Title: The Prince's Three Gifts
Author:Angel Negra
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Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x6, 5xMeiran
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the fairy tale this is modeled after. Author's Note: Ok, I got this idea from reading a Disney Fairy Tale. It's been slightly changed and has the Gundam crew as the characters. Tell me what you think. :)
Author's Note 2: Thanks to Eternal SailorM, Ana, and Teiso for betaing this for me.


Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince named Heero. The prince didn't like public events, as nobles annoyed him. He also didn't like visiting the people in his kingdom because he was very uncomfortable around others, and he wasn't very good at socializing.

Prince Heero did, however, get along with three people: Quatre, the palace fiddler, Wufei, the palace's chief cook, and Trowa, the palace's chief builder.

One day, Prince Heero's father, King Jay, called him into the throne room for a private meeting.

"My son," said the King. "It's high time you got married."

At this, Heero straightened to attention and opened his mouth to protest. But, before he could say a word, the King continued.

"Man or woman, I don't care. Just make sure they're royalty. You have one month. Dismissed."

Prince Heero turned dejectedly and walked out of the throne room. He had to choose from all those strange and annoying nobles in a month?! But how? He wasn't socially adept enough to get to know someone well enough in a century, never mind a month. How would he know if the person he chose would be a good ruler? He wasn't, and if he chose wrong, the kingdom would suffer greatly.

Heero met with his three friends for lunch. Wufei always cooked it personally and took it badly if no one complimented him. Quatre and Trowa were eating heartily and giving Wufei as many compliments as they could think of. Wufei sat there, gracefully soaking up the compliments. Heero just sat in his seat, saying nothing, picking at his food and wondering what to do.

Suddenly, an idea struck him. Well, technically, it was the roll thrown by Wufei; Heero hadn't given him any compliments. But an idea had come with the roll.

He'd bring his three friends along while visiting the various nearby kingdoms. He'd present them as "gifts". Depending on how the prince or princess treated them, Heero would know whether or not to marry them.

Heero looked up from his meal and, catching the second roll Wufei launched at him, presented the idea to his friends. Quatre loved the idea; what better to way to learn the true character of someone than by seeing how they treated their servants. Trowa, of course, would go along with anything that didn't upset Quatre, the love of his life. Wufei, however, didn't take it so well. Both Trowa and Quatre had to sit on him until they were sure he was calm enough to not try and kill Heero.

Eventually, Wufei grudgingly agreed to the idea. Quatre had pointed out that it was Heero's best bet for picking out a decent spouse.

So the next day the four friends set out to find Prince Heero a mate.

The first kingdom they came to was ruled by King Treize and Queen Une. They had two daughters, Dorothy and Mariemeia. But only Dorothy was of marrying age.

After meeting with the King and Queen and explaining why they were there, Prince Heero met Princess Dorothy and presented his three "gifts". Not five minutes had gone by and Heero knew, he knew, that he was never going to marry Dorothy. She had received her gifts graciously enough, but then she sat all four of them down at a table and started talking about herself. And didn't stop.

One hour later, Dorothy finally stopped talking. Unfortunately, it was only to smack Wufei awake. It seemed that his snoring was drowning out her voice. Before the princess could start talking again, Quatre asked her why the flower garden was shaped like her face.

Always happy to talk about her favorite subject, herself, the princess turned to the open window and started talking about the garden. She was oblivious to the four friends sneaking out of the room.

They were heading as fast as they could out the back way, when, King Treize suddenly jumped out in front of them. They were doomed!

"I know why you're sneaking out," said the King, "and, believe me, I don't blame you. Dorothy takes after her mother. All I ask of you is to deliver a message for me. The next closest kingdom is that of King Millardo and Queen Noin. If you could tell Millardo, not in front of his wife, mind you, to meet me at our usual place on Tuesday at midnight. He brings the transport, and I'll bring Mariemeia. Okay?"

At Heero's nod of consent, the King heaved a sigh of relief. He then showed them a quick way out of the castle as a way of thanks.

So, Heero and his friends headed to King Millardo and Queen Noin's kingdom. They were going to test the King's younger sister, Princess Relena, to see if she was the one for Heero.

