To Help Along Love: A new Gundam, an innocent couple, an angry Justice boy, and two hiding lovers… what a mess, ne? Well, someone appears out of the fire to help… just call her, Chris.

*He~ello everybody! Well, this idea came to me in a dream. Don’t ask. I had 5 sodas and some flavored water and I watched Gundam Wing before I went to bed. So, anyway, this story came out of it. Plus, I’ve been dreaming about it for a couple nights now and well… if it doesn’t go away from me writing it, I’m going to rip out my hair. ^.~ I hope you like it!* ~Ana~

Warnings: 1x2, 3+4, 5x?


Chapter 1: The Gundam Tora Hana

“Fuck!” Deathscythe toppled to the ground, being bombarded by Aries and Leo’s.

“Maxwell, are you ok? You are supposed to be guarding my flank!”

“Loved to Wu-man, but who the hells gonna guard my fucking flank!?”

Both Shenlong and Deathscythe fell to the ground again. The five Gundam pilots were in the Australian outback trying to destroy one of the three major Oz mobile suite-developing bases. Unfortunately for them, they were heavily guarded and weren’t getting very close to the base. Not even the great Heero Yuy was getting very close to the base.

“Damnit! Confounded machines!”

“Heero? Do you read?”

“What, Quatre?”

“We can go around the south hanger. It seems to be less guarded.”

“Great idea Little-Q! Let’s go guys!”


The five Gundams fought their way to the South hanger and attempted to destroy the base. Well, it seemed that Oz had something up its sleeve as dozens of more troops surrounded them.

“Well, I suppose that was the probable way to do that.”

“Forget your military logic, Trowa! We’ve gotta find a way out of here!”

“I thought there was nothing the great Shinigami couldn’t handle?”

“I can handle this, Wu-man… sorta.”

“Stop fighting! We need a plan.”

“Well you better think fast, Quatre.”

“Don’t rush the boy, Hee-chan.”

“Omae o Korosu! Quiet calling me that, baka!”

“*giggle* The way you guys fight… no wonder you aren’t winning.”

*blink* The five Gundam pilots quickly flipped on their monitors to see where in the world that voice came from. Then, they saw it, coming up fast from the south… a Gundam! It stepped threw the flames that Shenlong had created. Everyone’s mouths dropped as they stared at it. It looked much like the Gundam Wing, only it had what looked almost like a tiger head as a shield and it carried a real metal sword.

The other five dropped their jaws and simply stared. Where had that new Gundam come from? The only ones they knew of were themselves. That was it. No more, no less, but where in the world did this one come from?!


Each of the pilots swallowed hard at the voice ringing threw the communicator. Each of them was expecting the other to answer. Finally, the Perfect Soldier answered the voice. “Well, what?”

“Are you guys gonna fight or are you gonna just stand their and gawk like idiots?!”

“Fight!” Wufei chanted. He didn’t like being called an idiot. That was Duo’s department. Duo chuckled softly. He knew why Wufei had sounded so pissed. He wondered where in the world this new Gundam had come from. He laughed just a bit harder until an outraged Wufei silenced him. “Shut up, Maxwell!”

“Yep, all you can do is fight with each other,” the voice laughed as the six Gundams proceed to destroy the base.


The five Gundams stood on one side of the destroyed base and seemed to glare at the one standing before them. They stared a long time until the pilot of the new Gundam spoke.

“Boy, I thought one of you was said to be talkative.”

“That’s me!” Duo cheered.

“Baka! Who are you?”

“I don’t know, who are you?”

“Heero Yuy.”

“Ooohhh, you are Heero Yuy… how nice… but who are you calling a fool?”

“He calls me a fool. I haven’t the foggiest idea why.”

“Who are you?”

“Duo Maxwell’s the name… you can also call me Shinigami.”

“Dude! That’s too cool! I’ve never met a god before, let alone the God of Death,” they giggled.

“Why thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome.”

“Excuse me?!”

“Yes, who are you?”

“Wufei Chang! Who are you?!”

“Wufei, don’t yell at them.”

“Oh, who are you?”

“Quatre Winner.”

“Really? The rich guy?”

“Uh… *blush*… yeah.”

“Neat. Who’s left… Mr. Heavyarms… who are you?”

“Trowa Barton.”


“Yes, but who are you?”

“Oh, Heero, I’m Tora Hana.”

“Tiger Flower?!”

“*giggle* Yep, that’s my Gundam here.”

“Yes, that’s nice and all, but who…”

“Dude! That’s a totally cool name for a Gundam!!”

“Really, ya think so, Duo? I like the name Deathscythe as well.”


“Would you two shut up!”

“Why, Wufei? I’m just being sociable.”

“Sociable! We don’t know who you are?! It’s an injustice I tell you!”

“Uh-oh, here we go again,” Quatre whispered into his privet line with Trowa, who simply nodded.

“Oooohhhh, that. Well, you can call me Chris. Chris Morris is the name and playing is my game.”

“Oh, what do you play?” Quatre asked, innocence in his voice.

“Uh… things…” they laughed.

The others groaned at Quatre’s naivete. But Trowa found it rather endearing.

After a brief silence Heero’s deep voice rung threw the communicator.

“Let’s head back to base.”



As they landed at the run down farmhouse the five quickly ran out of their Gundams as to catch a glimpse of the new pilot, Chris. They all had a picture of him in their heads. A tall dark, muscular soldier; perhaps he could show them a few moves. He did seem to be skilled in battle. They figured that maybe he was American. He seemed to have the vocabulary for it.

As the Gundam Tora Hana landed and the cockpit opened the all stared, waiting to see this new guy. As this new guy stepped out from his Gundam the five pilots just fell over.


Chris blinked her bright lavender eyes and smiled a bright grin. She was short, actually she was a pretty average height for a girl her age. She wore a pair of dark blue flare jeans and a dark green sweater with a white shirt underneath and a small gold necklace. She blinked at the five who were now trying to stand up. She giggled and tipped her head to the side, spilling her short black curls over her right shoulder. Her hair hung down just above her shoulders and it was in large, ebony curls. She also had two pesky ones hanging right in front of each eye.

“Oi guys… gomen. I guess you weren’t expecting a girl. I thought you could tell from my voice. *giggle*.”

“Too cool! Give me five, Chris!” Duo beamed and she smiled, giving him a high five.


“Huh?” *blink*

“No woman is a soldier… especially a Gundam pilot! No, no, no, no, no!”

Chris glared at Wufei and let out a deep cleansing breath. She walked right up to him, narrowing her lavender eyes. “Oh really?”


“Uh-huh…” she smiled, quickly grabbing his arm and flipping him over her shoulder and making him fall on his back in the sand. Then, she sat on his chest. She smiled down at him, face hidden in curls of black. “I win.” She stood up and smiled at the other four whose jaws were on the ground.

“What?” she shrugged. They stared at her a moment and then Duo grabbed her hand and pulled her away from Wufei before he decided to hurt her as he was attempting to get to his feet.

“Well… *giggle*… I guess you can certainly handle yourself then, huh?”

“Sure can, Quatre… sure can. I was trained by one of the best.”

“And who was that?” Heero asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Doctor X.”

“Doctor X? But she’s a woman.”

“Yeah, so?”

Heero shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest. Chris blinked and shrugged herself. She turned and looked up at Duo who smiled down at her, bright violet eyes gleaming. She smiled until Quatre spoke.

“Um… I don’t mean to be rude, Chris but… uh… why do you call yourself Chris if you’re a girl?”

“Ohh, that’s simple. My name is Christina. I just call myself Chris ‘cause it’s simpler--- and so that Oz doesn’t take it too gently on me ‘cause they think I’m a woman.”

“Oh, well that makes some sense.”

“It makes a lot of sense, Quatre,” Duo said smiling down at her again. She smiled brightly back at him, but soon turned around to find herself locked in a “death glare” by the Perfect Soldier. She blinked turning back to Duo who was now staring at the setting sun. She looked back at Heero and then stared down at the sandy ground. You like him, don’t you?

“Hey, where do we stash our Gundams?”

“No, no, no, no, no!”

“*groan* What, Wufei?”

“Yeah, what? Chris is cool.”

“Maxwell, you are such a baka. Are you totally blinded by this woman or what? How can you just let her in with out some answers!?”

“Answers?” *blink*

“Yes, answers!”

“Oooh, you want answers, Wufei, I’ll give you answers,” she smiled wickedly and took a deep breath. “I’m 5’5 and a quarter--- can’t forget that--- I’m 16 and an orphan. I weigh 130lb and I wear a size 6 dress and 8 shoe. I’m Irish American by decent and… my cup size is 36 C,” she said proudly and quickly, as the others just gawked. Something they seemed to be doing a lot lately. “Anything else?”

“Yeah, what’s your cup size again?”

“Duo!” Quatre scolded.


Quatre sighed and rolled his eyes and Chris just giggled. She sighed too then looked at the “base”. It was a small one story, wooden house with a long wrap around porch. The roof was tin and shown the bright sun in her eyes. There was a small pasture with a river, sorta and one tree. She sighed again and looked at the falling down house.

“This place is uh… well…”


“Hai, Duo. Doctor J really jipped you guys this time,” she smiled.

“How do you know Doctor J?” Heero asked, raising an eyebrow again.

“Um… eto… Doctor X knows Doctor J and well, I wasn’t supposed to join you but… ano, Doctor X convinced J to let me come down here and help you guys.”

“How did she do that?” Duo asked.

“Uh… *whispers in ear*.”

“EWW! I didn’t want to know that!”

“Hey, you asked.”

“Eww! But he’s old!”

“So’s she.”

“Ewww!! Fuck, I’m gonna have nightmares for a week!”

“Gomen,” she giggled staring at the other pilots who were just staring at her and Duo.

“Do we want to know what she said?” Quatre whispered to Trowa.



“So, where do we stash our Gundams?” she asked again.

“Why do you care, onna, this is the second time you’ve asked.”

“Well, Wu-man… I just love Tora Hana and I don’t want the paint to chip in the sun,” she said in a baby like tone, cuddling the massive Gundams foot.

“*eye twitch* You are weird, onna.”

“Thanks… you’re pretty weird yourself.”

They all stared at him and how his face was turning thirteen different shades of purple and then Duo started to chuckle and then laugh and then fell on the ground in all out hysterics. Chris blinked at him and laughed as well, soon joining him on the ground.

“Baka’s, both of you!” Wufei snapped, stomping in the house.

“Ah, I thought it was funny,” Duo shrugged, smiling at Chris.

“Me too.”

Heero shook his head at Duo and glared his “death glare” at Chris who seemed to be a bit too close to him for Heero’s comforts. Chris smiled shyly at him and Heero simply glared, turning on his heel. She shrugged and Quatre walked up to her, staring down at his hands.



“We don’t store our Gundams anywhere. We just throw a camouflage net over them and leave them. There’s really no place to put them.”

“Ah, thanks Quatre.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” he blushed, walking back over to Trowa; who slipped an arm around his waist and both of them headed inside the house. She shrugged as the disappeared and then turned to Duo who was searching threw his duffel bag looking for an extra camouflage net. She walked up to him and smiled and he smiled back. “Are they a couple?”


“Trowa and Quatre?”

“Yes.... why?”

“Oh, no reason… it’s kinda obvious though.”

“Yep, it’s a good thing though.”

“Aa… so, what about you?”

“Me? What about me?” he asked, staring down at the netting in his hands. He tried not to look at her. He didn’t want her to look in his eyes and have his soul leak out of them. He didn’t want her to find out his little secret. Ok, well, it was a big secret. Being in love with the Perfect Soldier who in no way would ever return his feelings… and if he found out, well, there would be a lot of “Omae o Korosu” and a dead Duo in a body bag.

“Do you have a certain someone?”

“Iie,” he shook his head, still staring at the netting.

“Oh, alright. Just a wondering,” she giggled again, grabbing some of the netting from him.

“Yeah, you have a right to wonder.”

“Thanks. Ya know what Duo…”


“You’re to KAWAII!” she beamed, pinching his cheeks and giggling like mad.

“You’re nuts!”

“I know, ain’t it great?”

He stared at her a moment and blinked then fell off of Deathscythe laughing. “Yeah. Me too! Me too!”


Chapter 2: Dinner with Chris and Duo

Duo bounded into the tiny kitchen of the run down farmhouse. He smiled brightly at Quatre and his little pink apron. “Hey Little-Q, what’s for dinner?” Quatre looked at the braided boy and sighed. “Um…”

“No, don’t tell me.”

“Ramen and steamed rice.”

“Blech! That stuff is soooo boring. Where’s the real food, Q? The cheeseburgers and chilly fries and the chocolate milkshakes? I’m sick of eating that bland food! I thought there would be something special ‘cause of Chris… oh the humanity of it all. I want a cheeseburger!”

“Gomen, Duo.”

“Steamed rice my butt. I want a cheeseburger!” Duo whined, walking into the living room. He sighed and flopped down on the old dusty couch by Heero and put his arms behind his head, thinking of his beloved cheeseburger.

“That stuff will kill you.”

“Nah, Heero. An Oz soldier would kill me faster than a cheeseburger.”


“I do suppose.”

Heero huffed and turned away from the braided beauty. Indeed that’s what he was, in Heero’s mind, a beauty. He was beautiful and no matter how annoying his mouth may be, Heero couldn’t help but want to watch him. To hold him, kiss him, love him. Was that even possible? Was it possible for the Perfect Soldier to love? Well, whatever it was, Heero’s heart would do summersaults whenever Duo looked his way and smiled.

But, there was now something different that was happening. A shadow, as Heero called it. Ever since she got here she was on Duo like stink on doggy pooh. She was around him, hugging him, laughing with him, talking with him and Heero couldn’t help but feel jealous and well, angry and perhaps a bit envious. This girl could talk with the violet-eyed beauty the way he always wanted to but never could.

“Oi, guys? What’s up?” And poof, there she was, The Shadow of Shinigami.

“Hiya, Chris. Come and have a seat,” Duo smiled, patting the spot next to him.

“Well, don’t mind if I do!” She bounded over to Duo and flopped down next to him and gave Heero a quick smile, which was coldly brushed off. I’m sorry--- if you like him, show it!

“Guess what, Chris.”


“Guess what’s for dinner!”

“Uh, I don’t know… uh, alligator?”

“*blink* Nani?!”

“Joking Heero, chill. Um… I don’t know, Duo, what?”

“Ramen and steamed rice. Yummy, ne?”

“Uh, not really.”



“I’m tired of steamed rice and Ramen!! Sick and tired of that bland food! I want cheeseburgers and ice cream and pizza and tacos and…”


“And Maalox… what?!”

“*giggle* You’ll be suffering indigestion with that meal.”

“Told you it would kill you.”

“Shut up, Heero. Yes Chris, but I would rather suffer indigestion for one bite of heaven.”

“Aa, ya know what I would like?”


“Chocolate cake.”

“Hmm… yum. I would love some too.”

“Yes, or cookies.”

“Ah… cookies… with chunks of chocolate and some peanut butter perhaps.”

“Hmm, perhaps. Or what about those cute little Hershey kisses. I love those things.”

“I’ll give you a kiss,” he said in a joking voice.

“Nani?!?” *cough*

“Are you ok, Heero?” Duo asked, rather worriedly.


“What happened?”


“Are you sure? You…”

“Hai!” he snapped, standing up and walking out of the room. Duo bit his lip and sighed, staring down at the dusty wooden floor. Chris smiled slightly and wrapped a comforting arm around his shoulder and laid her head on his arm.

“S’ok, Duo-kun… s’ok.”

