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" "spoken //...// Heero's thoughts and the flashbacks are told by Heero 's POV


untitled 1x2 fic

Heero was in front of his laptop, staring at its blank screen.It should have been a mission like the others, nothing should have gotten wrong.

//Why? Why ?...//

When Quatre brought him a tray of food, he found him in that position. In fact, Heero had been like that since he came back from the mission, eyes empty and dead. The Arabian pilot had immediately noticed the absence of Duo and Heero's haunted look.

"Where is Duo?"

"Dead" was the succinct answer before Heero left Quatre and Trowa, shocked, behind him and went to the room Duo and he were sharing //well, had been sharing// he thought bitterly.

Quatre tried to get him out of his drowsiness but obtained no result because Heero was too lost in his memories and his pain. Before he closed the door, he had time to catch a single word: "Duo..."



(on a battle field)

"You fucking bastard!! You dared scratching Deathscythe's paint!!! Shine! And as would Heero say: OMAE O KOROSU" Mad giggles could be heard.

"DUO!!! That sentence is MINE!!!!!!!"

"I know!! And i gave you the royalties, koi!!"

"Hn..." I traced the lines of his face on the screen. //Duo, mine forever//

"My poor Deathscythe!!what did that bad guy do to you?"

I sweatdropped.

"Ya know, I'll take care of you when we'll be back!! I..."

"Duo! watch out!!"

"Nani? Oh...thanks koi, but you should put in practice your own advice!"

"..." //be careful, Duo. Ai shiteru//

a few minutes later

"All right, Heero!! Ninmu kanryou! Stage cleared! Time to go home! ...I hope you didn't forget our first anniversary!..."

//No, I didn't// I was thinking of a little box with matching rings waiting at home.

"Cos I've got a special surprise for you..." Duo said in a very seductive voice "and you know what?...i love..." he never finished his sentence. A flash suddenly appeared and Deathscythe was engulfed in a blinding light ...then, just a rain of metal parts and blood,s o much blood...

"DUOOOOOOOO!!" The OZ pilot hadn't time to be proud of his evil action that he was already sent to Hell by Heero.

"DUOOOO!!!" But there was nothing left, nothing but emptiness, Death's scent in the air and something glittering on the ground: a gold chain with its cross stained with blood.

°°°°°end flashback°°°


Heero looked up and blinked.Silver trails on his cheeks were shining in the moonlight. Where was the perfect soldier? //Iie, that latter may exists for J or the other pilots but not for Duo// there would never be a "Perfect Soldier" anymore because of HIM.



"Na, com'on!! See the weather!! You gotta go outside!! This damn laptop is gonna bring ya on the verge of going crazy and not only ya!! Moreover, there's no Peacecraft at the horizon!!"

"Hn, baka!!" I grunted but let myself being dragged outside. I wouldn't be able to say why or when but I've learnt to REALLY appreciate that braided baka, trying to spend more time with him and cherishing the moments we have together. //But Hell! I'll never tell him!//

the same evening

"Jeez, Heero, that was fun, ne? Now you hafta see this sunset!! Puh-leeeze!"

Ack! These puppy dog eyes... I was trapped, couldn't refuse them anything!! I grunted more by habit than anything else and let me being dragged for the X-time of the day.

It was magic. The last rays of the sun were playing in Duo's hair, giving the chestnut mass some uncatchable glints. I saw him smiling:a true smile which softened his features and not the mask he usually puts on his face. //gorgeous// It was the only word in my mind.He shivered as the first stars appeared.

"Hn, we should go home."

"Hai. Oh! Look!! A shooting star!! Quick, make a wish!! And before you object anything, lemme tell ya that a wish is hope and without hope we wouldn't go anywhere so do it NOW!"

He looked so serious that I did what he wanted. //wonder what he wished// I wished for happiness for the other pilots, especially for Duo. //happiness, strange concept.I don't deserve it but Duo does...// My thoughts were interrupted by a growl: Duo's stomach.

"Whoops!! Sorry!!"

I tried to suppress it but I had to laugh!

"Oi, Heero, are ya all right?"

"Hai, let's go home. Guess you're really hungry" I chuckled.

