Together for Eternity (1x2)

Ok, here are the characters that for some ungodly reason were in my dream:

Marie: me.
Jason: twin, looks a lot like Quatre, but it wasn’t him. Antisocial
Aaron: Jason’s twin, both identical. Major Flirt and knows all the rumors
Duo: duh.
Heero: double duh.
Neko: white/silver haired girl, flirty
Derrick: red haired guy, excellent leader/ military person, rough and tough blow your brains out.
Luke: Marie’s boyfriend, in the OZ military, brown curly hair, very sweet.


They walked side by side like the military personal that hung around the small town. They were tall, blond, and handsome. They were identical in every way, from their soft blue eyes to their bright blond hair, nothing different between the two of them. Their school uniforms were white dress shirts and any kind of tie with khaki pants. They were headed for the school up on the mountain. It loomed over the whole city like a giant.

The school was quite beautiful though; a thick, lush, wooded area and a big open field were the students would go to play ball. There was a huge crystal lake right behind it. It was off limits of course, but some students just couldn’t help themselves and would go to it. Then they would get caught by those damned Oz soldiers and kicked out of the school. That’s right, the Lakewood School for the Gifted was funned by the Oz organization. They kept a strict watch on all who were in it.

The warm air blew threw their bright sun streaked hair. Then a girl started to walk behind them. She was of an average height with shoulder length brown hair. Her eyes were bright and glassy with just a touch of blue to them. She wore her green skirt just a little two high for many members of the faculty and she talked just a little too much and was a little to free spirited and wild for them as well. They blamed it all on her being from the colonies.

She walked right behind those twins. She smiled a wicked smile and wrapped her slender arms around ones neck and pulled him down to the ground, kissing his mouth. He cursed and struggled for air, the other laughing. Once she had broken away she stood, brushed her hair out of her face and continued to walk to the school. The boy jumped to his feet and yelled at her.

“God, do you gotta do that?”

“Yep,” she smiled, turning back around to them.

“Marie! Why don’t you stop it already, it’s not funny!”

“Oh Jason, just admit it, you like it.”

“I do not!”

“Sure ya don’t,” his brother winked, elbowing him in the stomach.


“Oh Jason, lighten up, that’s all I’m trying to get you to do. You’re just so uptight about everything.”

“Shut up Marie, I am not!”

“Actually you are.”

“Aaron! You should learn to respect me, I am older than you.”

“Ha-ha, yeah, about 30 seconds worth of older.” Both Marie and Aaron laughed and Jason clenched his fists. His face was now turning red. He was about to scream all his furry when someone slapped him hard on the back. He stopped and turned to them, staring into a pair of light brown eyes. He jumped back and Marie and Aaron laughed even more.

“So, what’s this I hear about you hitting on my girlfriend, Jason?”

“Luke, Luke, I wasn’t…no way…nope…please don’t kill me.” Jason backed up and waved his arms to the approaching Luke. Luke smiled at him and slapped his book into his friend’s chest, making him hold onto it. Jason sighed in relief as Luke passed him by and walked over to Marie, slipping his arm around her shoulders and kissing her sweetly.

“Still giving him a hard time, huh?”

“Course, what are friends for?”

“With a friend like you…who needs an enemy,” Jason mumbled. They all laughed, continuing their walk up the street to the Lakewood School.


Students poured into the halls. The day was almost over, just a couple more periods and that would be it. They were now in fifth period. Aaron, Jason, Luke and Marie all started up the six flights of stairs that lead to the third floor art room.

“Damn, I hate these steps,” Jason huffed, wiping his forehead “Why are there so many?”

“So that if something happens--- in the way of rebels--- it will be easier to catch them…or so that’s what I’ve heard,” Aaron said nervously.

“Damned Oz!” Marie cursed. “They’re so fake and…oh, they just make me so mad!”

“We realize that,” Aaron said patting her shoulder.

“Did you guys hear that they were looking for new recruits?” Luke asked as they reached the third floor.

“No, why?” Jason asked.

Luke shrugged as they walked down the hall. They walked into the art room and took their seats. Marie was one seat in from the end with Luke beside her and Aaron by him with Jason on the other end.The room was one of the biggest rooms in the school. Oz believed strongly in the arts, that’s why they had created the school in the first place. There were just a couple of desks and tons of shelves and such to store paper, paint, and art supplies. The whole right wall was windows: that room had the best view of the lake. There was a large desk in the front of the room with a collapsible wall in front of it. It was there so that when the teacher wanted to talk to one of the commanding officers they could do so in privacy. Sister Dalany, the art teacher, tried to make it look like she wasn’t talking with one of them but all the students knew it to be so.Marie sighed and stretched, looking back at the isle covered by the white sheet. One of these days I’ll finish you, I just need some inspiration. She shook her head and then another thought entered her mind.

“Luke, why did you what to know if we heard about the new recruits Oz is looking for?”

“What? Oh, I don’t know,” he shrugged and looked away from her.

“What do you mean you don’t know. You wouldn’t have brought up the question if you didn’t know. So come on, tell me.”

“*sigh* I was thinking of joining.”

“What?!” all of his friends asked in absolute shock.

“Yeah, I believe that what Oz is doing is right.”

“How can you?” Marie snapped “They kill people for the sheer love of it. They conquer and destroy and for what---nothing. They want to take over the colonies and they are doing it the most ruthless how, they’re being their friends. Surely you can’t agree with them!”

“I’m sorry Marie, but I do. It just must be because you’re from the colonies that you feel that way, but I don't.”

“Uh-oh, he’s a dead man,” Jason whispered to his brother.

“WHAT?! Just because I’m from the colonies…just because I’m from the colonies! What the hell does that have to do with it anyway! I can’t believe you. They’re…oh, all they care about is themselves. They don’t want peace, they want war and power! Luke, are you brain dead!?”

“Please…Miss Marie, lower your voice,” Sister Dalany said.Marie glared at sister and then at Luke. She jumped from her chair and walked over to the cloaked picture by the window. Luke got up and followed her.

“I’m sorry if you do not feel the same way…but I’m going to do this, Marie, I feel that it is right.”


“Marie, don’t do this.”




“Oh, you’re so damn stubborn sometimes!”

“So, maybe I enjoy it. At least I’m not out to kill people.”

“I’m not going to kill people.”

“Duh Luke, that’s what a soldier does or didn’t you know that.”

“I know that!”

They both stood there for a moment, her facing away from him, neither one saying a thing and then Sister Dalany yelled to them:“Marie! Luke! Stop that and come sit down! Class is going to being as soon as the bell rings.”

Marie turned and faced Luke. She stared at him with her glassy eyes then she brushed her hair out of her face, sticking her nose in the air and walked back over to her seat. Luke blinked and clenched his fists. If you think you can get out of his conversation so easily, you’ve got another thing coming. I love you and there is no way I’ll let or your stubborn options go. He shook his head as he walked back over to his seat.

The final bell rang and a couple more students hurried into the room. Sister sighed, looking at her watch. She shook her head and got ready to address the class.

“Class, we have a new student joining our little group today.” People perked up and their eyes widened. Sister stared down at the yellow piece of office paper and then at the door. She sighed once more.

“His name is…”

“Duo Maxwell! Great ta meet ‘cha!”

Duo burst in the door with a charismatic smile and a wave. His long braided chestnut bouncing on his back as he walked cheerfully into the room. He was a sight! His khaki pants were wrinkled and his shirt was un-tucked. His tie wasn’t tied and the buttons on the collar of his shirt were undone, exposing the top of his pale chest and a faint glitter of silver around his neck. He smiled brightly, staring at the class with his violet eyes, almost severing it.Sister Dalany blinked and tried to keep her balance after almost being knocked back on the floor by Duo’s entrance.

“Well, that was quite an entrance there Mr. Maxwell.”

“Why thank you…Sister. They do say that I can make quite an entrance, and I think their right,” he laughed, running his fingers threw his chestnut bangs.

“Yes, I think they are. How about you go and take that empty seat over there by Marie.”


Duo bounced over to the empty desk, the eyes of the students following his every more. He smiled brightly at her and she returned it. He pulled the chair out and flopped into it with his boneless grace.

“Alright now Mr. Maxwell, how about we have Marie show you were we keep things and Marie…why don’t you tell Duo the latest projects we’ve been working on.”

“Ok, come on Duo.”

Marie got up from her seat and Duo followed. They walked to the back of the room, still with the eyes of all 10 students on them. Marie walked over to a cabinet, opening it to revel several different types of art supplies. She leaned in really close to one of the doors and motioned for him to come over to her. He did so and rather cheerfully too.

“Boy, you’re a happy one,” she giggled.

“Yep, got lots to be happy about.”

“Oh, like what?”

“I’m here.”

She blinked at his comment and he just laughed.

