YAY! I have decided to put up a fic--- unfinished--- for all ya to read. I want a little C&C on it. But don't be to harsh. I cry easily. *sniff* Kidding. Anyway, this was inspired by a picture by Firia. "Thanks Firia for letting me use it!!" Um, I'm thinking maybe 3 parts... or 2, I'm not sure if I want to make it a yaoi or not. Shounen ai at the moment.

1+2/ 1x2 I haven't quite decided yet. ^.^
Warnings: None at the moment. Oh, slight N Sync, Backstreet boys, Britney Spears bashing! Nothing more.


Duo stared sadly out the foggy window. Drops of crystalline rain fell from the sky and quenched the Earth of its thirst. The sky was gray and it was all around dreary. You could barley see the green hills outside and well, being confined indoors with nothing to do was not one of Shinigami’s specialties. Not to mention the fact that the only other person at the safe house was the one and only Perfect Soldier, Heero Yuy; who spent his time typing away on his laptop.

Duo sighed irritably and pressed his face against the cold glass of the window. He would breathe on it and fog it up and mindlessly draw little pictures in it. He stared out the window once again and looked at the dark landscape.

“April showers bring May flowers,” he mumbled.

Heero looked at him out of the corner of his eye. Something he found himself doing a lot of lately. Ever since they had come to this safe house almost three weeks ago he had found himself just watching the bouncing bundle of energy that was known as Duo Maxwell, and now that they were stuck indoors he was watching him more. Heero shook his head slightly and wanted to smack himself. Fool, quit looking at him! He told himself sternly as he continued his typing.

Duo sighed again, but this time louder, as if wanting to draw attention to himself. When Heero did nothing he sighed just a bit louder, but Heero still did nothing. God, what do I have to do?! Hit him upside the head with a 2x4?! He sighed once again, finally hitting a nerve.

Heero looked over at him and glared. “Do you want something?”

“Heero, I’m bored. It’s raining out and there’s nothing to do.”

“Read something.”

“But I’ve read everything here!” he whined, pointing to all the books scattered around the window seat.

“Well then… check over your mission report.”

“Done it,” he said, waving the papers at him.

“I don’t know. Just do something.”

“But that’s the problem, Heero, I don’t know what to do. What should I do? I’m bored out of my freakin’ mind, Heero! I need something to do!”

Heero shrugged and turned his attention back to his computer. Duo sighed irritably and clenched his fists at his side. Like a brick wall! I know you’ve been watching me, Heero Yuy… ‘cause I’ve been watching you. And I’m not about to give up! He nodded to himself and walked over to the only bed in the house. He flopped face down into the pillows, letting his one foot dangle off the edge of the bed and rest against the foot board. He sighed softly and stared at the wall for a moment before swing his foot against the foot board and listening to his shoe echo on the wood. He did that several times, waiting for Heero to come and pound the shit out of him or at least screw him silly, as he had hoped.

Tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap. Duo’s foot kept hitting the foot board but Heero made no move, well, physically. In Heero’s mind though, he was strangling the braided pilot. Tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap. Heero cringed as he backspaced on one of his mission reports. Rarely did he every use that button but he was getting pretty annoyed with that noise. Tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… tap… thud!

Duo fanatically tried to pull himself to his feet only his head was throbbing like there was no tomorrow. He sat up from the hard wooden floor and glared at Heero, who was at the foot of the bed, still sitting in his computer chair. He glared down at Duo and wheeled his chair back over to his laptop and continued his typing.

“Damnit Heero, next time you decide to flip me off of the bed, why don’t ya make sure you know where my head is going! I could have broken it open or something!”

“You’re head is too hard to have broken open from such a simple fall… and besides, you’re an annoying fool,” he said dryly, not even turning around to look into the furious violet eyes of Duo Maxwell.

