What it Takes
by Aqua

Duo stared at the monitor in front of him, a frustraited statement on his usually cheerful face. Deathscythe was resting within the hanger, being repaired from his last mission that had gone well even if he'd been given a few rough hits. The new guns that Oz was making were certainly more powerful than the last ones! At least it gave him some time to relax though.

Even if the pilot of Shinigami didn't have the time to relax. Laid out before him, a file accessable only by the pilot of Deathscythe, were numerous outlines for plans he'd invented. They had all failed, one after the other, which led him to believe that maybe his objective was impossible after all. He had to admit that it did seem rather ludicrous and far out of his reach.

Firmly, Duo put the thought out of his head. He didn't have time to think such negative thoughts! He had to come up with a new plan, one that he hadn't used already, that would work! Quickly, the young man read over all of his previous plans, nibbling on his hair.

Plan 1

Objective: Get Heero to fall madly in love with me.

Strategy: Nudity

Situation: Walk into Heero's room buck naked. Ask him for something, and make sure he notices the sexy young man in front of him.

Result: He gave me the fucking shirt and didn't blink!!!!!


Plan 2

Objective: Get Heero to fall madly in love with me.

Strategy: Jealousy

Situation: Dress in a sexy outfit and convince Heero to go clubbing. Body grind against everything in the club until Heero gets jealous.

Result: Got my ass grabbed many times, unfortunately not by Heero.


Plan 3

Objective: Get Heero to fall madly in love with me

Strategy: Jealousy 2

Situation: Get Quatre to hit on me, so Heero will become jealous

Result: Trowa almost hit me! Whaaaa! And Heero didn't even notice!!


Plan 4

Objective: Get Heero to fall madly in love with me, hopefully soon

Strategy: Seduction

Situation: Get Heero alone and subtly put the moves on him until his desire overtakes his common sense and he screws me silly

Result: That man has NO sex drive!!!


Plan 5

Objective: Get Heero to fall madly in love with me

Strategy: Rumor

Situation: As Quatre to casually meantion my attraction to Heero to the said pilot

Result: Trowa almost hit me again! Possessive little bugge. And Quatre never had the chance to pass the message on.


Plan 6

Objective: Get Heero to fall madly in love with me

Strategy: Masturbation

Situation: Masturbate in a place where Heero is bound to notice so that he will be overcome with sexual desire and pounce on me.

Result: He told me to keep it quiet and shut my door. Didn't even look!


Plan 7

Objective: Get Heero to fall madly in love with me

Strategy: ---

Duo was caught for plan number seven. Leaning back in Deathscythe's seat, he closed his eyes and tried to think. So far all the other plans had been a flop and he didn't know what else to do. He had tried every means possible!

"What are you doing?"

The American pilot nearly jumped out of his skin and did manage to fall out of his seat as the nasal voice questioned him, so close to his ear. Looking up, he grimaced at Heero. The Japanese pilot always moved so silently that he was constantly scaring Duo when he came up to him like a ghost. "Man, don't do that! You scared me half to death," he grumbled.

Heero didn't answer him. His deep blue eyes were focused on Deathscythe's minitor and an insruitable statement was on his face. Realizing what the other pilot was seeing, Duo's stomach dropped into his feet and he scrambled forward to remove the file away from view.

"Did you want something, Heero?" he stammered quickly.

The young man in front of him studied Duo carefully, looking him up and down before staring into his eyes for long moments. The long haired pilot had no idea what to do or what to say, so he remained silent and tired not to fidget.

Suddenly Heero leaned forward, a gleam in his eyes and a small smile upon his gorgoeous mouth. Duo felt his breath hitch in his throat as those lips pressed against his own in delicious pressure and he couldn't stop the moan that tore from his chest.

Heero then reached past him, opening the file and typing quickly before turning and walking away. Duo blinked several times, trying to regain his bearings as well as his rampant horomones. What had that been?

Turning to his monitor, his jaw dropped.

Plan 7

Objective: To Get Heero to fall madly in love with me

Strategy: Obvious

Situation: Approach Heero and tell him how I feel.

Result: Heero repeats the words and retreat to my room to make wild and passionate love all night.

"Well," Duo said to himself, reading the last sentance several times before it clicked in his head. "Whatever it takes."