They met with the King and Queen and secretly passed on Trieze's message to Millardo. Heero then met with the Princess to present her with the three "gifts".

Princess Relena fixed a look on Prince Heero that made him very uncomfortable. And after promising to come back and talk to him, she whisked away his three friends.

So, Heero sat down and waited. And waited. An hour passed. then two. Finally Heero had had enough and got up to look for everybody, anybody.

He found Quatre hunched over and moaning in the garden. He rushed over, worried.

"Quatre, what's wrong?" he asked.

The fiddler turned, holding up his hands."That princess made me play non-stop! Look at my poor hands! I can barely move them! Oh, what would Trowa say?"

An idea of what Trowa would do popped into Heero's mind. He paled at the thought.

"Come on," he said. "Let's go find the others and get out of here."

They found Wufei in the kitchen, ready to pass out from heat exhaustion. He had been made to cook everything he knew, and the constant heat of the oven was taking its toll. Heero had Quatre take him down the palace nurse so they both could get treated, while he went in search of Trowa.

He finally found Trowa in the orchard, building a treehouse for the selfish princess. Trowa happily abandoned the project, and the two friends went to rejoin the others.

Prince Heero was getting pretty disheartened about the whole thing. He was running out of time, and now, thanks to Relena, both Quatre and Wufei were injured.

"What do we do now?" he asked.

"Well," said Quatre." There's enough time left for us to visit one more kingdom. So, let's give it one more try. And we can bring Nurse Meiran here along. Just in case we need her again."

Meiran brightened at that. "It would be nice to escape Princess Relena's palace."

"No!" protested Wufei. "We are not dragging this crazy onna around with us!"

Spinning around and fixing her glare on Wufei, Nurse Meiran promptly slapped Wufei upside the head. "Shut up, male! You're still delirious, and you don't know what you're saying!"

And so it was decided that, despite Wufei's "delirious" protests, Meiran would come with them to the next kingdom. This kingdom was ruled by Queen Sally and her son.

They had just finished introductions with the Queen and were going to be introduced to the prince. Suddenly, the most stunning peasant boy Heero had ever seen came charging into the throne room.

"Quick! We need help! The bell tower collapsed in town square, and a lot of the people were injured! Who are you?"

It took Heero a minute to realize that this last part was directed at him. "Uh, my name is... uh, Prince Heero. I have come to present these gifts to the Prince. Wufei the cook, Trowa the builder, and Quatre the fiddler. Oh! Also this is our friend Nurse Meiran."

"Perfect!" exclaimed the peasant. "Just what we need. Come on!"

And he herded all five out to the village.

Soon, with everyone pitching in, rescue and repairs were going smoothly. Trowa was showing the villagers how to repair the tower and make sure that it didn't collapse again. Quatre was using his fiddle playing to amuse and occupy the children. Wufei was making food for the villagers and mixing any medicine that Meiran needed. Meiran was tending to the wounded and bossing around Wufei.

Heero and the peasant boy were helping the villagers build the tower under Trowa's supervision. It was incredibly hard for Heero to focus on anything but the beautiful boy working beside him.

Finally, at the day's end, when Heero and his friends had done all they could, They reported back to Queen Sally.

"I'm extremely grateful for all your help today," she said. "And now, I should introduce you to my son... Prince Duo."

Heero turned to greet the Prince, and his mouth dropped open in shock. It was the beautiful peasant boy!

"But - but, I thought you were a peasant!" Heero exclaimed.

Prince Duo smiled at that. "I often dress as a peasant and visit with the people in the kingdom. I find it easier to understand their problems that way."

And then, Heero knew, he knew, that Duo was the one he should marry.

"Marry me?" he asked.

Duo's eyes widened a bit in surprise. Then he smiled and replied, "yes."

And so Prince Duo and Prince Heero were married, much to the delight of their friends and family. Quatre and Trowa also got married, as well as Merian and Wufei. And they all lived happily ever after. Well, until someone would forget to compliment Wufei on his cooking. Then he'd start throwing rolls, and then, his wife Meiran would have to slap him upside the head and tell him to stop being such a conceited fool.


The End

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