Annoying fool! ANNOYING FOOL! Oh, I’ll show you! Duo quickly jumped to his feet and climbed back on the bed. He stood on the old squeaky mattress and started to jump up and down. The creaking noise of the springs would have been enough to drive anyone nuts except Duo had started singing some of the most annoying songs he could think of.

“Bye, bye, bye! You may hate me but it ain’t no lie baby, bye, bye, bye! You drive me crazy! I just can’t see! I’m so excited, I’m in too deep! All you people can’t you see, can’t you see how you’re loves affecting our reality? And that makes you larger than life!”

Heero cringed and gripped his keyboard with such force that you could hear little things in it snapping, but Duo didn’t seem to notice. He simply kept jumping on the bed and singing the Pop songs, and very loudly I might add. Heero had finally had enough and turned around quickly in his chair, glaring the braided pilot down. Duo eeped some, but nothing more. He gave the Wing pilot his famous grin that seemed to say ‘Stop me, if you can’.

Heero nodded at the challenge and slowly got out of his chair. He walked around to the side of the bed and stared up at the bouncing Duo, and Duo simply smiled down at him. Heero stepped back some and Duo still continued to watch his cobalt-eyed companion carefully. Then suddenly Heero took a flying leap and attempted to tackle him to the ground. Unfortunately Duo was ready for such a thing and jumped off the bed right before Heero fell off the other side of it.

Heero lay on his head, staring into an upside down heart shaped face. Duo smiled brightly and then started to laugh, looking at Heero, whose feet were dangling in the air.

“You’re losing your touch, Hee-chan!”

“Grr, don’t call me that!”

“Oh, and what do you think you are going to do about it, my upside down fellow pilot? Hmm…?”

Heero “death glared” him and rolled to one side then scrambled to his feet as Shinigami proceeded to run out of the room. Heero chased after him, falling over all the stuff Duo tossed in his way as an attempt to escape him. Chairs, coffee tables, cushions of the couch, anything really.

They ran circles around the kitchen table and threw the dinning room and around the couch and TV. Duo was winning, sorta and Heero was losing, sorta. It was really more of a tie but Heero was gaining fast.

Duo needed an exit and fast. He quickly glanced around the house and spotted the front door. He smiled wickedly and raced for it with Heero hot on his heels. He reached it and jumped into the rain just as Heero grabbed a hold of his braid and the door shut behind them.

“Owwwwww! Lego the hair, man!” Duo screeched, yelling loudly trying to make himself heard above the rain.

Heero really didn’t want to let go of his hair. It was so soft and smelled so good, but he quickly released it. Duo glared at him and then stared up at the sky, letting the rain hit his eyes.

“Damnit! C’mon Heero, lets go back inside.”

Heero did nothing as Duo walked pasted him on the porch to reach the door. Duo looked at him with bright violet eyes, wondering why he wasn’t moving. He shrugged and grabbed the doorknob and pulled on it. Nothing happened. He pulled harder and twisted it every which way. Heero looked over at him and crossed his arms, leaning into one of the pillars of the porch. “It’s locked.”

“No, really!? Well this is just peachy! We’re locked out and it’s raining!”

“It’s your fault. You were the one that ran outside to begin with.”

“Well, you were chasing me!”

“You started it by jumping on the bed and singing.”

“So, I was bored! And what were you doing to help with it!? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Just the same Perfect fucking Soldier that you always are,” he sighed, going over and flopping down on one of the porch steps. “God, why do I put up with you?!”

Heero stared at him for the longest time. He was just sitting there, letting the rain soak his feet, and mumbling about how cold Heero was. Heero blinked and sighed. The way he figured it, if he ever wanted to be with this beauty he would have to try hard to be a little kinder to him. He sighed once again and walked over to him, sitting down on the step next to him.

Duo blinked his violet eyes and stared at Heero for a long time, a long time. I don’t understand. Why are you here? He blinked again but continued to stare at him. Heero, feeling himself being watched, quickly turned around and faced him, staring into Duo’s eyes. They stayed that way for some time, lost in each other’s souls.