“Hai,” he mumbled.

“Hey you two!”

They both looked up and smiled at Quatre who was beaming quite brightly. He waved his arm in an escorting motion and bowed. “Dinner is served.”

“Alright, Quatre… thanks.” Duo pulled away from Chris and stood up, stretching his back.

“Great, Little-Q. Any hamburgers?”

“Iie, Duo.”

“Ah well, I can still dream that my Ramen tastes like a burger, can’t I?”

“Hey, whatever floats your boat!” Chris cheered, walking into the dinning room followed by Quatre and Duo. Trowa sat at one of the heads of the table and Quatre sat down at the other. Heero sat next to Wufei and Duo and Chris sat across from them. Sitting in front of each pilot was a plate heaped full of steamed rice and Ramen with a napkin and some chopsticks. Chris blanched as she saw them. Chopsticks were not her thing. As the others picked up their chopsticks and started to each, she simply stared at hers. She finally worked up the courage and picked them up, attempted to use them, the others watching her in shock.

“I hate these fucking things,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Stupid, onna.”

“Idiot, otoko.”


“Don’t you know how to use chopsticks, Chris?”

“Oh no, Quatre. I know how to use them… sorta… they just don’t like me is all.”

The others stared at her and she sighed, mumbling under her breath. “I hate chopsticks, yes I do!” Well the sweet, adorable, Duo who felt his new friend’s distress jumped in to help.

“I hate chopsticks, so do you!”

“Nani?” she blinked and so did everyone else.

“Sing with me, Chris. I hate chopsticks yes I do! I hate chopsticks…” he looked towards her and she smiled brightly.

“So do you!”

Well, soon, both of them started singing. “I hate chopsticks yes I do! I hate chopsticks so do you!” The both laughed hysterically and the others sweatdropped big time, along with a couple of eye twitches. But all and all it was an amusing dinner until Heero got a little annoyed of their little song and their closeness.

“Would you two please be quiet!”

“Iie, Heero,” Duo laughed.

“Omae o Korosu!” he snapped, pulling out his gun.

“Jesus Heero, chill!”

Heero did no such thing. He still held his gun to the two of them. Chris finally let her nerves settle that she was being held at gunpoint and pulled out the mysterious flower that she always seems to have (or will! ^-^) and stuck it in the barrel of Heero’s gun. Well, that didn’t blow over to well with Heero who now had the gun firmly pressed against her forehead.

“What is so special about you,” he growled, in a whisper, across the table, to her so that only she could hear.

“I don’t know… what about you?”

“I hold the gun.”

“And I hold his hand.”


Heero diverted his eyes from hers and looked down at her hand. She had a firm grip on Duo’s hand and he seemed to be squeezing back. Heero narrowed his cobalt eyes and glared at her. She simply stared at him, lavender eyes bright yet threatening. Heero slowly pulled back on the trigger.

“Damnit Heero!” Duo yelled, swatting the gun away from Chris’s head. ‘Bang!’ the bullet shot threw the wooden wall of the house and let the sun seep into the dark room. They all stared at each other before Chris sunk back into her seat and Duo started to yell.

“God damnit, Heero! You could have killed her! K’so, you bastered! What do you think you were doing!?”

“Trying to kill her.”

“What the fuck for!?”

Heero simply shrugged and started to walk away, but not before Duo grabbed his arm, still trying to talk/ yell at him.

“Heero! Answer me! What the hell were you trying to kill her for?!”

Heero turned around and pulled his arm from Duo’s grip and punched him in the jaw. Everyone gasped as Heero started to walk away and Duo was attempting to recover. He then jumped Heero and knocked him to the ground, tried to beat the shit out of him. Trowa and Wufei ran over to the two wrestling on the floor trying to kill each other and attempted to separate them. They did, eventually, and Heero walked off to the bedroom and Duo stomped off outside. Chris stared into Quatre’s aqua eyes as he held her at bay. She wriggled out of his grip and walked after Heero. Now she was either brave or incredibly, incredibly, stupid. Either one, she was bound to be hurt, or was she?


Chapter 3: Christina Ann Morris, the truth

Chris took several deep breaths as she stared at the wooden door of the only bedroom in the small house. She clenched her fists at her sides and breathed a little bit more before she balled up her fist and knocked quietly on the door. When no one answered or said anything she slowly opened the door.

As she stepped in she was thrown against the door and had a gun pointed to her forehead and a strong arm crushing her chest. She tried to make her breathing slow down and seem calm, only it sped up rapidly as she stared into the dark cobalt eyes that promised death.

“I said I would kill you,” he growled into her ear “and now there is no one to protect you.”

She reached up tentatively and placed a warm hand on his arm. “Please don’t,” she whispered with strength her voice.

“Iie and why not?” Heero pressed the gun harder to her forehead and glared at her more. She hated the fact that it was so dark in that room and that all she could see were his eyes, nothing more, but she could sure smell it. She could smell the dust and the gunpowder and the sweat. She feared that this would be her grave. Sure, she was trained to be a solider but she wasn’t trained not to have emotions, after all, her teacher was a woman as well.

“Why shouldn’t I kill you?”

She said nothing only reached deep into her pocket and pulled out a tiny cube, tossing it to the ground. It lit up and a holographic picture of Doctor J and Doctor X was projected. X was old, but not too old. She had long gray hair that was tied in a bun and wore glasses. She had the long white lab coat just like the other doctors but she had a warm smile. Heero stared mesmerized at the cube and the image and released Chris, who sunk to her knees.

“Hello, Heero,” J said, waving his claw.

“Doctor J,” Heero mumbled under his breath.

“So, I guess if you are seeing this it must mean that Christina made it safely.” Heero quickly glanced down at the girl sitting in a heap by the door and then he looked back up at the hologram.

“Please treat her kindly, Heero,” X’s British voice said calmly “She will be of great use to you, I’m sure.”

“Yes Heero, you can’t kill her… you will be quite angry if you do.”

“Why is that?”

“Nani? Oh, uh… she can tell you. Bye Heero!” J waved quickly as the image of the one Lord of Plague and the Lordess disappeared. Heero blinked his cobalt eyes and glared down at the cube. He then turned in one fluid motion and pointed his gun at Chris.

“Why can’t I kill you?”

She sighed heavily and shifted slightly. “I don’t know.”

“Yes you do! Tell me!”


“Shimitta, onna!” He glared death at her and released the safety of his gun. “Tell me why!” He was growing quite impatient with her and was so ready to blow her head off, but he had to wait. See if her explanation was good enough. She took a deep breath and gathered all of her nerves. She stood up slowly and glared at him. She was actually quite threatening looking with her lavender eyes alight like that.

“Because, I know your secret.”

“My secret?”

“I know your secret.”

“And what secret is that?”

“That you… Mr. Perfect Solider are in love with Duo Maxwell.”

“NANI!?!?” *falls over*

“It’s true, is it not?”


“Ha-ha, liar! Why would you be so intent on killing me then… if you are not jealous?”

“Because you are a pain and you deserve to die.”

“Do I then? Wouldn’t it piss Duo off to no end to find out that you did kill me? He would never speak to you again. Hard to believe it, but we’ve become really close and fast. There’s something about us orphans that just clicks and we never leave one another’s side.”

“You still deserve to die. You are more than just a friend… you drape yourself all over him.”

“At least I do! You, who loves him, barely even talks to him… let alone touch him. Don’t you think that’s what he needs from you, Heero? If you do feel something for him, then why are you threatening me about it? Why don’t you do something like telling him… or something?!”

Heero bit his lip and gripped his gun harder. The feel of the gun in his hand was the only thing that ever really made him feel like this world that he was living in was real. But then, Duo also made the world feel real. He had taught him so much about life that he never knew before. Like the simple act of staring at the setting sun could make one feel so happy. He shook his head and glared at the girl. How did she know that he felt something unnamable for the braided American? She only met them a few hours ago. But she was right she had bonded quickly with Duo. Something about her, what was it? Women were said to be able to sense things. Maybe that was it. Well, whatever it was Heero didn’t like it. This girl knew too much and she was blackmailing him for it too! She had to die.

“Omae o Korosu.”

“Fine, kill me then, Heero. End my miserable existence.”

Heero glared intensely at the girl standing before him, arms open asking for death. He raised his gun and pulled back…


Quatre sighed worriedly, staring quickly at the door as he attempted to play chess with Trowa. Wufei sat on the couch reading a book, well, sorta. He couldn’t help worrying about that “Stupid, onna.” Why was he caring so much about her? It’s her own fault if she dies. She went in there after Heero. That was like going into a cage of hungry lions wearing a steak.

Quatre sighed again and Trowa glanced quickly at his little lover. “What’s worrying you, Quatre?”

“It’s Chris. I’m really scared that Heero might kill her.”

“It’s her problem, she was the baka that went in there after him.”

“That’s true Wufei but…”

“Don’t worry about it, Quatre. She’s strong... I can see it. She’ll be ok.”

“I hope you’re right, Trowa, I hope you’re right,” he sighed, leaning his head in his hands. There was absolute silence in the room and then suddenly. ‘BANG!’ Quatre jumped and fell over, shaking slightly. Wufei was on his feet and at the door in lightning speed and Trowa was not far behind, he had to pick up Quatre first.

They stared at each other a moment and then pressed their ears too the door, trying to hear one of them… or hopefully both of them. “Do you think Yuy killed her?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Oh Trowa, I hope he didn’t hurt her,” Quatre sniffled. “She’s so nice.”

Then, suddenly, the door flew open and the three of them fell to the floor in a heap. They looked up and were being stared down by a blinking Chris and Heero.

“Hi guys, whatcha doin’?”

“Chris, you’re alive!” Quatre cheered, hugging her tightly.

“Uh, yep. Why not?”

“We heard a gun shot.”

“Oh, Mr. Yuy over there is trigger happy.”


“I’m kidding, Heero,” she giggled and then pointed to something inside the room. The three peeked in and stared at it. There was a rattlesnake lying dead with its head blown off. They then turned to Chris and Heero in shock. Chris giggled and headed out of the room.

“But Chris, we thought Heero was gonna kill you.”

“Now way, Quatre. Heero wouldn’t intentionally harm me… now most especially.”

“And why’s that, onna?”

“*giggles* Because I know his secret.”

“His secret!?”


“Well, what secret is that?”

“He-he, if I told you, Wufei, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore than would it?”

He stood there and stared and so did Trowa and Quatre and she simply smiled. “Heero and I have come to an understanding… sorta,” she nodded and disappeared outside.

“Well, I don’t believe it.”

“You don’t believe it,” Wufei growled at Quatre who simply blinked. Trowa cracked a smiled and held out his hand to the grumbling Wufei. He sighed angrily and started placing several wrinkled up bills in Trowa’s hand. Quatre stared in disbelief.

“I told you he wouldn’t kill her.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Wufei groaned continuing to count out his money and place it in Trowa’s awaiting hand.


Chris stepped off the wooden porch and covered her eyes with her hand. The sun was warm and blinding. Sure, they were in a desert, but damn, did it need to feel like it. She wiped her forehead and started to walk around the ‘yard’. She looked around quickly and did not find the American pilot anywhere. She blinked her lavender eyes and stared at the sun again. Yes, I have been sent to hell. She sighed irritably and started heading for the huge tree down by the river, she figured that Duo might be there.

As she neared the river she could hear the babbling of the water on the rocks and she smiled. Perhaps it would be cold and deep and she could go swimming. Well, as she reached it and stuck a hand in it, it was cold but not very deep. She sighed and looked around quickly, still not finding the American.

“Duo! Duo! Where are you, Duo!” She stood up and put her hands on her hips, surveying the vast countryside laid out before her. Dark red hills with very little green. Some trees and a kangaroo here or there, plus a koala but that was about it. No braided American dressed in black. She bit her bottom lip then cupped her hands around her mouth.

“DUO! D… U… O!! Duuuuuuuoooooooooooooooooo!! Where are you, Duuuuuuuuoooooooooooo!? DUO!” Jesus, Chris, you sound like that Peacecraft girl you read about in the Heero’s report. *cringes*


She took a deep breath and started to jump some rocks and get to the other side of the river. She was very graceful, the years of training on that tightrope paying off. She reached the other side with no problem and started to walk towards a grove of trees. There was bound to be something there, either Duo or some animal.

When she got there and there was nothing, she wanted to kick herself for not paying more attention in her tracking class. She stared at the sky once again and then noticed a little hill. There was probably some valley or something over it. She nodded and headed for the hill. As she reached the top, she smiled brightly. The sun was setting and splashing beautiful golds and pinks across the sky as if painting on a canvas. She was so occupied in watching the sun, she hardly heard the voice calling to her.

“Pretty, ne?”

She broke from her trance and looked down. There was Duo, lying on his back, arms behind his head. He had a baby wombat on his chest and it’s brothers and mother were lying around him in the cool grass.

“Ohh, Duo…” she melted when she saw the tiny wombat.

“Take a seat, Chris.” She nodded and flopped down on the grass next to Duo. He gently picked the little wombat up and placed it in her awaiting arms. She melted even more and cuddled the little thing. It’s mother and brothers walked up and sat around Chris’s feet.

“Awwww, they’re soooo cute!”

“Isn’t she though?”

“She? It’s a she?”

“Yep, Helen here had two boys and a girl.”

“You named the mother Helen?”

“Yes. And that’s Solo and Father Maxwell, but I just call him Max.”

“Aww, Duo that’s so cute. Where did you find them?”

“Well, Helen found me. I was sitting here watching the sunset and she came and started to eat a cracker I had in my pocket. Well, then she just kinda stuck around until she had the babies. I come and visit them everyday.”

“Oh Duo, what a sweetie you are! These wombats remind me of the guinea pigs they used to keep in the lab. I loved those things.”

“Yeah, they both are rodents I think.”

“They are. So… whatcha doin’ out here?”

“Watching the sunset. Are you ok?”

“Fine. Heero and I have come to an understanding.”

“Really? Well, that’s more than I’ve ever gotten.”


“Oh, well, It’s always baka this and ‘Omae o Korosu’ that. Never do I get an ‘understanding’.”

“I’m sorry, Duo. Um… you like him, don’t you?”

He stared at her a moment and then down at the ball of fuzz she held in her hands. He shook his head and smiled. “I may run and hide but I never tell a lie.” Well, it wouldn’t be lying if I said no. I don’t like him… I love him. “Iie.”

“Oh, really? Ah, well I would have thought that you would have.”

“What? Whatever gave you that idea? I never said anything that would have made you think so.”

“No, you didn’t have too. I see it in your eyes. When you look at him. I’m not blind.”

“And you’re a girl.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Whoa, don’t get so defensive, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I mean that girls have a way of sensing things, that’s all… sheeze.”

“Oh, *giggle* sorry.”

He smiled brightly and laid back in the grass. They both stayed that way for quite some time, just sitting and staring at the sun and of course petting the wombats. Chris sighed and stared at Duo.

“Oi, do you love him?”

Duo stared up at her and blinked. He smiled a wicked grin and nodded quickly. “You’re not so dumb, are you?”


“Hmm… so you said you were an orphan.”

“Hai, not by choice though.”

“Oh?” he asked, raising a delicate chestnut eyebrow.

“No,” she shook her head and clutched the little wombat close “I was born into a family with a father and a mother and an older brother. He was a year older than me, which would make him 17--- if he survived.” She looked at he blackening sky smiled weakly.

