Title: Chrono Wing
Author: Angel of Duo
Part 1-3 of ?
Rating: Not sure could be between Pg-13 to R
Pairings: only one I'm sure of so far is 1x2
Authors Note: this is a crossover between Chrono Trigger and Gundam Wing, and and all most everyone is OOC
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Chapter 1: The Fair

"...Heero...Heero! Good morning Heero!" yelled Heero's mom.

"Come on 5 more minutes please!"

"Come on, sleepy head! Get up! Ah, Sally's Bell makes such beautiful music!" Heero's Mother walks to the window and opens the curtains let the warm morning sunlight in. "You were so excited about the Millennial Fair that you didn't sleep well, did you...?"

"No I didn't sleep well" replied Heero. {I had that Dream again the one with the boy with beautiful long chestnut hair} Heero thought to himself.

"I want you to behave yourself today! No chasing girls got it" Heero mother warned him.

"I don't plan on it" answered Heero. {Besides ‘m gay mom just hasn't realized it yet, want to know who that boy was in my dream.}

"Let's get moving, now!" Growled Heero's mom.

"Ok" Heero got up out of bed and stretch a little bit and went down stairs.

"Finally! About time you got down here" grumbled Heero's Mother.


"By the way, that inventor friend of yours... Uh-you know...! Oh dear, I've forgotten his name!"

"Mom his name is Quatre," moaned Heero at his mother's forget fullness

"That's right, Quatre! How silly of me to forget. "

Laughed Heero's Mother. "Don't forget that he invited you to see his new invention! Run along now, and be back before dinner!"

"Yep sure, See ya mom" yelled Heero as ran out of the house before his mom could remember or forget anything else.


Chapter 2: The Guy at the Fair

Heero was running through the fair grounds trying to find Quatre.

"Where is he, he told me that I had to try his new invention." Heero noticed a poster on a side of a tent that read:

"Come see Quatre the Greats new invention at the north end of the fairgrounds."

"Well I would miss the obvious." Heero ran towards the north end of the fairgrounds not stopping for anything. Heero was running so fast that he didn't notice the person standing in his way... until he ran into him and knock him down. Suddenly Sally's Bell began to ring.

"Hey!" yelled the boy. "Ouch, that hurt!" the boy got up off the ground and walked towards Heero."I'm so sorry! Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm ok and I should be the one apologizing," Heero got up off the ground. "I was the one who ran into you," Heero look a the boy and realize it was the same boy from his dream, he had the same violet eye, the beautiful chestnut braid, and the same happy smile.

"Uh oh... My pendant!" the boy grabbed his neck. "Oh no! Don't tell me I lost it!"

"I'll see it" Heero ran over to where he had seen the pendant. Heero bent down and pick up the pendant admiring it's blood red color. Heero quick ran over to the boy to return the pendant. "Here you go."

"Oh, thank goodness! My pendant!" The boy cheered, "It has a lot of sentimental value!"

"Your welcome"

"I came to see the festival!" smiled the boy "You... Live in this town, don't you?!" the boy blushed, " I feel a little out of place here. Would you mind if I walked around with you for a while?"

{This has got to my luck day} though Heero. "Sure" the boy began to jump up and down.

"You're a true gentleman! Oh by the way... My name is, er... Duo! And you're?"


"Heero? What a nice name! Pleased to meet you! Now, lead on!" Duo took Heero's hand as he began walking towards the north end of the fairgrounds.


Chapter 3: Quatre's New Invention

Heero and Duo walk in to a circle of people just in time to hear Instructor H announce his and Quatre's new invention."Step right on, any of you who have the time and courage! Our "Super Dimension Warp" is the invention of the century! To use it, jump here....And you'll get teleported here! It's the masterwork of my beautiful son, Quatre."

"Heero!" exclaimed Quatre, "Where have you been? No one wants to try the telepod!" Quatre began to whine. "How about you?"

"I try it." replied Heero, "But if this one blows up on me like the last one did I going to kick your ass."

"Ok Heero, don't worry this work perfectly when we tested it on my cat" Quatre paused "but Sandrock hasn't been frisky since we tried it on him."

"Good grief what have I got myself into this time."

"It looks like fun! I'll watch while you try it out!" encouraged Duo.

{I guess I should try it, hey it might impress Duo, maybe I should ask him over to dinner after I get through with this} Heero thought as he walked over to the telepod.

"Just hop onto the left pod!" explained Quatre. Heero did as he was told and hoped on to the left pod. Quatre and Instructor H began to mess with the machine.

"All systems on!" yelled Instructor H over the noise of the machine.

{No turn back now, just remember don't let Duo see you sweat, ya don't want him to think you a wuss.} though Heero.

"Begin energy transfer!" Quatre yelled as Heero disappeared from one pod and reappear on the next.

"Oh wow. That was great!" they crowd cheered. Duo ran over to Heero.

"What a kick! I want to try it to!" grinned Duo.

"Huh?" Quatre look over at Heero and Duo, "Hey Heero, how did you pick up a cutie like him?" Duo gave Heero a peck on the cheek and hopped over to the telepod.

"Hang on Heero! I'll be right back!" Duo waved as he stepped onto the telepod.

"Behold, ladies and gentleman, as this vision of loveliness steps aboard the machine!" hollered Instructor H.

Heero began to think to himself {That he is a vision of loveliness and he kiss me, doesn't matter that it was only on the cheek, all that matters is that he kiss me! YES!}

"You're sure about this? There's still time to change your mind!" Instructor H asked Duo

"No way! Throw the switch!" answered Duo

"Okay, everyone, let's give him a great big hand when he reappears!" yelled Instructor H as he turned to the machine. "All systems on!"

"Begin energy transfer!" hollered Quatre over the machine.

"What's happening?" Duo looked down at his pendant. "My pendant.. It's..."

"Huh?" Quatre looked at the machine and noticed something looked wrong. Suddenly a gate of some sort opens and Duo disappears into it.

"Quatre!" asked a confused Instructor H, "Where is he?!" the crowd began to panic "Show's over folks, Let's head along now!" Instructor H instructed the crowd then turned to Quatre. "What's going on Quatre? WHERE IS HE?"

"The way he disappeared.... It couldn't have been the Telepod!" replied Quatre. "The warp field seemed to be affected by his pendant..."

"What are we going to do now?" question Instructor H.

"He's so familiar! I KNOW I've seen him somewhere..." thought Quatre.

"Quatre! I'm going after him."


"I got to save him it's my fault he went on that thing in the first place," explained Heero.

"You're actually going to do it?!" Instructor H was shocked. "What a fine lad!"

"Listen!" Quatre began to explain, "I don't know where this machine is going to send you, but we haven't any other choice..."

"Won't they both be lost?" asked Instructor H

"This is our only hope!" Quatre hands Heero Duo's pendant. "That pendant seems to be the key, so hang onto it Heero and brace yourself!"

"Gotcha!" answer Heero.

"All systems on!" Instructor H turned on the machine.

"Begin energy transfer!" yelled Quatre, "Power to full!"


"Power! Give me more power!" screamed Quatre


"There! We did it!" cheered Quatre as the gate open and Heero disappear into it. "I'll follow you after I know what went wrong. Good luck, Heero!"

{Hang on Duo I coming, I promise I'll save you or die trying!} thought Heero has e flew thought the gate}


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