Oi minna! Welp, I was sitting here attempting to write my other fic. Well, it wasn't going to well 'cause my fingers were numb. Our weather has finally changed and it's COLD!! I hate being cold too! -_-; Anyway, I was thinking about Duo and Hee-chan and this idea dawned on me. Duo seems, to me, like the kind of person who would hate to be cold as well, so this is what came out of that idea. It's a Duo POV. He's fun to do that with, he likes to curse. *cough* And, I think it's a PWP. I'm not sure. But, *evil cackle* it's not finished yet! Muuuuuwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaahhhaaaaaaaa!! So, I would greatly love some feedback. I only have one part left and if my little brother leaves me alone, I'll get it done. Thanks! Enjoy! And here's your bag of complimentery peanuts! 0.0;;


///_^ <--- Trowa


Snowy Days

Pairings: 1x2/2x1 (DUH!)
Warnings: SAP!! Um... may, and quite possibly will turn into a lemon. Duo on top! *gets beat upside the head by her muse* Ok, ok, I won't give anymore away. Sheeze!



Damn that alarm clock! Damnit all to hell! It woke me from such a nice dream! I was finally gettin’ some! Stupid thing. Who set that anyway? I sit up groggily and shiver. Brrrrrrrr! What the fuck!? It’s freakin’ cold out! Ah yes, that’s so nice, it’s snowing. IT’S SNOWING?! I plaster my bare chest and face against the icy window. Miles and miles of white is all I can see. It’s so pretty though.

“It’s gotta be at least six feet deep!”

“Three actually.”

I turned around slowly, almost like I should be freaked out about that voice. Ok, so I am but… it’s all good. I stare into the eyes of the one I soooooo long to touch. Dark cobalt blue eyes and that shaggy mop top of his. God, I just want to f…

“Oh, hiya Heero!” I laugh, rubbing the back of my head, “Can you believe we got all this snow? I didn’t even hear about it on TV.”


I blink. That’s always what he calls me. I think, perhaps, he thinks my name is fool. He always calls me that for Christ sakes. Never anything but. Oh, but sometimes I get the ‘stupid baka’ thing in there too. God, why does he have to be so, so, so cold? Speaking of cold…

“Damn man, aren’t you cold?”


There he goes again, to type on that damn laptop of his. I hate it! The stupid thing gets more attention than me, and I’m his partner! Ok, not exactly a partner, I’m more of a nuisance to him than anything. I can tell too. There’s this little vein right above his eye that pops out just a tiny bit when I really bug him.

He-he! Ya know something, I’m still cold! I hate being cold! It’s freakin’ cold. Duh numbskull, you’re standing in nothing but your boxers! Dimwit. Ya know, I think that sleeping more would be better than changing. After all, it’s just going to be a lazy day ‘cause of the snow. Yeah, hot chocolate by the fire, apple cider perhaps. Oh, cookies and that fuzzy rug that is just so warm! God, how I would love to screw Heero on that thing.

I know I’ve got some kinda goofy grin on my face. I am such a dumbass though! I think I’m drooling now. But ya know… I’m kinda chilly. Brrrrrrrr!! It’s COLD!! I hate being cold. I run and make a flying leap for my covers. I bundle inside the layers and snuggled in deep to my pillow. Ah, comfy, cozy, this is sooooooooo nice. I think that’s such a better idea than changing and doing something. Besides, my feet’ll get cold if I do get dressed. Those wooden floors of this place are cold! And I HATE being cold.

Tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… fucking taping! Make it stop! Make it STOP! I can’t stand that noise anymore! I’m supposed to be resting and sleeping all warm! But noooooooooooo Mr. Perfect Soldier has to… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap on that laptop!

“Oi Heero, ya think ya could stop it with that thing. I’m trying to sleep here.”

“Iie. Besides, you should get up anyway, you’ll feel warmer.”