“Ya know, I never really gave this art stuff much of a chance. I mean, I don’t see it the way those great artists do. Ta turn some white paper into a master piece, pretty cool if ya ask me.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I mean, I really don’t know what art is, but I do know what I like. I like paint. That’s pretty fun. Ya can get all messy and no one’ll care. You can cover up so much with paint. It’s great.”

“Hmm, I suppose.”

“Yeah, paint is great. You can make so many different colors. Even the same colors only slightly off a bit…kinda like a crayon. But I still like paint best.”

“Ha-ha, you talk a lot don’t you?”


“I think that is the shortest word I’ve heard come out of your mouth.”

Duo looked at her a moment and laughed.

“So, Duo…that’s an interesting name.”

“Why thank you, came up with it myself.”


“Long story. Don’t worry about it.”

“Ah, ok. So, where ya from?”

“Oh, all over. Here, there an everywhere.”

“Hmm, I know how you feel.”

“Marie, are you telling Duo about the assignment!?”

“Uh…yes sister…don’t worry sister.”

“Alright. The rest of you can start with your projects now.”

The rest of the students started to get up from their seats and grab a bunch of different art projects that were scattered threw out the room. Luke jumped up from his seat and walked over to Marie and Duo. Marie glared at him as he approached them, Duo looked rather puzzled.

“Marie, can I talk to you now?”


“What, why not?!”

“Because I’m showing Duo the art supplies.”

“What? Surely that can wait?”

“No. Go away, Luke, we can talk about you and the Oz dimwits later.”

Him and the Oz dimwits? Duo thought, still a puzzled look on his sweet, heart shaped face.


“Luke…is there something the matter? Don’t you have a clay project to be working on---away from the painting area?” Sister Dalany yelled.

“Yes,” Luke reluctantly said. “We’ll talk about this later then.”

He pointed his finger in her face and gave Duo a nasty look as he walked away and over to the opposite side of the room. Marie shook her head and glared at him bitterly.

“Who was that?” Duo asked.


“Ooh, know the feeling.”

She blinked and turned to him, her face flushing slightly. He smiled at her, turning away and bouncing back over to the paints. She blinked again and smiled, walking back over to him.

“So, what happened with him?” she whispered.

“Him? Oh nothing…there could have never been anything but nothing.”

“Oh, why?”

“He was just too perfect is all. Too damn perfect.”

One week past

The morning sun burst into a new dawn as the busy workers got ready for their day. The gold’s, yellows, amber’s and reds streaked the sky as Marie, Jason, and Aaron walked up the hill to the Lakewood School. It was strangely quiet. Luke was not there. Today was the day for the Oz sign up. Neither of the three figured he’d actually do it, guess they were wrong.

They walked into that funny smelling building, once again to begin the drudgeries of the day. English, Math, Chemistry, History and then Art. That’s where it all was to start over again. There, someone would come to turn everything a rye, for Duo, Marie, Jason, Aaron, and even Luke.

The twins, Marie, and Duo all sat at their desks in the art room. Duo mindlessly playing some tune on his desk with his pencil. Jason had his nose in a book, Aaron was staring at the girls and Marie was just sitting, staring at that damned canvas that gave her so much grief. I wonder…I wonder what I’ll paint on that stupid thing. I keep erasing everything I put down. *sigh* Why did I have to be the one chosen to make that damned thing anyway. Hmm…I wonder what Luke’s doing? Probably made it---hope not. The bell rang and Sister Dalany got up in front of the class, clutching a piece of yellow office paper, just like the day Duo came.

“Class, once again, we have a new student.”

Everybody perked up again, Duo most especially. Sister Dalany stepped back and let the boy enter the room, before introducing him. Duo’s eyes went wider than wide. He stared at the dark haired figured before the class. His cobalt eyes drilling into the depths of each student, most especially Duo. He was dressed perfectly, not even a spot of lint on his shirt. Shoes nicely polished and his tie was tied with clinical accuracy. He stood up straighter than straight and was all around perfect looking. Sister Dalany smiled and looked at him.

“My name is Heero Yuy. It’s a pleasure.”

“Very nice, Heero. Why don’t you go and have a seat there, in front of Duo.”


Duo slouched in his chair, trying to hide from that cold stare of Heero’s, only, he couldn’t. Marie blinked at this new Duo that she was seeing. A tad bit frightened, yet, he seemed pleased even if he was trying to hide.


The warm breeze blew threw the courtyard. The students of the Lakewood School were sitting out side in the warm spring air eating their lunch. Marie was sitting under a tree with Duo. She had grown to like him over the past week, not a love type of like, more of a liking of a good friend. She was sitting on the grass with her feet curled under her. Duo was also lying on the grass and he had a blade of it in his mouth. He stared contently up at the blue sky with its puffy white clouds. The green leaves blew softly in that gentle breeze as they fell to the ground by the two of them.

Marie looked around the courtyard. Aaron and Jason were not there yet, now would be a good time to ask him about Heero.

“So Duo, is he the one?”

“What?” Duo asked tilting his head to stare at her.

“Is that Mr. Perfect?”

“Ha-ha---Mr. Perfect fucking Soldier.”

“So, that is him then, right?”


“Just wondering.”

“Oh,” he said tilting his head back down.

She took that as a sign that he did not want to talk about it. I bet nobody knows. That Heero Yuy guy probably doesn’t know either. I bet nobody knows…that’s why he doesn’t want to tell me. He probably doesn’t trust me.

“Oh damn!”


Duo turned his attention back to Marie. She shook her head and smiled. She stood up and brushed off.

“I forgot my drink. I’ll be back.” She smiled at him again and walked off back to the school cafeteria.Duo sighed and shrugged slightly, repositioning his arms under his head. He stared up at the clouds in the sky. Damnit Heero, why do you have to be here to? Duh, I was given this mission not you. How hard is it to find out info on the new Oz school---not very. I don’t need the help of Mr. Perfect fucking Soldier to do my job. But damn your ass looked good in those khaki pants! I just wanted to rip them off of you. Ha-ha, yeah right Duo, what the hell are you thinking, this is Heero Mr. Perfect fucking Solider! God damnit, why do you have to be here too? Duo sighed in despair as he closed his eyes, letting the sun warm his face.

“Duo,” came the unemotional voice.

“Heero…well what’ta know.”

Duo titled his head to see Heero leaning on the tree. He had his arms crossed over his chest and one-foot resting on the trunk. Heero stared down at him with his cold cobalt eyes.

“I see you have made some interesting friends.”

“What?” Duo asked, sitting up.

“That girl.”


“Whatever you call her. She was here eating with you.”

“Duh, Heero, that’s generally what people do.”

“She could be an enemy.”

“Marie!? Ha-ha, yeah right. Marie is as harmless as a lamb.”

“So you say. What about your mission?”

“What about it?”

“Complete or not?”

“Well, lets just say I’m work’n on it,” he said flopping down on the grass again, resting his arms behind his head and closing his eyes once more.

“If you fail this…”

“Fuck no, Heero! I’m not gonna. What---is that the reason you’re here--- to make sure I don’t screw this up? Huh, like a babysitter? Damn man, you should have more confidence in me. I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“Hey Duo…Heero.”

Duo opened his violet eye and stared up at the girl who was getting the “death glare” from Heero but didn’t seem to care. Duo chuckled slightly.

“Hey Marie. Whatcha get ta drink?”

”Water. Thirsty?”


Marie smiled and tossed him the unopened bottle of water. Then she turned to Heero and held out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Marie. I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”


“Uh…you’re supposed to say: ‘Oh hi Marie, I’m Heero. Its soo nice to meet you’ and then, shake my hand. That’s generally how normal people greet each other.”

Duo, just then, started busting out laughing. Marie simply smiled and Heero gave him his “death glare” x 10. Duo grabbed his sides and laughed even harder when he did that, even Marie found it slightly amusing. Duo stopped his hysterical laughing and walked over to Heero, slipping an arm around his shoulder. A faint, faint, blush filled his cheeks.

“Damn Heero, you have no idea how funny that is,” Duo laughed, releasing his shoulder and smacking him on the back. No Duo, don’t let go, I like to feel your warmth.

“Shut up Duo or I’ll…”

“Kill me…I know. But still it’s worth the laugh!”

“Hey guys---Aaron, leave the girls alone!” Jason walked over to them, literally dragging his brother by the hair just trying to get him away from the girls for one minute.

“Hey,” Marie said.

“What’s all the hysterics about?” Jason asked.

Marie shrugged and looked at Duo, who was now wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes with the tassel of his braid, yet he was still laughing, only not as hard.

“Ya just had to be there,” Marie said with a shrug.

“Oh, ok then,” Aaron said.