He stood there, eyes wide opened, staring at me as if I was an alien then smiled a last time and ran toward the safehouse shouting "Quatre, I'm coming and I'm starving!"

//Surprised, Duo, ne? Well, guess everyone changes at your contact.//

°°°°°end flashback°°°°°


...Duo, the one who listened to him, who helped him to heal and who let him see his true personality...



"Heero? Heero? HEERO!"

I woke up with a start and found myself starring in Duo's eyes which showed a lot of concern and worry. "You were having a nightmare" he said "and you seemed so desperate and lost in it that I thought it may be better to wake ya..."


"You're welcome...Wanna talk about it? Ya know, I may speak a lot but I know how to listen too!" he chuckled softly.


"Ya don't hafta do it, but it may help ya! Just both of us will know about it! I promise! Remember! I run, I hide but I never lie! The others will never know about it unless you want them to."



"There was a little girl and her puppy..." I told him the whole story which was haunting me and I cried! I, the Perfect Soldier, was crying! That was when I felt two arms surrounding me. I tried to free myself but he held me tighter.

"Shhh! It's all right, Heero!!" And I stood there, not struggling anymore... it felt so good...

"Sometimes you need to tell someone. You can't change the past but it helps a little bit to share one's burden with someone. You can't hide forever behind your mask, your cover, your coldness."

"But it's what you're doing" I said matter of factly. "Why??"

Duo looked sad, not smiling anymore //another part of the true Duo// then he began to tell me his history, his childhood, Solo, the Maxwell church, Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, the meaning of his braid... I know now the reason of his mask. //Duo the joker who hides Duo the wounded// It was my turn to take him in my arms. At first, it felt strange but having him, against me, leaning in the embrace looked like a bit of what Heaven should be. And we slept in each others arms. Seeing him sleeping and waking up is a blessed view. An angel lost on Earth.

//Duo, I think I'm in l...//

°°°°°end flashback°°°°°


... the one who gave him his soul back and let him see a future after the war if both went through it...



"Oi, Heero, I'll take a shower. Hope you don't need to go in the bathroom for the next 3/4 of hour!!"(1)

"Well, don't really have choice, do I??"

"Nope!" He laughed and disappeared in the bathroom.

//He sings...// My mind wandered as I imagined him in the shower, water running down his body... //STOP!!!!! K'so!! Heero, think of the mission// But when I looked at my laptop, all I saw ware my fantasies written on its screen! Man, life sucks, betrayed by my feelings, my weakness I enjoy... and it's worth all of it!! I let my mind wandering again

...no mission,but Duo...

"...such a distraction..."

"Nani? What were you saying??" //whoops!// When did he come back?? My eyes narrowed but suddenly widened when I noticed that he was coming toward me. I began to panic and tried to enter some command on my laptop.

"Na, what are ya doing?? Daydreaming??" he laughed.

"Duo... OMAE O KOROSU!" that just made him laugh harder. He looked beautiful with his hair falling along his back, dressed in his black boxers with... WHAT???? Where did he find these ones? I shook my head in disbelief: DUO had boxers with little Deathscythes hand in hand with little Wings. If I had been Wufei, I would have suffered from a nosebleed but I was Heero, supposed to be the Perfect Soldier. When I looked up, he had a huge grin on his face and visibly tried hard not to laugh openly before me but hardly managed!

"Oi, man, you should have seen your face!! Too funny!! So what do you think of this?" he asked,showing his boxers very proudly "Aren't they nice??"


Then I returned to my laptop but was interrupted again...he was standing in front of me, his brush in his hands and seemed a little bit uncomfortable.

"Heero? err..."

"What?" I said nervously

"Ano, ... could you please help me with my hair? I'm a little bit..."


"Honto ni?"


I took the brush from his hands, leaded him to the bed and began to comb his hair, enjoying the sensation it gave me. The scent of his hair, their silkiness... Duo was literally purring //my little kitty, my shi-chan kitten//. When his hair was done, before he could stop me, I braided it and gave it him back. He took it, turned to me and I was drowned in two deep violet pools.

"Thanks" He murmured and gave me a light kiss on the lips.


"I know, OMAE O KOROSU." He chuckled sadly and began to go away.

"Duo..." I frowned

"Err..Heero, I'm sorry... ano, you won't kill me, will you? I..."