Pah! Bullshit! I feel just fine and dandy here under my covers, it’s your fault you, you, whatever the hell you are. Sexy god, how’s that? I chuckle slightly and sit up and stare at the back of his head. God, he is soooooooo fucking hot! I think I love him.

Oh but he must be sooo warm. I just want ta cuddle up to him. I’m always cold and he’s gotta be always warm. I mean… there’s a fucking blizzard outside and he’s running around in his tanktop and spandex! But oh god do I love that spandex. Yummy… he’s got such a nice ass… nice firm ass. Shit! I think I’m drooling. Damn, if he catches me staring at him there’d be a lot of “omae o korosu- ing” goin’ on it’d make my head spin. I shudder. That’s not something I’d like to think about.

I throw my covers off and climb out into the cold again. Brrrrr! Damn, it’s really cold! How can he stand that? Just sitting there and typing on that laptop in… spandex! I found spandex to be my new erotic best friend. I shudder again. I think I’m gettin’ warmer now. I smile, to no one in particular really. Just to the wall and myself and maybe to him if he were paying attention to me. But alas, I am the last thing on his list of things to pay attention to.

Why?! I feel sometimes as if I want to bang my head against the wall until I pass out. Why did I have to fall in love with this… cold-hearted bastered anyway? What good is it doing me? None! That’s for fucking sure! Sure, fantasies are nice… but they are still fantasies. God, I just wish I could hold him and touch him and love him. But nnnnooooooooooo! He’s Mr. Perfect Solider, feeling anything at all isn’t being perfect. Screw perfect! No one’s perfect! But, he’s a soldier. A Perfect Soldier. Yep, the Perfect fucking Soldier. I sigh. This is enough, I’ve gotta get out of this room. Three reasons. I ache inside from staring at something I can’t have. His constant typing is pissing me off and it’s COLD in here!

I trudge out of the room, bundled up like an Eskimo. My nose is still cold though. So, I decided to change, big deal. I was still a lot warmer under my covers. Brrrrr!! I hate being cold! But ya know, I wonder if this is how my soul feels? Cold and empty… maybe that’s why I hate to be cold on the outside. ‘Cause I’m cold, empty, and dark on the inside? Huh, sudden revelation there! I shake my head. I’m so full of it. I swear! I scrounge around in the kitchen for something to eat. Anything. That hot chocolate maybe? Gotta have something warm. Hot apple cider, tea, coffee even. I don’t care… anything! Ok, so, I settle with a big, not so warm, glass of water! I could boil it… but um… that wouldn’t feel to good goin’ down.

I sigh as I enter the living room. There’s a fire going. Well, at least that’s there. I can feel the heat on my face. It’s so warm and inviting. But I’m still cold! I’m wearing like eighteen layers of clothing and twenty pairs of socks but I’m still cold!! Huh, maybe my soul has finally decided to swallow me up.

Heh, go figure. Oh god, I need to get out more. Honestly now, I think this whole thing with Heero’s made me whacko! But… who’s to say I wasn’t before I met him? Ok, now I know I have a problem… when I can relate something that doesn’t even go with him to him!! Jesus fucking Christ… I need a head CT. What is it with this obsession with this… this… inhuman human being? Well, besides the fact that he’s hot… has that whole perfect-ness about him, he’s hot, he’s got those eyes that just make you want to run away yet get lost in the cobalt, he’s hot… has that voice that’s so monotone but I can tell when I annoy him and it’s kinda sexy too, did I mention he was hot?


I pull my knees up to my chest and lean my chin on them. Why do I torture myself the way I do? Why can’t I ignore him just like he ignores me? Why? WHY?! What a terribly crappy day! I get to be stuck inside, in the cold, with my big glass of lukewarm water. Pah, how romantic is that?! I sigh again. What is wrong with me? It’s the weather, I swear it is. Or, just thinking about something I have a snowballs chance in hell at getting is driving me bananas!