Heero grumbled slightly. Duo, you braided fool, any one of them could be an enemy. Why are you befriending them? You beautiful braided fool…I wish I could tell you what you are doing to me inside. Why, why am I being weak, why? What is it about you that drive's me mad with this feeling…this weird feeling of possession? What is it? Why do I just want to hold you? What the hell! No! I can’t---never! You are just a distraction… and nothing more.

“Duo…shut up!”

“Or you’ll kill me!”

Duo laughed, slapping his knee. Aaron, Jason, and Marie all stood there and blinked. Idiot, they thought. Heero looked at him, shaking his head. Spinning on his heel, he walked back to the school building, leaving Marie, Jason, and Aaron with the laughing fool. Damnit Duo, what are you doing to me? Why can’t I get that stupid smile out of my head…why can’t I get those beautiful eyes out of mine…why can’t I get that annoying voice out of my ears?! What is it about you that drives me mad?!


Next Day

The slender girl stared wide-eyed at the schedule in her hands. Her long white hair pulled up into a tight ponytail, letting the small silver curls flow around her back. Her green catlike eyes fixated on the words below. What the hell is this? Art? No! I hate that class. I have neither talent nor patients for it. I have a mission to do. I must find those Gundam pilots. The Lt. Commander of the Oz Specials forces daughter supposable goes here. I wonder if that’s true? She started to lose herself in her thoughts and she hardly even noticed the warm hand on her shoulder.

“Neko…Neko…Earth to Neko…come in Neko.”


She broke from her thoughts and stared into the blue eyes of the tall young man standing before her. His bright red, almost orange, hair hanging down in his eyes. He smiled his cool smile and took her schedule from her hand.

“What class ya got next?”

“Art! What kind of class is that, Derrick, I ask you that…what kind of class?”

“I don’t know.” *shrug* “I’ve got Social Sciences.”


“Whatever. Look, I’ll be looking for these pilots and you have to do the same thing. The doctors want to know what has become of them.”

“Right, right, I know. But what makes you think any of them are here?”

“The doctor---from L1---told me so. So, go on then, dear, get to art and try and find them.”

“But…but…we don’t even know what they look like.”

“So,” he said pushing her “how hard is it to find them. They should be
perfect at everything…that or a new student. Now go! Don’t want to be late for your class.”

“Alright. But you’ll come and see me after that class, right?”

“Yes. Now go.”

He kissed her quickly and she smiled, running up some stairs. Derrick sighed and shook his head, walking down one of the long halls. Man, why do I get dragged into these things? But…it is my mission. I am a soldier, a leader, and I have to do it. He shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking to the classroom.


Duo slurped noisily at the water shooting out of the water fountain, unbeknown to him that someone had their eyes fixated on that strangely erotic motion. Duo pulled up from the fountain, wiping the excess water from his mouth with the back of his hand. He brushed his braided chestnut over his shoulder and headed back to the art room to finish his “abstract” painting.

“Excuse me?”

A girl latched herself onto Duo’s arm and caused him to spin around rapidly. He blinked; staring into those eyes that looked so much like a cat's. He blinked again and put on his smile.


“I was wondering…” the girl leaned in close to Duo’s face, breath tickling his ear “if you could show me where the art room…was?”

She drew herself even closer to Duo’s heart-shaped face. He blinked, pulling back some. But she tightened her grip on his arm as he did so.

“Pul-lease…” *bats eyes*

Oh my God! Duo thought, attempting to pull away.


Both Duo and the girl turned to see the stern looking, dark haired figure before them.

“Heero!” Duo smiled brightly at the cobalt-eyed pilot as he struggled against the grip of that girl. He finally pulled his arm free and ran over to Heero, almost hiding behind him, leaving the girl dumbfounded in the middle of the hall.

“Is there something you want?” Heero asked, unemotional.

“Well yes actually, I want to talk to your friend there.”

“Me?” Duo blinked, pointing at himself. “Why?”

“Because, you don’t look like the other people running around this place.”

“I don’t?” A flush of fear spread across his heart-shaped face.

“Nope. You don’t look anything like a soldier…are you a rebel?”

“What?! Me?!”

“Shut up and go away!” Heero growled almost a sound of annoyance in his voice.

“What?” the girl blinked.

“Just go away, you are poking your nose around in business that is not yours.”

“Well I never!”

“Well you should,” Duo finally said, triumphantly.

Fool! Heero thought, turning his “death glare” onto the girl with the silver and white hair. She rolled her eyes and stuck her nose in the air, spinning on her heel she left the area. Duo nodded proudly and then turned back to Heero. He grabbed his hand and smiled ever so cheerfully.

“Thanks Heero! That was nice of ya, man.” Heero blinked and turned to Duo, staring down at their joined hands. Duo’s face flushed as he released his hand. He rubbed the back of his head shyly and smiled a dumb smiled.

“Sorry man, don’t know what came over me.”

Heero sighed, a bit in distress as he walked away and went back to class. Who was that girl and why was she asking such questions? Does she suspect something? Oh Duo, who have you told of our mission? Does she know of it? Who the hell cares! Duo, Duo, your hands are so soft and perfect, unstained of blood and evil, soft and un-callused, unlike mine. Sweet gentle Duo, do I love you?


They sat outside under the tree, eating their lunch. Aaron watching every girl walk by. Jason sitting quietly, leafing threw a book, Marie listening to Duo and Duo, well, he was rambling on and on about whatever popped into his head.

“So, like I was saying before…if the glass is half empty then you’re a pessimist, if it’s half full, you’re an optimist. But sometimes I think there are circumstances. Say you drink all the water or something and fill it up…then what? Huh?”

“I think that the glass would be half empty,” Jason murmured from behind his book.

“You would,” Marie said rolling her eyes.

“How did we get on this subject anyway?” Aaron asked scratching his head.They all shrugged and then Neko walked by the little group. Duo’s jaw dropped as he pointed at her.

“It’s her!”

“What?!” they all asked.

“That girl, she was hit’n on me!”



“That’s Neko,” Aaron said matter of factly.

“Oh come on Aaron, give us the full report,” Jason said sarcastically.

“Well, I don’t know too much…” *glare from everyone* “He-he, uh…well, I know that she is new here and she has a boyfriend named…Derrick I think or something like that. That’s about all I know. If they’ve got a boyfriend I high tail it out of there! But Duo, you said she was hitting on you?”

“Yeah, she had a hold of my arm and was leaning into me and everything.”

“Ha-ha, I find that hard to believe,” Aaron laughed.


“She’s got a boyfriend. I’ve heard that she and him have been together for a long time. But, that’s just what I’ve heard.”

“Oh,” Duo said, sounding a little hurt. Even though she did freak him out, she made Heero “jumpy” and come and rescue him.

“Well, I don’t see why she wouldn’t hit on Duo,” Marie said *jaws drop open* “Well, I don’t! First off, he’s got this cool braid!” She clutched the soft slick of hair in her hand "Also who wouldn’t like someone would could start off talking about the clouds and end up with whether or not you’re an optimist or a pessimist. Plus he’s got this sweet face,” she said in a silly tone, pinching his cheeks and making him blush.

“Oh Marie, stop flirting with him,” Jason growled.

“Huh? What Jason, jealous?”

“No, I’m just worried about Luke. He’s my friend.”

“Ah…I don’t think you have to worry about me and Duo, we’re just friends, aren’t we Duo,” she said nudging him gently, knowing full well about who he loved.

“Yes indeed. Me and Marie!”

He smiled brightly wrapping his arm about her neck and putting her in a headlock. She laughed as he let her go.

“So, we still gonna see a movie?” Aaron asked trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, sounds good. Oh Duo, maybe you would like to see one with us as well,” Marie beamed. Duo blinked. I’ve never been invited to see a movie before. But then again I’ve never had any real friends before---well Heero but----*laughter*

“See a movie? Hey, that would be great!”

“Wonderful. See, me and Aaron---and the girlfriend of the moment and even Jason---gotta socialize him *glare from Jason* go out once a week and see a movie or something else, if there aren’t any good ones out.”

“Ah, sounds great. Tonight?”

“Yep tonight, down at the theater at 7:30,” Aaron said.

“Great, sounds fun. I’ll be there.”

“Yay! I knew you would!” Marie said happily hugging him quickly and Duo just laughed.What the hell?! Hands off, girl, he’s mine! Duo, why are you going to see a movie with them? They could be an enemy. You stupid braided fool! Do I love you? No…yes…no…yes!


Duo shut the door behind him, leaving Heero and their dorm room and heading down the street to the movie-theater. Heero got up from his bed; walking over to the window and watching Duo walk down the sidewalk. He turned away from the window, eyes cold and dark. He rested his hand on the wall, feeling the cold surface.


He swung his fist into the wall sending plaster and dust flying threw the air. A thin trickle of blood ran down his tightly clenched fist.

