Oi, minna-san!! Well, I said I was back and so I am. I'll be commenting on fics and *finally* posting more of my own. Ok, so here's one of the attempts. ^_^;; It's not one of my best ideas but hey, it's an idea! I was playing my Sims game the other day and for some reason I wanted to make a "townhouse" and have the 2 people fall in love. Well, duh, me being the 1x2/2x1 obsessed that I am I got 2 guys and named them Duo and Heero. I even attempted to decorate in their style. ANYWAY... that whole idea dawned on me as a great fic idea! What if Duo and Heero were neighbors and they fell in love. *shrugs* I'm a terrible sap. But anyway, that's how the idea come about. Of course, it's not gonna be that simple. ^-^ WELL... I think I'm going to shut up now!
Pairings: 2x1
Warnings: a bit of OOC, AU, angsty and sappy (^.~ my speicalties) Comments: I hope you enjoy. C&C PWEASE! But don't be too cruel 'cause I do know it's bad, ya don't have to tell me. That and *sniffle* I cry easily*
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~ The Landlord ~

The bright orange and white Uhal pulled in front of the tiny townhouse. The neighborhood that this house was located in, was one of the best in the city. Here, people had BBQ’s on their back porches, lounged around in their pools all-day and mowed there lawns to perfection. A single landlord ran these small communities of townhouses.

At any rate, the Uhal pulled up and the driver stepped out onto the fresh, green grass. He stared passively at the tiny white, house with its gray shutters. There was a stone path leading to the door and a little, white, picket fence outlining the path. There were bright yellow daffodils lining the path and a cherry tree by the door--- which just so happened to be a dark wood color. The new homeowner sighed slightly and brushed his dark bangs from his eyes.

He was an impressive site indeed--- to all those single lady watching from her windows, that is. He was the spitting image of “tall, dark, and handsome”. He had wild dark brown hair and copper colored skin. He wore a tight pair of jeans and a loose green tank top both garments showing off his impressive muscles. But, the most notably thing about this young man was his eyes. Big, deep, cold, cobalt eyes that seemed to peer into the soul of all he looked at.

He sighed one more time, brushing his hands on his pants and turning to unpack his things. “This is it,” he mumbled to himself, carrying a cardboard box, marked “Heero Yuy” on it, into the house.


Heero Yuy, a young man in his early 20’s, walked slowly down his new street, taking in the sites of his neighbors. There were old couples in their 80’s sitting on porch swings. There were newlyweds out gardening and families with children out running around their yards. The whole place was perfect!

Heero wrinkled his nose, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he made his way back to his home. It looks like something out of the Twilight Zone. I’ve never seen people that happy before… and all the time! He shook his dark head and stopped right in front of the stone path that led to his door. He stared at the slowly setting sun and sighed. He let the soft light warm his face. He gently closed his eyes, not paying any attention what-so-ever to the world around him.

KUTHUNK! “ITIA!!” he shrieked, grabbing his forehead. He glared hard at the object that had so rudely whacked him in the face. There, right at his feet, lay a bright red Frisbee. He blinked at the object, picking it up to examine it more. Well, only after he had it in his hands did he find out how really wrong of an idea that way. He winced, pulling his hand away from the Frisbee only to have it dripping in drool. Grass covered, smelly, sticky, dog drool! “Yuck!” he snapped, wiping it on the side of his pants. He held the Frisbee away from himself with his two fingers, attempting to get rid of the drool on his hands. Suddenly, a black blur raced around the corner of the house next to his and tacked him to the ground, attacking him with its wet, slobbery tongue.

“AH! YUCK!” he snapped, pushing at the beast. He sat up and stared at the dog before him. It was a black and white English Springer Spaniel. He had seen pictures of these beautiful retrievers before but never seen one up close; they were a rarity in the colonies. This one was even more impressive than the pictures he had seen. He figured it was a girl because in each of her floppy, black ears, she wore a deep violet bow. Her collar was even that same dark purple color.

He glared at the dog as she wagged her stub of a tail happily. “I assume this is yours.” He tossed the Frisbee a few feet away and she raced after it, a smile on her face. He rolled his eyes and pulled himself to his feet. Then, he heard the sexiest voice he had ever heard before.

“Hehe, Cleo, where’d you go?”

Heero turned and watched the figure, in black, walk his way. This boy, no man, no… god was more like it, was absolutely stunning! Heero had to click his jaw shut a few times. This “god” walked coolly up to him, the biggest grin on his face. He was incredibly pale and thin. He had the longest braid of chestnut brown Heero had ever seen before and his eyes were about the same color as that dogs ribbons--- deep pools of reflective violet. He wore a pair of semi baggy jeans with a hole in the left knee and a combat boots with a black tee shirt.

“Hey,” he said warmly, holding out his hand to Heero.

“Oi,” he muttered, gently taking the outstretched limb. The god grinned and as he pulled his hand away, wiped it on his pants. “I see you met, Cleo,” he laughed and the dog barked happily as she sat at his side. “I hope she wasn’t bothering you.”

“Iie, I just got hit in the head with her Frisbee.”

The young man stared at him, disbelieving a word of it, and then started to laugh. “Whoa, sorry, dude. That was my fault. I didn’t think there was anyone around. I made her go for a ‘lo~ng one’. I didn’t think it would actually hit someone,” he chuckled, rubbing Cleo’s ear.

“Um, it’s ok, really.”

“Great. So are you the new guy that moved into the Winner’s old place,” he said, pointing to the house with his thumb.

“Hai, I am.”

“It’s a nice joint, I’d say. You may fix it up however you want. The landlord won’t care.”

“Are you sure of that?”

“Yeah, dude, positive,” he grinned and well, Heero melted. This man was so, so, so, sexy! With that smile and those dimples and that long chestnut braid--- that Heero’s fingers itched to touch--- he must have been a “Ladies Man”.

“Ok, thank you.”

“Yeah, no problem, anytime. What’s your name by the way?”

“Heero Yuy.”

The man grinned, taking his hand again and shaking harder “Great ta meetcha, Heero Yuy… but I have to go now. My dinner is cooking on the stove,” he grinned again and turned, his braid flinging itself over his shoulder.

Heero watched him walk away… or more like he watched that cute little ass of his. Then, a thought dawned on him. Hey, I don’t even know who that guy is! “Oi! Who are you?” he called to him.

The god grinned at him, walking up the sidewalk to the house next to Heero’s. “Duo Maxwell… I’m the landlord,” he grinned cheekily and slammed the door shut of his house. Heero blinked rapidly and headed inside his little house to be alone and ponder thoughts about his Landlord.