I’m fucking COLD! Why? I’m telling you, my soul has swallowed me up and I’m drowning in it’s empty, blackness. See, I wish I could be like that fire there, warm and free. I shut my eyes from the light of the fire. I think the light is making my eyes water ‘cause boys do most defiantly NOT cry. God, I want him so badly. Just, to touch his cheek or his hair. To hold him close. I’m not even asking for sex right yet! But, it would be nice, he-he-he.

I’m cold and I think I’m gonna cry. God, how I want him. Why am I losing it now? ‘Cause you’ve had time to brew over it, dumbass! Heero, Heero, Heero, Heero! I love you so badly, you make me ache inside, do you know that? Why? Why?


Something gentle and warm falls over my shoulders and I stay motionless for a moment. What the fuck is that? It’s warm and fuzzy and… and… and it’s my blanket from my bed. My head snaps up so fast and I find myself staring into those eyes. Dear god I love his eyes! They are his best feature. Ok, yes, when I’m not on a hormone kick, but the other hour of the day his eyes are the best part. I could just drowned in them.

“Why, what?”

He asks that so easily. I’m kinda shocked by that. He listens to my mumbles and comes away from his precious laptop to bring me a blanket? What’s up with that?! I look him over real quick. Ah, the nice tight ass jeans. God how I love those. I can’t figure out which I love more; those, or the spandex. And some really warm looking green sweater. Where’d that come from? He sits down with so called grace, throwing one leg over the arm of the chair. GOD! Does that look so enticing or what?! Do ya think he would mind if I jump him right here and screw him until I can’t see anymore? Yep, I am the most pathetic human being on the face of this planet! Lets plaster on this mask of smiles again.

“Oi Heero, what’s with the get up… ya cold?”

“It was sufficient for going out.”

“You’re goin’ out? In this weather?!”


“What the hell for? Are you whacko or something?! Wait, don’t answer that.”

Up, there’s the death glare again. Does he really think that intimidates me? Pish! Not me! It never has, I don’t think. Ya know how people say your eyes are the window’s to your soul. I do believe they are right. I can see into his soul. Well, sometimes. I wonder if he can see my soul leaking out of mine when I stare at him too?


Whoa, he sounded almost annoyed… or, more like hurt. I can see that little vein on his forehead too. He’s still glaring at me though. I’ve gotta act this out, I don’t want my cold, black, soul to leak out of my eyes… they might be the only warm things on me. Besides, my face is cold enough, don’t need my soul leaking out and running down my cheeks and making it colder.

“Ha-ha, gomen nasai Hee-chan, but I think that you are the fool, you are the one goin’ out side in a fucking blizzard!”

He just glared at me harder, grabs his coat then slams the door shut. Ooooooh, I did it this time. I smack my forehead a couple of times. Dumbass, dumbass, dumbass! Your really are a stupid one, Shinigami! God! Why am I so dumb? So what if I annoyed him, he gets annoyed with me 18 hours a day. The other 6 hours he’s sleeping--- in a nice comfy bed across from mine. I wonder why I haven’t crawled over to his bed to comfort him at nights when he has nightmares. I just sit and stare. I want to take them away for him. But hell, I have my own nightmares! This, could quite possibly be, one of them.

I slide off the couch and lay on that fuzzy rug. I love this rug. I think it’s actually a bath mat. I don’t know. I’ve never seen rugs this fuzzy and soft before, just bathmats. I dunno. I lay on my stomach; my blanket pulled over me, and stare at the fire. It’s so beautiful. To just be so warm and to dance across logs that way. Not a care in the world. I wonder if I could die by fire? I reach out, as if to touch the flames. It’s so hot on my hand.

“Some say the world will end in fire, some say ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to parish twice, I think I know enough of hate, to say that for destruction, ice is also great, and would suffice.”

