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Notes: This story is about how Duo deals w/ the lose of a friend and how someone unexpected helps him say goodbye.

Warning: death(no gundam people) angst, and sappy ending.


Saying Good-Bye


"How will I find you?" Crying wasn't something Duo enjoyed but he was leaving. He would be alone. The small blond haired boy looked at his partner in crime and felt a peace knowing that the boy would not suffer the same fate as himself.

"I'll be standing at the edge of the earth. When you need me just go there." Duo looked at the boy, his only friend. He didn't understand what that could mean. He couldn't get to earth it was to far away.

"Solo tell what you mean?" The dying boy laughed weakly and pointed to his chest.

"The edge of the earth is in your heart, Duo. Don't think I'll leave you." Duo shook his dirty head and looked at the boy who had taken care of him since he'd lost his parents.

"I don't know how to get there." He cried as his small heart shattered as the boy took his last breath of life.

*Then find it. A hero will help you.* Duo heard the boy's voice but could not prove its actual existence.



Years later.....

Duo sat on the window ledge and looked at the dark horizon. He could see the edge but couldn't get there. Why couldn't he had made it.

"You'll never get there that way." His partner, Heero, said as he continued to type on his computer. Heero was just as he was called, a hero. The boy could not be killed. It was as if he was immoral and had been sent to protect Duo.

"What do you mean?" Duo asked confused that the boy might actually know what he thought.

"Close your eyes and see who you wish to see. Then you will be at the edge of the earth." Duo stared at the boy who had never spoken much and if he did he spoke of nothing other than their missions. Maybe he's the hero that Solo spoke of. Duo's head registristed then shook it off as impossible.

So he closed his eyes and thought of the small blond haired boy who had risked his life and often dinner for Duo. Duo saw the world go by, the people, place and cities. Then there was a cliff and there stood a boy. His blond hair dirty, and clothes raggy but he was healthy here. He stood on the edge of the earth w/ a smile on his small face.

"Your late." Was his first response to his presence.

"I had to find my way here." Duo replied as he saw a person who had been his only family for so long. Being a street rat hadn't been bad with Solo around it was after that had hurt so bad. The fact he was alone.

"I've missed you." Solo said dragging the boy out of his thoughts. "But now that you know that I'm here its time for you to go. He will take care of you now. Don't let his silence fool you. You are important to him as he is to you. He will not leave you." Duo began to cry. It felt like he was losing him all over again and still no way to stop it.

"I just found you, don't leave me again!" He shouted at the fastly disappearing friend.

"You can't live in the past. I will always be here just not as you think. Now go back to your friend. He needs you too." With that the boy that haunted his dreams was gone and Duo on the edge of the earth and picked up his cracked heart. But it wasn't broken anymore just cracked but if he worked on it he could even repair that.

"Did you say good-bye?" Duo jerked open his eyes to see his silent partner smiling at him. Duo nodded. There would be no more nightmares just memories of what had been good. He would survive.


By: Angel_Fire