Oi! Welp this is my fic, it's bad I must say. Um... it's a mindless PWP that's not very good... or so I don't think so. This is my 3rd lemon and for some reason, it sucks! Don't ask me why. Life's a bitch and I don't feel like elaborating it. So, here it is. "Bubbles and Whipped Cream" Ah, weird title, I know... but that's what it's about. I hope you like and C&C CRAVED!! Even if it is too tell me this story bites! Thanks and enjoy!



Bubbles and Whipped Cream


Duo walked into the room and stared in awe at the massive wooden bed and the warm, inviting fireplace. He smirked to himself and made a flying leap for the bed, falling onto it; lying spread eagle, one arm was on his chest and the other across his eyes. He sighed in contentment. “Damn, Quatre’s got good digs.” He smirked and took in a deep breath. Pew! His nose wrinkled up and he winced, removing his arm from his eyes to see where in the world that most awful smell came from. He scanned the area and inhaled deeply. Nope, no funny smell.

He shrugged and flopped back in bed, throwing his arm over his eyes again. His nose was once again filled with that most awful a smell. He wrinkled his nose again and turned to his right, sniffing his armpit. “Oh, ha-ha-ha-ha, it’s me.” He sat up quickly, throwing his legs over the side of the bed and grabbing the towels and soap that were laid out for him. “Welp, guess I’ll get a bath then. War is hard work. I can’t remember the last time I had a good, long, hot shower.” He sighed in contentment as he left the room.

He peeked down the hall at the other bedrooms. The one closest to him was Wufei’s and next to his, Trowa’s. But Trowa was probably not in that room; he was more than likely, in the room across the hall from him, Quatre’s. Then, at the end, by the bathroom, was Heero’s. Duo let out a deep sigh as he trudged down the hall. Not a sound from Wufei’s room, which meant that he was sleeping, and only low moans and a squeaking noise were heard from Quatre’s. He chucked to himself, throwing his towel over his shoulder and heading for the bathroom. He got to the room right before it and sighed, staring at the door.

“Heero…” he whispered with a sigh and the shake of his head “Heero…” he smiled and smacked his forehead, then proceeded into the bathroom.

The bathroom was huge! It had a massive white marble tub with little Jacuzzi jets. There were colored tiles and tinted windows that shown the light from the evening sun into the room. Duo smiled and walked over to the tub, gently reading all the bath oil labels. “Hmm… rose and gardenia. Now that sounds good,” he quickly removed the top and inhaled “Yes, and smells good too.” He nodded, turning the water on hot and tossing a few capfuls into the water. He quickly stripped; throwing his clothes everywhere and then stepped into the tub.

He sank into the warm depths of bubbles. He would playfully blow them around the little bathing area and watch them fall onto the floor. He sighed; grabbing the tip of his braid and pulling the ribbon from it, letting the stands of chestnut brown flow down his back like water. He slipped into the bubbles and sighed in contentment, staring up at the mural of glass on the wall. “Heero…”


Duo’s head snapped down and he found himself staring into a pair of beautiful cobalt eyes. His own very bight violet ones, lit up with shock, as he jumped up slashing water and bubbles all over the floor before he finally settled back down in the warm depts. He stared up at Heero, holding his heart. Heero was dressed in a dark green bathrobe, tightly closed, much to Duo’s dismay. “Man Heero, ya scared the shit out of me!”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Duo glared at him, crossing his arms and turning away, trying to look pissed. He, "accidentally", pulled one knee from the water so it was exposed to the lustful eyes of Heero. Soft suds of white rolling down that perfect pale limb. Heero was drooling on the floor!

“What are you doing?”

“Getting a bath, what’s it look like?” Heero simply shrugged and leaned on the cold marble ledge of the bathtub. “Is it warm?” he quarried, gently dipping a hand in the water and brushing it against Duo’s thigh.


“Well, is it?” he asked again, moving his way up the pale limb to the throbbing ache in between Duo’s legs. He moaned deep in his throat as Heero’s wondering hand moved closer and closer to its target, then suddenly it stopped. Duo’s eyes shot open, glaring into cobalt blue ones.

“Why’d ya stop?”

Heero almost smirked at him, placing a finger on those always annoying lips. “Shhh…” He slowly, undid his robe, letting it fall off his thin frame as it pleased and onto the floor. Duo just stared in awe as Heero gently lowered himself into the tub. Duo smiled brightly and tackled the brown haired boy, bubbles and water spilling over the sides of the tub. Duo frantically kissed his lips, holding him tightly around the neck.

Once Heero had pried him off, to get some much needed air, Duo asked, “Man Hee-chan, it took ya long enough!”

“Baka, quit calling me that.”

“But Hee-chan, I need a pet name for you.”

Heero glared at the suds soaked boy and sighed. Duo beamed brightly and lavished his lover’s face with tiny, feathery, kisses. Heero moaned and pulled him into his lap. Duo stopped his kisses and looked down at Heero’s lap and then up into the cobalt eyes above him.

“Aren’t we in a hurry.”


