believe...a demon .... the thing who tried to kill him was the God of Death's old friend."
A couple hours later Duo lay on his bed everyone sitting around him. "Huh? What happ...Heero tried to." Duo woke up looking around seeing Heero.

"No I didn't. It was a impostor. He, or should I say she, said she was left to die by Shinigami." Duo's face went pale.

"H-how. What are you saying the person who attacked me looked exactly like...! Oh my god! Hilde...But How?" A tear went down his check. Heero kneeled beside the bed, eyes relaxed as he brushed the tear off Duo's face.

"Her spirit was taken, and any hate or even love she had was twisted as the Ekibyoo demon changed her soul. She was destroyed. The demon only strikes every 75 years so we don't need to worry. Its a random thing."

"Hilde..." The others watched not wanting to leave.

"You should rest Duo. Its late." Heero walked away Trowa and Wu Fei behind him.

"I'll stay till you fall asleep if you would like Duo." Quatre smiled looking worried.

"That would be nice." Quatre took a seat by the bed. "That impostor. I gave Hilde a secret and the demon took advantage off it, me, and Hilde's soul."

"Secret what do you mean?"

More tears fell from Duo's eyes as he sucked in a sharp breath.
Heero and the others were outside the door. They knew he would open up to Quatre and Quatre knew they were listening to them. But it was best they should know what happened.
"I told Hilde who the only person I ever loved was."

"What does that have to do with....Heero?" Duo nodded his head crying a little more. "She, no , it was disguised as Heero. It came into my room, I didn't even question the fact that the person I loved...Heero was lying on top off me kissing me. I should have known. It was like a fantasy gone wrong. After that the next thing I knew, this thing who looked like Heero was choking me. Some how I kicked it off and got out the door but it shot me, and well you know the rest."


Quatre carefully took Duo in his arms as Duo cried. And glanced back towards the door.
Trowa and Wu Fei expected this, but looked at Heero to see his reaction.

" I have work to do." He mumbled and walked off fast.
The next day Duo awoke to a sharp pain in his shoulder. He struggled his eyes open seeing every thing as a big blur at first then clearing. He ached as he remembered the events of the night before and the reason his arm hurt so much. Quatre was probably gone, but he looked around. what he saw drew him back, Heero sitting where Quatre had earlier. "Heero?"

"You've been asleep for a while"

"I'm surprised you aren't drilling me on how the demon got so close to me."

"That's because I already know Duo."

Duo's eyes widened. "So sixth sense or Quatre told you?"

"Neither. I'm human. I eavesdropped."

Duo swallowed hard. "I-I"

"Duo I...feel the...same way."

"You mean"

"Would you like breakfast brought to you or do want to try walking."

"uh...I'll walk."
Duo sat at the table poking at some sausage and eggs on the plate in front of him. Heero sat beside him. Quatre, Trowa, and Wu Fei doing various other things around the kitchenet.

"So Duo, how are you feeling?" Quatre asked desperately wanting to break the silence.

"I've been trough worse. Nothing can crack me." Duo said waving his fork about. Quatre chuckled as Trowa smirked adding

"New hair style Duo?" Even Wu Fei and Heero had to smile at the tangle of long hair sticking out.

"Huh? Ahh..My Hair its going to take me forever to untangle it!" Duo dropped his head to the table. "I think we will need more shampoo then." Wu Fei mused receiving a look from Duo. "Do you know how much work brushing my tangled hair is."