“I’m not from the colonies originally. I was born and raised right here on Earth--- Mayo County Ireland to be exact. When I was three there was a battle… war… whatever you want to call it, a revolution of sorts. My father was a leader of the rebels. One night while we where all asleep the government found the others and us and set fire to our homes. My mother got my brother and me out safely but… we were cornered. My mother made us leave her and run away. Told us to hide in the sewer. Well, we never made it. We got separated and before I knew what was happening I was pulled into the arms of a woman with a British voice and a white lab coat.”

“I found out only after, of course, that that was Doctor X. She took me to the colonies and raised me to be a solider. But, being a woman that was training me, I was taught to feel… love. Doctor X did not see emotions as a weakness. In fact she told me to go with them. For a woman in a wrath can be more deadly than an army… so that was what I was told. I’m probably as good as Heero… since J and X are close.”

She sighed and looked down into the violet eyes staring intently at her. She smiled a little as he rested his hand on hers. “Well, Doctor J was pissed off because I wasn’t a quote unquote “Perfect Soldier”. That was why he didn’t want me to go with you guys when Operation Meteor first happened, even though I was ready and so was my Gundam. But soon X got J to let me go… but only after much research.”


“Yes, research. I had to research you pilots. Know what it was that made you tick. You, Duo Maxwell were the happy go lucky one who for some reason called himself Death. Then there was Quatre Winner, the sweet innocent rich boy who loved peace. Trowa Barton, the silent clown who had fallen in love with Quatre Winner and Wufei Chang, the justice conscience pilot of Shenlong. And the ever sociable Heero Yuy, the perfect soldier.”

“Wow, you seem to know the basics.”

“Ah, I know a bit more than that. I was also told to know those associated with you. Such as your friend Hildie and Relena Peacecraft.”

“AHH! *gag, gag, gag!* Nasty, nasty, nasty girl! *cringes* Blech! Not Hildie but Relena. Heero’s stalker who thinks he loves her. *GAG!* Evil, self-centered, viperous bitch that she is… eww, don’t make me hurl.”

Chris stared at him a moment and the funny look on his face and then burst into laughter. She laughed so hard she started to cry. He stared at her with a puzzled look on his face. “What, it’s the truth! She’s e-vil!”

“*giggle* Icky, icky, icky!”

“Exactly. If anyone should have Heero it should be me! Not her. Bitch!” Chris looked at him again and laughed, clutching the baby wombat to her chest. After both of their laugher had died down she looked at the little brown fuzzy thing in her arms.



“Why didn’t you name this one?”

“Well, I didn’t know any good names for a girl.”

“Oh.” She stared in puzzlement for a moment.

“Hey I know, why don’t we call her Chris!”

“Uh… no.”

“Oh, why not?” *pouts*

“Uh, well, I’m really not one to be named after and be a role model for.”

“Ooh, ‘Chris Morris is my name and playing is my game!’”

“Exactly. I can’t believe Quatre didn’t know what I was talking about.”

“I bet he thought you meant something like baseball, not guys.”

“*giggle* He’s so sweet and innocent it’s sweet!”

“Hai, would you ever play me?”

“What makes you think I’m not?”

“Nani? *blink* I’m confused?”

“*giggles* Oh Duo, you are far to kawaii for your own good. I’d never hurt you.”

“Oh, that’s good. Hmm… so, what should we call this little one?”

“Uh… hmm… oh, I know!”



*falls over laughing* “Do you know how pissed he’d be to find out that Little Wufei here was a girl?! *laughs more*”

“Oh yes, that’s why I suggested it.”

“Ha-ha, you’re evil Chris.”

“But in a good way, right?”

“Oh yes, a very good way.”

She smiled brightly at him and placed “Little Wufei” down with her brothers and mom. She stood up and brushed the red dirt from her pants. “I think we should head back before we’re missed.”

“Guess so,” he shrugged, standing as well.

She smiled and nodded and then latched onto his arm. “You are soooo sweet Duo Maxwell… and a good friend too!”

“Yep, that’s me!” he laughed and so did she as they headed back to the house.


Chapter 4: Sleepy Time

Only a few stars and the moon lighted the dark, night sky above as the six Gundam pilots sat inside the small farmhouse. The warm candle light in the house seemed to sooth all of them. They had neither indoor lighting nor plumbing. That’s what that small building off to the side was for… and the river.

The six sat in the living room, trying to find something to occupy themselves with for the evening. Trowa and Quatre were still sitting on the floor by the coffee table, playing their game of chess. Duo, Chris, and Wufei sat on the old fallen in couch, in that order too. Duo was staring mindlessly at the ceiling wishing there was a TV and Chris was doing pretty much the same thing. Wufei was reading a book though, yet he kept glancing over at Chris, who was seated rather closely next to him. Heero was even in the living room. He sat in the only other chair, a rocking chair, and was attempting to read a book, yet his eyes kept going over to Chris and Duo seated closely next to each other.

No matter what she said, or lack there of, Heero was still extremely jealous of Chris and Duo’s “relationship”, if you could call it that. Chris was flirty with the braided American but more of in a buddy sorta way. But Heero did not trust her. He remembered the first thing she said to them.

“Chris Morris is my name and playing is my game.” Oh would she end up in a body bag real fast if she dared to hurt Duo and Heero would make sure of that. Heero moved his eyes back to the sentence in his book and continued to read.

“Man *sigh* this is soooooo boring! I wanna watch Letterman! Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.”

“I’m sorry, Duo,” Quatre said sweetly, looking up from his game for an instant.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hmm… ya know what, Chris?”

“No, what?”

“I think you were right. Doctor J really did jip us!”

“Told ya.”
“Man… ya know what else. I want a real shower. Not just one taken where ya throw water on yourself. One where ya stand under a warm spray for hours and hours on end. Oh, that would be like sin.”

“Aa. Oi Duo, I’ve got an idea,” Chris cheered.


“Let me do your hair.”

No, no, no, no, no! She can’t take that from me too! Heero’s mind screamed. He narrowed his eyes behind his book, wishing to God that he had his gun. Duo looked at her a moment and so did everyone else. He then smiled and turned his back to her.

“Go for it!”

“Yay! I love doing other people’s hair. I think when the war is over, that’s what I’ll do.”

“That sounds like it would be fun,” Quatre said.


“Oh Wufei, whatcha ‘hmmphing’ about?”

“You, onna.”


“You want to do hair for a living?”

“Sure, why not? I think you would look good with your hair down. Well, just a couple of stands, like this,” she reached up and was about to touch his hair when he pulled away.

“Don’t touch my hair, onna.”

“Sorry. Just thought you might look sexy with it that way,” she laughed and he blushed so of course the rest of the room laughed too. “Now, what to do to Mr. Maxwell’s hair. Hmm… can I cut it?”

“IIE!!” he swung his braid back over his shoulder and held it protectively. “Anything but that!!”

“I was kidding, baka. Sheeze! I must say that I’m jealous. You have much prettier hair than I do.”

“Yeah,” he mumbled, letting her grab a hold of his braid again. Heero watched her intently, and him too. She unwrapped his braid and let the mass of chestnut fall all around him. Duo had a look of content on his face, which really pissed Heero off to no end. But that look was not one of pleasure but more of one that you would have if you were running you own fingers threw your hair. But still, that fact that she got to touch Duo’s hair, something so sacred to him, and that made Heero dislike the new pilot of Tora Hana even more.

As Chris started to style Duo’s hair she couldn’t help but stifle a few giggles, which aroused the curiosity of Wufei, who was still next to her. He blinked at what the ‘onna’ was doing to his fellow pilot’s hair and he too had to stifle his laughter. Well, with the two of them both trying not to lose all self-control and fall on the floor laughing, Trowa and Quatre took an interest in it. Trowa leaned forward over the table to get a look and Quatre leaned back, both at the same time. When they saw Duo’s hair Quatre quickly covered his mouth trying not to laugh and Trowa cracked a smile.

Well now, Duo was staring to get annoyed. Why were his friends laughing in the first place?

“Ok Chris, what did you do?”

“Nothing. I just styled your hair *giggle*.”


“Yep *giggle*.”

“It looks good, Duo,” Quatre giggled into his hand, turning a nice shade of pink from holding back his laughter.

Duo jumped off the couch and glared at the four who were about to suffocate from their giggles. He ran over to a mirror and just about died.

“AHHHH! What did you do!?” he screamed, patting the two little braids in the back of his head. These two little braids where tied together with little blue ribbons and flung around when he moved.

“Maxwell, *chuckle* you look just like that horrid Peacecraft creature.”

“Ahhhh! Chris! How could you do this too me!?” he sobbed playfully, pulling and touching the braids tied behind his head.

“You do look a bit like Relena, Duo,” Quatre giggled again.

“You would make a good member of the Relena Peacecraft wanna be club.”

“Yeah Trowa, doing goofy “I’m the Queen of the World, kiss my feet” impersonations.”

“Impersonations?!” Duo mumbled, raising an eyebrow and smiling wickedly at Chris’s words. He quietly walked over to Heero, who now had his face buried deep in his book, trying not to look at Duo. He slowly bent down to his ear, cupping his hands around his mouth he yelled, “HEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO!!”

Heero jumped up about six feet in the air and then fell on the floor, cursing loudly. “Ch’!! K’so!! Shimitta!! Maxwell you baka! Omae o Korosu!” Heero jumped to his feet and just about fell over again as Duo struck a girly pose and batted his eyelashes.

“H… E… E… R… O! I’m right over here! So why don’t you come and KILL me!?” He smirked. They other four turned bright red and burst into laughter, even Trowa was laughing.

“H… E… E… R… O! Oh Pagan, one day he’ll answer me from the stars! I just know it!” Chris had now fallen off the couch in her hysteria. Sure she had never met this girl in person but she had seen her on TV and she had read about her in reports, tons of them telling, how incredibly annoying she was. Heero “death glared” the violet-eyed American and flopped back down in his chair. Duo smirked at him and decided to continue his little “impersonation” he was having a hell of a lot of fun and the laughter form the others was just fueling it. He nodded quickly and ran over and grabbed one of the chairs from the dinning area. He jumped up on in and started murmuring something into his hand.

“We interrupt this terrible classical music to bring you a special report. The meteors falling to Earth the other day were found out NOT to be manned space crafts as previously reported.”

The others blinked at him, still trying to contain their laughter. He then stared off into space, making his eyes big and opening his mouth and placing his hands far from his body like he was balancing himself. “That’s a lie. Heero was in one of them. Does that mean… does that mean that Heero’s a little Prince?”

Well, that did it, Wufei too found himself on the floor laughing hysterically. Quatre was red and crying and Trowa was pounding on the table. “Ah-ha-ha-ha, do some more, Duo! More!” Quatre cheered, attempting to find some breath between his giggle fits.

Duo nodded and jumped off his chair. He ran over to the four and bowed. He then ran over to Heero, who was trying to ignore him. He smiled a stupid smile at the Wing pilot and jumped on his lap. Heero jumped himself, like electricity had been shot threw him. Duo grabbed his face and stared into his eyes. He was attempting to make this as funny as possible but for some reason he was totally lost in Heero’s eyes. He had to finish this as soon before he pinned him down and made him screw him silly.

“Believe in me,” he said rather loudly then he jumped off Heero’s lap, acting like he was pushed and grabbed a hold of the coffee table. “I do believe in you, Heero. Yes I do!”

He then jumped up and bowed as the four giggling idiots clapped and cheered.

Heero sat stunned in his chair, gripping the arms so tightly he was leaving marks in them. He could feel the heat on his face and his heart was pounding like a drum. He loved having Duo so close he could taste his breath. He was wonder where in the world that self-control came from that prevented him from kissing him and throwing him against the wall. He shook his head and cleared his throat wanting to leave the room as soon as possible.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. And from my next performance…”

“No, no more. I feel like *giggle* my sides are going to *giggle* explode!” Chris laughed, finally pulling herself from the floor.

“Yes, Chris is right. It’s late anyway,” Trowa said, wiping the tears of laughter from his face.

“Oh, alright. That’s a bummer though,” Duo whined, whipping his hair over his shoulder and taking the braids out. “I was going to do Dorothy next.”

“Oh damn,” Wufei chuckled. “But you need the eyebrows first.”

“Oh yeah… *laugh* I don’t know how that girl gets them to stay up like that.”

“Sheer talent,” Quatre giggled, standing up. “Let’s get to bed guys.”



As they walked to the one bedroom Chris couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy. It wasn’t that she was going to be sleeping with guys that didn’t bother her. It was the fact that Heero kept glaring at her and she feared he might decide to suffocate her with a pillow or something. She let out a deep breath as they all headed into the one bedroom.

There were two really big beds. The one was covered in their equipment. Guns, computers, batteries for the computers, maps, anything and everything the Gundam pilots would need. Plus their few personal belongings. There was one window in the whole room. It was open and blowing the muggy air from outside into the room. Chris sighed and pulled on her collar. She was most defiantly not dressed for this weather.

Quatre looked down at the bed and bit his lip. This was not going to be easy. Where was Chris to sleep. He wasn’t brave enough to tell one of the others not to sleep in the bed. It would most likely be either Duo or Wufei voted out ‘cause either Trowa or he would follow the other and no one would dare challenge Heero out of a bed.


“What’s the matter, Quatre?”

“I don’t know where everybody’s gonna sleep, Trowa.”

“Hmm… you’re right.” The six stood around and looked at the one bed, since the other was covered in stuff. Heero quickly and quietly walked over to the bed covered in supplies and pushed some of the stuff aside and pulled out his laptop and started typing.

“*sigh* Heero always sleeps there. I think he likes being with his precious laptop,” Duo groaned.


“Well, um… who should sleep on the couch?”

“The onna should, Quatre.”

“Ch’ I have a name!” Wufei blinked and stepped back some. Chris glared and then giggled, pulling on her collar again. “Sorry Wufei, it’s kinda warm in here… I don’t do well in the heat.”

“Well, I think that Chris should sleep in a bed,” Trowa proposed.

“Oh, why?” she asked.

“Because you are a guest, someone new, and you should not have to sleep on the couch your first night here.”

“Oh, well thank you, Trowa.”


“Well, if that onna is sleeping in the bed, then I don’t want to. I’ll sleep on the couch!”

“Fine then!” she snapped then giggled nervously “It’s the heat again, swear.”

“Yeah,” Wufei grumbled under his breath, grabbing a pillow and a sheet and walking out of the room.

“Good, now that that’s settled… um, Heero, you are going to turn that off soon, right?”


“Great,” Quatre beamed, bouncing over to Trowa on the opposite side of the bed. Trowa and Quatre were to sleep on the left side and Duo and Chris were going to sleep on the right side, facing Heero’s bed. Now if Chris wasn’t worried about Heero trying to kill her in her sleep then, she was now.

Trowa sat down on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and socks then his turtleneck and gracefully lay down in bed. Quatre too removed his shoes and socks and his vest. He unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt and the first few buttons then lay down next to Trowa and snuggled into his chest.

Duo shook his head and tried not to let the sadness in his heart show. He really hated, well no, more like envied those two. They were so perfect together and his love was too cold and heartless to even notice him. He sighed and pulled off his boots, tossing them across the room. He then pulled off his black over coat and threw it too across the room. He unbuttoned his shirt and flopped down on the bed, stomach first, letting the cold sheets cool his flesh for an instant before they too warmed up. He sighed and rolled over on to his back.

“I want air-conditioning. I hate hot sheets.”

Chris giggled at him and turned towards Heero who didn’t even acknowledge her glance. He simply finished his email and shut down his laptop. He pulled off his shoes and lye down in bed, hidden by their supplies. She sighed and tried not to let the worry eat at her.



“Are you coming to bed?”

