Title: Chrono Wing
Author: Angel of Duo
Part 6-7 of ?
Rating: Not sure could be between Pg-13 to R, NC-17
Pairings: only one I'm sure of so far is 1x2
Authors Note: this is a crossover between Chrono Trigger and Gundam Wing, and and all most everyone is OOC
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Thanks to Mikey Yuuske for beta-reading


Chapter 6: Look out Queen Sally it's Wufei to the rescue

"I looked all over this stupid church and I have found not one secret passage," huffed Quatre.

"Nor have I," sighed Wufei. {*}

"Well maybe they're hiding the Queen somewhere else," said Heero as he rested his elbows on an old organ

"NNNnnmm" The piano sounded and a secret door opened across the room.

"Ha! I new this was the trigger to secret passage!" smiled Heero.

"Yeah sure" repiled Wufei and Quatre. Heero, Wufei and Quatre quickly ran to the back of the cathedral where the monsters were hiding the Queen. They entered the final room in which the Queen Sally was being held only to hear someone say "Prepare yourself, Queen Sally."

Heero and the others quickly ran to Sally's aid.

"Wufei!" exclaimed Sally

"Majesty, stand back, and allow us the honor..." Wufei requested.

"Be careful!" advised Queen Sally.

"Gyah, ha, ha..." laughed the Chancellor. "It's useless to fight...No one will leave here alive!"

"Oh we'll leave here alive, but I'm not to sure about you" smirked Wufei.

"Stupid Frog! It's time you jumped off this mortal coil!" growled the Chancellor. "True-form.. CHANGE!" the Chancellor changed into a slime slug-like beast.

"Ew it's all slimey, I'm not fighting," complained Quatre

"Quatre, just shut up and shoot!" Heero shouted while he started using the cyclone attack on Yakra . Yakra head-butted Heero and he flew into a wall. "Shit, that hurt."

"Heero, catch," Wufei threw Heero a tonic.

"Thanks!" Heero turned to Quatre. "Let's end this battle quick. Quatre shoot some flames at me."

"Ok, get ready," Heero began to start his cyclone while, Quatre shot some flames at him.

"Flame whirl!" Heero began to turn Yakra into carcoal.

"No no, how could the likes of you defeat me," Yakra collapsed to the ground and burned to cinders.

"Ha Ha, play with Fire and burn, loser" laughed Quatre. The Queen ran up to Wufei.

"You came to rescue me! Thank you, Wufei," Queen Sally gave Wufei a quick hug. Wufei began to blush.

"The King awaits. Let us return to the castle..." commanded Wufei.

Wufei turned to Quatre and Heero. "I thank thee Heero, and Quatre."

"Yes, thank you so much," smiled Queen Sally. "Please join us. Let's return to the castle..."

Once at the Castle the king quickly ran to the Queen.

"You had me worried, Sally..." the King hugged his wife.

"That no good Yakra!" complained The Real Chancellor.

"Impersonating me and kidnaping the Queen! We MUST create a criminal justice system to do away with such fiends."

"Yeah, ya should" agreed Quatre.

"I failed to protect Queen Leene. I hath disgraced thee," Wufei lowered his head in shame.


"'Twas a fault of mine, which endangered the Queen. I shall depart for good. Heero, you hath potential to be a good swordsman! Goodbye!" Wufei turned and left the castle.

"Um...Froggy, you weren't such a bad guy either..." yelled Quatre to a departing Wufei


Chapter 7: The Return of Prince Shingami

Heero and Quatre quickly ran up stairs to the room where Duo had vanished. When they entered the room a bright light began to shine. The light blinded Heero and Quatre.

"Heero, I can't see what's going on."

"Neither can I, baka," Heero answered as the light began to fade.

"Huh? What happened?" asked Duo, who was on standing in same place he was when he vanished.

"Prince Shinigami!" cheered Quatre.

"Duo!" smiled Heero

"Heero!" Duo quickly ran to Heero and hugged him. "It was awful...I can't recall it all...I was somewhere cold, dark, and lonely...Is that what it's like to.... die?"

"Shh, it's alright now," Heero hugged Duo back tightly, afraid he might vanish again.

"Ah-Hrm! Welcome back Prince Shingami!" smiled Quatre. Duo let go of Heero.

"You risked your life to help me too? Prince...Shinigami...?!" Duo looked down. "Uh oh...I guess you guys figured it out, huh? Sorry Heero. I didn't mean to deceive you," Duo sighed. "I'm Prince Shinigami. My father is King Guardia the XXXIII. I really enjoyed being with you at the fair. But if you had known my identity... Heero, you wouldn't have shown me around the fair, right!"

"No, does doesn't matter if you're a prince or not, I like you the way you are," replied Heero

"Oh, Heero" Duo gave Heero another hug."The real Queen's safe, right?"

"Yeah she sure is" answered Quatre.

"So let's go home, Heero!" Duo grabbed Heero's hand and pulled him from the room.

"Gee, what am I, choped liver?" growled Quatre as he followed the happy couple.

Heero, Duo, and Quatre returned to the river valley where the time gate was located.

"How do we get home?" asked Duo.

"Your Highness, er, Prince... we..." Quatre began to stumble on his words.

"Please call me Duo!"

"Well then Duo, observe!" Quatre lift up a jade green key and the time gate opened.

"Wow!" Duo chimed "Quatre! You're amazing!"

"Ain't it the truth!" Quatre began to blush. "Oh, uh... I mean..."

"Enough with the false modesty! You have a real gift!" smiled Duo.

"He's right, Quatre,"

"I would trade my royal ancestry for your genius in a heartbeat!"

"Well, if you say so..." Quare looked up, his face no longer red. "Anyway, I call this thing a 'Gate.' It's kind of a portal that takes you to the same location in a different era. Gates are very unstable, so I used the principal behind my Telepod device to create a 'Gate Key.' Now we can use them as we please."

"But why did this gate suddenly appear?" asked Duo.

"Either the Telepod had something to do with it, or... something else made it." answered Quatre.

"This is getting pretty wierd. Let's at least had back to our own time!" replied Duo.

"All right! Coming, Heero?" ask Quatre.

"Yes, Duo hang on to my hand while we go through that thing, I don't want to lose you again," Heero took Duo's hand and they walked into the gate. Another gate opened in front of them they walked through, and they landed in the north end of the fairgrounds.

"Phew! We're back!" Duo sighed.

"Thank God that's over," said a relived Heero.

"Heero, Quatre, why don't you come home with me to the castle? I'd like you to come over for dinner!" offered Duo.

"Sorry for putting you through all that, Duo," apologized Quatre.

"Are you joking? That's the most fun I've had in months!" giggled Duo. "And I have some new friends, too!"

Heero looked at Duo, he was glad that Duo was back safe and happy.

"Heero, be a gentleman and take him home. I've got some work to do," suggested Quatre.

"Sure, come on Duo" Heero offered his hand to Duo, and Duo gratefully took it. {Hm, finally I get a chance to be alone with Duo} thought Heero.

"See you soon, Quatre!" Duo waved as he and Heero left the North square.


* It took me forever to figure out the organ was how to open the secret passage when I first got Chrono Trigger