I leaned forward and kissed him.

"Nani?? Hmpff..." he always has to speak... but this was a good way to
shut him up, I noticed, making a mental note. We had to break the kiss to
catch our breath again.

"Waouh, Heero! I..." A Duo at loss of words. Rarely seen! A scoop!! He certainly decided that words didn't need to be spoken anymore cos he kissed me again. Then I asked him if he knew what he was doing. Chuckling, he told me that this question was more for me than for him! Pinning him to the bed and taking his mouth again was my only answer. //oh, God, if there is anyone, don't ever let this end//

Duo laid there, his cheeks flushed, his eyes sparkling. I unraveled the hair I just braided, backed away and drank the vision before me. //my dear angel// So gorgeous... I started the exploration of his body, still pinning him, kissing him lightly but before he had time to answer, I was away, kissing this time the line of his jaw, then the hollow of his neck. He wriggled.

"Ticklish?" I asked, going lower, nibbling his right nipple until this latter hardened.

"Well, I don't wanna make any jealous." I told him, taking care of his left nipple, stroking the previous one with a hand and with my second hand, I traced the contour of his face. I decided it was time to go lower again and to visit his bellybutton. Here too, the reaction was laughter. I brought my hands down, stroked his inner thighs, deliberately avoiding"THAT" place which showed the intensity of his desire.

"Heero!!" He protested as I chuckled.

"Is there any problems?"

"Please, I..." He stopped as I took him in my mouth and I heard him moaning //never silent, Duo, ne?//

I worked along his length, my right thumb stroking his mouth and I gasped when he took it between his sweet lips and sucked it very conscientiously. I brought my attention back to what I was doing. Duo was purring again. //Really, he must have been a cat in a previous life// Before I had time to think more, he cried my name as he came and this time it was my turn to suck and swallow conscientiously his seed.

I kissed him again, looked like I would never grow tired of his lips, then I hesitated. //should we or shouldn't we// Duo gave me the answer. He just took my head in his hands, kissed me and smiling at me he said: "Please, Heero, I want you inside me. Be my one and only." I looked in his eyes, saw his trust and something I hoped to never lose: his love! I tried to reach the drawer where a jar of lubricant was waiting (^_^ just in case!! Don't forget he is the perfect soldier and has to anticipate!!^^;), but this simple action was complicated by Duo who was now nibbling at my ear and trailing kisses all along my neck.


"Hai?..." How can an angel be so evil? Not that I really complain...I finally found what i was searching.

"It's gonna hurt a little bit." I murmured in his ear.

"It doesn't matter cos it's you!" He murmured back.

He tensed as I slipped one finger in his virgin hole, some tears falling from his beautiful eyes. I drank them.

"Shhh! Angel, it's gonna be all right." I told him tenderly, trying to comfort him, stroking his hair at the same time.

"Go on, Heero, please..."

A second finger rejoined the first, stretching him softly, then a third... and suddenly Duo cried in ecstasy //guess I've hit his sweet spot//, he squirmed to get that sensation again, pain no longer in mind. He was ready. I withdrew my fingers and replaced them by my cock. I stroked his body and kissed him wherever I could as I entered him as softly as possible, began to thrust and hit HIS spot again. Soon the room was only filled with Duo's moans and our ragged breaths. Later, Duo in my arms, his hair sprawled around us, thinking he was asleep, I murmured: "Ai shiteru, Duo, Zutto" I felt moisture on my neck. "Duo?" I said, panicked "Did I hurt you? I didn't intended..."

He looked at me, moving away a little bit, his eyes full of tears.

"Ai shiteru? Honto ni? Zutto? You promise?"

"Hai, I promise. But promise me the same, Duo." I said, pleading.

"I vow on this cross that I'll always love you. I'll never let you alone, nothing would take us apart, not even Death, cos I'm Shinigami. Death never dies and "I" never lie!" He ended his sentence with a kiss and gave me the softest smile I've ever seen. Not even Quatre could have such one!

I took him in my arms again, was about to sink into sleep when he shook me." Heero, just another thing... promise me you'll NEVER self-destruct again!!"

"...I promise."

