Title: Homecoming
By Angel Negra
Summary: Set right after Endless Waltz, Heero comes home to Duo.
Rating: NC-17 (Lemon)
Pairing: 2x1
Archiving: List archives? Yes. My site? Yes. Anywhere else? Ask first.
Author Note: I know I said I'd never write a lemon... but ClarySage agreed to watch Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel: The Series if I wrote her a lemon. She watched them, so now, I pay up. :)


Heero leaned against the doorway of the balcony, staring at Relena as she made her speech. It was over, her peace was assured. And the best part was that she would be too busy to follow him around anymore. Maybe now he and Duo could get their own version of peace.

He pushed himself up into standing position and with one last glance at the past, Heero turned and left. He headed for his hotel room to grab his bags and head for the little cottage in the middle of nowhere that Quatre had arranged for him.

He suppressed a tiny smile. Duo should be getting the message he sent now. Hilde had been surprisingly cooperative, once Heero had convinced her that he truly loved her 'brother' Duo. In his mind, he imagined her running up to Duo and handing him the short note and directions to the cabin.

A couple of endless hours later, Heero resisted the urge to fidget in his plane seat. He had to admit that he was a little nervous. It had been almost exactly a year ago that he and Duo had confessed their love for one another, and had made a pact that, surviving the war, they would consummate that love.

Finally, for lack of anything better to do, Heero settled back to try and sleep. Just before he drifted off, a small, hentai part of his brain suddenly voiced the hope that Duo knew what to do, because Heero had no idea...


Duo got up and re-checked everything again. His preparations were all in place, now all he needed was his koi. Duo smiled, remembering the brief, but loving note Heero had sent via Hilde. He glanced again around the small, cozy cabin that was their new home.

It was far from civilization. Easily self-sustaining, Duo and Heero could live in the small cabin for the rest of their lives and want for nothing. Hunting animals nearby, domesticated ones, like cows. For things other than meat, a garden Duo couldn't wait to start tending. And, of course, a village nearby. Close enough for emergencies, but far enough that they wouldn't be disturbed.

Duo fidgeted with his braid, getting up to check everything again. Suddenly, the cabin door swung open to reveal a tired, but obviously happy Heero. Duo's welcoming smile lit the room. He all but ran to Heero, taking his luggage and tossing it over by the couch, before taking his love into his arms and pulling him into the cabin. Voice slightly husky, he greeted his koi with a warm, "Welcome home my heart."

Heero wrapped his body around Duo's. "Home," he repeated. "I like the sound of that." He leaned back enough so that he could stare into violet eyes of his heart. They contented themselves for a few minutes with merely staring into each other's soul and reveling in the closeness.

Heero smiled softly and leaned in to receive a kiss from the braided boy. That one kiss quickly turned into another, then another, until they forced to part or die of oxygen deprivation.

"Bedroom?" suggested Duo, smiling hopefully.

Heero smirked slightly at his koi's eagerness. And, resolutely ignoring the tiny voice in his head that pointed out that he was just as eager, replied, "Hai."

Duo's smiled spread into a leer. He pulled Heero to him, slipping a questing tongue into Heero's warm mouth, and slowly backing up towards the bedroom. Heero, being the smart boy that he was, followed, keeping his mouth fused to Duo's.

Their kisses became more urgent and they began to shed each other's clothing as they went. In the short time it took to reach the bedroom, both boys had made it down to their underwear and nothing else. When they paused for breath again, Heero used the opportunity to look around the room. Mostly for the purpose of finding the bed.

Duo shifted uncomfortably, suddenly feeling shy, and nervous of Heero's reaction. He studied the usually blank face for any signs, no matter how small.

For his part, Heero was amazed. Everywhere he looked there were candles, suffusing the room in a gentle, seductive glow. The bed was a large canopy, the soft-looking white curtains draped around the bed were almost completely transparent. The bed itself was covered in silk sheets of an almost burnt white color. He looked back at his anxious love and gave him the reaction he was looking for.

Duo gasped. Heero looked like a god when he smiled like that.

