A Virgin Wedding


A warm spring day in the month of May. A perfect kind of day for a wedding, even if it wasn’t planed…

In one of the many Winner mansions resided Heero. All of the Gundam boys were there of course well, just not at that particular point and time. Heero and Duo were the only ones there at that moment--- long moment. Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei had gone out.

Heero sat in the easy chair flipping through the TV channels and cursing ‘cause there was nothing interesting on. No killing is more like it. Duo bounded down the long hallway, braid beating on his back as he moved. “Oooooooooooh Hee-chan my love!” He ran towards the brown easy chair and bounded over it, landing right in Heero’s lap. He quickly wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed his nose. “Oi!”

“What are you so happy about, Shinigami?”

“Aw, nuthin’,” he smirked, nuzzling Heero’s neck with his nose. “Hee-chan…” he whispered. Heero wrapped his arms tightly around the lithe boy’s form and trailed kisses down his neck. “Hmmm?”

Duo giggled at him and allowed him better access of his neck. Heero, in between kisses, whispered sweet nothings in the boys ear. It was perfect. Just cuddling… making out… whatever. And Duo hoped it would lead down the hall. Heheheh!

The keys gently jiggled in the door--- unfazed were the two boys makin’ out in the Lazy Boy recliner. Trowa pushed open the door and walked inside, uncaring about the two. Quatre walked inside and gasped but kept his mouth shut. Wufei walked inside and we~ll, didn’t have quite the same reaction.

“INJUSTICE!” he shrieked!

Duo turned away from Heero, a nice purple-blue mark forming on his neck, and glared at Wufei. “Don’t be a homophobe, Wu.”

“That is not the injustice, Maxwell!” He walked coolly over to the braided beauty and the psychopathic killer, grabbed the beauty’s hair and pulled him from Heero’s lap. “OW!” ‘Thud!’

“Duo?” Heero blinked, finding that the warmth on his lap was missing and it as now in his pants. Duo glared up at Wufei and rubbed his scalp. “What’d ya do that for, Wu-man. That’ fucking HURT!”

“It’s an injustice I tell! INJUSTICE!”

“What the HELL are you babbling about?!”

“You and Yuy should not be kissing.”

“Um… hello, it’s After Colony 196! Where have you been, the Stone Age?! It’s a perfectly common occurrence in this time. Check out Tro and Q!”

“MAXWELL! I am not saying that you and Yuy are an injustice! I am say-i-ng that you two kissing is an injustice.”

Duo blinked and so did the rest of the room. Crickets chirped, Trowa breathed, Quatre fidgeted, Heero growled and Duo blinked. “Say what?!? Have you fallen off Nataku again, Wu-man? You’re confusing the hell out of me!”

“You are not married!”

Duo jumped back about five feet and blinked rapidly. “WHAT!?!?”


What happens next with Wu and the injustice... find out next week on the next exciting episode of Gundam Wing! >.< GOMEN! Watching TV.