"Thanks, koi, and never forget it!! Ai shiteru, Heero. Sleep well"

//Ai shiteru, Duo//

°°°°°end flashback°°°°°


Heero was now standing in front of the window, the tray of food still intact.

"Liar!! Duo, you promised me! On YOUR cross!!" He clamped his hand in a tight fist around Duo's cross, nails digging in the skin and blood began to drop.

"Duo, I'm nothing without you... just an empty killing machine... you're the only one I need!"

"DUOOOOO!!" He shouted, connecting his fist in the wall, inflicting himself pain but this one would never be the 1/10 of the one Duo's loss was causing, then he threw the tray across the room on the opposite wall. In the next room, Quatre woke up startled and was ready to to go to Heero's but Trowa held him back.

"He needs to be alone. He won't listen to you. Only Duo would be able to do something but Duo isn't here anymore..." and Quatre cried in his lover's embrace.

(back in Heero's room)

"Duo, liar! ...you promise to her too!!..."



//Damn mission, why did Wufei have to go with me and not Duo...// I was fuming. Not that Wufei is a bad partner //even if he is too straight-laced*smirk*//, but his fault was that he wasn't Duo.

//Duo, I missed you//

I was about to go upstairs when I heard his voice in the sitting room. "Ano...Relena-sama, I'm sorry, but Heero isn't here! If you don't believe me, you can ask Quatre or Trowa!"

"I know, Duo. But I'm here for you and only you."

"What an honor." He said but I sensed the tension in his voice. My eyes narrowed: if she dared doing something wrong I would kill her.

"I wanted to talk about Heero... and before you interrupt me, I'd like to tell you that I'll let you both in peace from now until I'm dead."

"Nani?" I'm sure Duo's eyes have turned to saucers... like mine!

"Hai, Duo, but shouldn't you breath again??" She laughed

"In... Incredible!!"

"Duo, I'm not blind and I grew up. I've seen the way you treat him, not when you're wearing this joker mask but when you are really you. By the way, you can act as yourself with me. It's so rare to see your true personality."


"Well, I've seen the way Heero acts toward you, too! You really count for him. You gave him what he missed. I used to think money can buy all and bring you happiness but I was wrong. Heero is human again thanks to you, he smiles to you, takes care of you... money would never have done such a thing..."




"Promise me you'll always make him happy"

"I promise, Relena-sama."

"And if you break your promise, I'll use all my money to hunt you and make you regret it!!"

"Thank you."

"No, Duo, it's me who thank you. I would never have been able to obtain such a result!"

They both laughed and I went upstairs silently, smiling alone. //thank you Relena, and thank you Duo, my love//

°°°°°end flashback°°°°°


"Duo no baka! Did you really need to get killed? It's our first anniversary and you don't find anything more intelligent than dying?? I... I wanted to propose you... Baka"



"Good morning. Can I help you?" The old man was smiling, his glance warm and welcoming behind his glasses.

"Well, I'm looking for wedding rings."

"Gold or silver?"

"Silver, please."(2)

"Have you seen something or do you have any idea of what you want?"

"Hn, I'd like two bands. One with an amethyst and the other with a stone that could match my eye colour."

"I see. I think I've what you're looking for."

He leaded me in the back of his shop, opened a drawer and there they laid. Beautiful, as if they just were waiting for us. Both stones really matched the colour of our eyes, but the thing that amazed me the most, was that both rings had an angel wing and a batwing on each side of the stones. //Duo..."Heero, my broken angel...You may have lost your wings but I'll give you your soul back! I promise, as sure as i am Shinigami!"//


"I take them."

"Good choice."

"How much do i owe you?"



"These rings have been here for a long time, before even the grand-father of my grand-father was born. Do you see how the stones are shinning? A legend tells that when the right owner will come, they'll shine from 1000 fires. It may seems incredible, but before you came, the stones and the rings were dull and now... Take them, they belong to you and your fiancé!"

"Thank you, Sir." I said, really surprised by all this story.

"Be happy together, young man!"

°°°°°end flashback°°°°°


"Duo, I can't even rejoin you because of this damn promise. But why should I keep mine when you didn't keep yours! ...wherever you are, Duo, will you marry me?" Heero whispered in the void. Then, too tired both physically and emotionally, he fumbled to the bed, where he crashed and drifted off in a dreamless and cold sleep, clutching the cross in a hand and the box with the rings in the other.

