Suspicious Substances

oh yes, gundam doesn't belong to me but this story does :). i don't think the creators of gundam would make a story like this one ~_~ but you never know right?


Leaning over him, being careful not to jar him in any way, I slowly started to drag the thin sheet off of him. Revealing his naked body minutely to my starving eyes. I had always wanted to know what lay under those skin-tight spandex he insisted on wearing all of the time and I was finally going to find out. Peeking up at his face for signs of wakefulness I finally got the blanket to his hips. Gazing at the tight muscles of his stomach I let my eyes wander down to where the sharp planes of his hipbones poked out from beneath the sheet.

Feeling my face flush I threw caution to the wind and yanked the sheet the rest of the way down his body, letting it float soundlessly to the floor. I was so fascinated with staring at his equipment that I was caught completely off guard when he vaulted out of the bed towards me. Grabbing me by my wrist he hurled me against the nearest wall, causing a woof of air to rush out of me, leaving me breathless and gasping despretely for air. Pinning me against the wall, an arm on each side of my face, he looked me in the eye and smiled grimly, leaning in for the kill all the while.

Closing my eyes, fearing for my very skin, I squeaked quietly when I felt his hot breath near my ear, ruffling the tiny hairs that lay there. Shivering at the sensation I began to think of all they ways that he could possibly get even with me, what revenge that may lay ahead in the near future. There was not going to be an easy escape this time. He had me trapped like a mouse. Opening my eyes suddenly and blinking owlishly at him in confusion, it took a few moments before I actually realized that my boxers where now around my ankles. Feeling a cool breeze brush across the family jewels definitely made me aware of the fact though. Glancing down at my now bare privates I blushed a cherry red. There was a more pressing problem than my boxers at the moment... and that problem was currently located between my legs. I knew then that I could have died of embarrassment and not cared a bit. There, standing quite proudly, pointed at my attacker, was my ultimate nemesis... Mr. Winky the one-eyed snake. Feeling the blush that already raged over my face spread to my chest I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. There was no way I could look up at Heero... I honestly think that this was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. Well, maybe not as embarrassing as the time the doctor made me bend over so he could stick his finger up me... at least I know Heero. 'Well,' taking a quick peek at heero's passive face, 'this is definitely a close second.'

His hand darted in towards my penis, encircling it at the base and slowly sliding his fist up to the head; bringing this thumb over and across the head quickly a few times. Grabbing his wrist, and gasping at the same time, I tried to pull it away, making him tug at me all the harder in the process. Sucking in a deep breath I leaned back against the wall and jabbed my hips towards him, following the motions of his hand. Gathering the drop of pre-cum with the base of his thumb he brought it up to his mouth and sucked the milky liquid off, staring me in the eye the entire time. Putting his hand to my chest and holding me against the wall, he bent down and grabbed the sheet off of the floor. Tearing a strip off the end he bound my wrists tightly behind my back and used the rest to wrap a makeshift toga around himself. Letting me drop to my butt on the floor he disappeared for a few moments before reappearing with a small glass in hand.

Smiling faintly he walked towards me and stopped a moment in front of me before hauling me to my feet. Twirling me around towards the bed he threw me over it, lifting my ass higher into the air and making it stick out provocatively. When he kicked my legs further apart I knew what was going to happen, and in my head I was extremely happy. I had to put up a small struggle for appearance sake, earning me a stinging slap on the ass. Jumping slightly when I felt something cold hit me at the top of my butt I turned around to see what exactly heero was up to. Seeing him pour some kind of thick liquid on first me, then himself I shuddered. This is what I had lusted after for so long, it was finally going to happen. Just thinking about it made my penis feel all the more engorged. I tightened my butt cheeks as the liquid slid slugglishly down my crack, parting in a fork to roll down the sides of my balls and onto my cock. Sucking in a deep breath I silently prayed that he'd hurry up and put me out of my misery.

Taking his hand and rubbing both himself and me vigorously a few times he glanced at me a moment before grabbing me and spreading me wide. Grinning wickedly he aimed and speared me, slamming his hips sharply against my ass and causing my cheek to slid forcefully up the bed. Letting me get used to his girth for a few seconds he quickly got back to the business at hand... screwing me senseless. Slipping about halfway out of me he reached down and grabbed my hips painfully, using that as leverage to slam his hips back against my ass. Grinning wider as he adjusted to the rhythm there were no more pauses, he started up a break neck pace (for me at least) and only sped up as he went on. Taking one hand away momentarily he untied my wrists (thank god), and hauled me up into a standing position. Using that same hand to grab ahold of my leg and yank it up and outwards. As he tilted me backward slightly to accommodate his pistoning hips, I let my head loll backwards to rest on his shoulder. Bringing one hand up to the back of his head, plowing my fingers through his thick brown hair, I let my other hand wander down to my penis, stroking it once before bringing my hand back towards my face, trying to see what exactly he had used as lubrication. Sniffing and then tasting I grimaced.

Vegetable Oil, he used vegetable oil on me. That was definitely going to be a pain in the ass... hearing my thoughts I laughed softly to myself, that wasn't the only thing that was going to be a pain in the ass. Grabbing Heero's free hand I brought it to my penis, putting mine over top of it to help him establish this second tempo. Sucking in a shuddering breath I let go of his hand, letting it continue the rhythm it had picked up. Bringing both hands to sink into Heero's hair I arched sharply in ecstasy, crying out heero's name I came.... and came and came... smiling when I felt him stiffen behind me.


Let me restate my earlier statement.. this was the best thing that ever happened to me. Sighing in bliss I snuggled back against the soft.... fluffy... what the hell?

"Duo!?! What the hell are you doing in there? I've been waiting here for forty damn minutes and I'm getting tired of it. If you don't get out right now I'm going to break the door down and throw you out!"

Looking around in confusion I saw that I wasn't leaning against Heero, I was laying on a soft, fluffy, carpet that spread out on the floor of the bathroom. And Heero was currently yelling out my name in vexation... not ecstasy. Sitting up in embarrassment I grabbed the washcloth nearest me and cleaned myself up, not noticing the embroidered H (gift of the ever present releena). Getting up I grabbed my pants and pulled them up, buckling them quickly before heero decided to barge in and throw me out bodily... not that that would be a bad thing. Snapping out of the almost fantasy I threw the washcloth into the sink and started to whistle happily on my way to the door.

:: Heero::

Glaring at the american pilot as he walked by me, blissfully unaware of the death glare I was laying on him, I stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me. I was filthy from working out and all I could think of was getting the sweat off of me. Grabbing my washcloth and wiping my face I glanced into the mirror and frowned. What the hell was on my face? Leaning in for a better look I saw that it was some kind of milky white substance. Opening the washcloth up I saw that there was a whole shitload of it in the middle of the cloth. Throwing the cloth down I reached for a wad of toilet paper and noticed a scrap of paper on the floor. Picking it up and turning it over I saw that it was a picture of me... a much abused picture of me. Looking at it in confusion I glanced once more at the washcloth, reaching up to touch the glob on my check. That's when it clicked. Looking at the door where a certain pilot had recently vacated my eyes widened impossibly. Then they narrowed. Taking all of the evidence in hand I could only think of one thing, a certain american pilot was going to die.