Title: Chrono Wing
Author: Angel of Duo
Part 4-5 of ?
Rating: Not sure could be between Pg-13 to R
Pairings: only one I'm sure of so far is 1x2
Authors Note: this is a crossover between Chrono
Trigger and Gundam Wing, and and all most everyone is OOC
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Chapter 4: Queen Returns but where's Duo?

Heero comes out of the time portal. "Where am I, better yet where's Duo?" Heero searched small the river valley. "DUO!! Man, where could he be?" Heero looks off into the distance. "A town maybe he went there." Heero searched the whole town. He discovers absolutely nothing, except for the fact soldiers recently found the Queen wandering up in the river valley. It suddenly dawned on Heero, "If I came out of the river valley, then so did Duo." Heero sigh. "Maybe the Queen seen Duo when see was wandering around up there." Heero quick made a mad dash towards the castle. Heero ran straight through the castle doors and right into a bunch of guards.

"Wait! Who goes there?" asked the soldier. "Check out that hair! Are you one of Magus's troopers?"

"Hardly! This kid never would have made the cut!" the second soldier laughed. "Show us your stamp collection, son!"

"Har Har! Now beat it, shrimp!" snickered first soldier.

"Stop that at once!" a voice yelled {that voice sounds like Duo} thought Heero.

"Queen Sally!" Exclaimed the soldiers.

"Show your manners! This is a friend of mine!" order the Queen.

"But there's something odd about him!"

"You refuse to obey my orders?" growled the Queen.

"Forgive me my lady!" the soldier apologized. "Please enter, Sir!" Queen Sally giggled as turn to leave the foray.

Heero follow the Queen and found himself in the throne room

"Sir! I understand you are the one who saved my dear wife, the Queen!" said the king. "But can you tell me what happened? Sally's acting rather odd..." The king looked down. "And she seems to have lost her coral pin, which is something she guarded with her life..." the king looked up. "Forgive me! You must be tired! We can talk about this later. Please rest in the Knight's quarters, downstairs, to the left!"

"I'm sorry you highness I don't know what happen to Queen Sally" answered Heero. "But could you please tell me where Queen Sally's room is I need to talk to her it's important."

"But of course it's to the right, up stairs," replied the King.

"Thank you, your majesty," Heero bow and quickly went upstairs. Heero walk into the Queen's Room.

Heero walk into the Queen's Room and saw the the Queen look out the window. {Hm... The Queen reminds me of Duo for some reason, but Duo would never wear a dress.} Heero thought as he walked up to the Queen.

"Excuse me your majesty"

"Ah! There you are!" The Queen turned around and smiled at Heero. "Please leave us... I need to talk to this individual," the Queen order her attendants.

"Certainly your Highness!" the attendants quickly left the room.

The Queen turned to Heero. "Come nearer, Sir..." the Queen began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" asked Heero.

"Fooled you, didn't I, Heero? It's me Duo! But everyone calls me, Sally!" Duo hugged Heero and began to sob, "I'm so relieved you're here! We barely know each other but somehow I knew you'd come for me..."

Heero wiped away the tears from Duo's eyes. "Duo I promise I'll protect until we get back home"

"Thank you Heero." Duo turned to look out the window,

"Duo why did they mistake you for Queen Sally?"

"I don't know, s-something's wrong!!!" Duo begins to glow an eerie green color. "W-what's happening?! It feels like.. I'm being torn apart! Help me, Heero! I'm scared!!!"

"Don't worry I won't let whatever it is hurt you." Heero put his hand on his sword.

"Please...Heero! ...h-help me!!!" Heero lunged at Duo, but Duo disappeared before he could grab him.

"No, Duo not again, I promise I'll save you." Heero quickly ran out of the Queen's Room hoping Duo was somewhere in castle. Heero ran down stairs and back into the throne room.

"Heero!" yelled Quatre as he ran towards him.


"Huff, puff... you're okay!" Quatre panted "Did you find the boy?"

"Yes I found him, but then he disappeared"

"GONE?!" Quatre said in shock. "Whadd'ya mean he's gone?! Hmmm... It's just as I thought..."