Heero decided to put that open mouth to good use. He surged forward, taking the warm cavern prisoner again, as he wound his arms around Duo, and started to unravel the silken hair. He shuddered as he felt Duo's strong hands glide up and down his back, pushing his briefs lowerwith each downward stroke. He made no protests as Duo started to move them closer to the bed.

Duo was in heaven. When he and Heero had first become a couple, there would be many a night where, while they snuggled in a shared bed, Heero would run his hands through Duo's hair much like he was doing now.

Heero suddenly found he couldn't back up anymore. Something hit the backs of his knees and didn't move. Before Heero could tell Duo, his koi's forward momentum knocked Heero onto the bed, pulling Duo with him. The only reason Heero didn't like this new turn of events was because Duo had stopped kissing him in order to giggle.

Duo turned laughing violet eyes up, to look into the frustrated cobalt gaze of his partner. The laughter slowly melted into a heated predatory look that made Heero shiver in anticipation. Duo bent his head and placed a hot, wet kiss at the base of Heero's throat. From there he blazed a slow, sensuous trail in a straight line down the bronzed, muscular torso.

Heero moaned in frustration as Duo avoided his throbbing erection, kissing his way lower and subsequently removing the Wing Zero pilot's underwear. Heero's eyes widened in awe as Duo quickly stood up, shedding his black boxers and tossing both pairs of underwear into a far corner. He drank in the sight of the naked pilot of Deathscythe.

Duo's skin glowed a soft alabaster, his muscles rippling under the creamy skin with each movement the boy made. His unbound hair floated around him like a cloud, the odd strand seeming to almost caress its owner lovingly. Heero found his eyes drawn to the upright evidence of Duo's arousal, and licked his lips, watching it twitch as he did so.

Duo was also caught up in the sight of his love. Heero's naturally tan skin all but glowed in the soft candlelight. His dark blue eyes were hooded with passion as he lay splayed wantonly on the bed. His erection was standing proudly at attention. Duo slowly lowered himself in front of the other boy. He locked gazes with Heero, then suddenly engulfed Heero's straining arousal in his mouth.

Heero's eyes widened in surprise and he threw his head back silently screaming his pleasure. He began to thrust wildly into that wet heat, moaning in disappointment when Duo lay an arm across his hipbones to limit the movements. But it didn't matter, as the knowledge that this was Duo doing this took over. Duo's mouth, Duo's tongue, Duo's hair falling to cover his actions like a chestnut curtain.

The pleasure was all consuming when he suddenly felt something slick pressing itself against his anus. He shuddered in comprehension, relaxing as Duo's finger worked its way inside him. Pushing in and out in a small preview of what was to come.

Duo took his time preparing his soon-to-be lover, wanting it to be as painless as possible for Heero. When he was sure the boy was ready, he removed his fingers and began to slick up his own cock. He slid Heero's arousal out of his mouth and crawled up the bed to kiss his lover. Their tongues dueled passionately as Duo rubbed himself at Heero's entrance teasingly.

He swallowed a laugh when Heero growled at him. He pulled out of their kiss, to lick his way down Heero's neck. He paused for a moment, then simultaneously bit his lover's shoulder and thrust into him.

Heero cried out. Part in pain, part pleasure. He whimpered a bit when Duo didn't move. But found Duo soothing him with soft kisses, and began to relax. Then Duo started to move in and out of him. It didn't take long for them to establish a pattern of thrusts and counterthrusts, slowly pushing them higher and higher.

Their hands were everywhere. Heero had found that licking a certain spot behind Duo's ear would make him mewl with pleasure. The thrusts were coming faster, Duo striking Heero's prostate with every thrust now. The kisses were brief as both panted for breath, striving.

Heero was floating higher and higher and suddenly, he climaxed, crying out Duo's name is ecstasy. Duo echoed the cry with one of his own. Shouting out Heero's name as he exploded deep inside his lover.

Unable to hold himself up on shaky limbs, Duo collapsed onto his lover. Heero lovingly wrapped his koi in his arms, and shifted enough for them to snuggle under the covers. They curled around each other, trading slow, loving kisses and tender endearments.

Duo yawned sleepily, spent. He smiled up at his love and repeated his earlier comment. "Welcome home my heart."

Heero smiled himself. "Home," he repeated in agreement.