“Why, why, why?!”

He smacked his forehead on the wall several times. Why?!

He slumped to his knees; face still pressed against the wall. A thin layer of white dust resting in his dark hair. He clenched his cobalt eyes shut.

You can’t love her…can you? No, you are to love me, I am to love you, that is how it works. I was destined to kill and love you.

He inhaled sharp, deep breaths. The thunder rolled along the land and the lightning struck. It illuminated the dark room. He heard the soft pounding of the rain on the world outside.

Who is this girl anyway? Why do they all seem to drape themselves all over you? Do they not know? I know, I feel it too. What about that white haired girl? She asks too many questions. But that one girl…she is the worst. Are you in love with her? Is she in love with you? I must find out more about her.



Down here, on the first floor, the dorms of the residential students, you and me, sharing this room, telling me about the school the night after I came and surprised you in class. It’s a wonder I didn’t pull you into my arms right then and there. The dim light from the street hit your back, illuminating your face and that long braided hair. You have such sweet skin. I wanted you, Duo. But I held back. I just kept my mind on the mission.

“So what is on the third floor?”

You toyed with your hair thoughtfully in your fingers. That chaser cat grin of yours playing on those soft lips.

“The art room is there. Don’t you remember, man? You were there earlier.”

“I know. I mean down the hall.”

“What, didn’t go and investigate? The great Heero Yuy unsure of his surroundings?” You laughed, that same laugh that I love about you. If you had only known that I was unsure of so many things. But I could not let you know. I just stuck with the question/matter at hand.

“Just answer the question.”

“Well, Marie told me…”

There it was that name. I hate that name. She is driving me mad Duo! Don’t you see? She is always with you. She must love you. What’s not to love? That hair, so slick and it smells of you, a smell that is all you. Those beautiful violet eyes, so bright and warm. And of course that smile and your voice, your laugh. What is there not to love? She has to love you. I was…am jealous.



“You spaced out. Ya ok man?”

“She told you what?”

“Ha-ha, same old Heero. She told me that they keep the privet files of all the students in the computer labs down there. That areas off limits to students. She said that it’s said that the Oz organization knows everything there is on the students. They dig for it, man. That has me a little worried.”

“You should not worry. If you did it right, there is not need to worry.”

“Why do you always think I’m gonna fuck this thing up?”

“I don’t trust you.”

Your face seemed to crumple; yet you hid behind that smile of yours. I saw the hurt in your eyes. If only I could have yelled out that I trusted you more than any man alive. I would gladly put my life in your hands a 1000 times fold, I trust you that much. I turned away from you; I think that hurt you more. I sat down at my laptop and began to type.

“Yep, same old Heero.”



Heero sighed, getting up from the floor and brushing the dust off of his clothes. He walked over to his backpack. The few things that he personally owned. He stuffed his lock pick into the bag, a gun and a couple other essentials. He left the dark room and walked quietly up the stairs to the third floor. I will find out about her, Duo, and prove to you how bad she really is.

He crept up the steps, as silent as a mouse. He creeped over to the labs and examined the door. Huh, stupid…a simple lock. Don’t get too cocky. There’s probably an alarm. He stared at the doorframe. Then he saw the tiny wire running around it. He focused on it intensely, pulling a pocketknife from his bag be quickly snipped the wire and then picked open the lock.

He crept inside. Just as Duo had said, tons of computers. They probably housed a file a mile thick on each student. He walked quietly over to one of them, cautious of each step. He sat down in the leather chair and flicked on the monitor. Words began to flash across the screen. He rested his hands on the keyboard and let his great hacking skills go to work. When it asked for ‘Students Name’ he typed in Marie, noting how quickly it found it and he was quite shocked by what it found.

Born in the colonies…lived with mother on L1…. parents divorced…so on and so on…mother diseased…father……..OH SHIT……father is the Lt. Commander of the Oz Special Forces! Duo you dumbass she is our worst enemy! We are trying to kill her father! That is our mission. Find out information on the Lakewood school and to kill the Lt. Commander! Damnit Duo what have you gotten us into?!

Heero jumped from his seat, switching off the computer and leaving the room in a hurry yet just as quietly as he came. He walked almost lethally down the stairs, cold eyes drilling into the darkness. Just you wait Duo Maxwell, just you wait till you get back from your little trip to the movies. Wait till you find out about her. I’ll never let you forget it. Never!


Derrick walked into the military base. Unnoticed by some, due mainly to the heavy rainstorm raging outside. He walked down the long hall and opened the door. There ahead of him was a set of bunk beds, all neat and polished, an old chair and two sinks. He sighed, shaking his head and going over to the bed. Why me, why me? Why was I volunteered to do this? *sigh* Why couldn’t I just stay at that stupid school and not have to come to the Oz base and join. I’m sure none of the pilots are gonna be stupid enough to join their army. *sigh* Neko, I miss you already. He shook his head once more and tossed his bag onto the top bunk. Unfortunately he missed it and it fell to the floor.

“Hey, watch it up there!”


They rolled off of the bottom bunk and stood on the opposite side of the beds. Dog tags jingling, olive green tank top all crumpled and his brown mop top of hair hanging down in his light brown eyes. He smiled a bright smile and stared at Derrick intensely. He held his hand out over the bed and smiled even more.

“Hi, I’m Luke. Looks like we’re gonna be roomies.”

“Um…yeah, I guess. I’m Derrick.”

“Great ta meetcha, Derrick. Where from?”


“Really? Wow---my girlfriends from L1.”


“Yep. You get the top bunk. I toss in my sleep and fell out of it the other night.”

Derrick smiled slightly and grabbed his things from the floor. Luke paused a moment and then laid back down on the bottom bunk, hands behind his head.

“Ya know, you look oddly familiar to me…have we met?”

“Um, don’t think so.”

“Do you go to the Lakewood School.”

“Only been there a day.”

“Oh, must a been the day I was here doing this.”

“You tried out?”

“Yeah---top one too.”

“Really? Great, I didn’t have to try out though.”

“What’s special about you?”

“I’ve done some intelligence work before…”

“That’s it, that’s why you didn’t have to try out. They’re always looking for intelligence guys.”


“So, you’re from L1---interesting. Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have seen my girlfriend, Marie, would ya?”

“Um…I’m not sure…”

“She would have been at Lakewood.”

“I’m not sure of too many people’s names there. Only been a day.”

“Oh, well, she’s the short haired brunet with…”

“Ooh, that girl. Yeah, I’ve seen her. She’s a babe!”

Luke laughed and nodded his head. “Yeah, she is. But don’t go saying that too loud ok. *nod* But there’s a damn fire in her, even with those good looks.”

“Oh. I have a girlfriend too, her names Neko. If she heard me say that, I’d be a dead man. But she’s not really “fiery”, she’s more reserved.”

“Ah well, have you two been together long?”

“Yeah, pretty much. She came with me from the colonies.”

“Ah. It’s kinda strange to hear of a colonist coming to join the Oz forces.”

“Yeah well, many colonist have become “friendly” with Oz.” Nice lie.

“Oh. Well Marie---my girlfriend---she is hardly “friendly” with Oz. She hates Oz with a bloody passion. She objected really strongly to me joining.”

“Why did you join?”

“I felt that what they were doing was right.”

“Oh. Why did she object?”

“I’m not entirely sure. She said something about killing and what have you, the normal stuff…but she’s always hated Oz. I don’t know why. I remember the first day I met her. Ha-ha, we were defiantly two people you would not see together.”

“Really, why?”

“Well, when she first came into school---I think it was almost a year or so ago---she was cursing up a storm. I had never heard such words flow from one mouth. It was rather funny to see the look on the faculties’ face, but anyway. She was being dragged in, literally kicking and screaming by two-Oz soldiers. She kept screaming about how much she hated “the Lt.”, whoever that is. I really don’t know much about her past. I know her parents are divorced and her mother died and she had to come and live here. Probably with her dad, that would be the best bet.”

“That’s really interesting.”

“Yeah, but like I was saying before. She would always run away from classes and go and hide. One such time she had even the principle looking for her. I was going to the music room when all of a sudden I heard the most beautiful piano playing I had ever heard. It was soft and sweet yet it seemed so sad. I quietly peeked into the room and there I found Marie. She was the one playing that beautiful song. I had never thought it possible for her to play something so lovely. But when I looked at her sad face, a tear rolling down her cheek, I think that’s when I fell in love with her. So eventually we started going out---as soon as she trusted me that is.”

“Ha-ha, cool. So you’re in love with her then?”


“I’m in love with Neko too. She’s just so wonderful. Though she does have a flirting spirit about her, but that’s ok, I can deal with it.”

“Ah, so how did you met her? Is she from the colonies too?”

