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Heero sat outside on his back porch with a bowl of steamed Ramen. He slurped at the noodles and watched the fireflies come out. It wasn’t that late but as the summer drew to a close the days got shorter.

He was sitting in a lawn chair, feet propped up on one of the banister railings. He stared out over his tiny yard with its lush grass and small trees. It was perfect! “Something about all of this perfection gives me the creeps,” he muttered to himself, eating some more noodles.

A door slammed shut and Heero turned his cobalt eyes towards the house next to his. There stood his god… erm, wait, he was his… landlord! Heero cocked an eyebrow at that thought and continued to watch the gentle boy.

Duo stood on his porch, the wind gently whipping his hair around in his face. He had stepped outside to get a bit of fresh air. It was the dying lights of twilight that attracted him to the outside; he did have a thing for the dark. Cleo, on the other hand, just wanted to play and not stare at the moon.

She bounded down the steps into the yard. She smiled happily up at Duo, wagging her stub of a tail, and barked loudly. Duo rolled his eyes, running a hand through his hair. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he mumbled, turning his head to the side. He blinked rapidly at the occupant across the way from him. He could have sworn those intense cobalt eyes were staring right at him!

Duo smirked devilishly. “Ah, I see,” he grinned again. He walked off the porch, arms behind his head, and headed over to Heero.

“Oi,” he grinned, from the steps of the deck, “Nice evening, huh?”

“Hai, very quiet.”

“ ‘Sept for Cleo here,” he chuckled and all Heero did was nod. Duo rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as Heero seemed to stare him down like he was some sort of insect. “Erm… ri~ight.”


“Nevermind. Um… so how are you liking the place?”

Heero stood up form his little chair and walked coolly down the stairs to meet Duo. “It’s fine.”

Duo stared into those deep cobalt eyes and Heero stared right back into a pair of violet ones. “Yeah, the Winner’s kept it real nice.”

“Hai, it’s fine.”

They continued to stare at each other, an awkward silence filling the air. Duo tried with all his might to think of something to say to the solemn looking man. And Heero, well, he was trying to get the hentai little thoughts of his landlord out of his mind. Duo sighed lightly and peered beyond Heero’s impressive body to see where his dog had gone too. He gasped, at the sight. Cleo had grabbed the bowl of Ramen off of the little lawn table and was not sucking it up as fast as possible.

“CLEOPATRA!!” he snapped, clapping his hands, starting both the dog and Heero. “Shame on you! I would have thought that you would have better manners than that! Sheeze!” The dog whimpered, backing into a corner of the deck. Duo sighed irritably and Heero simply picked up his bowl of… um… nothing. Duo looked over Heero’s shoulder at the empty bowl, gently placing his hand on his shoulder.

“Dude, I’m really sorry,” he shot a glare towards Cleo “She really has no manners sometimes.”

Heero, whose heart was beating a mile a minute, tried to sound as calm as possible but with Duo’s hand on his shoulder and his face so close, it was a little hard to do. “Oh… it’s ok. I’ll find something else for dinner.”

Duo only nodded in response. He glared at his dog and sighed. Stupid dog! The poor guy probably doesn’t have anything else to eat since he just got here. A wicked little grin spread across his face as he pulled away from Heero. Heehee, good dog. “Hey!”

Heero turned to him, raising an eyebrow at the smile on Duo’s face. “Nani?”

“Heh, since this is kinda my fault… why don’t you come and eat with me tonight? I’m not the greatest cook in the world but it’s all right. No one's died yet,” he grinned.

Heero blinked at him and then blinked some more. “I-I-I don’t know what to say.”

“Dude, say nothing… just eat!” He grabbed Heero by the wrist and dragged him across the yard, Cleo nipping at their heels. Duo pulled Heero up the porch and into the door, depositing him in a chair in the kitchen.

Heero stared around the tiny kitchen. It looked exactly like his. White cabinets, counter tops, appliances, floor and wall--- it did not fit Duo at all! He sat at a small wooden table while Duo fussed with something on the counter. Cleo came over and laid her head on Heero’s strong thigh and nuzzled at his hand to be petted. Heero raised an eyebrow and gently rubbed her floppy ears.

Duo laughed. “I think she likes you.”

“I suppose,” he mumbled, his eyes locked on the backside of Duo. (And I do mean *backside*) Suddenly Duo spun around, holding a silver serving platter. He laid it in front of Heero and lifted the lid. “PB and J… with Mac and Cheese on the side! Dinner of champions!”

Heero sweatdropped big time and rubbed the back of his head. “Heehee, um… thanks… I think.”

“Hey,” Duo said, leaning over the table to stare into those cobalt eyes that seemed to captive his attention for the time being “Don’t bash it til ya try it. Besides, if ya don’t like it… you can feed it to the dog. She eats anything!” he laughed and Cleo yipped her happy response.

Heero, who was too captivated by the man in front of him, nodded mindlessly taking a sandwich. He bit into the sandwich, peanut butter oozing out the side and onto his fingers and face. Heero’s eyes widened as he tried to chew, swallow, and all around breath with the sticky substance in his mouth. “Mmphmn…” He dropped the sandwich back on the plate only to see that Duo was laughing at him.

“What was that, Heero?” he mocked.

“Mmphmnwh,” he death glared.

“Oh, napkin…” he grinned, trying to stifle his giggles as Heero tried to talk. Obviously, this was the first time he had ever eaten a PB & J sandwich. Especially one made by Duo Maxwell with gobs of gooey ooey peanut butter.

Heero death glared the giggling Maxwell as he attempted to wipe his fingers on the napkin. Duo--- who was still leaning over the table (rather seductively I might add)--- reached over and wiped a smudge of the sticky stuff from the side of Heero’s mouth. “Hey,” he whispered, slipping his pale finger into his mouth and sucking the peanut butter off. “You missed as spot.”

Heero’s eyes widened even more as he gulped down the sandwich bite in his mouth. Duo grinned wickedly at him and all Heero could do was stare. “Cold water?” he asked, laughing slightly.

“Uh-huh,” he nodded, rapidly.

Duo grinned, sauntering over towards the sink to get him his drink. He sighed slightly, his back still turned towards Heero. I can feel your eyes on me. I know you want me. But, we can’t, Heero. He turned back around, the smile still in place. He handed him his water and flopped down in the chair across from him. Heero drank every last drop, his eyes never leaving Duo’s. But, it is still fun to play with you. He grinned again. Lets just see how much self-control you really do have. Heh, not much when I get through with you. He leaned back in his chair, arms behind his head and that same evil little grin still on his lips.



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