Title: Washed Up
Author: Angel Negra
Pairing: Suggested 1x2
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Sequel to All Wet.
Author's Notes: I was completely stuck on what to write, until I found this bit from a thread about Katsucon:

>What would Duo do if someone shrank his outfit...?
>::curls up to ponder this::
Umm...probably run around the house naked until Heero tackled him and forced him into something of Quatre's. Not that that helps you any. *sigh*


Wufei was doing the laundry again. Ever since the dishwasher broke, he made a point to do the laundry. He didn't want the others to find out about his Spiderman underwear.

He dumped said underwear in the machine along with most of Duo's clothes, one of Quatre's vests, and a couple of tank tops. Both his and Heero's. He dumped in the required amount of detergent, banged the lid shut and set the dial. He walked off to practice his katas as the machine began pumping in the water.


Wufei took a deep cleansing breath and nearly jumped out of his skin as a large bang echoed through the house. He was on his feet and running towards the origin of the sound faster than Relena could say 'Heero'.

He reached the laundry room the same time as the rest of the pilots. They all looked at each other. Then, they looked around the room. Clothes were everywhere. Wet clothes. Small wet clothes. Strewn everywhere because the washing machine had apparently just exploded.

Duo, who was dressed in a bathrobe, blinked. He carefully checked all the clothing strewn around the room. He turned to Wufei.

"Wu-man... Do you realize that you've just shrunken all of my clothes?"

Wufei glared at him. "I didn't do it. The machine did. And what kind of baka are you? You can't have given me all of your cl-"

He broke off at Duo's nod.

"I like to get it all done in one go," Duo explained.

"Hn. Bakayaro." This, from Heero. "Now what are you going to do?"

"Well Hee-chan, there's only one thing I can do," replied Duo, matter-of-factly. He paused for effect. "Go around naked!"

With that he dropped his bathrobe and took off. The other four pilots took a second to blink and admire the view before bolting after him.


Relena exited her pink limo regally. It had taken awhile, but she had finally found Heero again. She strode up to the safehouse, intent on talking to the object of her obsession- erm, affection.

She raised her hand to knock on the door, but hesitated at the sounds of yelling and banging from the inside. She knew it! She knew that those other pilots had been keeping Heero here against his will. He was probably trying to escape to see her. Well, it was only fair that she save him after all the times he had saved her life.

Relena grabbed the door handle and barged in.


"DUO!" roared Heero. "Get over here and put this shirt on!"

It was hard to pinpoint where Duo's voice was coming from, "There is no way in hell that I'm wearing pink! I don't care how good Quat-chan looks in it!"

Wufei came running out of the kitchen holding another of Quatre's shirts and noticed Relena standing in the doorway of the house. He opened his mouth to say something, when suddenly a very hyper and very naked Duo came running in from the living room. He too, noticed the Peacecraft girl.

"Ojousan!" he cried happily, a very mischievous smile on his face. He spread his arms wide and wiggled his hips. "Gimme a hug!"

Relena's eyes widened. She started to make little strangling noises as her face first turned pink, then red, then up and invented a new shade of purple, before her eyes rolled up and she fainted.

Wufei looked down at the unconscious girl. He looked up at his fellow pilot and grinned. "Do it again when she wakes up. After all, she blew our cover. It would only be justice."

Duo laughed. "I always knew I liked you Wu-bear!"

Suddenly Duo jerked back as Heero grabbed his braid and pulled. He pinned the naked boy to the floor and proceeded to force him into the pink shirt he had with him. Duo fought bravely, then suddenly yelped.

"Cold hands! Cold hands! Watch the hands koi!"

Heero sat back, panting slightly. "Hn. Serves you right."

"Fine," grumbled Duo, now clad in Quatre's shirt. "But what do we do with her?"

Heero looked over in the direction Duo indicated and noticed the still unconscious Relena. He smirked. "Who's for running her up the school flagpole?" he suggested.