“What?” Heero finally asked, sounding very cold.

“Uh, I don’t know… why did you come and sit down next to me?”

“I was tired of standing,” he said dryly, tearing his eyes away from Duo’s.


Duo sighed and turned his attention back to the rain. The clouds were so dark and gray and the rain just poured. The ground was muddy and puddles were everywhere. Duo smiled lightly to himself at the lands simple beauty. Sure it may have been dark, but to him, it was still beautiful. Much like Heero was to him. Oh there was no doubt in his mind that he was in love with the cold pilot of Wing. He probably fell in love with him the first day he met him. Trying to blow up his Gundam. Ha-ha, and I shot him! Sheeze, I should have aimed for Relena instead! He laughed inside and then looked at the sky again. A little light bulb went off in his head.

“Hey, Heero!”


“You want to do something fun?!”


Duo nodded his braided head rapidly. “Yes, fun! I’ll show you!” he beamed, unzipping his black over coat. He quickly threw it behind him and reached down and tossed off his boots and threw those behind him as well. Then he flung his socks over his head and wiggled his toes in the rain then rolled his pants up to the middle of his shins so they wouldn’t get to dirty in the mud. He turned to Heero and smiled. Heero simply blinked. Duo smiled again and started to unbutton his white shirt, tossing the material over his head and letting the cool air hit his pale chest. Heero blinked again and tried to swallow the huge lump that suddenly formed in his throat. He smirked and grabbed Heero’s wrist and pulled him out from the porch awning and into the rain.

“C’mon Heero, this’ll be fun.”

“Fun?” Heero quarried again as the rain started to soak him threw.Duo smiled back at Heero and how funny he looked when wet. He also noticed that spandex was a whole lot more revealing when wet than it was when dry. Good thing the rain is cold. He smirked and let go of Heero’s wrist.



“Have you ever tasted the rain?”


“Tasted the rain. Have you ever tasted it?”

“No, don’t think so.”

“Oh, well I’ll have to show you then.”

He smiled and tipped his head back, opening his mouth and catching the raindrops on his tongue. The cool water rolled down his face and into his mouth. He smiled and turned back to his cobalt-eyed companion who, for some reason, had to remoisten his lips.

“Now, you try.”

Heero looked at him sternly and then looked into the sky quickly. He sighed irritably and was about to tip his head back too when Duo caught his arm.

“No, no, Heero. I don’t think you’re dressed for it.”


“You’re not dressed for it I said. You have to be bare foot. That’s the whole fun of playing in the rain.”

Heero blinked at him and sighed, flopping down on the wet grass. He reached down and slowly untied his shoe, making sure it was just perfect so that he could slip it off. Duo sighed and placed his hands on his hips, dancing around a bit like he was really annoyed. Heero looked up at him and glared. “What?”

“You’re not doing it right, Heero.”

“*sigh* You can’t take your shoes off slowly. That defeats the whole purpose. You have to take them off quickly. That way your feet get all tingly ‘cause it’s a sudden new feeling. And it’s a good feeling at that.”

Duo smiled at him and kneed down, grabbing Heero’s yellow shoe and his sock then pulled them off, tossing them away. The rain beat down on his foot. The now cool feeling did make his foot tingle. “See, like that.”

“Hmm…” Heero nodded and pulled his other shoe off, just as Duo had done with the one. “Now am I dressed?”



“You have to take off your tank top. Gotta let the rain touch your heart,” he smiled, toying with his soaking braid. Heero blinked and looked him over. Damn he’s beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to just touch him. He shook his head slightly and pulled his wet tank top off and tossed it to the ground. Duo smiled an was about ready to jump him but held tight to his braid, hoping it would give him some form of self control.

“Am I dressed now?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I’d rather see you butt naked, but this’ll have ta do.