Somewhere in the room,a voice murmured: "Yes, I will, koi... And I did keep my promise *pout*... Oi, Heero, what a mess you did!! I normally fit better than you in this role but you did a good job here!! Na, sleep well, I'll keep an eye on you!" The voice shut up and silence reigned in the room.

Warmth... smooth skin... two arms surrounding him... silken tresses tangled in his limbs... it felt so right, so good... Duo... just a dream... then a warm breath and the sensation of someone nuzzling on HIS neck!


Heero opened his eyes and stared in disbelief at a sleepy Duo."Heero, it's too early." The apparition grunted before diving back under the covers. A sudden shrill cry woke the whole house up. Wufei, Trowa and Quatre took their weapons, rushed in Heero's room and gaped.

A very nervous Heero was holding Duo's cross in front of him and his gun in his other hand toward a sleepy form which was rubbing it's eyes.

"Back! Demon! Stop stealing this holy form. Haven't you any respect? DON'T. EVEN. DARE. TO. MOVE!!!!!"

"But... Heero no baka..."

"Duo???" shrieked three voices before the sound of three falling body could be heard.

"Duo? Is it you?" Heero narrowed his eyes. "Iie, he's dead so you're just a fucking demon who is gonna have a few hole in the body very soon!"

"Heero," sighed the apparition, "it's me! I said we would be together forever and that even Death couldn't take us apart... so I'm back. Remember, I run, I hide, but I never lie!"

"But..." Then Heero's eyes became like saucers. Duo had two batwings on his back.

"Duo... you..." he said, pointing at Duo's wings

"Oh, that???" He suddenly had a huge grin on his face. "Jeez, Heero, you know I'm Shinigami! It's just the proof of what I was saying!! Does it bother you?"

"Iie, but... is it really you and how can you hide them?"

"Baka, come here and you'll see if it's me or not!"

Heero took Duo in his arms. //yes, it's you...well, with two wings in addition!//

"To hide them I just have to think I want them invisible and then they are, but it's a bit tiring!"

The three other pilots were regaining consciousness.

"Nice to see you again guys!!"

"Duo, is it really you." Quatre seemed very lost.

"Yes, it is." Heero took HIS Duo in a possessive embrace which made everyone smiling until he frowned and everyone sweatdropped. Then, he gave Duo his chain back, and suddenly let Duo go, went to the bed, took something in the sheets, came back to Duo, put a knee on the ground and taking Duo's left hand in his, he asked:

"Duo, will you accept to marry me before your God and ours friends?"

"Of course I will, baka! Ai shiteru, Heero."

When Duo saw the rings, his eyes opened wide and shinned with tears. "Heero, it's wonderful!"

Heero slipped the ring with the cobalt blue sapphire on Duo's finger and Duo slipped the one with the amethyst on Heero's one.

"Yours and only yours, Heero. Together forever!"

Then they kissed passionately. Trowa held a sobbing Quatre and Wufei threatened to pass out...

"Now, Duo, I'm your husband, and you're going to be punished for letting me alone like this whereas you promised you wouldn't!!!"

"Ano, Heero, I didn't ...What kind of punishment?"

"Oh, one which will teach you something you won't forget, of course!" Heero said with an evil grin

"Honto ni?" answered Duo with a matching grin, very eager to be punished by HIS Heero.

Wufei decided it was better for him to pass out, the whole with a massive nosebleed! Quatre and Trowa sweatdropped, taking him quickly away from this place cos the owners of the room were already lost in their hentai thought, not paying attention anymore to the others.

Quatre closed the door, sighed then looked mischievously at Trowa: "Well, Heero and Duo are together and occupied for a long time, Wufei is cold out, we are now fully awake..."

Trowa began to sweatdrop

"Why wouldn't we play too??"


"I've got a new set of dresses (3)and I...TROWA!!!!!!!Come back!!!"


(1)i love taking very very long showers and my hair is only a third of Duo's length of hair!!^^;
(2)sorry, but i hate gold!! i only love silver!!
(3)i read in several fics that Quatre crossdressed and had also a lot of dresses from his sisters. i found it too funny!!