“Yes, she is. My father was a scientist and she…well, she was one of his…*cough*… students/ assistants, whatever you want to call them. *nervous laugh* But anyway, that’s how I met her. Nothing like how you met Marie. Just plain and simple.”

“Hmm, well, that’s good. But I wouldn’t trade Marie and all her stubborn complicated ways for nothin’. *yawn* Well, I really gotta get some sleep. I get to go back to Lakewood tomorrow and see how Marie takes this whole thing.”

“Oh, she doesn’t know you joined Oz?”

“No, she does. She just doesn’t approve of it…just a little lovers spat.”

“Ah. *laughs*”

“So, do you get to go back tomorrow? To Lakewood that is?”

“Uh…no, I don’t think so. I’m really not sure.”

“Oh, well I do. I’ve been cooped up here for almost a three days. I’ve defiantly gotta get out and hit the town.”

“Ha-ha, yes.”

“Well, *yawn* I hope you get out too. I’ll see ya in the morning and maybe I’ll get to meet Neko.”

“Maybe, just remember---she’s taken.”

“Right…and so is Marie.”

“Hmm, goodnight Luke.”

“Night Derrick.”

And they both turned in for a very restful night’s sleep, listening to the rain beat down on the tin roof of the base. To bad they were one of the few who would get one.



The rain poured from the gutters creating a type of waterfall down the side of the movie-theater. The five of them stood under the awning, staring at the swiftly falling rain. Jason opened his huge umbrella and stepped out into the rain. Aaron did the same thing only he offered his hand to the girlfriend of the moment, Annett, and pulled her under the umbrella and started to walk down the street.

“We’re going to the park,” he yelled, almost half way down the street.

“Weirdo,” Jason mumbled “Only he would go to the park in the pouring rain. Marie, ready…Duo?”

Jason turned to Marie and Duo, still standing under the awning. Marie stepped under the huge black umbrella and smiled, waiting for Duo to join them, only he didn’t.

“Duo, ya coming?”

“No, you two go ahead. I can walk home.”

“I know that, that’s what we’re doing. It’s just that its raining and you don’t have and umbrella,” Marie said with a bit of a smirk.


“So, you’ll get wet and cold and probably catch your death.”

“Death can not catch death.” *blink* *sweat drop* “Ha-ha, chill out, you two look so freaked. Nah, don’t worry about it. I think it’s best---probably should look pathetic when I show up back at the dorms, Heero won’t beat my ass that way.”

“You have to share a room with Heero?” both Marie and Jason asked in shocked.


“Huh, I’ve got one class with Heero. He’s kinda weird if ya ask me,” Jason said.

“Heero… weird… oh god yes!”

They all laughed and then Duo shook his head. “Now you two go…don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I can make it back ok.”

“Are you sure Duo, we could go with you and you wouldn’t get wet,” Marie pleaded.

“Nah, Marie…Jason go. I’m telling you, go!”

“Ok Duo, see ya in school tomorrow. C’mon Marie.”

“Bye Duo. See ya.”


Marie and Jason headed down the opposite street, Duo’s violet eyes watching them until they disappeared into the darkness. He sighed, pulling his coat collar up to his neck and stepping into the rain. Brilliant idea, Shinigami…brilliant. Yep, come waltzing into the dorm room looking like a wet cat, hoping to God that Heero is in a good mood. If he knew I went and saw a movie instead of going to the grocery store, like I said…oh, I’d be a dead man. “I’ll kill you.” Ha-ha, I think you already have. You don’t give a damn about me. Only that fucking laptop that your on all day long and these fucking missions. And does Duo fit in anywhere in that cold black heart of yours---NO! Ha-ha, did I even expect myself too? Damnit Heero, why did I have to fall in love you?

Duo sighed again, feeling the cold rain finally soak him all the way threw. He hiked up the rest of the hill and saw the school in the distance. When he finally did reach it he did look like a wet and rather pathetic looking cat. He sighed again, fishing for his key in his coat pocket. Inches from the keyhole the door opened. Duo’s face went white as a strong hand grabbed his collar and pulled him into the room without a sound.

“Heero…ha-ha, some greeting. Think ya could have just offered to let me in instead of dragging me in. What, feeling frisky tonight?” Duo asked with that same carefree smile. He laughed a bit and readjusting his wet coat and braid.

He stared at the extremely tense and pissed Heero. His arms crossed over his chest and a small piece of white paper in his hands. His cold cobalt eyes drilling into Duo’s soft gentle violet ones. Duo backed up a little, hearing the water hit the linoleum floor as he did so.

“Where were you?” Heero asked, sounding even colder than usual.

“I went to the grocery store…just like I said.”

“If you went to the grocery store then where are the groceries?”

“Ha-ha, I ate them on the way.”

Duo shrugged and gave a weak smile. Heero seemed to become even more pissed than he already was. He sauntered up to Duo, clutching the piece of white paper tightly. He stood in front of him, staring down coldly with his cobalt eyes and using his patented “death glare”. Duo could just see the anger and hate in those eyes. Oh shit he’s gonna kill me!

“Duo…you were with her weren’t you?”

“Her? *blink* Her who?”

“Marie. You were with Marie tonight, weren’t you?”

Duo smiled, closing his eyes he turned to the left to escape Heero when Heero thrust his own hand against the wall, locking him in a little box. So now Duo was stuck between the desk table, Heero and Heero’s arm. Oh shit, shit, shit, shit!

“Where are you going, Duo?”

“Oh, no where.”

“Good. Now tell me, were you with Marie tonight?”

“So what if I was, what difference is it to you?”

“It makes no difference to me. But, it might to you and our mission.”

“Mission? Damnit Heero, do you think I told her about our mission? Man, you’re seriously fucked up in the head if you thought that.”


Heero whispered but still unemotional. He leaned in close to Duo, crushing his muscular body against his, bending his arm that was braced against the wall. He leaned in, smelling the wet and cold Duo, watching his violet eyes widen, he leaned in so close that they were sharing the same breath. Then Heero brushed his lips against Duo’s. Duo swallowed hard thinking perhaps that Heero was drunk or something. He would never behave like this but did he have any idea how it was turning him on?! Oh, again, again, do it again!

“Duo…” he said planting a gentle kiss on his soft lips “do you know who this is?”

Heero held out the white piece of paper to Duo, still crushing him against the wall. Duo blinked; barely able to reach up and grab the paper in his hands, yet Heero still kept a strong hold on it.

“That’s the Lt. Commander of the Oz forces. We’re supposed to kill him. Why?”

“Duo…” he kissed his earlobe and a soft moan was heard from deep in Duo’s throat “Do you know he has a daughter?”


“Duo…” a kiss on the jawbone “do you know who his daughter is?”


Heero ran his hand up Duo’s side and rested it on his stomach. Then he pulled back and punched him hard. Duo toppled to the ground, gasping for breath and clutching his stomach.

“Damnit Duo, Marie is his daughter! Marie! She’s our enemy and your there hugging her at lunch, drooling on her in art and going to see a movie with her! I knew I should have killed you back when I had the chance.”

He was playing with me the whole time? Those kisses meant nothing? Marie…what did he say about her? She’s that guy’s daughter? No, she hates Oz. They meant nothing to him!?. He was just playing with me!? She’s that guy’s daughter! So who gives a flying fuck…he was just messing with me!

“Heero…don’t play around with me!” Duo yelled jumping up and knocking Heero to the ground with a ‘thump’.
They wrestled around, hitting and punching at one another then Heero pulled Duo to his feet and punched him in the eye, those beautiful violet eyes. Duo toppled to the ground clutching his eye. He removed his hand and there was a small spot of blood. He had cut open his eyebrow too. Duo looked up at Heero. He was breathing heavy and slightly hunched over but other wise fine. Duo stared at his hand once more and then back at Heero. He jumped to his feet and started to walk for the door. He was shocked when Heero didn’t stop him, only watched. Duo put his trembling hand on the cold knob and opened it, letting the breeze of the rain hit his aching face. Then he turned suddenly and stared at Heero with cold violet eyes. Heero was quite startled by this for he saw his own eyes in those beautiful violet depts.

“I hope you rot in hell you cold hearted bastered!”

He slammed the door behind him and took off running as fast as his legs could carry him. No, not just because he wanted to get out of that dorm room as fast as he possibly could but because he figured Heero would be hot on his trail. Shocked by both, he wasn’t.

Heero stood there for a long time just staring at the door pondering why he didn’t go after him. Why weren’t his legs going, why wasn’t he in the rain chasing after Duo? It just didn’t make sense. He slowly turned away from the door and walked over to the window. He stared at the rain pouring down the glass. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that the way I did? But oh Duo if felt so good to kiss you. To be so close to you and not have you care. Your lips are so sweet. But you had to know. I didn’t have to do it like that though, what was I thinking. “That I wanted to fuck you.” I’m sorry Duo. But you’ll be back. You’ve got no place else to go…you’ll be back.