“Humph!” Duo pulled away from Heero and stepped out of the tub, dripping suds and water all over the floor. “Shame on you Heero. Shame!” Heero sighed irritably, crossing his arms over the ledge of the marble tub and laying his head on them. He stared up at the positively flustered Duo.

“Stop it, Heero!” Heero very seductively blinked his eyes. Duo gave some sort of pitiful glare and whimpered. “I hate you sometimes, ya know that?” He walked back over to the tub and Heero stood to greet him. Then the biggest smile spread across the braided boy’s face.

“I have an idea, oh Hee-chan of mine.”

“Nani?” Duo smirked, running a slender finger over the edge of the tub, looking very seductive with his hair down and plaster against his back and the bubbles dripping off his slim form.

“If you want me, Hee-chan…” he raised his finger and placed it on Heero’s chest, mindlessly drawing little circles on it, “Ya gotta catch me first!” and pushed him backward into the water then took off running. Heero surfaced, sputtering for air and cursing. Tiny white bubbles rolled down his face as he glared at the open door.

“Duo!” he growled, jumping out of the tub and proceeding to find the braided baka.

Heero raced out into the hall, still naked of course. He was going to find his braided, violet-eyed, lover if it was the last thing he did. As he quietly stalked the hall he noticed something on the dark, cranberry red, carpets… footprints, several wet footprints, with bubbles in some. Heero narrowed his eyes as he followed the footprints down stairs and into the kitchen. He just kept staring at the floor, that is until he was hit upside the head by some sort of white lid. He glared down at the lid on the floor, wishing for it to run away and hide. He turned his attention up towards the counters where the lid was thrown. His eyes wondered up the pale figure before him, staring at every tiny detail of his body. Though he knew every detail already, he still loved to just watch. Duo was standing just as naked as the day he was born, leaning against the counters holding a red and white can in front of his privet features.

Heero slowly walked towards him and raised an eyebrow at the can that Duo was playing with. “Whipped Cream?”

Duo smirked and nodded at his lover’s question, running the tip of his tongue over the nozzle of the can. “Hai. I wanted a sundae.”

Heero blinked and gently took the can from his lover’s hands. “Well I want a Duo.” He took one of Duo’s fingers and squirted a dab of whipped cream onto the pale digit. Duo raised and eyebrow and stared into his lovers warm eyes. Heero smirked and slipped the finger into his mouth, gently sucking the whipped topping off. Duo just about came right then and there. His knees were weak, that’s for sure.

After Heero had cleaned the rest of the whipped cream off his lover’s finger he proceeded to push him to the floor. Thank god Quatre was weird about having everything carpeted. Heero straddled his lover and stared into the trusting violet eyes. He smirked, taking the whipped cream and squirting a little on Duo’s neck and drawing a line of it down his chest to his belly. Then he proceeded to lick it off, all of it, leaving Duo moaning and trembling beneath him.

Heero kissed his violet-eyed lover’s lips gently, yet deeply and passionately. He moved back down to Duo’s throbbing sex and took the rock hard flesh into his mouth and began to suck, gently nibbling and toying with it as Duo thrust into his hot mouth, moaning out in pain and pleasure. Heero quickly pulled away though, he did not want his lover to come on something like that. He wanted him to come when he was buried deep inside of him.

Heero sat on his chest, scanning the area for something to ease him in penetrating Duo. Duo stared up at him, watching his eyes move around the kitchen. He gently reached up and stroked his cheek, toying with the fallen pieces of muddy brown hair.

“Ai shiteiru, Heero.”

Heero stared down at his lover with slightly big eyes. Duo smiled coyly and nodded, which Heero answered with the shake of his head. Duo smirked and shook his head back, tugging on Heero’s upper arms.


Heero let out a deep sigh and nodded. He slicked one of his fingers with spit and worked the single digit into Duo’s prone body. Once he felt that Duo was sufficiently stretched out he quickly thrust into him. Duo gasped at the sensation and tightly wrapped his arms around Heero’s neck. He smiled up at his lover and kissed his nose. That signal always meant that he was ready. Heero nodded and started his pace of slow even thrusts, combined with stroking Duo’s own quivering sex.

Duo screamed out Heero’s name as he came, splattering the hot liquid onto his lover’s belly. Heero came not long after that, burying his essence deep with in his lover. Duo curled up next to Heero and kissed his forehead, holding him tight. Heero stocked the damp boy’s hair and sighed in contentment. Duo smirked and giggled into Heero’s neck.

“What are you laughing about?”

“Nothin’, just that I love you, Hee-chan. Are ya ready ta go another round, that was fun.”

“*grunt* Just because you like to play games…”

“I know. But admit it, you like it.”


“Ha, I bet ya do!”


“Liar, lair, pants on fire.”

“I’m not wearing any pants.”

Duo stared into Heero’s eyes then burst into laughter. “Ha-ha-ha, well I do enjoy games. I like them ‘cause I always end up getting caught in the end.”

He wrapped his arms around Heero neck and pulled him close for a deep, passionate kiss. “Suki da, Duo… suki da.”


The End