Oh yeah, one more thing. A shop vac is a vacuum that sucks up water instead of dirt. (yea, this has relevance)

Title: All Wet
Author: Angel Negra
Rating: G
Pairings: Umm, none really. sowwy. :(
Disclaimer: You could say I own the Gboys, but then you'd be... WRONG!! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *cough**hack**wheeze*
Author's Note: Whelp, this actually just happened to me tonight and I got inspired. :)


Duo Maxwell was going relax. The other four pilots had gone out for the day. Quatre had gone to the store and the other three were weapons shopping. So, Duo was going to use the time alone to listen to his favorite band and read some good comics.

He waved a final goodbye to Quatre, shut the front door and headed for his room. At the very last second he did an about face and quickly trotted into the kitchen.

"Almost forgot the dishes," he murmured absently to himself. He turned on the old dishwasher and went into his room. He plugged in his headset so he wouldn't have to listen to the dishwasher's racket, and settled down on his bed with his favorite comic.


About half an hour later he looked up in annoyance at the moron who was flicking his light on and off. Poor Quatre suddenly found himself at the end of a death glare worthy of Heero.

Duo growled and, turning off his music, demanded,"What?!?"

"Umm, well... I came home... there's water... umm... uh... help!" was Quatre's flustered reply.

Duo wrinkled his forehead, heaved himself off the bed with a groan, and went to see just what in the hell Quatre was talking about. He was nearly yanked off his feet as Quatre grabbed his hand and pulled him into the kitchen. Duo was about to ask Quatre just what his problem was when he got a good look at the kitchen and froze.

There was water everywhere. It had even managed to make it to the living room and soak into the wall to wall carpeting in there. Duo looked around for the source of all this mess. When he found it, he let out a string of curses that would have made Wufei blush.

The dishwasher simply hadn't stop filling with water, and now that water was everywhere! In fact, it was still busily and noisily flooding the house.

"K'so! Why the hell didn't you turn it off?" demanded Duo, heading towards the machine with the intent to do just that.

"I did!" cried Quatre, near tears. "It won't stop!"

Duo let out another string of curses, switching directions mid-step.

"What are you doing, Duo?"

"Turning off the water line," he replied, fighting his way through the pots, tins, and bottles that were housed in the cupboard where the water lines were. Once that was done, Duo sat back with a sigh of relief. He popped onto his feet a second later, once he realized his butt was getting wet. Duo spun in a circle slowly, taking all the damage, and letting out a silent groan when he saw Quatre about three seconds away from crying.

"Aw, come on little Q," he chirped, slapping on a bright grin. "No need to cry. We gotta clean this up before it spreads any further!"

His grin grew even brighter when Quatre sniffed and gave him a trembling smile.

"Now," pondered Duo, slipping an arm around Quatre's shoulders and steering him towards the broom closet. "What in the hell are we gonna use for mops?"


Roughly an hour later three very tired pilots got home. Wufei was looking forward to his bed, Trowa wanted nothing more than to sit down with Quatre and cuddle for an hour or so. Heero, who was in front of the other two, had nothing but thoughts of a nice long, hot shower in his head.

Then he noticed the state of the living room and stopped dead in his tracks. Trowa noticed and managed to stop in time. Wufei, however, wasn't. He bumped into Trowa, causing Trowa to bump into Heero, and earning him two dark glares from the silent pilots.

"Well, what the hell did you stop for?" Wufei demanded, on the defensive.

Heero looked pointedly at the living room. Wufei grumbled and edged carefully around Trowa so he could see. What he saw made his jaw drop in shock.

All the furniture was piled up in the hallway, blocking any attempts to head further into the house. The carpet looked really wet. Though Wufei was having trouble telling because of all the clothing and buckets, spread over the floor.

Suddenly, Duo came into the living room via the kitchen. He was walking around barefoot, his pants rolled up to his knees. He has a big grin on his face as he started to speak.

"Wasn't as heavy as you thought eh Q-man?" Duo asked as he looked up. "Oh. Sorry guys, I heard talking and I thought it was Quatre getting back with the shop vac."

"Maxwell, what is going on here?" demanded Wufei.

"The dishwasher broke."

"And all our clothes are on the floor because what? The laundry machine broke too? And why the hell is all the furniture in the hallway?!"

"Geez, calm down Wu-man," placated Duo. "The dishwasher broke, and spilled water all over the kitchen floor. It spread in here. The dirty laundry is in here, cause we couldn't find the mop, and we needed something to soak the water up with. And it's kinda like cleaning the clothes, cause the water had some soap in it and stuff. And the furniture is in the hall cause, well, we had to put it somewhere and it would take to long to lug it upstairs, and Q-man wouldn't let me toss it outside."

"Where is Quatre?" asked Trowa quietly.

"Oh, he's out getting the shop vac like I said. Boy were we lucky one of the neighbors had one. I mean who in their right mind would be open on a Sun-"

"Why is there underwear on the ceiling?" interrupted Heero.

Duo blushed. "Well... I was kinda running back and forth between the sink and the rug, and well... I slipped."

All three pilots fought a losing battle not to smile at that image.

"It was right after that, when Quatre suggested the buckets. And then we figured that it would be even easier with the shop vac."

"I'm back!" called Quatre, walking backwards into the house, lugging a bulky vacuum in through the door. He bumped into Trowa, gave a little squeak of surprise and spun around. Unfortunately he hadn't completely let go of the vacuum, and as he spun, the cord tangled around him. If Trowa hadn't grabbed him, poor Quatre would have fallen over in one large tangled mess.

Duo looked at the pair worriedly. "You ok man?" At Quatre's nod, he brightened. "Great! Ok, Trowa, if you could untangle him please," Trowa nodded. "And Hee-chan and Wu-man, you guys wanna help me wring out all the laundry so we can use the vacuum?"

"Hn, don't call me that," grunted Heero as he pulled off his shoes and picked up the nearest article of clothing.

Wufei eyed the piled up furniture suspiciously. As if it had piled itself there just to keep him from his bed. Finally, he turned and, letting out a defeated sigh, said,"Fine Maxwell."

The three pilots set to work in comfortable silence, until Duo spoke up.

"Uhh, guys, I have a question. Me and Quatre were wondering whose Care Bears underwear this was?" he asked, holding up the item in question. "I know it's not mine, and Quatre says they don't belong to him or Trowa..."

Heero looked at the underwear, merely raising an eyebrow. Wufei, on the other hand, turned bright red and started sputtering, "Who cares?! It's just a stupid pair of underpants! There's no justice in this world when someone can't own a certain type of undergarments without being questioned about it constantly!"

Wufei kept on like that until, finally, to the relief of the other four pilots, the shop vac was turned on and drowned Wufei out.

The End