Ah, that Robert Frost dude is so right. I’d probably like to die in ice though, now that I think of it. I’ll be living in fire for eternity. Yep, hell fire. And where will Heero be? Up there, in the lights of heaven, laughing his ass off at me. GOD! Why must I torture myself like this?! I need… I need… I need a hobby! Yeah, that’s it. I need a hobby. Like those guys that build little ships in a bottle. I can do that. Ah, wait, scratch that. I’d probably break the bottle after a while. Got no patience for things like that.

I sigh, laying my head on the rug. I do have a hobby. I do. Heero is my hobby. Learning how to read him is a hobby. I learned to speak Japanese so I could understand him. And let me tell you, that was no easy task. I learned to read his body movements, or lack there of. From those little twitches of his eyes to the all out shaking of the fists, I can tell. I can tell when he’s pissed off but won’t do or say anything about it and I can tell when he’s a peace. But, that’s rarely ever. Just when he’s sleeping really.

I can’t think of a night that hasn’t gone by when I haven’t watched him sleep. He’s so peaceful and beautiful. Most of the time I just want to drool over him but when I watch him sleep, I just want to hold him so tight and never let go. Speaking of sleep… I yawn. I need some. I didn’t get much last night. Heero and his damn… tap… tap… tap… taping! Stupid laptop! I should go out and bury it in the snow…

Ugh, stop the shaking, enough with the shaking! I don’t wanna get up. I don’t care if it’s an earthquake or a mission. No get up. Duo no get up!

“Baka, get up!”

I crack an eye open and stare at the fire still burning brightly. I know that voice. Of course I KNOW that voice. The voice of my angst problem here has come to wake me up. What’s with’d that?! Can’t he let me have two minutes of peace?! He shakes me again. Evidently not!

“No Heero… go away.” Yeah, put him in his place. He’ll go away. Maybe.

“Baka. You need to get up!”

He grabs my hair, his strong fist holding on tight. Oh god please don’t pull it! Don’t pull it! God have mercy on me. Do anything but that!


I swear I jumped about three feet in the air. Jesus god, that hurt! You could beat me all you like so that I couldn’t get up but god, pulling my hair hurts the worse, and he knows it. I glare. Some kind of pitiful glare. Ok, so the ‘Duo death glare’ isn’t as powerful as his but hey, it’s not that bad. Ok, so it is. But honestly now!

“Jesus Heero! What the hell’d ya do that for?!”

“You were sleeping.”

“A DU~UH! Doesn’t mean you come in and pull my hair! Jesus, man.”

I rub my head, totally ignoring him. Then, I hear him grunt. It wasn’t the normal. ‘damn fool, leave me alone’ grunt or the ‘pah, it’s your own damn fault’ grunt but more or less, it sounded kinda sad. I blinked, drawing my eyes to him. Why is he looking at me that way? He looks suddenly so… so… sad. Why?



“What’s the matter?”

He turns and stares at the fire. God, he looks so beautiful. I just want to reach out and touch him. AH! Bad hand, bad! Man, I’ve gotta watch those reflexes. But god, he is so beautiful. The way the light plays on his face and his shadow dances along the wall behind him. God, I love him. I don’t know how, but I do.


“What?” I’m confused now. What’s he mean by that? Why can’t I take my eyes off him. I think my face is burning. I need to stop staring at him. I know he feels me doing so. I see him flinch, slightly, but I do. He turns back around and stares at me. The light plays on his face so beautifully. It’s dark now and all I can see is the light from the fire on illuminating his eyes.


He holds the object out in his hand. Wine?! Whoa! But not just any wine, spice apple wine. Wow, where’d he get that at? How’d he know I was craving something like this. Didn’t have to be wine, but it sure as hell is nice too. I take a deep breath, gotta be good about this.

“Dude man, what’s that?”


“Duh! I know that, where’d ya get it from… and how’s ya get it… and further more, why’d ya get it?”