“Hai.” She nodded and pulled off her shoes and socks. She then pulled her sweater over her head to reveal a white tanktop. She then slowly slipped out of her jeans and was now wearing a pair of jean shorts. Duo blinked at her and smiled.

“Always be prepared, right?”

She then slowly walked over to the bed and crawled in, trying not to touch Duo as she did so. She stretched out on a tiny piece of the mattress and trembled as she tried to keep her balance on the small section.

“Who is shaking the bed?” Trowa groaned.

“Uh, that would be me. I’m sorry, Trowa.”

“Ya don’t have enough support, do ya Chris,” Duo smiled.

“Well, no. For this little bit of mattress, no.”

“Ah, I can fix that.” Duo quickly wrapped an arm around her waist, which made her jump and want to pull away. Now she was getting scared. She could feel Heero’s eyes drilling into her head.

“There, better?”

“I guess,” she said weakly.

So, that’s how they slept. Quatre all cuddled up in Trowa’s strong arms. Duo curled around Chris with his arm around her waist and Chris, not sleeping really at all, feeling Duo breath down her neck. Heero “death glaring” her and clenching his sheets in his fists and Wufei, the most comfortable of them all, sleeping on the couch in the living room. It was gonna be a long night.

Chris awoke from her sleep, which seemed like the umpteenth time that night and peered into the dark room. How many times had she really woken up, she wasn’t sure? She was nervous, hot, uncomfortable, and Duo was now snoring in her ear and drooling down her neck. She really was thinking about joining Wufei on the couch… but then again, maybe not. Sure, he was pretty cute. He had a nice voice and his eyes were pretty but he had to get rid of that ‘onna’ crap and the hair. That drove her nuts! She really wanted to style it but he’d never let her.

She sighed some and attempted to shift out of Duo’s grasp, not working very well though. She sighed again and tilted her head up towards the window, hoping to feel some of the air, that didn’t work very well either. She was about ready to jump up and scream in frustration when a pair of icy cobalt eyes locked onto hers. She blinked and tried to get the butterflies in her stomach to settle. She thought, at first, that he was staring at her, but when she followed his eyes she realized that he was not staring at her at all, in fact, he was staring at something just above her head.

She shifted slightly to see what it was that he was looking at and found the answer. There was Duo, sleeping peacefully. His eyes closed gently and his mouth open some. The pale moon from the window was illuminating his features and making him look like he was painted in silver. Chris smiled warmly and turned her eyes back to Heero, who met them. He glared hard at her and she winked.

She slowly started to inch her way down to the bottom of the bed, giving Heero a better view of the sleeping Shinigami pilot. Heero’s eyes followed her and he smiled slightly inside. She was now leaning her head on his chest but decided to slip all the way out of bed. She was hot and tired and a bit hungry too. As she kept moving down, Duo suddenly let go of her and she fell to the floor with a mighty ‘Thud!’

Well, hearing that noise all of the pilots were up and alert. Even Wufei was now in the room. Poor Chris, she was on the floor, kicking the air and cursing loudly as she held the back of her head. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Chris, are you alright?” Duo asked, pulling her to her feet.

“Ah. Daijoubu.”

“Are you sure.”


“Ok. What happened?”

“I fell out of bed, Quatre.”

“Are you sure you’re ok?”



“Sheeze, of course an onna would be so clumsy.” Ok, well that did it. Chris was sick and tired of being called “woman”. Not to mention the fact that she was hot, tired, hungry, and now had a lump on the back of her head the size of a golf ball.

“Alright, listen here mister!”

“Yes, you! I’m sooooo glad you know my gender. Thanks for pointing it out to me every five seconds! But would you please call me something other than that! I’m sick and tired of it! You can call me Chris, you can call me Christina, you can call me God for all I care just quit calling me woman!!”

Wufei sneered at her and the anger in her face. Trowa blinked and shook his head. I wouldn’t tempt her, Wufei.

“Ha, stupid onna. Of course only you would get upset about that.”

Well, Chris snapped and took a flying leap and tackled him to the ground. Duo was about to go and grab her but Heero held him back; warm hand on his chest.

Wufei skidded to a holt in the living room and Chris was now sitting on his chest. She glared down at him, her bright lavender eyes promising death. She looked into his eyes and her conscience screamed. I lost it, I just fucking lost it. Damnit! She then sniffled and flopped her head down on his chest.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered ever so quietly, “I wanna go home.” She sobbed into his chest yet no tears would come from her eyes, something she was trained not to do, cry. No tears, never any tears. Wufei lay stunned. He didn’t know what to do. Well, then the only probable thing he knew of came to mind, he held her.


Chapter 5: Reckon Mission

The bright morning sun shown threw the torn curtains and into the living room of the tiny house. There, sleeping on the couch was Trowa and Quatre, still cuddled in each other’s arms. Chris was fast asleep on Wufei’s chest. She had finally cried herself to sleep. He was still holding her even as she was slowly slipping onto the floor. And over by the front door lay Duo. He was lying on his stomach trying to feel the cold air from outside. He too hated being hot. And right next to the self-proclaimed Shinigami lay Heero. He was wide-awake and kept inching closer to the beauty during the night. He was so close at the moment that he could feel his breath on his face.

Chris awoke silently, rubbing her eyes. She looked down at the man she was sleeping next to and felt his arms around her tiny frame. She smiled warmly inside. She did get a tingly feeling whenever she looked at him. She slowly lifted her head to see where the others were. She saw Trowa and Quatre cuddled up together and smiled and then she saw Duo lying by the door and Heero so very close to him. She smiled brightly and simply melted inside.

Heero stared at the braided beauty for a long time. His lips were gently parted and his eyes softly closed. He lay on his stomach with one hand resting at his side and the other by his face. He would stir ever so slightly and gently flex his fingers. Heero sighed in contentment as he watched him sleep. He had really lost count of how many nights he would wake up and do this. Up at all hours just to watch him dream away. Heero took a deep breath and tentatively reached out and touched Duo’s cheek, brushing away his jagged bangs. Duo murmured something and leaned into the warm hand on his face. Heero smiled a real smiled and removed his hand. So very beautiful. Suddenly a dingo howled into the sky and growled. It seemed to be right outside the door. Heero jumped to his feet followed by Chris and Trowa and attempting to get Quatre to wake. Wufei groggily stood up and Duo simply yawned and stretched.

“Mornin’ guys. What’s going on?”

“Shh…” Heero said, waving his hand in front of Duo’s face. He pulled out that mysterious gun from his spandex shorts and prepared to open the door. “Move, baka,” he snapped at Duo. Duo rolled his eyes and groggily stood up, moving so that Heero could open the door. The dingo growled again and it sounded like it was attacking something.

The six carefully walked outside and into the muggy morning air. They stood on the porch and stared at the dingo shaking around something. What it was, they weren’t quite sure but having a dingo so close to your house was not a good thing. Duo rubbed his eyes once again and stared down at the “dog” in the yard and its prey then went white.


The five quickly turned to him and blinked and Duo paled more. He turned to Heero and grabbed his gun from him. He aimed and fired just past the dingo, he just wanted to scare it, not kill it. The dingo let of the little wombat and took off running from the loud gunshot. Duo dropped the gun and ran off the porch, followed by the others.

He ran and picked up the slowly dying rodent and held it in his arms. Tears were slowly leaking form his eyes as the tiny animal tried to breathe. Duo shook his head fiercely and held Helen close.

“No, no, please no,” he cried as Helen stopped breathing and lay limp in his arms. Duo bit his trembling bottom lip and tried to keep himself from screaming. The others simply looked on. Chris slowly kneeled down and rested her hand on his shoulder, which he shrugged off.

“Duo, it’s ok…”

“Not it’s not. It’s not fucking ok. Everybody and everything I love dies on me,” he growled, placing Helen’s body down in the dusty ground. He slowly stood and turned to them with dark, tearful, violet eyes. He pushed by the little group and took off running over the river and out of sight.

“I don’t understand. It’s just an animal.”

“Wufei! She was Duo’s pet, he loved her… and her babies.”

“And how would you know of them, onna?”

“Grr… because he showed them to me!” she snapped and turned to Heero who hadn’t taken his eyes off the spot Duo had run to. She walked over to him and stood on her tiptoes. “Over the river and threw that little grove of trees you’ll find a hill. Go up the hill and you’ll find him,” she whispered in his ear.

He turned around quickly and stared at her. She nodded and smiled slightly. He too nodded and stared after Duo. I knew you loved him.

“Oh dear, Trowa. We should bury it, shouldn’t we?”

“Of course, my angel.”

“I know the perfect place too,” Chris said quietly walking over to the large tree by the river.


Heero followed Chris’s directions and walked over the river and threw the grove of trees and up the little hill. There he found the sobbing pilot holding a tiny brown ball of fuzz. Heero blinked and noticed several spots of blood on the ground and two other balls of fuzz that weren’t moving at all. He walked over to Duo and slowly sat down beside him.

Duo blinked through his tears. He was about to pinch himself, thinking that he was dreaming. Never in a million years would Heero Yuy come and find him and sit with him. No way, never ever, ever would that be possible. This was, after all, the Perfect Soldier who just didn’t do things like that. He swallowed some of his tears and looked straight at Heero.



“W-w-what are you doing here? *sniffle*.”

“Looking for you, baka.”

“*sniff* Why?”

“Why not?”

“Um… I don’t know. You and I aren’t really… uh… close.”

“Hmm… is that one alive?”

“Yeah, she’s really scared though.”

“The others…”

“Iie. I’m a jinx I tell you. Everything I love dies… even wombats!”

“That’s not true.”

“Oh really? Well, lets see here shall we, see if you, The Great Heero Yuy, is right or not! Hmm… my best friend died on me, my parents died on me, Sister Helen and Father Maxwell died on me, all because I loved them. I loved these little wombats… they were like my pets and they died on me too all because I loved them. So, Heero, name something or someone who I don’t love who hasn’t died on me.”

“Ano… Aa… hmm…”

“Yeah, ya don’t know do you. Damnit all!” he sighed heavily and wiped his tears away with the back of his hand. He stood up, clutching “Little Wufei” close. “I’m heading back, Heero. Are you coming?”


Duo nodded and started walking back. Heero sighed heavily and stared at the sky. I love you and I won’t die on you… I promise. He nodded slightly and picked up Solo and Max and carried them with him. He figured that they should be buried with their mother.


Duo and Heero walked back to the “base” and were greeted by Chris, who came running at them as soon as she saw them. Duo smiled weakly and placed “Little Wufei” in her arms.

“Is Little Wufei the only one left?”


“NANI!?” Duo and Chris turned to see Wufei staring blankly at them. “You named some… something after me?!”

“Yes, you missed HER naming process.”


“*giggle* I think it’s cute,” Quatre giggled, wiping the dust on his pants.

“Here Duo, come and look at where we buried Helen.”

“Oh but…”

“I have them here,” Heero said, placing Max and Solo in the tiny grave with their mother. Duo smiled brightly and Chris nudged him, giving him a cheesy grin.

“He’s so cute, isn’t he?”

“Nani?! Shut up!… onna,” he snickered.

“Yeah, if I wasn’t holding Little Wufei here then I’d kick your ass for that one,” she growled. He simply smiled and walked over to the grave under the huge tree. He stood and watched as Trowa covered it in dirt and patted it down.

“Should we say something?” Quatre asked, “I mean, in their honor?”

“Iie, that’s ok Little-Q. This is fine.”

They other five nodded and Chris pulled out a tiny daisy and placed it lovingly on the grave. Duo smiled at her and sighed. He walked over and picked up two sticks. He pulled the band from his hair and let it fall down around him. He tied the band around the two sticks and made a cross then stuck it in the earth as a tombstone. He nodded and scooped Little Wufei up and out of Chris’s arms and walked back to the house, wind blowing his chestnut hair around and his tears. Everyone I love dies on me. That’s why I don’t want to love you, Heero… god, why do I have to love you? If you die on me, I’ll die too… I promise.


It was about 8 o’clock in the morning and all of the pilots sat in the living room, with the exception of Duo who had retreated to the bedroom with “Little Wufei”. The weather was heating up and they were bored out of their minds. Then Duo walked out of the bedroom, smiling weakly. Heero’s eyes locked on him and the tiny ball of brown fuzz he held in his hands.

“Hey Heero man, that damned laptop of yours is beeping. Turn it off!”

“Hn…” was all he said as he disappeared into the bedroom. Duo sighed and walked over to the couch and flopped down next to Chris. She smiled and took “Little Wufei” from Duo’s arms. She then shoved the little wombat in Wufei’s face and made him jump back.

“Aww, isn’t SHE just so cute, Wufei?”


“Aww, c’mon Wu-man, I think she does look something like you.”

“Ahhh! Shut up Maxwell, she does not! I do not look like a rodent!”

“Ah, ya got that rat tail!” Chris giggled and Duo laughed. Quatre giggled and Trowa smiled inside as they stared at the trio on the couch. It was a bit of relief to see Duo smile. They hadn’t seen him for hours after the ‘incident’ with Helen and her babies.
Heero walked out of the living room, interrupting the laughter. He stared at them all with hard cobalt eyes.

“What’s happening, Heero?” Quatre asked staring up at him.

“A mission.”

There were some groans and nods as it sunk in. Duo looked up at the man of his dreams and smiled his same lopsided grin. “I guess it’s better than doing nothin’ all day. Where too, Heero?”

“We have to check out the other two bases… in pairs… meaning that two will have to stay here and keep an eye on things. It’s a simple reckon mission.”

“Hai! Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s go, guys!”

“Hold on a minute there, Shinigami… whose going to stay and whose going to go?”

“Oh, Chris, I didn’t think of that?”




“Shut up! Whose going and whose staying, Yuy.”

“It wasn’t assigned.” The six stood there for a moment trying to ponder this. Who would go and who would stay? But the ones who went had to go in pairs too. Duo bit his lip and was hopping he’d get “stuck” having to go with Heero. They all figured Quatre and Trowa would go together, somewhere. They never left each other’s sides. And there was a slight fear in leaving Wufei and Chris alone together; they’d probably end up killing each other.

Chris stared at the pilots before her and the gears in her head were turning. However she did this, she would have to make sure that Duo went with Heero. She knew they both had to be hoping they had to go together. She didn’t want to separate Trowa and Quatre. They both would probably be better off together anyway. But anyway that she pair the six of them up in her head, she was always stuck with Wufei. She sighed and put on her best smile as a little light bulb went off.

“Hey, I know!”


“Quatre… we can go by numbers!”

“Say what?!”

“Duo, ya know, numbers.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You want us to pair up by how the Oz organization named our Gundams, right?”

“Yes, exactly right, Trowa. Like 03 and 04 go together, 05 and 06 together and 01 and 02 go together.”

“Well that’s a good idea, Chris,” Quatre smiled. “but, who will stay here and who will go to one of the bases.”

“Wufei and I will stay here,” she giggled, latching on to him.

“Ah, onna, off!”

“Alright, so it’s settled. Quatre and I will go to the base in Melbourne. Duo and Heero will go to Sydney and Wufei and Chris will stay here.”

“Sounds good, Trowa.”

“Oh yes, very good!” Chris giggled.

Duo grabbed her elbow and pulled her to the far end of the room. “You did that un-purpose.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“You like it?”

“Maybe…” *blush*

“I knew you would. Just sitting all day with Heero Yuy… fun?”

“Well, I don’t know how fun it would be but… I think my chest is going to explode.”

“Aww! I am just a genius is all.”

“Yes but, you have to spend the day with Wufei.”

“So, just as long as we don’t talk to each other it’ll be fine.”

