Title: Wet and Hard
Author: Angel Negra
Archiving: Ask and ye shall receive.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Notes: I was looking for something for a friend and I found this old 'what am i?' joke. Then my darling muse Wilbur smacked me upside the head with his 2x4 of insparation.


Heero stalked towards the living room. Duo had been late getting in tonight, and eventhough he was reluctant to admit it, Heero had been worried. The baka better have a good explanation he decided.

Heero entered the living room to find Duo talking to the other three pilots. He was in the middle of explaining why he was late.

"It was laying limp in my hand," said Duo.

Heero froze. No, he couldn't mean...

"It was very long, kind of thin," continued Duo.

Heero's eyes widened in shock.

"I slid it between my fingers until i got to the end of it."

Heero's eyes narrowed. That baka batter not be talking about-

"I was turning it on."

Heero noticed a slight red tinge to Wufei's nose.

"It became firm in my hands, and the end was wet."

Quatre was inching closer to Trowa.

"Then it got very hard and began gushing out of the tip."

Heero whipped his gun out of Spandex Space without even thinking. How dare Duo? The braided baka was his!

"Then I took that garden hose and watered the bushes!" finished Duo triumphantly as the other four pilots fell over. Duo looked at them innocently, "What? Was it something I said?"




And that Minna-san, is the closest thing to a lemon you'll ever get from me. ;p