He stares at me blankly and blinks. What, wasn’t he expecting a hundred questions? Well, he should have! I mean, honestly now, he’s not even twenty-one and he bought wine? Oh, and where did he get it from? I mean every place is closed. And WHY did he get it? Now there’s a good question, why did he get it? Did he expect me to get wasted tonight for a fun little romp in the bedroom? Well, it might be a nice idea but that stuffs only got a bit of alcohol in it. No chance of that happening, so why?

“That store down the street, that never closes, they sold it to me. I gave the man a little extra money and he told me that it would be a nice thing to have on a night like this. With the snow falling and sitting by the fire with a loved one… and…”

I just want to fall over on the floor. All of his other words mean nothing to me. Just keep babbling Heero, you won’t know I’m gawking. But was it just my imagination or did he say ‘loved one’? I think he did. I think he did! Yay! Wait, he could have just been repeating what that guy told him… but, oh god the prosper of this is immeasurable.



I walk to him. One-step, two step, getting closer and closer. He doesn’t move. Did I expect him to? I get right till I’m face to face with him. He’s still just a tiny bit taller than me, but that’s ok. I don’t mind. He’s startled, I can tell. He has no reason to be though, I love him. I reach up and gently touch his cheek. He flinches, only slightly though. His breathing has picked up, I can tell. His eyes are wide to. I guess I’m freaking him out. I don’t care though. God, he’s so soft. I guess you could say that. He’s soft… but, soft under my hands I guess. Though his are just as callused as mine. I pull him closer until our foreheads touch.



“Guess what?”


“I’m in love with you.”

He just stares at me, his eyes big and wide. I’ve never seen him startled before. I knew I was going to start this relationship off with something rash. But, he hasn’t pushed me away yet, that’s a good thing. I take a deep breath and shut my eyes, praying that I would never wake from this dream, I brush my lips against his and then, contact! His lips are so soft and taste like the snow, if that’s even possible but… he’s stiff, so very, very, stiff. This wasn’t a good idea; he’s not kissing back! Not at all. Oh god, what have I done?! He’s gonna kill me for sure! I start to pull away, but with his lightning quick reflexes, he grabs me face and pulls me back to him, crushing my lips to his.

Oh god, I’m drowning! I swear I am. He tastes so good, like snow. His lips are so soft, god! I nibble on his bottom lip. I have to taste more. I’m just having a little craving for whatever his taste is. He opens his mouth, just a tiny bit. My mind is flooded with sensation. He tastes like warm spices and apple. His hands on my face, his lips, his tongue. Oh no wait, that’s my tongue… on his tongue. Ah, I think I’m gonna pass out. Ha, I can’t breathe, but I don’t much care. God, I have to have more of him, he tastes so damn good.

He pulls away, leaving me breathless and him the same. We stare at each other and gulp for the sweet air. I think I’m blushing. Am I blushing? I’m so hot! I wonder if he’ll let me kiss him again, and then some.



I can’t believe this! Ok, yes I can. Then I’d be lying! And really bad too! I CAN’T believe this! I take a deep breath. I need my mind to register this so that I can! I gulp for air, about to say something, anything. Like: ‘Heero, why did you kiss me?’ or ‘What the fuck was that, man?!’ or ‘Te-he, can I screw you silly now?’ Dumbass!


He beat me to the punch line. Shoot! Now what? Answer him goofball! “Yes?”

“I… I… I… I want you to… I want you to…”


“Never mind. Goodnight, Duo.”

My jaw drops to the floor. I can feel it. What the hell is that?! Wait a minute, he can’t kiss me like that and not expect anything from it! Ok, that’s it, Shinigami is not going to put up with this angst shit anymore! Well, I’ll just tell him how I feel. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll pin him to this loverly carpet and show him how.

“Now wait just a damn minute here!”

“Huh?” He turns around, positively bewildered. Well, he should be! I’m bewildered and I’ve got the plan! I march right up to him, and stare him down. He blinks those cobalt eyes of his. God I love his eyes. He’s so sexy!