“Right… *rolls eyes*.”

“Hey Duo, you better pack up your stuff.”

“Oh, alright, Quatre.”

He smiled warmly at her and whispered in her ear, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Duo nodded and walked off to the bedroom to pack up his stuff. Chris smiled and jumped up and down, doing the victory dance. Wufei stared at her a moment and really sweat dropped. She then caught his glance and latched onto his arm.

“Oh wow Wufei, a whole day together, what should we do?!”

“Stay as far away from each other as possible?”

“Hmm… good plan!”

Quatre giggled at the pair as he finished packing his duffel bag. He could tell that they seemed to be hiding their feelings for one another. Duo walked out of the bedroom beaming brightly. He slapped Heero on the back and gave him a cheesy grin.

“Finally got a mission, huh Heero?” Quatre shook his head and sighed, and they weren’t the only ones hiding their feelings. Trowa walked up to him and wrapped a strong arm around his waist.

“Are we ready?”



“Alright you two, don’t kill each other. We’ll be back before the sun is down.”

“Okay, Duo-kun, have fun! *wink*”

“Grr… stop that!” he mouthed to her and she simply smiled as they walked out the door. Chris ran after them and Wufei followed. The four pilots got in their Gundams and took off. Chris waved happily at their departure; from the porch and Wufei just stood still.

“So, should we divide the house into two sides or what?” Chris asked, winking at him.


The hot noon day sun shown in threw the windows of the tiny house. The land seemed scorched as the heat rose off it. There wasn’t even a breeze blowing around to make it somewhat cooler. Wufei lay on the couch, one arm dangling off the old upholstery and so was his leg. His other hand was resting on his forehead, trying to keep himself somewhat cool. Sweat poured off his face as he tried to be as still as possible. Chris lay on the wooden floor right underneath him. She was a bit cooler just because she was wearing her tanktop and shorts but she was still terribly hot and she hated to be hot. Her skin was nice and flushed and her hair was all matted to her face. She sighed and heaved her hand over her eyes as the sun blinded her.

“It’s soooo hot,” she moaned.


“Soooo fucking hot….”


“Tooooo damn hot…”




Chris jumped up from the floor and stared into his face. She smiled brightly and grabbed his hand. “I know what we can do.”


“He-he, there’s that river over there, we can go swimming!”

“Ch’ what are you crazy, onna? That rivers not deep enough to wade threw let alone swim.”

“Well… it’s really cold I’m sure… at least colder than it is in here. We can sit in it for all I care… I’m just too hot right now. We could suffer from heat stroke and die!”

“That’s only when you stop sweating.”

“*gasp* I don’t sweat, I glow.”

“Yeah right.”

He rolled his eyes and she glared at him. She then smiled and pulled him to his feet. “We’re going swimming Wufei… c’mon Little Wufei, you can come with us,” she laughed, dragging Wufei out the door with Little Wufei on their heels. She dragged him down to the little river and pushed him in it. He splashed and sputtered as tried to keep his balance on the rocks. Once he did find his balance the water only came up to his shins, but it sure was cold and felt wonderful. She smiled and ran towards him. “Watch out, Wufei!”


She jumped at him and tackled him. They both went flying backwards and landed in the cool water with a mighty splash. She giggled as she moved off of his lap and sat on one of the rocks. He sat up and growled, rubbing his back. He was about to yell something when his mind went blank. She sat with her arms wrapped around her knees and her head rested on her arms. Her hair was damp and tiny drops would roll down her face and disappear under her shirt. She smiled warmly at him and he suddenly tried to find his voice.

“Ya ok, Wu-man?”

“H-huh? Oh… no!”

“Oh, *blink* Why not?”

“I landed on a rock when you tackled me!”

“Oops, I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am!”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“You are not!”

“I am!”



“Grr… I am not going to argue with you… there is no dignity in it.”

“Dignity my butt.”

He huffed and turned away from her. She sighed and slipped back into the water, feeling the iciness lap at her skin. She crawled over to Wufei and smiled.

“Hey, can I do your hair… please?”


“Why not?!”

“I don’t want you touching my hair.”

“Oh, if you’re worried I’d do something like I did with Duo’s, don’t be. I was just playing with him. It’ll look good, promise… please, let me.” She batted her eyes and smiled at him. He stared into those bright lavender eyes and seemed to be lost. He sighed and nodded his head. She smiled so brightly the sun would have been put to shame. She waded over behind him and sat down again. She pulled the little rubber band from his hair and let if fall. It went down to his ears and just past a tiny bit. She stared at the band in her hand and then her hand.

“How much hair jell do you use?” she giggled.

“Shut up, you’re lucky I let you do this.”

“Wow, you didn’t call me ‘onna’ this time… so impressed.”

“Just hurry up and get this over with.”

“Fine. Ya have ta lay back. I wanna rinse all of that shit out of your hair. Ya know it’s bad for the roots, don’t ya?”


“Oh, well now ya do,” she giggled, dunking his head underwater. He slashed and sputtered, coming up for air. He jumped to his feet and glared down at her.

“Are you trying to kill me, onna?!”

She giggled and said nothing. She stood up and pushed on his shoulders.

“Sit down, baka. Let me finish. You wouldn’t have drowned anyway! So, shut up about it!” He fell back in the water and she sat down in front of him. He glared at her and she simply rolled her eyes and shook her head. She placed a delicate finger on her chin and stared at him a moment. She then nodded and reached up, expecting him to pull away, only he didn’t. She smiled sweetly at him and started brushing a few stray hairs away from his eyes.

“Hmm… I know the perfect thing!”

She started to fuss and fiddle with his hair. She pulled a large amount of it back and tied it up with the rubber band but she just left some hanging. It hung in his eyes and bits around his ears. He looked like he was in a battle or something. She stood up and smiled down at him.

“There! Much better”

He gently touched his hair and blew it out of his eyes. He stared up at her and said nothing. “Well? Do you like it? It looks really good.” He said nothing, only sat there brushing the hair out of his face.

“Wufei?” she asked, kneeling down to him. He looked up at her, their eyes locking. She blinked, stunned by the intense look in his. He gently reached up and brushed away one of her wet curls. Her bottom lip trembled at the feeling that tingled threw her. He gently placed his hand on her cheek and ran his fingers threw her hair. He put his hand on the back of her neck and started drawing her nearer to him. When she was only inches away from his face he whispered, “Bishoujo…”

“Iie,” she whispered, twisting out of his grip.


She pulled away from him and jumped to her feet. “Gomen,” she bowed and ran out of the river and headed for the trees. Wufei sat there stunned. His heart just ripped right out. How could she do that to him? Did what he though he saw in her blind him?

“K’so,” he swore, punching at the icy water around him.


In Sydney Duo and Heero were high up on a hill over looking the base. They were far from anyone and it was quite secluded. They sat in front of a huge tree, which brought a much-needed breeze, every now and again. Duo lay on his stomach, propped up on his elbows, holding a pair of binoculars. Heero was leaning on the tree, typing on his laptop and trying not to stare at Duo’s ass too much.

“Damn, it’s fucking hot here!” Duo groaned, sitting up, much to Heero’s dismay. “Can you believe how hot it is? Honestly now… just look at my binoculars. I can’t see a thing they’re all steamed up from the heat.”

He sighed irritably, noticing that Heero, as always, was not paying any attention to him what-so-ever. He flopped out Indian style and removed his black coat, unbuttoning some of the buttons on his white shirt. He then lifted his braid from his neck, in hopes to cool it down.

Well, little did Duo know that what he was doing wasn’t cooling Heero down any. Sure he too was hot and getting hotter, but not from the sun. Duo just looked too damn sexy for his own good. His face flush from the heat and a soft sheen of sweat on his brow. Plus the little bit of pale flesh he could see from the few buttons undone on his shirt. Heero sighed irritably and attempted to bury himself in his work, which wasn’t working very well at all.

Duo sighed and pulled his knees up to his chest, letting his hands dangle off of them and his binoculars rest on his thigh. “Ya know what Heero, it’s kinda pretty here.”


“Yeah, ya know it is. Nice place for a picnic or something.”


“Is that all you say?”


“Of course. I forgot who I was talking to there for a minute. *sigh* The Perfect Solider… yep, no emotions, right?” Duo stared at him a moment with bright violet eyes, but Heero would not meet his gaze. For one, he was afraid of what he might do if he did and another, it might shut him up.

“Yep, that’s what I though,” he sighed, staring out over the base again, tapping his binoculars against his inner thigh.

Heero looked up from his computer for a second to see what the braided American was doing. He was just sitting there, so pensive and so beautiful. The way the sunlight would reflect off his face and bounce along his lean body. Heero bit his lip. //Control, control damnit!//

A gentle sea breeze blew threw and ruffled his jagged chestnut bangs. Duo closed his eyes in contentment, loving the brief cooling feeling. Heero once again was looking for that control factor. Where had his control gone? He was a soldier after all. But why did he want to kiss and ravage the beauty before him? //Control, control, control!// His mind chanted.

Duo lulled his head from side to side, trying to get his neck to cool down. Well, the computer was now on the ground with that one and Heero was digging his strong fingers into the earth. //It’s ok, breathe. You’ve wanted him before and you got over it… no, but this time he’s so close, just so close!// Heero watched him closely and watched a tiny bead of sweat roll down his neck.

Well that did it, self-control out the window. Heero leaned over as far as he could, grabbed Duo’s shoulders, spun him around; much to the surprise of Duo, put his hand on his face and captured his lips.

Duo sat stunned. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t breath and most of all, he couldn’t kiss back. He was just too shocked. Never before would he think that of all people, Heero would kiss him!? It was an amazing revelation, but before Duo could do anything about it, Heero pulled away; not feeling the other kiss back and feeling very hurt about it.

“Gomen, gomen, gomen,” he whispered, bowing his head. Duo blinked more, his eyes wide. //Now he’s apologizing? He’ll now probably only speak to me in Japanese! Well shit! Now what?!// Duo blinked again and tried to say something, anything, only it came out raspy and dry. He coughed a bit and cleared his throat once again.

“H-H-Heero… w-what’d y-ya-a… what’d ya do that for?!”

Heero said nothing, only stared down at the interesting grass; his knees pulled up to his chest. Duo blinked and asked him again, “Heero, what did you do that for?” He still said nothing. He looked hurt and embarrassed.

Embarrassed; the Perfect Solider… and hurt, was that even possible? Duo took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He crawled over to Heero and sat in front of him.

“Tell me, Heero.”


“Please, why did you do that?” he whispered, placing his hands on Heero’s knees and attempting to look into his eyes. Heero sighed and turned his head away, never meeting the violet-eyed boy’s stare. Duo bit his bottom lip. He’d be damned if he let Heero go now. If he kissed him then he must have some feelings for him. He had to know no matter what. Whether Heero was curious of kissing or he did want to kiss him or he thought he was suffocating. Either way he had to know. But he hoped he did want to kiss him, god how he hoped.



“Heero? Please…”


Duo sighed angrily. He was, if nothing, persistent. He smiled wickedly and reached down and ran his fingers over Heero’s crotch. Heero’s head snapped forward and he stared into soft violet eyes.

“That got your attention then, didn’t it?” he laughed. Heero said nothing, only stared into his eyes. Duo smiled brightly, running his fingers down his knees and touching the soft skin of his thighs. “Heero,” he cooed “Why did you kiss me?”

“I don’t know why,” he whispered ever so quietly if Duo hadn’t been listening so carefully he’d have missed it.

“Really? You haven’t the slightest idea why?”


“Are you sure?” he whispered, running his hands down his caves and slipping off his shoes and socks.


“Then tell me why, Heero…”

Duo spread Heero’s legs and sat in between them. He pressed his chest to Heero’s, stroking his back. Heero bit his lip as Duo tilted his head up and faced him. He was so close Heero could taste him.

“Why did you kiss me, Heero?”

“I wanted to,” he whispered.

Duo smiled brightly and rested his head on his shoulder. He leaned up and whispered into his ear, “Ya know what I want you to do, Heero?”


Duo chuckled softly and nibbled his earlobe, sending waves of pleasure threw Heero’s body. He then sucked on the soft flesh, grinding his hips against Heero’s. “Hmm… I want you to… make love to me, Heero.”

Heero growled deep in his throat at Duo’s teasing words. He detached the boy from his ear and pulled him into his lap. He placed his hands on his face and stared into glazed violet eyes. “Nesupa?”

“Yes, really. … I love you, Heero.”

“Hai,” he whispered, pulling him close and kissing his lips. Duo smiled inside and leaned forward, deeping the kiss. Duo smiled as Heero placed several kisses down his neck. “I love you, Heero. I love you so much.”


Heero tailed his kisses down Duo’s neck, sucking gently on the silky column of flesh. He quickly undid the rest of the buttons on his shirt and freed him of it. He continued to kiss his way down his chest, stopping only briefly to tease his nipples.

Duo moaned and arched his back, holding onto Heero like a lifeline. He looked towards the sky and smiled. “Are you real, Heero? I’m not dreaming?”


He smiled and ran his hands up and under Heero’s tank top, removing it from his strong chest. “Good, I hate waking from wet dreams,” he laughed.


“You know it,” he winked then nearly jumped as Heero’s hand traveled down his pants. Heero quickly removed Duo of his pants, shoes, and socks then he went back to kiss his lips. He wrapped one strong arm around his waist and pushed him closer to deepen the kiss. Duo moaned as Heero’s hand traveled down his boxers and began to stroke his growing erection. Heero gently grasped Duo’s aching sex, wrapping pale, callused, fingers around it. Duo arched his back and stared into the blue sky, watching as the world seemed to turn white. Heero kissed his lovers bared throat and continued to work on his sex. He ran his fingers over the hard flesh, teasing and pumping it. He stroked the tip with his index finger, feeling the forming stickiness there. He could just feel Duo’s world about to shatter as he kissed and sucked on his throat again.

Duo was just writhing before him, moaning for more. He thrust into the tight, rough passage created by Heero’s hot, rough, hand. Wanting desperately for the ache to go away. Heero pumped his sex several more times before Duo’s world shattered and he trembled as he came, spilling into Heero’s hand.

“Heero…” Duo managed to choke out.


Duo blinked his violet eyes and stared into the intense blue ones right in front of him. He smirked his infamous smirk and wrapped his arms around Heero’s neck. He gently shook his braided head and inhaled the sent of Heero’s hair.

“Nothing… nothing at all.”

Heero nodded and slowly started to slip off Duo’s black silk boxers. Duo, feeling the motion stared down at his lover.


“Hai,” he blushed.

“Whatcha doin’?”


“You want me, Heero? Want to own me?”

“Um… hai,” he mumbled.

Duo smiled and kissed Heero’s cheek, burying his head in his shoulder. “Ok.”

Heero nodded and quickly pulled off Duo’s boxers and set him back in his lap. Heero looked at the braided pilot who still had his face buried in his shoulder. Heero gently tugged on his braid, making Duo pull his face away and stare into his eyes.

“Mine,” he whispered.


Heero kissed him deeply and then repositioned him so that he could slip off his ever so stylish spandex shorts and of course, he wasn’t wearing anything under them. Duo blinked and smiled, kissing his koi.

“Heero, I must tell you something.”


“You better make it fast man, it’s gonna hurt like hell.”

Heero stared into the bright violet orbs hidden by those jagged chestnut bangs. He gently placed his hand on his cheek and kissed him again.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’ll only hurt for a minute. Trust me. Go on, do it! I’ve waited so long for this, Heero… please? I love you so much. You have too. I want you too.”