Duo still gasped for breath. It felt like he had run forever in the pouring rain. In all actuality he had only run a little less than a mile. But it wasn’t the rain or the running that hurt so much it was the huge hole in his heart cause by the one and only Mr. Perfect Soldier.

Ha-ha, good move Shinigami; he played you like a fucking harp…and you fell for it. Now what? Can’t see out this eye. It’s raining and I’m fool enough to be sitting on a park bench in the middle of it. But where will I go? I’ve got no where else too go. Damnit this is all…..well damnit it’s all somebody’s fault! If Heero hadn’t found out about Marie---hey, wait a minute…Marie. I’ll go and stay with Marie. She’s the only other friend I have. I bet she’d let me stay with her. What the fuck, Duo, you don’t know where Marie lives, you don’t know her phone number and you sure as hell don’t know her address! Damnit, now what? It’s not true what Heero said about her, is it? That’s not her father. Heero was just being a jackass ‘cause he was mad I hang out with her. Ha-ha, she’s the only other person besides me who knows how I feel about that asshole. Well, I know she knows I like him…but does she know I love him? Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it all! Duo hung his head and watched the water drip off his bangs and roll down his nose. He wasn’t quite sure now what was rain and what were tears. Just then he heard a familiar sounding voice and giggle. He looked up from the sidewalk and saw Aaron and Annett coming his way. He had forgotten that Aaron said he was going to the park. The two of them proceed to walk by Duo, totally engrossed in each other.

“Aaron…” Duo whispered.

“Huh?” Aaron turned slightly startled by the beaten pilot. “Duo? *blink* Duo what happened…why are you out here!?”

“Aaron…do you know where Marie lives?”


“Could you tell me please?”

“Sure but…”

“Tell me…please.”

Aaron blinked again. That strange tone that Duo had was starting to freak him out. He turned to Annett and asked her for a pen and paper. Annett fished around in her purse for a moment and then pulled the objects out. She handed them to Aaron who started to write. Aaron took the umbrella back from Annett and handed Duo the paper, the ink running slightly in the rain.

“Here, Duo.”

“Thank you Aaron…Annett. I’ll be see’n you.”

Duo took the paper from Aaron’s hand and started to walk off in the other direction, Aaron’s bright blue eyes following him the whole way until he disappeared in darkness. What happened to you, Duo? What has scared you so much that you turned into…that?


The rain had stopped all together now as Duo reached Marie’s house. Goddamn! And well, he was quite impressed by it. A huge mansion made of stone with a lawn the size of a football field and an iron-gate. Ha, these things are so pointless. I’ve climbed many of these in my time. He shimmied up the gate and hopped over to the other side. He walked quietly threw the yard, watching for anything to popped up and attack him. He walked around to the side of the house and shook his head but smiled. An Olympic sized pool. Go figure. He walked up to the water and dipped his hand in it. He smiled and then he heard the strangest noise, it almost sounded like growling. He looked up from the blue water and smiled a rather frightened smile. There before him were four Doberman Pinchers. They were all growling and ready to attack.

“Ha-ha, nice doggies,” he laughed, giving a little wave. They charged at him full speed. “AHHHH!”

Duo took off running threw the yard, the dogs right on his trail. “God damnit, where’s Trowa when I need him!?”

One of the dogs nipped at his rear end, making him jump almost six feet in the air and run faster. Shit, shit, shit…I don’t know which is worse, Heero or the dogs!? Then he looked in front of him, a large wooden door, just close enough that he could reach it with out becoming dog meat, that is if it was unlocked.

“If there is a god…”

He plowed into the door, fumbling with the handle and bursting inside, shutting the dogs out to bark and claw at the door.

“And there is!” he breathed, leaning on the door. Then his jaw dropped to the floor. An indoor pool too!?

He walked up to the marble pool, checking for any more dogs. He smiled when he found none and he stuck his hand in the water. It was actually quite warm for a pool and then he heard a door shut and footsteps. Fuck! He looked around for something to hide behind, anything. But there was only one thing: ‘splash’!

Marie walked down the tiled steps. Her flip-flops flopping the whole way down the stairs. She threw her towel down on the cement and slipped off her shorts to reveal the blue bikini bottom with white flowers. She took off her tee shirt and had the same pattern on her top as well. She sighed and was about to jump in the water when out of no where Duo burst up, creating as much commotion as possible, and scaring her half to death.

“Duo!” she snapped staring at the soaking boy in her pool. Then his eye caught her eye.

“Oh my God Duo, what happened?” she asked wide-eyed, pulling him out of the pool.

“Oh nothing---just a friendly scuffle is all.”

“Heero hit you?!”

“If you want to call it that.”

“DUO!” she screamed *freaked* “Heero hit you!”

“I’m fine Marie, really. Don’t worry about it.”

“Duo?” she whispered brushing the bangs of chestnut off of his face to examine the wound more “How did you get in here anyway?”

“Your dogs showed me the way---threw their iron teeth.”

“The dogs? The dogs are harmless.”

“Yeah, tell that to my pants.”

He spun around and pointed to his rear end with the big bite out of his back of his black pants; exposing his white boxers with the little red hearts on them. She snickered softly.

“Are those for Heero?”

“NO!” *glare from Marie* “Yes *laugh* if ever the remote chance---gotta be prepared, right?”

She stared to laugh hysterically. When her laugher died down she wrapped her arm around his, grabbed her clothes and escorted him up the stairs to the kitchen.


She closed the dryer door and pulled a blanket from the shelf above it. She sighed and walked back into the kitchen were Duo was. He was sitting on one of the counter bar stools eating an apple from the fruit basket and he was wearing nothing but his boxers and a small gold cross on a silver chain. She smiled and laughed a bit as she walked over to him and draped the warm blanket around his freezing shoulders. She kissed his cheek softly and walked over to the freezer. She pulled out a steak and walked back over to him.

“Here ya go.”


“Your eye, you’re supposed to put it on your eye.”

“A steak?”

She sighed and walked over to him slapping the steak down on his rapidly blackening eye.

“There, see.”

“No actually, I don’t see.”

“Oh, give me a break.”

“Of that Kit Kat bar!”

“Ha, ha, you’re in rather high spirits---all things considered. How did you find me anyway?”

“Aaron told me where you lived.”

“Oh, he’s so sweet. Sorry about the dogs.”

“It’s ok. They were just doin’ their job.”

“Hmm…Duo, what happened between you and Heero?”

Duo looked down at his apple threw his good eye. He sighed sadly and she smiled tenderly, lifting his chin with her finger.

“Duo, I won’t let you stay here unless you tell me.”

He smiled slightly and sighed “He came up with this idea that for some fucked up reason you were the Lt. Commander of the Oz Special Forces daughter. I told him he was screwed in the head for saying so…and that was one of the reason we fought.”

“What was the other?”

“He was just playin’ me?” he said quietly, resting his head on his hand. “It’s not true though is it, you’re not that guys daughter are you?”

Marie hung her head and refused to meet Duo’s gaze. “Marie…are you? You’re not, are you? Please tell me Heero was wrong…please.”

“It’s true, Duo.”

”What?! No, no!”

“Yes, it is. As much as I hate to admit it, it is.”

“No, that means he’ll kill you too.”


“Heero, he’ll kill you too.”

“What? Why?”

Duo stared down at the bite mark out of his apple. Marie blinked, not quite sure how to take any of this. His head suddenly shot up and he smiled slightly.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Gundams, right?”

“Yeah! They’re from the colonies. Of course I’ve heard of them. There like some saving grace or something.”

“Great, did you know they have missions to destroy Oz bases and what have you?”

“Well, I know that they do destroy them. Why?”

“Ever heard of the Gundam Deathscythe or 02?”

“No, don’t think so.”

“Ah well, too bad. That’s my Gundam.”


“Yep, I’m a Gundam pilot from L2…and Heero is one as well, he’s from L1. That’s how I know him. There are five of us all together. We get missions and have to do them, for the peace of the colonies.”

“Both you and Heero are Gundam pilots?!”

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

“But why are you telling me this? Isn’t it supposed to be some secret or something?”

“I figured you should know, especially since…well, our mission is to kill your father.”

“My father?!”

“That’s right, we are to kill the Lt. Commander of the Oz Special Forces. That’s normally Heero’s job though.”

“Heero’s supposed to kill my father?!”

“Yeah. I’m sorry…but knowing Heero, he’ll do it no matter what. He is a soldier after all.”

“Heero’s supposed to kill my father? Are you too?”

“Yeah, but I don’t normally do that sorta thing.”

“Oh, so Heero’s supposed to kill my father?”

