Title: Chrono Wing
Author: Angel of Duo
Part 8-10 of ?
Rating: not sure probably Nc-17 gets a bit lemony in this part.
Pairings: only one I'm sure of so far is 1x2
Authors Note: this is a crossover between Chrono Trigger and Gundam Wing, and and all most everyone is OOC
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Chapter 8: The Walk Home

Heero and Duo were walking through Guardia Forest. "Heero can we stop for a while, my feet are sore," asked Duo.

"Sure," Heero sat down on a nearby rock. Duo bounded over to him and sat down beside him.

"Heero, even though we just meet, I feel like I've know you forever."

"Same here," Heero looked at Duo. "Duo, I have something to tell you."

"What Heero?"

"Um..before we met I had these dreams," stated Heero.

"What of Heero?" asked Duo

"Of you," Heero lowered his head "But in the dreams I was always protecting you for a monster."

"A monster? Was it the same one that you saved QueenSally from in the Cathedral?"

"No, this one was different. It's was evil and extremely hideous, well from what I could tell of it. It always hid in the shadows and I could never get a good look at it," Heero sighed. "But every time I havethis dream I wake up before I can stop the monster or see it up close."

"That's sounds creepy. I hope that monster only lives in your dreams and not in reality," replied Duo.

"Me too. But Duo, even if it is real and not just a dream, I promise to protect you from it."

"I know you will, and I would do the same for you, Heero."

"Duo, you mean a lot to me," Heero said.

"I care a lot for you too," replied Duo.

"No, it's not just I care about you, I.." Heero couldn't get the words out.

"I think I know what your trying to say Heero, I feel the same way," smiled Duo.

"You do?" replied Heero. Duo looked into Heero's eyes.

"Yep!" just then Duo leaned up and gave Heero a kiss.

{It's now or never} Heero thought before he kissed Duo back with all his might. Duo broke the kiss in need of air.

"Heero," Duo panted.

"Duo," Heero panted back. "I love you." {There I said it} Heero mentally patted himself on the back.

"I love you too," Duo began to cry.

"Shh, don't cry," Heero kissed away the tears. Heero kissed his way down Duo's jaw line until he reached Duo mouth. Heero kissed Duo again. Heero ran his tongue along Duo's lips seeking entrance. Duo very willingly opened his mouth to Heero's questing tongue. Heero ran his tongue through Duo's mouth savoring the taste of him, Heero's tongue soon found itself lazily dualing with Duo's.

Duo removed his mouth from Heero's and began to kiss down Heero's neck. Heero lay Duo down on the grass and ground his hips into Duo's, their arousals touching.

"Oh, Heer~o!" Duo moaned. Heero nibbed at Duo's neck, while unbuttoning Duo's shirt. Heero moved his mouth from Duo's neck to one of Duo's nipples. Heero gently sucked it while he pulled and pinched the other. Heero looked up lustfully at Duo.

"I want you," Heero said full of desire.

"I want you too, but we can't," Duo panted. "No not here, not so close to the castle. The guard might hear, and you would executed."

"Is there anywhere that we could..."

"Yes, come to my room tonight and I know a place," smiled Duo.

"Alright, then tonight," Heero buttoned up Duo's shirt and helped him to his feet.

"Tonight," Duo smiled

"Ok, come on. I'm suppose to getting you home," they continued their journey to Guardia Castle.


Chapter 10: Lonely Quatre

While Heero was walking Duo home, Quatre was at his house thinking. "Oh, why is it I'm always the one who's left out? Why?" Quatre huffed. "Am I not a likable person or something?" Quatre walked over to his bed and sat down. "Who am I kidding, now that Heero's got Duo, I'm) always going to be left out." Quatre picked up a Robot-Weekly off the floor. "Oh, if only I could make a handsome, humanoid robot that would be able to love me both physically and mentally, but it's impossible nobody knows how to create anything like that yet."

Quatre got up off this bed and walked to his window.

"Oh((,)) how I wished I had someone to love me. I can imagine him now, he would tall, dark, smart, quiet and handsome. Oh, if only," Quatre flopped back down onto his bed.

"Quatre!" yelled Instructor H.

"What is it Dad?"

"Come quick, Heero's on T.V." replied Instructor H.

"Why is he on T.V.?"

"He being put on trail, supposedly he kidnapped Prince Shinigami."

"What?!?" Quatre ran downstairs.