“Heero, enough with the bull shit!” I grab him by the arms and spin him around, turning him towards that rug. He’s glaring and blinking at me the whole time. I’m shocked he hasn’t pulled that gun of his on me yet. I push him to the rug and straddle him. He stares up at me, obvious shock on his face.

“Heero, I don’t want to play anymore. I’m tired of this angsty novel bull shit.” I press my forehead against his and stare into his eyes. “I love you, Heero. Let me, just this once. Please.” He stares at me. I wish I knew he was thinking. I really, really, really do. I wish I knew if he would let me make love to him. I wish I knew if he felt anything at all for me. I wish I knew how to stop this hard on!


“More?” I blink “More what?”

“More times than once.”

He grabs my heavy black sweatshirt and pulls it over my head. I’m still kinda shocked. Ok, kinda is a lie. Pretty damn well shocked is more like it. I blink, I’m so… so… so… not cold. I blink again, staring at the fireplace. I had been cold all day long even sitting in front of this thing and now I’m not.

I blink again and turn my attention back to my love. He’s staring at the fire as well. He turns back to me. Lost again I am, lost in a sea of cobalt blue. No, no, no, I’m not lost. I’m far from lost. I’m found. I’m found… or, should I say I found my other half. I can see it. I can see his soul in his eyes. Just like they say. And, it’s me. I see me in his eyes. I bet he sees himself in mine. Like my other half. He’s life and I’m death. He’s an angel and I’m a devil. He’s fire and I’m ice. That’s why I was always cold up until now. There was no fire there. Ha, I found my fire.

I smile down at him and kiss him gently at first, then harder and harder, so desperately wanted to taste every inch of his mouth. God, but I want so much more than his mouth now. I want, I want… everything. I pull away from him slightly, staring into glazed cobalt eyes. Their still just as cold though. God how I love him. I often wonder where this obsession started at. Ah, who the hell knows and who the hell cares. All I know is I’m in love… yeah, pretty sure I am. He stares up at me. I seriously wish I knew what he was thinking.


“Hai,” he mumbles, trying to reach my lips again. And me, being the dumbass that I am, pull away. He stares at me eyes seeking questions and answers. I take a deep breath; his eyes are starting to haunt me. They seem to be trusting. What the hell’s he trusting me for?! I’m Shinigami, remember! One should not trust the God of Death.

“Heero… Heero… I…”


“Um… I want… um… ah, um… well…”

He raises a slender eyebrow at me. Well, I guess I would be confused too. Hell, I’m babbling. Me, Duo Maxwell, the King of Talkativeness, can’t even spit out that I want to make mad passionate love to someone. Sheeze, when did I become such a dimwit? I turn my attention back to him. He shakes his head at me. Ok, now I’m scared. Perhaps he was drunk or something and the reality of me sitting on him with a MAJOR hard on has just hit him. I. Am. Doomed!



I blink and he stares. He gently runs his callused fingers over my bare chest, playfully teasing my nipples as he goes lower. Ok, I’m seriously losing it here. I moan, deep in my throat and he looks up at me, evil in his eyes. I told you I was doomed.

He wriggles out from underneath me and sits on his knees. He quickly removes his shirt and jeans, leaving him in nothing but his white cotton boxers. Not as much fun as spandex, but’ll have ta do. I slowly get to my knees as well, sorta. I find him very fascinating, always have. And God, he’s soooooo sexy! He slides over to me and stares into my eyes. He quickly removes my pants. Te-he, always fun. I kiss his neck, sucking gently and nibbling on the salty column of flesh. I’ve always wanted to do that. There are many other things I’ve always wanted to do with him as well. He-he-he-he!

He gently removes his boxers. HELLO!! Oh my god, if I wasn’t turned on then, I am now! DROOL! I shiver. He is soooooo beautiful… and big too. I gulp, remoisten my lips. He crawls back over to me, about to remove my boxers. Once again, I am being a dumbass! I pull his hands away.



“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know.”