“Yes, I already said that!”

“Oh…ok. Tell him he never comes home. He’s always at the base and his office is around the back. There are never any soldiers there.”

“What?! You actually want Heero to kill your father?!”


“What?! Why?!”

“My father’s a jackass. I despise him! Do ya wanna know why I hate Oz?”

“Yeah. I told myself you hate Oz, that is was impossible for you to be that guys daughter.”

She sighed and stared down at her hands. Then she walked over to the small cabinet on the right, by the refrigerator. She pulled down two bottles of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and walked back over to him. She opened one of the bottles and took a drink, the bitter liquid spilling out of the corners of her mouth. Then she handed it to him.

“I think we both need a drink.” He smiled as he took a swig of it as she opened the other bottle.

“So, why do you hate Oz?” *another long drink*

“Because my parents used to be married. Why they got married in the first place is far beyond me. My father the soldier and my mother the liberal rebel. Anyway, not long after I was born, they divorced.”

“So you hate Oz ‘cause your parents are divorced?”

“No, that’s only the half of it. I lived with my mother on L1 while my father lived on the Earth. Last year when Oz/the Alliance got wind of “Operation Meteor” my father freaked and wanted me to live on the Earth with him, for some ungodly reason. Well, my mother didn’t want that and I didn’t either. But my father is a really persistent and controlling man. He doesn’t know that I found out that…” She hung her head briefly and a tear leaked from her eye.


“He had two Oz soldiers go to the colony and kill my mother and take me to the Earth.”

Duo sat shocked beyond belief. How could anyone do that?! Now he knew exactly why she hated Oz and her father so much. They had killed her mother for being a mother.

“Oh Marie… I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok.”

He touched her hand and took another drink and she followed suite.


They both staggered up the stairs, gripping the walls for support. Marie fell down a couple of steps and just laughed, chugging some more of her drink. Duo laughed even harder and toppled over himself. Once they both had gotten their balance, well sorta, Marie showed Duo to a room. She fumbled with the doorknob, cursing because she thought it kept moving. She finally opened it and Duo’s jaw dropped. A huge room with polished hardwood floors, a fireplace that was lit and a king size canopy bed with a fuzzy comforter. Duo smiled and ran into the room, bouncing on the bed and landing on his back, all spread out. Marie smiled and staggered over to him.

“Do ya like it?”

“Yep!” *drink* “Not much left… damn. Got any more?” he asked, words slightly slurred.

“Nope,” she said sloshing what was left in the bottle back and forth.

“Ahhh, shoot.”

“Oh well, I don’t think we’d be needing more. We’re gonna wake up in the morning with one monster of a headache… or at least I will.”

“Hmm, yeah.”

Marie nodded at him and slowly started to stager away from the bed and out the door.



“Can you stay with me?”

His one good eye seemed to plead with her. The other one was swollen shut. She gave him a weak smile and a sigh.

“No, don’t think so. I think we’ve both had a little to much to drink and if I stay we might both regret it if something happens.”

“Nothings gonna happen. The only person I’d fuck would be Heero and you… uh, Luke?”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Have you screwed him?”

“Your vocabulary astounds me.”

“Ha-ha,” *drink* “So, have you?”

“Uh… yeah.”

“Knew it. So come on---stay---please?”

“I don’t know…”

“Just stay, I’ll split what’s left in my bottle with ya.”

“Ok, ok.”

She walked over to him and lay down next to him, resting her head against his. They both stared at the “spinning” white ceiling for a couple of minutes and then Duo spoke up.



“How come you don’t have a problem with it?”

“A problem with what?”

“Me and Heero?”

“Oh, ha-ha, that.”

“Some people get freaked out about it… why not you?”

“Um… ’cause of three things my mother taught me.”


“Number one: There is always a choice… no matter what people say, there always is.”

“Oh, makes sense.”

“Number two: Forgive and Forget; it may be hard but it will make you a bigger person for it in the end and you won’t have all that bitterness eating you alive,” she said finishing off what was left in her bottle.


“And number three and most important,” she said kinda drowsily as she rolled onto her side and stared into his eyes “Love is love no matter what! Whether it’s between a guy and a girl or a guy and a guy, love is love. Love is blind---and so is justice.”

“Wow…” Was all he could say as he finished of his drink. He just lay there and stared at the ceiling and pondered this.

After about five minutes of silence Marie asked him.

“Duo, do you love him?”





Ten minutes gone by.

“Do you love him?”




Fifteen minutes gone by.

“Do you love him?”



Twenty minutes gone by.

“Do you love him?”



Thirty minutes go by as each of them are about to fall asleep.

“Do you love him?”

“Yes,” he whispered “So much so… it hurts.”

“Hmm, yes… it does.” Oh Luke, I hope I see you tomorrow. Seeing Duo and Heero makes me want to cry. I’m sorry if I screwed everything up. I will apologize and things will be ok. And she and Duo fell into a deep, alcohol invaded sleep.


Jason rapped his fingers impatiently on the counter. He kept staring at the clock and then the steps: clock… steps… clock… steps, until he couldn’t take it anymore and jumped up from his bar stool seat and started pacing. Aaron looked up at his brother briefly and smiled then returned his gaze to the orange he was peeling.

“Would you sit down, you’re making me nauseous.”

“But Aaron, if she doesn’t hurry up we’ll be late for school.”

“Relax, Jason, we will not. If you’re so concerned, why don’t you go upstairs and get her?”

“No… why should I?”

“Ha-ha, ‘cause she might be dressing… hmm?”

“Aaron! You’re sick. She’s with Luke.”

“You always say that. Why, is beyond me, when we both know you like her. What, just telling yourself that so you don’t do something rash?”

“Oh shut up, Aaron! I do not!”

“Yeah right, and I’m a purple cockatoo,” he smirked, taking a bite of his orange. Jason clenched his fists and his teeth. He turned to the stairs one more time and then back at his brother. “The only reason I’m going to get her is so we’re not late! So there!”

“Uh-huh… have fun,” Aaron waved and his brother huffed, stomping up the stairs.

Jackass, what does he think? I don’t like Marie… he’s delusional! But… she is kinda cute. No! Evil thought… evil though! Luke and Marie… yes, good thought. He shook his head and walked down the long hall. He passed one of the usually empty rooms and noticed that it looked like it had been slept in. He shrugged it off as he went down to Marie’s room. He knocked softly on the door, when there was no answer; he knocked again. When there was still no answer he quietly opened the door.

Marie stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed, even with the splitting headache. She sighed, wrapping a towel around herself and walking out into her room.


Jason’s face flushed as he quickly turned around. “Oh my God I’m so sorry.”

“Damnit Jason!” she yelled.

Then Duo came whizzing into the room, hair unbound and hanging in a mass down his back. “What, what, what happened?”

“Duo!” she yelled again.


“Turn around,” Jason said spinning him around.

Duo shrugged and looked at the very red Jason. He laughed to himself and then Marie yelled once again.

“Would you guys please leave! I would like to change… and if you don’t want to feel the wrath of this headache I suggest you do it to or I will take it all out on you!”

“Ok, ok, calm down,” Duo laughed, shutting the door.

Jason let out several calming breaths. Duo looked at him and laughed.

“Scared ya, didn’t she?”

“No. Duo, what are you doing here?” Jason asked, finally looking up from the floor.

He stared at the smiling pilot in shock. His eye was now black and blue and he could barely see the violet pool that was surrounded by it. “Oh my God, what happened to your eye?!”

“Hey man, don’t worry about it.”

“Who hit you? Why are you here? And further more, how did you find here?”

“Ha-ha, a bombardment of questions… I was expecting as much. Marie just let me stay ‘cause she’s sweet. Aaron told me where she lived and well… I don’t want to talk about who hit me.”

“But… but…”

“Well, I’ve gotta go and fix my hair. If I don’t do it while it’s still kinda wet, it tends to get a little unruly. See ya,” Duo waved over his shoulder and went back into the bedroom that he had spent the night it. Jason stood there for a moment and pondered this. Who hit him? Wait a minute… Aaron told him where she lived?!

Jason tore down the steps and into the kitchen. Aaron looked up from his almost finished orange and smiled.

“What’s the matter?”

“Duo! Duo! He’s here!?”

“Duh, I told him.”

“But why? He was here all night with Marie---alone!”

“So, are you her protector all of a sudden?”

“No, it’s just that Luke told me to watch her. But she was here all night alone with him and she’s got a hang over! They were drunk, I’m sure of it!”

“So, big deal.”

“Well, aren’t you the least bit worried about…?”

“No. Jason, did you notice Duo’s eye?”

“Yeah, who hit him?”

“I think it’s a good bet to say that Heero hit him.”

“Heero?! Why would Heero hit him?!”