“Good,” Heero nodded, about ready to catch the raindrops; Duo was as well. Duo tipped his head back and opened his mouth, catching some rain. “No!” Heero snapped.


“You can not either… you are not dressed for it.”

Duo just about fell over. “What do you mean?!”

“You have to let your hair down.”

“My hair, down?” he blinked, not quite sure what to say or do.

“Yes, let your hair down.”

Duo stared at him a long time and sighed, whipping his braid over his shoulder he carefully pulled the rubber band from it. He then unraveled the thick mass of chestnut and ran his fingers threw it, making sure it was free of knots. Heero simply stared. He had never seen Duo with his hair down before and he decided he liked it. He could just smell it, that sweet smell that was all Duo. He swallowed hard and tried to make it look like he wasn’t staring too much.



“Great,” he smiled tipping his head back and letting the rainfall into his mouth. Heero nodded and did the same thing.

They did that for a moment and Heero finally looked back down. Duo still stare at the sky, but now he was spinning, waving his arms around like a little child. Heero smiled to himself. How had he let this braided American fool get so far under his skin? He shook his head and realized that perhaps he needed this violet-eyed beauty. Needed him to be around. Make him teach him about life, just like he was teaching him now. This was a part of life. Yes indeed, he needed him, in more ways than one. Heero nodded and had finally made up his mind on what it was that he was going to do.


“Huh? What?” he asked, looked back down at his partner. He smiled his famous lopsided grin and crossed his arms over his pale chest. “What, Heero?”

“Duo,” he walked up to him slowly, staring into his violet eyes.


“I want to taste the rain.”

“Well then, go ahead. I showed you how.”

“No, no. I want to taste it on you.”

Duo blinked rapidly as Heero stood in front of him. He could just feel the heat coming off his body. Duo’s heart was pounding so hard against his chest that he thought it might explode. Heero’s heart too was beating rapidly, something he didn’t think it could do. He reached up gently and placed a warm hand on Duo’s cold cheek, which sent tingles up and down his spin. “H-Heero, you want, what?”

“I want to taste the rain that you tasted… I want to taste it on you.”

“B… b… but that means that you want to…”

“Kiss you,” he whispered, pulling him close and pressing his lips to his.

Heero pulled Duo closer to him, loving his warmth and his taste. That sweet velvety taste of that oh so annoying mouth. He entwined his fingers in his hair and wrapped his arm around his waist, wanting to pull him closer even if he was so close he was crushing him. Duo was attempting to get this whole situation to register in his mind, unfortunately Heero’s tongue in his mouth wasn’t helping that process. Duo gently and tentatively raised his right hand and rested it on Heero’s chest, feeling his heart beat. He then toyed with the hair at the nape of Heero’s neck, deepening the kiss.

Heero soon pulled away from the violet-eyed beauty. Though he didn’t want to but if he didn’t he would surly suffocate. Duo stared off into oblivion, eyes slightly close, lips parted and arms still in the air. Once his mind registered to the fact that Heero was not sucking the life out of him anymore, he slowly opened his eyes. He saw the great Heero Yuy, Perfect Soldier who was never winded in battle, was struggling to breathe. Duo smirked and batted his eyes seductively.



“C’mere,” he growled, grabbing the boy’s arm and pulling him back into a deep, passionate kiss. Heero gentely nibbled on Duo's bottom lip, requesting entrence. Duo did so and happily to. Their tongues spared with each other as they each proceeded to suck the life out of the other. Then Duo pulled away form Heero and wrapped his pale arms around the other boys waist.



“Do ya think we could do this again the next time it rains?”



“We can do this tomorrow, even if it isn’t raining.”

Duo smiled warmly at the cobalt-eyed soldier before him. He snuggled deep into his embraced and kissed his neck.

“I love you, Heero.”

“I know… I love you too,” he whispered, pulling him closer and tasting the rain on his lips.

*~* The End *~*