Heero nodded and kissed him quickly once again. He then slipped one finger, which was still covered in Duo’s seed, into the tight channel of Duo’s body. Duo squirmed on that invading finger, letting himself tense and relax. Heero noted each time that Duo’s body relaxed and timed them perfectly. He then stuck another finger inside his new lover and then another. Duo moaned in pleasure as he got used to the feeling of having Heero’s fingers deep inside of him. He slowly began to thrust downward on the fingers but Heero stopped him, removing his fingers.

Heero stared into glazed violet eyes that seemed to smile down on him. “Are you sure?”

“Oh god yes!” Duo nodded his head rapidly and quickly wrapped his fingers around Heero’s own very hard and throbbing sex.


Heero nodded and picked up Duo slightly and pulled him forward. Their eyes locked and Duo sweetly kissed his nose. Heero nodded and slowly brought Duo down onto his length. Duo squeezed his eyes shut at the pain, wrapping his arms around Heero’s neck like a lifeline. Then, in one swift motion, Heero thrust into Duo and Duo screamed ever so quietly. Heero pulled him close, kissing the two tears that leaked from his eyes.

“Daijoubu desu ka?” He whispered, softly kissing his lips. He didn’t want to move; though his body screamed for him too. He did not want to hurt the one he loved more than he already had.

“Yeah,” he groaned, after his body got somewhat used to the feel of Heero completely inside him. “ ‘M fine…”

Heero nodded and thrust slowly, still uneasy about hurting him. But as Duo got used to the feeling, he met Heero’s thrust. His were a bit faster and begged for Heero to speed up, which he quickly did. They both were breathing hard and sweat shined on their bodies. Heero had both hands planted on Duo’s hips, digging his fingers into the soft skin and Duo held tight to Heero’s neck. He grit his teeth as Heero hit that spot deep inside of him and all he saw was white. He moaned and tossed his head from side to side, letting his braid whip at his back.

“H… e… e… r… o… uhhh…” he growled, biting into his bottom lip as Heero sped up even more. Heero could feel Duo teetering on the edge; just a little bit more. He thrust three more times and Duo’s world shatter as he screamed out Heero’s name into the sky. Soon after that, Heero followed, burying his seed deep in his lover.

They both fell down on the grass in a pile of sweaty limbs. Duo opened his eyes and found Heero staring at him with a content little, almost, smile on his lips. Duo beamed and kissed him deeply, running his fingers threw his sweaty hair.

“I love you, Heero.”

“I know,” he whispered as they both fell into a light sleep.


Chapter 6: The Lie

Heero and Duo parked Wing and Deathscythe on the grounds of the base. The sun had just started to set and the land was painted in golds and ambers. Duo smiled and sighed in contentment. Heero smiled, on the inside of course.

The way Duo looked in the last dying lights of the sun made him want to tackle him to the ground and make love to him… again. He was about to do something when the screen door of the house snapped open and Quatre came out, waving happily.

“Oi, Heero! Oi, Duo!”

“Yo, Little-Q, what’s happenin’?”

“Um… not much Duo. You two made it just in time, dinner is ready. And guess what it is, Duo.”

“Um… Ramen and steamed rice.”

“Nope,” the little blond smiled, shaking his head.

“Really!? Well what, then?!”


“YAY!” Duo cheered and the blond simply nodded. Duo turned to Heero and smiled brightly then latched onto him and started to drag him in the house.

“C’mon Hee-chan, I’m starving. We had quite a workout, ne?”


Duo giggled wildly and Heero seemed to blush. Quatre stood dumbfounded for a moment and then smiled ever so brightly and followed them in the house. He ran over to Trowa and tugged on his hand, staring at the new couple. Trowa squeezed back, telling him that he understood.

“Hey guys, not that I’m complaining or anything but… uh, why do we get hamburgers tonight instead of steamed rice and Ramen?”

“Well Duo, while Quatre in I were in Melbourne we stopped at the store and bought some food.”

“Wow! That’s great, huh Heero? We should have thought of something like that… but, then again.”

Duo laughed and went to take his seat along side of Heero. Quatre and Trowa also took their seats and the extremely quiet Wufei also took a seat. Duo smiled down at his cheeseburger and fries. He then looked around the table.

Heero, Quatre, empty, Wufei, Trowa… Trowa, Wufei… EMPTY!?

“Guys! Where’s Chris?!”

They all blinked up at him until Wufei spoke very quietly. “She left awhile ago. I’m not hungry,” he said, getting up from his seat.

“What?! I-I…”

Just then the screen door slammed shut and Chris walked in, face slightly sad and eyes not so bright. Duo jumped up from his seat and greeted the girl.

“Hey Chris, where ya been?”


Her tone was flat and dull, this drew them back. They weren’t quite expecting that. She turned briefly and looked at Wufei, who did nothing to acknowledge her presence. She sighed and turned to Duo, plastering on a smile that might have made her face crack it was so fake.

“Guess you got you’re hamburgers then, huh Duo? Seems to me ya also got something else… ne?”

Duo turned his eyes from hers and looked at Heero and then back at her. “Yeah, why?”

She smirked and shook her head, going towards the bedroom. “Nothing.” And she disappeared within the room.

“What’s the matter with her?” Duo growled, staring at Wufei.

“I didn’t do it. If you should be accusing anyone of something, blame her,” he snapped, walking over and sitting on the couch.

Duo stared at him a long time, then at the bedroom door, then at Quatre and Trowa, and then at Heero, he grit his teeth and clenched his fists.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” he snapped, storming over to the bedroom and swinging the door open.

“Chr… What the fuck are you doing!?”

He stared at her with wide violet eyes. She smiled weakly up at him as she finished putting her few personal belongings into her duffel bag. “What’s it look like, Einstein?”

“Packing… but what the hell for?!”

“I have a mission.”

“A mission!? Ta do what!?”

“Doesn’t matter to you.”

“Well yes it does, if you are leaving… we’d like to know where you are going. That’s what a friend is.”

“A friend?” she half laughed half sobbed “That’s such a joke.”

“What are you talking about?”

She stared at him a minute and shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. Excuse me.”

She finished throwing her things in her duffel bag and headed for the door. Well, being it the ever-persistent Duo, he was not going to let her go with that bullshit excuse. He smirked and stepped in front of her. She blinked then glared up at him.

“Get out of my way, Duo,” she growled.

“Not until you tell me where you are going.”

“I have a mission. So, please move.”

“A mission, a mission where?”

“Somewhere… I don’t know! MOVE!”


He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, a little smirk playing on his lips. Her eyes grew impossibly wide and then she up glared at him. She took in a deep breath then let it out slowly.

“Fine, if you will not move, then I will move you myself!” she growled.She grabbed one of his wrists and flipped him over her shoulder. He hit the floor with a loud ‘thud’ that made the whole house shake. She glared down at him and started to walk towards the door.

“Guys!” he yelled and in a flash they were there.She let out a heavy sigh and glared at them. They all stared at her in puzzlement. Ok, well, Quatre stared at her in puzzlement. Wufei refused to even look at her. Heero, as always, was “death glaring” her and Trowa, well, he seemed to have some sort of soft look in his eye or he could have had something in it, in any case they were standing in her way and she wasn’t very pleased about it.

“Alright, move please!”

“Don’t let her, guys,” Duo said quickly, pulling himself from the floor.She clenched her jaw and tightened her grip on the strap of her duffel bag.

“Why not?” Quatre asked, blinking at the angry girl before him.Duo smirked and walked over to Heero; standing next to him in the doorway.

“Because she’s leaving.”

“So!” Wufei snapped, turning his head in disgust. Well, with that quick comment, it was apparent that he held some hidden feelings for her and the slightly sad look on her face made it also apparent that she seemed to like him as well.

“You’re leaving, Chris? How come?”

“I have a mission, Quatre. So now, if you all will get out of my way… I will BE on my way.”


“Duo!” she growled, glaring daggers at the stubborn boy.

“No, you can’t leave until you tell us where you are going.”

“*angry sigh* I have a mission! What more do you want?”

“A mission where?”

“Somewhere. Look, I completed my first mission and now I’m going on to my second.”

“What was your first mission?” Heero asked.

“To get here. I’m leaving on my second… no get out of my way!!”

“NO! Tell me where you are going, Chris!”

“God damnit Duo, NO! I have a mission! What does it matter if you know where I am going or not!?”

“Because, we want to make sure you’ll be ok.”

“I will be ok! I can take care of myself. I’m a big girl now… and I fucking Gundam pilot! Please, you are really starting to tick me off! Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. Please, get out of my way so I can go on my mission.”

“What was your first mission, again?” Heero asked, staring her down.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does.”

“No it doesn’t. It only concerns one of you, so everybody else doesn’t need to know.”

“Who does it concern?” Trowa asked, staring at the extremely angry girl.

“It doesn’t matter. One of you five… you figure it out.”











“Tell us who, Chris. Tell us what your mission is. Maybe we can help each other or something.”

“No, Duo! I don’t need your help and I don’t have to tell you where I’m going! I don’t care about you guys! Please, just let me leave!”

“Who did it concern again?” Heero asked. “What was your first mission?”

“AHHHHH! Damnit! It doesn’t matter!! Why the hell do you keep asking what my first mission was?! Please, can’t you guys just let me leave?!”

“Who does it concern?”

“YOU! By god, it concerns you! It was about you!”

They all stared at her dumbfounded. She glared at them and noticed that this would be the perfect opportunity to leave. They were too shocked to stop her. She had to get out and fast, they were annoying the hell out of her.

And putting on that “goody goodie” act was making her want to hurl herself off a bridge.

“Wh… wh… you… wh… did… you…”

While Duo was still trying to form coherent sentenced she shook her head and sighed heavily.

“I have a goddamn mission, so get out of my fucking way!” she snapped, pushing on Duo with all her might and finally getting out of the room when Heero grabbed her wrist and held on, tight. She winced and glared at him. He simply stared down at her, eyes cold and indifferent.

“Heero, god damnit, let me go!”

“Iie, you are not leaving here.”

“What?! But I have a mission! So, let me go! I would think that of all of them you would understand that I have to leave because of a mission!”He pulled her closer, digging his strong fingers into her wrist until she crumpled in pain. “What was it that you had to do to me?”


“You said you had a mission concerning me. What was it?”

“I don’t know!”

“If you don’t know, how can you go on another mission if you already haven’t completed this one?”

“I have completed this one! It’s done! Let me go, please! You’re hurting me!” she sobbed, yet once again, no tears. Heero let up on his grip a little bit, but not much.

He still stared at her with cold eyes then growled, “Tell me.”

“I had to make sure you were perfect.”


“Perfect! I had to make sure that you were the Perfect Solider!”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course not!! I was sent to make sure that you could not be swayed by love!”

“WHAT?!” everyone yelled. She looked down at the dusty floorboards and then her head snapped up and she glared at Heero.

“I was to make sure that you had no emotions. But, you do, you love Duo… so, since I found that out… that you aren’t perfect… I can go and complete my other missions.”

“No, but I am a solider.”

“Yes, but you aren’t the Perfect solider! Having an emotion like love does not make you a solider… it makes you human.”

He tore his eyes from her gaze, staring down at the floor. “I don’t,” he whispered. He was really confused now. Loving Duo no longer made him a solider? It didn’t make sense to him.

“Liar!” she snapped, struggling in his grip, “You do! Don’t you? You do, Heero, yes you do! Don’t lie!”

“I don’t,” he whispered again, only this time, the others could hear it, Duo most especially. He almost fell over if not for Quatre who grabbed his wrist. Duo was now so very hurt and confused and angry. He and Heero had just… had just… well, it wouldn’t have been that would it? It would have been more like: He let Heero fuck him, if there was no love involved.

Except on his side, anyway.

Chris blinked her bright lavender eyes at Heero and turned to stare at the others. She struggled in Heero’s grip again, desperately trying to get free.

“You are a liar, Heero Yuy! You do, don’t you!?”


“HAI! You do, god damnit! Don’t lie to me! You can’t lie to a liar! Do you love him, Heero?! Do you!?”


“Yes you do, yes you do!”

Heero said nothing, only stared down at the ground. Chris sighed and shook her dark head. She had to get Heero to admit it. It was her mission.

“Do you… do you… do you love Duo, Heero?”

Heero turned his eyes away from her. He looked into the pleading violet ones of the one he did love, but he had never said it. He was sure by now that the poor braided American thought that he didn’t love him. Heero was just confused. He was a solider, but she said he wasn’t because he loved that braided idiot. Heero shook his head and turned his eyes back to the floor.

“Well, do you?!”

“Hai,” he whispered.

“Right, so my mission is over. You know love and you aren’t the Perfect Solider. So, let me go!”

Heero released her wrist and let his arm fall to his side. She stared at him a moment and then at the others and their slack jaws. She glared at them all for a moment then spun on her heel and went outside.

“Heero, whatcha let her go for?!”

“It’s her mission, Duo.”

“Ch’ but ya just can’t let her go!”

Duo turned away form the man he loved, unsure of his intentions at all. Heero knew Duo did not want Chris to leave, then he let her? It didn’t make any sense, most especially what the two were arguing about. Duo was quite hurt inside, but he couldn’t show it. One problem at a time and right now, he’d deal with the one that was moving the fastest, Chris. Duo huffed and ran outside to try and stop her. He wouldn’t let her leave, she couldn’t leave.

He ran outside and found her heading for Tora Hana. His heart jumped into his throat as he ran off the porch in an attempt to catch her. “Chris!” he yelled, running threw the dust cloud of her retreat. She cringed but bit her lip, trying not to answer the voice. She did have a mission after all.

“Chris!” Duo grabbed her arm and spun her around. “Wait!”

“Duo, damnit, let me go!”

“No! I won’t! Tell me why?”

“Tell you why, what? I have a mission. I have to leave. It can’t be simpler than that.”

“But your missions coincide with ours.”

“Ch’ man, you really are a block head. I don’t belong with you guys. I don’t have the same missions as you. So, let me go!”

“No! Not until you tell me what your mission is.”

“My mission, my mission is to destroy the Oz base in Sydney.”

“What? But we were supposed to do that together… all of us Gundam pilots.”

“Together… TOGETHER… I’m not together with you guys! I never was, never have been… never will be! How many times to I have to tell you this!”

“But what about all that stuff you said… that finally you found us and shit.”

“Ha-ha, you all really are so dense! It’s a lie! A fucking lie!”

“But--- god damnit, you USED us!”

“Ha-ha, no shit Sherlock. I told you before I was a player… I’d do anything I need to, to get the job done. Trample over people, use people, fuck people… it makes no difference to me.”

“But that’s not right! How can you use people like that and not feel anything for it!”

“Hey, you got what you wanted, right? Mr. Perfect Soldier--- why are you complaining then?”

“But you use people… like puppets… to get what you want.”

“But that’s humanity, Duo. Don’t you see. Humanity is just like that. Do you think the rich give a damn about the poor and the lowly… NO! People only care about themselves… and if they have to trample over others to get what they want then they’ll do it! Human beings are animals… looking for their prey… and their prey just so happens to be those weaker than they are.”

“But that’s not true! There are those people who are kind and care about others.”

“So, that’s only a few in a world of thousands. I mean, you should know… you were one of those lowly… a street rat, isn’t that what they called you?”

“So! I don’t care if I was a street rat. I’m not now! And besides, I did meet those who were kind.”

“Yes, but then who killed them? Those soldiers looking for more power and wealth… a promotion? What about your friend, Solo. How did he die?”

“The plague killed him, so what?”

“But wasn’t there a cure for that plague. Wasn’t there? What happened to it?”