“Not entirely sure but… haven’t you ever noticed that Duo isn’t quite into Marie.”


“Duo wouldn’t do anything with Marie or any other girl, even if he was drunk.”


“He doesn’t seem to like being with girls all that much… as more than just a friend.”


“He likes guys you moron!”

Jason stared in puzzlement for a moment and then it hit him like a ton of bricks. “Oh,” he said almost falling on the floor. Aaron shook his head. “You really need to get out more.”

“But how would you know that anyway?”

“It’s kinda obvious…well, sorta. I don’t think many people know. Marie does I’m sure, that’s probably why he came here last night. I know and I’m pretty sure. It took a while to figure but the way he looks at Heero… it’s obvious.”

“Oh… but…”

“Mornin’, guys!” Duo beamed bouncing down the steps.

“Morning, Duo. Make it here ok?” Aaron asked.

Duo smiled, grabbing an apple from the basket and rolling it along his fingertips then grabbing it tightly in his fist. “Yeah, thanks for the directions. Could ta told me about the dogs though.”

“Oh, ha-ha, sorry ‘bout that.”

“It’s cool. Sooo, Jas, enjoy your little peep show? Hmm?”

Aaron gave him a funny look and Jason just turned bright red. “What?” Aaron asked with a wide smile on his face.

“Oh, this one here walked in on Marie in nothin’ but a wet towel,” Duo smiled making Jason’s face turned an even brighter shade of scarlet.

“You did, did you? Ha-ha, I wouldn’t have thought. Guess ya do like her after all.”

“I do not!”

“Does he?” Duo asked walking over to Aaron so that he could stare Jason in the face. “Ha-ha, I think he does.”

“Do not!”

Both Aaron and Duo smiled at each other and then turned it to Jason. “Do,” they announce proudly.

“I do not!”

“Do not what?” Marie asked coming down the stairs.

Duo and Aaron started to laugh hysterically and Jason flushed even more. Marie stared at the two laughing idiots and then at Jason.

“Whatcha so red about?” she asked, resting her hands on his shoulders.

“…” *laughter from Duo and Aaron*

“If you’re embarrassed about earlier… forget it. That was nothing. Now if you had seem me in nothing…then it would be a different story.”

“Oh no, it’s not that.” *more laughter*

“Then what is it?”

“Nothing.” *ROFL*

“Do I want to know?” she asked wearily.


“Ok then. Hey, peanut gallery!”

“Huh?” both Aaron and Duo looked up at her.

“Braid boy, don’t you think you should put some ice on your eye before we go?”

“Nah, it’s good. But… uh… anyone got any sunglasses? I don’t want the rest of the school to wonder about the new eye makeup I’m sportn’ here, ya know?”

“Yeah. I’m afraid I don’t have a pair on me,” Aaron said patting his pants pockets.

“I have some,” Jason spoke quietly.

“Great!” Duo beamed.

Jason sighed a bit and dug threw his bag. He pulled out a pair of oval shaped black sunglasses and handed them to Duo. “Here ya go.”

“Thanks, man,” he said putting them on. Then he struck a dramatic pose and pouted his lips, speaking in a funny accent “How do I look?”

“Just wonderful, darling,” Marie smiled speaking in a Russian type accent.

“Ok, ok, come on now, we have to get to school before we’re late,” Aaron said getting up from his seat.

“Oh boy, here we come…” Duo laughed, heading out the door as bouncy as could be with the other three right behind him.


They walked down the street to the school. Marie lived only two blocks away from it. Duo bounced along happily, Aaron just smiled, Jason stared at the sidewalk and Marie looked a little pained.

“Duo, I can’t believe how much energy you have. I woke up this morning with a major headache and other stuff… *whistle*”

“Ahh, I’m used to it,” he beamed.

“So, how much did you guys drink?” Aaron quarried.

“Welp, a bottle of JD for me and a bottle for her… well, I drank some of hers.”

“Ya did not, ya big liar. I can hold just as much alcohol as you can.”

“Oh can you now?”

“Yep, trained by the best. Actors!” she said in a dramatic voice.

“Ah, well that explains it,” Aaron laughed.

“Could we have another conversation?” Jason groaned.

“No, why?” Aaron smiled. “Just ‘cause you’ve never had a drink before…”

“Never?” Duo asked almost falling over.

“Well I…”

“Which is fine,” Marie declared “Some people need to be responsible and in this little group…looks like it’s you, Jason.”

“Yeah well…” *blush*

Aaron nudged him in the side and then Duo bounced over to him and slipped an arm around his shoulders, putting him in a type of headlock. This made Jason a little uneasy but he refused to let it get to him. “Are you sure you don’t like her?” Duo whispered in his ear.

Jason blushed again and Duo just laughed then a dark figure up near the school caught his eye. He stopped and so did the others. He stared at the figure threw his dark sunglasses.

“Duo…” Marie whispered.

Duo waved her off, released Jason and started marching up to the figure proudly. Aaron, Marie and Jason all looked at each other and ran after Duo.

“Mornin’ Heero!” Duo beamed falsely, waving at him “Nice weather today, huh? Good day for sunglasses, na? But then again…looks a little cloudy, maybe I shouldn’t wear such things,” he ripped the glasses from his face to show Heero his eye.

Heero flinched a bit. The black, blue, and purple circle around the beautiful violet orb, hiding the innocence and light. The small gash at the top of his eyebrow made it look even worse. Oh God Duo! Duo smiled his lopsided grin and put the sunglasses back on.

“Whatcha got to say, Heero?”


“Figured. See ya around then, Heero…ol’ buddy, ol’ pal!”

Duo turned from him, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking off to the main doors. Aaron, Marie and Jason walked by Heero. Marie smiled slightly, Aaron nodded and Jason just gave him a funny look as they joined Duo in the school. Oh my God Duo, what have I done… what have I done? You look so hurt… I’m sorry Duo… I’m so sorry.


“I’m sorry, Duo,” Marie whispered to him, finally catching up to the retreating pilot.

Duo stopped at the front doors of the school and shook his head, braid shaking as his did so.

“I don’t want an apology from you, Marie. I want one from him… but guess that’s too much to ask. Yep, too much to ask from Mr. Perfect fucking Soldier. Why oh why does he have to mean so much to me?”

“We’re sorry, Duo man… something we can do…”

“Nah Aaron, it’s cool, thanks anyway. Guess we should go in, before we get in trouble for being late.”

“Right, that’s what I’ve been saying all along.”

*groan* They four of them walked in the doors, Duo looking back briefly but Heero was not there. He sighed and fixed his attention back on the hallway ahead of him.

The four walked into the lobby of the school and Marie’s mouth just dropped. There, standing at the end of the hall, was Luke. He was all spiffed up in an Oz uniform and he was leaning up against the wall. She didn’t care that he was dressed as such, all she cared about was him and him alone.

“Luke!” she yelled, dropping her stuff on the floor and running to him.Luke straightened from his position on the wall and opened his arms just in time to catch her. She jumped into his embraced, hooking her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and burying her faced in his hair and inhaling the sent.

“Luke,” she whispered as she released him and now stood, staring into his eyes. “I’m so sorry… I didn’t…”

“Shh…” he smiled at her and leaned down, kissing her gently parted lips.

“Well, looks like those two are back together,” Aaron said picking up her stuff and walking down he hall to them.

“*groan* yeah.”

“So, you do like her then?”

“*blush* No! Do you like Heero?”


“Good, me neither.”

“Good, glad we’ve got that cleared up.”

“Hmm… lets go.”

“Ok. Lead the way… can’t see so good, ya know… it’s a little dark. But thanks for the glasses, Jas.”

“You’re welcome, Duo.”

“Don’t have a problem with it?”

“*puzzled*… *shakes head* No.”

“Good. That’s big of ya, man.”


“Welp, c’mon then… lets go see what the ‘love birds’ are talk’n about. Then I need to get my kister up to the art room. I wanna finish my painting by today. Have you seen my painting?”

“That’s a painting?!”

“Yes! That’s a painting!”

“Oh, I thought it was just a bunch of squiggly lines.”

“Hmmm… yeah right, Jas. You’re lucky you’re such a cool guy---insult my art?! Have you any idea that you are in the presence of Shinigami?”

“The God of Death?!” *puzzled*

“Damn right.”

“You? You think you are the God of Death… Shinigami?”

“Yes… but I don’t want to go into detail on why---later.”

Duo smiled at him then bounced off towards Marie, Luke and Aaron. Jason stood there for a moment and then felt cold eyes on him. He turned suddenly and Heero disappeared from the doorway. Jason sighed yet still held in his breath as he ran to the other four.

“Hey, can you guys take a breather, huh?”

“Sorry, Duo.” Marie giggled, pulling away from Luke.


Oops, cliff hanger!! ^_^