Oi minna-san!! Wo~ow, I'm back! Dude! Been a while. Busy, busy, busy me. I cut back on work hours so, I get to write! YES! I'm actually working on 2 fics. This one and Amy's fic for Jan challenge theme. *dances around like the insane person she is* It's fun! But I won't post it till later. I don't have enought done yet. ANYWAY... lets talk about this fic, ne? Well, I've always loved Roman history and watching the movie Gladiator inspired this idea in my head. ^_^ Wouldn't Hee-chan make the cutest Roman soldier?! And Duo in a toga?!?! *drools* I hope I spell that right. I can't spell worth a damn. ANYwho, this fic is well, um... I don't know. It's a teaser at the moment. I want to know what you guys think of it. See if it's worth continuing more like it. Well, enjoy and please tell me if it's any good.

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Kiss of an Emperor

The blood drips off my sword like bitter wine spilling from a cup. We have won. I find myself standing amidst the bodies of the dead--- my men and my enemy. I am a solider for the great Roman Empire. We have just won part of Germania for our Emperor, Quatrius Caesar, and now we are going home. Home. Back to Rome. My body is worn and tired. I don’t know what I will do after this, though. I am a soldier.

I turn my head slowly to the side, the blood of the dead dripping off my thick, dark, locks of hair. I trudge slowly over to my horse; I need rest.

“General!” I stop, turn, and stare at the pitiful looking soldier before me.


“Have we won, general?”

I simply nod. He cheers and so do my men. They cheer for me--- even if I don’t want them too. “For Rome!” I holler. I lift myself to my horse. That man had wounded me in the side. Now he is lying dead in the icy mud. I ache. I’m tired. I just want some peace. But for a soldier, is there peace? What can I do to make up for the sins that I seem to have suddenly acquired? I have killed many in the name of Rome. Do the gods smile on me anymore? I shake my head as I ride back to camp. We shall leave when the first dawn comes. Back home… to Rome. To be praised like the animals we are. Killer of his own men, that is I.

My servant tends to me as I arrive back at my tent. I don’t want to be fussed over. I lay on my bed of wood. I throw the blankets over me and close my weary eyes. Over. Done. No more killing will these hands do. But what punishment will the gods have for me now that I have killed. Now that I am soaked in the blood of my own men, what shall I have to do to be redeemed in their eyes? I sigh and curl into a ball. Sleep and in the morning, home.

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