"Quatre, they put Heero in jail, we've got to get him out. Lately the Chancellor's been executing everyone who even looks at him wrong. "

"Your right Dad. We've got to think up a plan and quick, I estimate Heero on has got three days before they kill him," answered Quatre. "Hang on Heero, I'll get you out of there!"


Chapter 11: Heero's on trial and Duo can't stop it.

Heero and Duo walked into Guardia Castle.

"Prince Shinigami!" exclaimed the Guards. Chancellor G, hearing the guards yell, quickly entered the room. "Are you all right? Where have you been?" Chancellor G asked. "I heard you were abducted! We had soldiers searching for you!" Chancellor G turned to Heero. Scoundrel! You're the one, huh? Kidnaping Prince Shinigami!"

"No!" Duo tried to explain. "Heero's..."

"Admit it!" Chancellor G ignored Duo. "You confused him and tried to take over the throne! Terrorist!" The guards attempted to arrest Heero, when Duo butted in.

"S-stop it!" Duo screamed. "Stop this at once!"

"What are you doing!?" asked Chancellor G.

"But Prince Shinigami said to..." replied the guard.

"Idiots! Detain him!" ordered Chancellor G. All the guards grabbed Heero and began to escort him to the court room.

"Heero!" sobbed Duo as Heero was taken away.

Once in the court room the trail immediately began.

"I'm the Chancellor G, the prosecutor!"

"I'm the lawyer, Otto."

"Members of the Court," Chancellor G began. "We now bring forth the defendant, Heero, who is charged with abducting Prince Shinigami," Chancellor G turned to the crowd. "What shall we do with him? Fire, perhaps? Hang him upside down for a few years? Or... shall we employ the guillotine? You the jury, shall decide his fate. Now, let us begin."

"Heero, you are hereby ordered to tell the truth!" ordered Judge Noventa.

"Heero is charged with 'Premeditated Abduction of Royalty'. The question is, did he kidnap Prince Shinigami?" stated Otto. "The answer? No, he did not. In fact, no "abduction' took place. The two met completely by accident. In fact, the Prince ASKED Heero if HE could join HIM!"

"Is this true? Who actually started this whole mess?" Chancellor G asked Heero.

"I did," replied Heero.

"Just as I suspected! The defendant deliberately tried to get near the Prince!" Chancellor G paused. "The Prince then innocently followed you to Quatre's little sideshow. Whereupon you both disappeared! If that wasn't criminal abduction, I don't know WHAT is! And I have facts that throw the defendant's character into question!"

"Objection!" yelled Otto."This can't have any relevance whatsoever to this case."

"Care to respond, Chancellor?" asked Judge Noventa.

"Heero's character is at the very core of this case!" growled Chancellor G

"We have nothing to hide," smiled Otto. "The issue here is MOTIVE. Was there any motive for this fine citizen to kidnap Prince Shinigami? No, there was none."

"What about ransom?" asked Chancellor G. "Heero, his fortune DID tempt you, did it not?"

"No,"replied Heero

"Are you sure? You really weren't tempted?"

"Not at all, I didn't even know he was the Prince," answered Heero.

"That's enough I have no more questions," grumble Chancellor G.

"It is evident that my client is a fine noble young man! Your honor, the defense rests," Otto told the Judge Noventa.

"Members of the jury...If he is guilty, stand to the left. If innocent, stand to the right,"order Judge Noventa.

"Not guilty"


"Not Guilty"

"Not Guilty"

"Not Guilty"

"Not Guilty"

"Not Guilty"

"Order in the court!" bellowed Judge Noventa. "verdict has been reached! The verdict is... not guilty! But the fact remains, that even if he did not kidnap him, he ran off with him. 3 days solitary confinement as punishment."

"Three days, what's this world coming to?" asked Heero.

"Take him away!" commanded Chancellor G. Duo ran into the court room

"Now just a damn minute..." yelled Duo

"Duo, tell them what happened" Heero looked at his love.

"Prince!" exclaimed Chancellor G, as King Maxwell walked in.

"That's enough, my child!" the King told Duo.

"But Father... !" Duo tried to explain again.

"All I asked was for you to behave like a prince," King Maxwell sighed. "Even royalty must obey rules! Leave the rest up to Chancellor G and forget about the events in town. We're leaving!" King Maxwell left the room and the guards followed him with Heero.

"Heero!!!" Duo fell to the ground and began to cry.