He shakes his head at me and kisses me again. Mmm-mmm… he tastes sooooo good! Yummy, yummy, yummy! We break for air and he removes my boxers, staring down at me then drawing his eyes up to mine. I can tell I’m blushing, blushing really hard too! He kisses me again, attempting to push me backwards. NO, I don’t think so! I let him be in charge far too long. Me, I want to play leader now. Besides, he’s leader all the time! Leader of the Gundam pilots, got's the lead Gundam… leader, leader, leader! Welp, not this time.

I gently push him back and onto that fuzzy rug. See, I told you I’d get to screw Heero on this rug! I move from his lips and kiss his neck and collar bone, gently sucking. I stop and stare into his eyes. Once again, there is that small bit of trust that I keep seeing there. Perhaps, that is why he hasn’t killed me yet. Ah, probably do it in my sleep, more than likely.

I lean back on my heels and take a deep breath. I kiss his knee real quick then smile down on him. “I love you, Heero.” He simply nods his head and closes his eyes. I nod too, for some ungodly reason. I slick my fingers with spit, I don’t want to hurt him after all, all the more reason for him to want to kill me I guess. Then, slowly yet quickly, I slide a finger into him. He gasps, trying to pull away yet I hold him firm. I won’t let him go… not now, not when he blows himself up and certainly not to that Peacecraft bitch. Ewwww! Yuck! But, lets not think about her now shall we. I might not be able to go threw with this if I have pictures of her in my head! Shudders! I feel him relax and now it’s my turn. I take a deep breath…


AHHHHHH! Fucking alarm clock! Now you DIE! I grab the confounded machine and throw it against the wall only to hear it crash into a million pieces and finally shut up. I grumble and roll over, hiding my head in my covers. Damn alarm clock! Who the HELL keeps setting it anyway? I stretch and snuggle against something… someone… SOMEONE?! Oh shit! My eyes lock onto a pair of cobalt blue ones.

“HEERO!” ‘Thud!’

Owww! God damnit, that hurt! Stupid hardwood floors! I slowly stand to see him glaring at me. Ha-ha, what did I tell ya, I knew he was going to wake up and want to kill me. I plaster on a smile and stare at him. Yep, I wonder how he’ll do it.

“Baka, what was that all about?”


He blinks and I, the genius that I am, have a big dopey grin on my face. Like I don’t remember the fact that we made love in front of the fire last night… oh, and in the shower after that and um… on those cold hard wood floors… but that’s it! I swear! Ah… and in the kitchen. Heero wanted a sundae and I didn’t have to be on top all the time either. Ha-ha-ha! I smile even brighter at him and climb back into bed.

“Gomen nasai Hee-chan, that stupid alarm clock scared me and I forgot where I was there for a minute now then yet… um…”

“You really are a dumbass, aren’t you?”

I just about fall out of bed again! What’s up with that?! How’d he know I was a dumbass?! Oh god, did I just cut on myself? Ah-ha-ha, smooth you are Shinigami, smooth.



He grabs my arms and pulls me to him. I mold to him like a second skin. We were sooooooooo made for each other. I wonder if we were like fallen angels or something in another life. Ha, I’m so fucking full of it! I turn my eyes to him and smile. He kisses me gently.

“I love you Heero.”

“Hai. You know what I love?”

“Um… your gun? Oh, the self-destruct button! Or wait, don’t tell me… um… saying ‘Omae o Korosu’? Huh, huh?”


“Oh damn, I missed that one.”

Ah, the death glare again, I’m so scared. I’d say I was shaking in my underpants but hell, I’m not wearing any. He snorts and sits on my chest, glaring down at me.

“No, fool, I like making you warm.”

“Oh really?”

“Hai, especially since it’s going to be nice and cold and snowy for a long time.” I smile up at him, staring into cobalt eyes. I gently wrap my arms around his neck and pull him close. Welp, I think I’m starting to like being cold. He-he-he!

The End