“It was only given to the rich.”

“Exactly! This kindness that you talk about, its only a word. Just like ‘peace’ and ‘happiness’ and ‘justice’. Just words. Humans are stubborn, blood thirsty creatures who aren’t happy unless they get what they want and they’d do anything to get it… even take another mans life.”

“But there are exceptions!”

“Right, there are. You, Duo, and the others… you are exceptions.”

“And you.”

“No! I am not! I am one of those that will do anything to get what they want. I have been told to do so… and I have and will again. Just like I used you guys. I warned you to begin with… you should have expected it.”

“But I asked you! And you fucking lied to me!”

“Now you’re getting it. Words, Duo, all words.”

“So, is all this shit you are talking about… are those words too?”

“Ha-ha-ha, no, it’s reality.”

Duo looked down at her. She was cold and heartless. Strange that she was so warm in the beginning. He could have easily called her ‘friend’. Why was she doing this? Did she not care about them? What about Wufei… did she not care about him? He’s in love with her and she didn’t even seem to care.

“Listen to me, Duo. Humanity is a waste of space. It’s hurting our world and this planet. The Earth is split open and bleeding on the stars because of humanities hatred for one another. Good bye, Duo… I would say that I hope we meet again, but then, I’d be lying.”

She bowed and continued walked towards Tora Hana. Duo stood there stunned.

He couldn’t move, couldn’t think. The words that she just spoke touched his soul and screamed at him, making him think of this reality that he lived in. He drew his eyes up to the Gundam before him and saw her disappear within the cockpit. The Gundam Tora Hana took off and disappeared into the stars.

//The Earth is split open and bleeding on the stars… and I think that you are too, Chris. You are split open and bleeding on the stars… your dreams… you are dying inside and screaming to get out. The Earth is split open and  is bleeding on the stars… and so are you.//

Chapter 7: Trapped

Duo sighed as the last bits of light sunk down into the horizon. They velvety blackness of the sky and it’s diamond like stars lit up the area. Duo smiled and readjusted himself. He sat in the middle of the so-called yard, just staring at the sky. He had been like that for god knows how long and Quatre was starting to worry.

 The torn curtain fluttered back into place and Quatre sunk back onto the couch. He sighed and Trowa turned to him, looking at him with some form of concern.

 “What’s the matter, my angel?”

 “Oh Trowa, I’m worried about Duo. He’s been out there for hours now.”

 “He just lost a friend.”

 “I know but… what about Wufei? I haven’t seen him all night. I’m really worried about him too. I think he loved her. And Heero… what about him? He’s been locked up in that room ever since she left!”

 “I know, little one, but some people need to be alone. They think that Chris just betrayed them.”

 “Well, didn’t she?” Quatre blinked, staring into Trowa’s dark emerald eyes.


 “You don’t think so?” he asked, more shock in his voice.

 “No, I don’t. I can see it in her eyes.”



Trowa gently placed his index finger on the little blonde’s lips. He then leaned down and kissed him ever so sweetly. “Don’t worry, little one, relax.”

Quatre nodded and wrapped his arms around Trowa’s neck, deepening the kiss.

Duo sighed again and leaned back on his hands. //Isn’t this just sooooo peachy? Yep, damn fucking peachy! I think I should be more pissed off about this, but I’m not.// He shook his head and then a few squeaks and murmurs pulled him from his thoughts. He turned to his right and looked down at the fuzzy brown wombat and it’s bright black eyes. Duo smiled and picked the little thing up into his arms.

“How did you get out here? Trowa and Quatre must be makin’ out on the couch if they didn’t notice you slip outside.”

Little Wufei squeaked, snuggling into Duo’s warm arms. Duo smiled warmly, stroking the wombats fur. He sighed and stared into the sky once again. He looked back down at Little Wufei and laughed.

“Ya know, I don’t think “Little Wufei” suites you. Hmm… what to call you, what to call you?” Duo pondered this and picked up the tiny wombat, staring into its big black eyes and fuzzy face. He smiled and wrapped her back into his arms. “I don’t care what she said… I’ll call you Chris. You like that better, right?” The little wombat squealed and chirped, staring up at the pilot. “Yep, I thought so! Soooo, Chris, should we go and see what everyone else is up too? See what Heero’s doing?”

He sighed and stared at the sky once again, running a warm hand over the brown fur of his tiny animal companion’s forehead. “I wonder if it will be different? Me and Heero that is… will it be different? Will he actually… does he actually… love me? He hasn’t said it. I probably shouldn’t have jumped in so deep, so quick. But god, what they say is true, when you fall in love you fall hard and fast. I do love him, Chris,” he murmured down the sleeping ball of fuzz. “I do.” He smiled and stared back at the sky, waiting until all of the color from the sun had disappeared before he went back inside.

 The old screen door slammed shut and Quatre jumped up and away from Trowa’s lips. Duo smirked at the two. An extremely flushed and heavily breathing

Quatre and a Trowa, who wasn’t even winded; he smirked at the two and laughed.

 “See, I told you they were making out on the couch,” he whispered to Chris, the wombat.

 “Oi… uh… gomen… um…” Quatre still blushed, and hard. He quickly whipped his lips with the back of his hand and remembered to swallow. “Um… did she get out?”

 “Yeah, but it’s cool, Little-Q. Don’t worry about it. Hey, find something for Chris to eat. I’m gonna go see Heero.”

 Duo handed the little blond the tiny ball of fuzz and proceeded to walk towards the bedroom. “You renamed her?”

 “Yeah. Why?”

 “Um… I just thought… that um… uh… never mind, Duo.”

 “Alright,” he smiled wearily and walked into the bedroom.

Quatre blinked his bright aqua eyes at the tiny wombat and then stared over at Trowa. Trowa stood up and walked over to him, wrapping his arms around Quatre’s tiny frame.

“I told you. He hates her no less than I do.”

“But you never hated her.”


“But, I don’t understand, Trowa.”

“Ask her someday then. Come, we should feed this little one.”

“Um… alright… uh…. Trowa?”


“What do wombats eat?” *blink*

Duo quietly shut the bedroom door, sighing loudly in irritation and sadness. Heero sat on his bed with his laptop on. He stared intently at the screen, typing rapidly. His legs were crossed and he leaned over some, not even noticing Duo’s presence. //Just like old times… but now, I guess he’ll wanna screw me instead of ignoring me.// Duo sighed again and walked over to him. He stood in front of the bed, staring at his face that was glowing from the bright computer screen.



“Um… uh… I was wondering… um…”

Heero blinked, finding that the annoying American, who never shuts up,
at a loss for words. He turned and faced him, eyes locking onto deep
ones. Duo blushed slightly and sighed heavily.

“Heero I… I… I…”


“I wanna know where we stand.”

Heero looked him over, thinking that maybe he had gone mad. “You stand there, and I stand here. What more is there to know?”Duo just about fell over. Well, he did want to know where they stood and practical thinker, Heero Yuy, told him exactly. Duo took in a deep breath and restrained himself from throwing a temper tantrum.

“No, no, Heero! I wanna know what’s happening with us… US!”


He blinked and well, that really sent Duo into a temper tantrum. Duo stomped his feet and waved his arms around, shaking his head. Heero blinked at the over reacting boy, trying to figure out why he was indeed throwing such a fit.

“Heero! Us, I’m taking about US! You and me! What we mean to each other! Back there… ya know, in Sydney! What was that? Is there more? Do I mean something to you or not? I’m not going to just stand by and…”

 Heero shook his head, quickly covering Duo’s annoying mouth with his hand. Duo blinked his bright violet eyes as Heero gently kissed his nose.

“You talk to damn much… and worry too. Let Quatre worry… that’s what he’s good at,” he whispered, removing his hand and replacing it with his lips. It was a sweet, passionate kiss that was meant to and did reassure the pilot of Deathscythe of his feelings for him.

Heero broke away first and sat back down on the bed, checking back at his laptop. Duo stood stunned and a bit hurt. Ok, so Heero did care for him but what was up with breaking their kiss to check his email? Duo took a deep calming breath and tried not to sound as angry as he seemed.

“Heero, what *are* you doing?”

Heero turned to him, staring at him with almost warm cobalt eyes. He gently reached up and took Duo’s wrist, pulling him onto the bed. He pulled Duo close to his chest, wrapping one arm around his waist and the other was stretched across his chest so that he could continue to type. Duo instantly cuddled into him, much like a cat. He snuggled deep into his embrace, wrapping his arms around Heero’s extended one. He gently leaned his head on his shoulder, which Heero rested his chin on. They stayed that way for a moment then the laptop beeped.

 “See for yourself.”

 Duo pulled away from his lover slightly and stared at the bright words flashing on the screen. His eyes went impossibly wide and he quickly turned to Heero, staring up at him with utter amazement.

 “Heero… that’s… that’s…”

 “Doctor X’s file reports on Christian Ann Morris.”

 Duo’s eyes went even wider than before as he turned his attention back to the computer screen. Heero pushed on the arrow keys and made the page of words move down.

 “Her mother was American by descent and her father Irish. Both are dead. Her brother--- Christopher James Morris--- is still alive… living in rural Toyama Japan.”

 “They both are called Chris? And he’s ALIVE?!”

 “Hai. Trained from the age of two to use weapons and a Gundam. Fighting tactics were also taught. Her main lesson was love. She was taught love… just like she said.”

Heero bit his lip and stared sternly at his laptop, so sternly that if it were real, it would have run away crying. He then started to hack into the files more. Duo blinked, sitting up further staring at the screen. “She was taught love… but she said… but…”

        Duo bit his lip in puzzlement, holding on tightly to Heero’s arm. Thoughts and theories about this strange girl with the lavender eyes were swimming threw his head and quite frankly, they made it hurt. //She was taught love. But she shows no love and believes in it, not. Then… um… I don’t understand.// He worried his bottom lip and then suddenly a thought entered his mind. //Heero was taught not to feel… and he was shown no feelings either. Chris was taught to love but… I’ll bet she was not shown love! That’s why she thinks the way she does! She was taught how to love but never was shown it. That’s it!//

        He sighed, finally figuring out the girl’s mystery. He smiled slightly and buried his head into Heero’s chest. He shut his eyes, trying to think of what exactly was going on with Heero though. Why had he looked up Chris’s reports and data in the first place? They really weren’t pals to begin with. Duo blinked and his head shot up, he stared directly into the intense cobalt blue eyes above his own.



 “Why are you doing this?”

 “Doing what?”

 “Why are you looking this stuff up on Chris. You two weren’t exactly friends… if ya know what I mean. You threatened to kill her on more that one occasion. Why do you care about this anyway?”

 “Because you care.”


Duo blinked and Heero seemed to smile. Well, what you could call a smile. He gently tilted Duo’s chin upwards and captured his lips again. “Because you care. You liked her and were wondering what it was about her. That’s all.”

 Duo blinked and then it suddenly dawned on him what Heero was getting at. “You mean you hacked into Doctor X’s very personal files to find out about Chris because I wanted to know? You did this for me?!”

Heero shrugged slightly and nodded just a tiny bit. Duo’s eyes lit up and  he wrapped his arms tightly around Heero’s neck. “Oh, Heero! I love you  soooo much! Thank you!” Heero smiled inside and held him tight then his laptop beeped again and  Duo  pulled away from him wanting to know what he was looking up this time.

 “What is that?”

 “A list of Chris’s missions.”

 “Really? Where is she?”

 “Hmm… Sydney… her mission is to blow up the base there.”

 “All by herself?! But that’s suicide! Heero, we can’t let her do it on her own. We have to help her. Please, Heero, lets help her.”


Heero stared into Duo’s pleading violet eyes. He sighed and placed his hand  gently on the boys soft cheek, still uncertainty in his eyes and  thoughts.  This was after all *her* mission and not his. What did he care if she  died  or not, just as long as he didn’t have to clean up her mistakes if she  didn’t complete her mission. Duo gripped part of his tanktop in his  fists,  tugging slightly. “Please Heero, please… she’ll die.”

 “Would it make you happy if we helped her?”

 “Yes! Very much so, Heero… please… she can’t die.”

Heero sighed and gently kissed Duo’s trembling lips. “Hai.”

She slipped into the base unnoticed by the guards. Stealth training finally paying off. She creeped down the hall, gun raised and ready to fire. She was dressed in her dark blue jeans and her green sweater with a tan backpack slung over her shoulder. She ducked into an elevator and headed up; to the 35th floor to be exact. Her mission was the blow up the fan ducts, which would send a wave of mass confusion threw the base and then use Tora Hana to destroy the rest of it. It sounded simple enough, on paper. But, it was really going to be harder than she thought and knew it was going to be as well.

 Chris sighed, leaning on the cold metal of the elevator. Her thoughts were on the mission of course, but they kept drifting back to that sad faced, braided pilot, and the dark eyes of the man whose heart she ripped out with her bare hands. She sighed again, wondering if she had been too cold. Well, she was to be cold. She was a solider. She needed to be cold. She needed to be heartless and she needed to use people to get to where she wanted to be.

 But did she really? Did she really have to hurt them? Was there another way? Could she actually let her shields slip down and be vulnerable and caring? She worried her bottom lip and blinked her bright lavender eyes. //Bullshit!// Her mind swore yet there was a weak bit of resistance; her heart was calling her, but like always, she ignored it.

 The 35th floor light blinked and the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Chris readied her gun again and stepped out into the deserted hall. She was kind of worried. She hadn’t seen any soldiers at all. That was not a good thing. Were they expecting her? Oh well, it didn’t matter then, did it? All that mattered was her mission and if she had to die, her mission damn well better be complete before that.

She walked down the hall, quiet as a mouse and with the stealth of a cat. Her eyes focusing on the slightest movements in the darkness. She stopped at one of the fan ducts and pulled out one of the charges/ bombs from her backpack. She placed it inside the duct and hit the little button. With a click and a flash of red light, the charge was set and she went about doing that to others.

 Thirteen fan ducts later, she was on her last one. She pulled the final charge from her bag and went about setting it. She wiped the sweat from her brow with the sleeve of her sweater. This had been a relatively easy mission, no guards, no nothing. She smiled to herself and put the last charge in place. She stood and let out a sigh of relief then suddenly:


 The whole floor shook and she toppled to the ground. She jumped to her feet, curls flying in her eyes. “Jesus, what the hell was that?!” She stared down the dark hall. No one, but the sprinklers were going off and the alarms. That wasn’t one of her charges, she had the detonation button. She blinked her lavender eyes and took off running down the hall as an elevator opened and several soldiers entered the hall.

 “Jesus, when I find the dumbass who did that… I’m gonna blow their fucking head off!”

 She ran all the way to the end of the hall and cursed. //Cornered! Fuck!// She then looked to her right; a door. She grabbed the knob and went in. Those soldiers were all over the hall. She shut the door behind her, locking it and sighing. //Great, now the soldiers are around! It’s because of that dumbass whose bomb happy!// She grumbled as she pushed herself to her feet and away from the door. She had to get out and fast.

 She blinked as she saw the object. It was a giant metal tube. Much like a metal smokestack on a ship of factory. She blinked, walking over and lifting the metal grating that covered the top of it. She stuck her head inside trying to see where the hell that thing went. It was probably her only way out. Yes, actually it was. There were no windows and the only way out was that door. Getting captured was not an option. She took off her backpack and backed up.

 “Ya only live once, right?” She threw her backpack down the shoot and was about to jump down it when something cold and firm pressed against the back of her head.


