Duo, Heero and the neopet
By: Angel of Duo
Rating: Not sure but it's a humor fic.
Authors Notes: If you don't know what a neopet is go here http://www.neopets.com/ to find out and if you want to see my pet there is a search bar on there site in that type in angel_of_duo or Duo70 to see my pet. Also I wrote this in fiive minutes it was for a neopets contest. I'm sending it out because I'm bored.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my Neopet and petpet!

Duo and Duo70 where walking down the road.
Duo: Why are we walking down a road
Angel_of_Duo's voice coming from somewhere: Cause I said you are
Duo70: Wock
Duo: Is that all you say?
Duo70: Wwwocky
Duo: Great
Angel_of_Duo: let's get on with the story
Duo: fine

Duo and Duo70 where walking down the road on their way to Heero's house.

Duo: Wait if Hee-chan see me with this this dog-thing
Duo70: Wocky
Duo: this Wocky neopets-thing he go to think I'm weird
Angel_of_Duo: Duo, Heero already knows you have a neopet
Duo: He does peachy.

Duo and Duo70 finally arrive at Heero's house

Duo: Good we're here (Duo looks down at Duo70) don't you dare make a fool out of me in front of my koi got it
Duo70: Woc (Duo70 rubs up against Duo's leg)
Duo: Stop humping my leg geez

Just then Heero opened the door

Heero: Who's humping your leg, Duo?
Duo: This thing (Duo points at Duo70)
Heero: Oh that's must Duo70, Angel_of_Duo call and told me you were babysitting him.
Duo: Yeah, I still don't know how she convinced me to do this
Heero: Porbably the same way she got me to look after Duo70's petpet until you two got here
Duo: You mean to tell this things go it's own pet?
Heero: Yep come in side and have a look

Duo, Heero and Duo70 walked inside, and there on the floor was a little puppyblew doing the Heero Yuy Death Glare

Duo: Hey, Heero it kind of looks like you, what's it's name?
Heero: Heero

At the sound of his name the little puppyblew jumped up and ran to Heero's side

Heero the puppyblew: HEE-HEERO
Heero: God help me
Duo: Hey, Duo70 get your pet thing off my Hee-chan.

Duo70 being to attack Heero

Heero: Duo get it off!! Why is it attacking ME!!!

Out of nowhere Angel_of_Duo appeared

Angel_of_Duo: Duo70 is very protective oh his little Hee-chan.
Duo: I see, just get Duo70 off Heero
Angel_of_Duo: Duo70, Heero come here you two.

Duo70 and Heero ran to Angel_of_Duo

Angel_of_Duo: Good Boys come on time to go. See you two later. Angel_of_Duo and the neopets vanish
Duo: This was one strange fanfic
Heero: Yep
Duo: You know what sucks about this fic
Heero: What
Duo: It wasn't a lemon
Heero: I can fix that

Heero picks up Duo and takes him to the bedroom were various nosies were heard.