"I knew I recognized him! And this looks identical to the castle in OUR time!"

"Come hurry up and spit it out we've got to find Duo," growled Heero

"I'll bet they mistook that him for his ancestor...


"You see, he's a member of the royal family in OUR time! He's Prince Shinigami!"

"What the hell!" yell Heero.

"Duo, that is, Prince Shinigami, is a descendant of Queen Sally!"

"But why in the hell did he vanish again?" asked Heero

"I was about to explain that. Queen Sally has been kidnaped. As I recall, someone was supposed to have saved her. But history has been changed!"

"How's it changed, they saved Sally didn't they?"

"No, Duo looks so much like Sally, that they probably called off their search when he appeared here," Quatre paused. "But if the real Queen is killed, Duo will simply disappear."

"We have to do something!" Heero began to panic. "There might still be time! If we can save Sally, history as we know it should remain unchanged! Something must have happened to the Queen in this area. As a result, Princess Nadia ceases to exist!"

"Well when I first got her everyone said the Queen had been missing, until they found Duo up in the river valley," shrugged Heero. "We have to hurry then and find the real Queen before the kill her!" Quatre and Heero ran out of the castle.


Chapter 5: Queen's Missing, Duo vanished.... Enter the Frog!

Heero and Quatre ran out of the Guardia Forest. "Where could the Queen be?" asked Quatre.

"Well I know she's not in town, I visited every house before I went to the castle," Heero thought for a moment. "Some told me there is a Cathedral a little west of the castle."

"Well that the only place left to look, so let's go." Heero and Quatre headed towards the Cathedral. Heero and Quatre entered the Cathedral.

"Hello, anyone here?" asked Heero.

"Queen Sally,"yelled Quatre. A Nun walked up to Heero and Quatre.

"Can I help you two? You look like you need a rest..." offer the Nun.

"No, that's all right. You haven't seen Queen Sally around anywhere have you?" asked Quatre.


{Something not right here} Heero thought. "Miss can we look around the Cathedral."

"Of course, but you won't find anything" answered the Nun.

Heero and Quatre walked around, Heero noted the were only 5 nuns. Heero walked up to the preachers stand and noticed there was something sparkling on the ground.

"Quatre, come over here."

"What is it Heero, whatcha find" ask Quatre.

"This." Heero handed the hairpin to Quatre.

"It's a hairpin..."

"I knew that!"

"You never let me finish grr! It's got the Guardia Royal crest on it." The Nuns walked over to Heero and Quatre.

"Heh, heh, seems you out found out our little secret. I guess we'll have to kill you now!" The 5 Nuns transformed into Nega-ettes

"Heero what are we going to do?"

"What else FIGHT!" Heero drew his sword and slice on of the Nega-ettes in half.

"Eep Blood, I hate fighting" complained Quatre as he hauled out his gun and began firing at the Nega-ettes. Heero and Quatre made short work of the 5 Nega-ettes. "Now what do we do, they were probably the only ones who knew where the Queen is!" exclaimed Quatre.

"Hn" suddenly another Nega-ette appeared behind Heero.

"Heero behind you" Quatre yelled, but Heero had no time to get his sword out. Out of no where a frog jumped in and chop the Nega-ette in two.

"Power thine guard and thou'rt allowing the enemy in," snorted the frog. "Thou'rt here to save the Queen?"

"Yes we are," said Heero.

"The lair is deep within. Will thee accompany me?"

"A... FROG? Quatre whined "Heero, it's a talking FROG! I hate frogs!"

"Live with it Quatre, we need all the help we can get." sighed Heero.

"My guise not incur thy trust...Very well, do as thee please," the frog turned to leave. "But I shall save the Queen."

"W-wait!" cried Quatre, the frog stopped and turned. "You don't seem like a bad... ...uh, person-frog-thing... I mean....Heero! What should we do?"

"Go with the frog" answered Heero

"Fine, I'll just have to handle it! I mean... deal with... him!" grumbled Quatre. "What's your name?"

"Wufei will do."

"All right...nice to meet you Wufei."

"Mayhap a hidden door lurks nigh? Let us search the environs..." suggested Wufei.