Her eyes widened and her heart started to thump in her chest. She knew what it was that was pressed against her head; the cold barrel of a gun. Well, maybe being captured wasn’t so bad. Yeah right! She sighed, slowly raising her arms in the air and standing. She slowly turned around and just about fell over when she saw her captor.

 Big violet eyes, elite with mischief, and jagged chestnut bangs and a super long braid. He smiled a lopsided grin, twirling his gun around on his index  finger like he was in a western movie or something. He placed a hand on his black clad hip and smirked even more as her jaw fell to the floor.

 “Hey Chris, how’s it going?”



 She sputtered some things trying to form coherent words. Her eyes were as wide as a doe and her jaw, well, it fell just about two more feet when he smiled even more. She took a deep calming breath and stared at him.

 “Duo, what are you doing here?!”

 “Saving your butt.”


 “You can’t do this on your own, Chris.”

 “Wait a minute… did you set that bomb earlier?”

 “Well… yeah… but… it was more like Heero.”

 “Ch’!! Heero is here too?!?”

 “Yeah. He’s actually waiting for us in the basement.”

 “What?! Duo, but… I don’t understand! I thought… why don’t you… what?”

 “Why don’t I hate you, Chris?”

She nodded her head rapidly staring into his bright violet eyes. “Yes!”

 “Because I figured it out.”

 “Figured… what?”

Duo opened his mouth about to speak when suddenly several soldiers yelled something and started to bang on the door. Both Duo and Chris stared at the shaking door, worry in both their eyes.

 “Chris?” he said, gently pushing her towards the shoot.


 He turned to her, smiling brightly and pulled her close, staring into her shocked eyes. “I figured that you don’t know what it means to love.”

 “I know what love is.”

 “Right, you know what it is… but you don’t know it. Have no feeling of it. You were never shown it. That’s why I’m going to take these soldiers on by myself.”

 “What?! Are you mad?! They’ll kill you!”

 “Maybe so, but the way I figure it, if I can teach you what it means to love by sacrificing myself, then I have done one good thing in my life.”


 “Sacrificing ones self for a friend is indeed a noble thing and shows great love and I may not go to hell either… but, I highly doubt that.”

 “But Duo, you don’t have to. I won’t let you!”

 “You don’t have a choice, Chrissy.”

The soldiers yelled louder as they pounded the door; almost off its hinges. Duo turned to her and pushed her down the shoot. “Tell Heero I love him!”

“NO! Duo!” and she fell down the shoot.

Duo smirked in sadness, turning his full attention to the door. The soldiers were almost threw and boy were they pissed off. He held his gun firm, staring at the entrance. //Chris, your heart is more important. Know love… get with Wu… maybe some sex’ll cool his jets.// He chuckled to himself and clenched his gun as the soldiers burst threw the door. //I love you, Heero… zutto.//

Chris fell down the shoot. She was sliding down on her stomach. Not knowing where the hell her feet were going. She screamed, clawing at the smooth metal, hoping to stop herself from falling. She had to save Duo. What the hell was going threw his mind at the time, she wasn’t sure, but she couldn’t let him do that. There was no way. But, at the rate she was falling… or more like sliding down the shoot, she wasn’t going to get back up to the top anytime soon.

She screamed and cursed more as she slid. Faster and faster down to the bottom. Then suddenly, she stopped. She opened her eyes, looking at the floor that seemed to have cracks in it. She blinked her bright lavender eyes and sighed. Now she could climb back up and save Duo. Well, that was a good idea but, not when the floor decides to drop out from under you.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk!”

Well, at least this time she was going down on her back and could see where she would end up. As she continued to fall she thought there was no end to this thing, then suddenly she saw some light. Just faintly but she did. She smiled brightly then well, her smile faded quickly as she fell threw the light.

She opened her eyes to a spinning sensation. She stood up and promptly feel over as the big metal bubble, per say, flipped her over and then spun her around rapidly. She blinked, jumping to her feet again to peek out a tiny window before she was flipped over onto her back and spun around rapidly again. She slowly stood, rubbing her head wondering what the hell she was in, in the first place. But, she was once again flipped over onto her back and spun around like a merry-go-round gone haywire.

She peeked out the window once more and realized that she was in the basement but… well, she had no idea how to get out of her “prison”. She was flipped over and spun around again, making her fall on her face. She stood once again, reaching for the tiny circular window trying to get out. But, she was flipped and tossed again.

With her senses disoriented and her stomach doing summersaults, she was going to get out anytime soon. Well, the window was the only way out, but that was impossible, it was over six inches thick. She sat down, sorta, pulling her knees up to her chest and sobbing quietly. What an awful mission! Duo was probably dead. She would never see him or any of the others… mostly Wufei ever again and here she was being tossed and turned and flipped over in some giant metal bubble and she was probably never going to get out. She sobbed and a single salty tear leaked from her eye, a tear of hope and hopelessness.


Thirty minutes later Chris had lost all sense of things. All she knew was that ever minute the thing would flip her and ever two minutes it would spin her. She was shocked that she hadn’t thrown up yet. Her body ached and she had bruises all over her. She couldn’t even focus on one thing. She knew she was going to die, going to die in some damn metal bubble!

Then suddenly she heard a loud metal creek and a slam. She blinked her blurry eyes, wondering what the hell that was. But all that her heart was telling her was: “It’s a person!” It didn’t matter if it was a solider or not. She didn’t care. All she cared about was getting out of this thing. She mustered up all her strength and weakly stood, counting the minutes in her head. She reached that tiny window and peeked out. She didn’t have much time to look, that she knew. But with a quick glimpse of dark brown hair and blurry green and black, she knew who it was. Then, she was promptly flipped and tossed around.

Heero walked around the basement of the base. It was strange, no sight of the braided baka or the dark haired girl. He clenched his jaw and gripped his gun. He was starting to worry. He should have seen them a thirty minutes ago. Where the hell were they!? He sighed and looked at the huge heating and air conditioning vent. It was in a large circular shape and tossed and turned every now and again to keep the air fresh and clean. He sighed, sitting down on one of the empty creates; feet from the air conditioning vent.

Chris let out a labored breath and whispered the name of her hopefully savoir. “Heero.” She then stood on her shaky limbs and reached the window. She pulled her fist back and banged on it as loud as she possibly could.

Then, she was tossed around again. (^-^ go figure)

Heero looked up from his slight sulking. He had heard some sort of banging. He stared at the air conditioning and heating unit. That was the direction in which the sound had come from. But that was impossible. No one could be in there, not unless they fell from a duct. But still, if someone was in it, they would be dead from the sheer spinning of the thing. He grumbled to himself about hearing things and crossed his arms, closing his eyes and continued his patient waiting.

Chris growled something furious and bit her bloody lip. That’s what happens when you land on your face like thirty times in a row. After she was flipped and tossed one more time, she stood and reached the window, banging on it with all her might, which was quickly depleting. Then, she was tossed and shaken again. Like a well-mixed cocktail drink.

Heero’s head shot up and he “death glared” that damn metal bubble. Why was it making a banging sound. He was kinda annoyed with it. He had lost all patients waiting for his love and he was worrying like Quatre at that moment. (I do like the boy ^.~) He stood and walked over to the unit, staring into the tiny window that was just at his eye length.

His jaw dropped open and he jumped back. //Chris!// His mind yelled. He didn’t notice the fact that there was no Duo, that could wait. If she had seen Duo, she could tell him. But, he had to get her out before she died. That would not have been good. It would greatly upset his Duo and that was not an option. But… how to get her out of there?

Chris smiled, slightly when Heero finally looked in the unit. She knew that she was to live. //YES! I swear, Heero, I’ll be your slave for-ev-er if you get me out of here!// Then, she was tossed and turned again. This, Heero noted. Timing it perfectly. He ran over and grabbed on of the creates he had been sitting on and drug it over to the unit. He jumped on it, timing it once again and then crashed his fist threw the window.

Blood dripped down his arm in waves of crimson, but he didn’t care as he proceeded to push the rest of the glass out of the way. He was so close to her but, he had to jump away as it flipped and spun around again. Then, he jumped back on his create and leaned in the broke window some. He grabbed her trembling hands and pulled her up and out; gently laying her on the cold linoleum floor, were she promptly threw up.


Twenty-five minutes later Chris opened her blurry lavender eyes. The room was spinning and god, did it smell funky. She attempted to stand. Ok, so, that didn’t work so well and she found the need to regurgitate again. Then, she felt strong arms envelope her trembling frame and pick her up, moving her to a different spot. She blinked her eyes, trying to get them to see only one Heero Yuy, or a least two, not the fifteen she was seeing at the moment.

 “H-He… ero…”

“You’re awake,” he said as if matter of fact.

 “Hai,” she mumbled, closing her eyes so that she didn’t have to see nor feel the spinning of the room.

 “Where is Duo?”

She bit her lip, tasting the blood and yesterdays breakfast on her lips. She heard Heero’s footsteps come closer to her body. If he were to kill her, he would be able to do it rather easily. She was weaker than an infant at this point.

“Where is Duo, Chris?”

 “I don’t know.”

 “You do.”


 “Yes,” he growled, wrapping an arm around her waist and gently pulling her to her feet. She leaned heavily on his shoulder, gripping his arm for support. “Where is he?”

“They got him.”



Heero glared down at the weak girl in his arms. He sighed, attempting to take one step… but, she threw up again. Evidently her stomach hadn’t quite settled yet. He sighed, literally pulling her into his arms. He threw her upper body over his shoulder and let her head lull off his shoulder. This way, he carried her with one arm and could carry his gun as well. He nodded and headed topside.

“…‘m… sorry…”


He looked around the corner and then headed down the long hall. He had to get to an elevator or stairs or something. They had to get out. Chris was a really big liability at the moment. He was seriously considering dumping her and finding Duo then leaving.

“He… got… captured… ‘cause… me.”


“He… made leave… pushed down… said… so I would know love.”

“That’s Duo.”

“You… love him… right?”

“Hai,” he mumbled, finally finding a set of stairs and heading up them.

“Why don’t you… *burp*… tell him?”

“Shut up,” he growled slightly “They’ll hear you and your annoying chatter.”

She shrugged slightly and hiccuped and burped again. She peeled open one eye and stared down the back of Heero’s shirt. “Heero…”




Well, she answered him… in her own way… by ever so nicely throwing up down the back of his shirt. Heero sighed irritably and his mind screamed: WHY?!

Chapter 8: Love and Whatnot

Chris opened her eyes and the room magically came into focus. She blinked, slowly sitting up and staring around the room. She was not at the base or the safe house, oh god no! She was lying in a huge canopy bed with white satin sheets and big fluffy pillows. The room itself was massive, with a fireplace and a large upholstery chair and a bathroom. She could even see a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. There were 2 sets of French doors, two going to the living room and two going out onto a porch. She blinked again, rubbing her eyes. She thought, at first, that maybe she was dead. But then she figured that this looked more like heaven and she most defiantly would not have gone there.

She slipped from the covers, readjusting her sweater that had managed to ride up on her in her sleep. She weakly reached out and glared at the bright, almost too bright, red numbers on the clock… 2:45am. She sighed heavily and slowly padded over to the set of French doors going to the living room. She noted how soft and comfy the carpet felt on her toes. She gently swung the doors open and stared in awe at the living room.

It was even nicer than her room. There were two large blue couches that stretched across on wall and a huge puffy blue chair. There was a coffee table scattered with magazines and even a silver tray of hot tea and cookies. She smiled and slowly walked over and grabbed a cookie and a cup of tea. She spun around the room more, looking at it. There was a huge Big Screen TV with at little Direct TV sticker on it. She smiled, imagining all of the TV viewing possibilities. The living room even had a set of French doors that lead to a porch. She turned to her right and there was another bedroom. It was done up in deep reds and greens with a huge sleigh bed.

She was just about to flop down on the couch with her tea and cookies when an annoying ‘tap… tap… tap’ noise caught her attention. She followed the noise into yet another room. She slowly walked into the room and noticed it’s one and only occupant. There sat the ever so sociable Heero Yuy; dressed in a blue tee shirt and jeans.

His room was even nicer than hers was. Well, the bed was bigger. It was a huge tall post, wooden bed with sheer blue material hanging off it. The comforter was done in dark blues and violets and some cream colors. There was also a set of French doors going onto a porch, but his doors were open and blowing the cool, salty, night air into the room. She smiled slightly and then looked at him. He sat at a very nice looking desk, on his laptop. He was focused extremely hard yet, there seemed to be some weariness in his eyes.

She blinked and walked over to him, well, more like creeped. She got say ooh, about five feet away from him before he turned to her using his “death glare x 10” She blinked and stopped right in her tracks.

“Go away,” he growled.

“Um… he-he, I’d like to ‘go away’… but I don’t know exactly were it is that I am to ‘go away’ to.” He blinked at her thinking that maybe that thing had scrambled her brain or something. She laughed nervously and sighed. “Where are we, Heero?”

“The Sydney Royal.”

“A hotel?”


“Oh.” She bit her swollen bottom lip and rocked back and forth on her toes. “Soo… Heero…”

“I thought I told you to go away.”

“You did?”

He sighed angrily. This was not the time to come and bother him or try and get him to do anything at all. He was extremely worried about his love and if you valued your life, you would leave him alone. Well, Chris on the one had, did not value her life. So, it was ok for her to bother him.

“Ha-ha, I don’t remember that, Heero,” she giggled nervously.

Heero grumbled and turned his attention back to his laptop. “Americans.”

“What?! What was that? Did you just grumble ‘Americans’? Hey now! I resent that! I don’t know why I should resent that but…”

“Would you just shut up and leave me alone!”



Heero stood slowly and glared at her, holding onto the chair for self-control. She didn’t even budge. Didn’t even move. She just stood there, meeting his glare.

“I’m not leaving, Heero. Not until I say what I have to.”

“What do you have to say?”

“Well, first I wanted to tell you… thank you.”

“Thank you?”

“Yes, moron, thank you! Thank you for saving my life. I appreciate it. ‘Specially since you hurt yourself doing it.”

He blinked, staring down at his nicely bandaged hand. “Hn.”

“Yeah, and also I wanted to say sorry… for ya know, throwing up on you and for not um… I mean… for having Duo get captured.”

He grunted sorta, kinda, and sat back down in his chair. He started typing again on his laptop, totally ignoring the girl. Chris blinked her bright lavender eyes, staring at him in disbelief. No wonder Duo hates that damn thing. She took in a deep breath and walked closer to him.

“Heero, what are you doing?”


She blinked again and stood right next to him. “Heero?”

“…” Still no response. She smirked, slowly reaching out as if to shake his shoulder or something. Well being it Chris, that couldn’t have been what she was going to do. She slowly slipped her foot under the leg of the chair and as her hand neared his shoulder, she pulled the chair out from under him and caused him to fly to the ground; cursing up a storm.

He jumped to his feet using his “death glaring x 50” on her. Well, if you were anyone with any sense what so ever, you would be running for your life. Well, at least Chris did have some sense, but not before knocking the chair in his path and running for dear life.She ran out into the living room with him hot on her trail screaming

“Omae o Korosu!”

They ran around the chairs and coffee table several times and then, she ran for an exit. She jumped for the door of their room, quickly unlocking it and dashing into the hall. He followed of course. Stupid, stupid Heero, he really shouldn’t have done that. Just as he entered the hall she dashed back in the room, locking him in the hall.

“Oops,” she giggled loudly, just making sure he could hear her.

“CHRIS!! Omae o Korosu!! You are REALLY going to die! I don’t care what Duo says!” he yelled, pounding on the door.

“Ah, oh well… at least I have some time before you break threw that door, spandex boy. Wait’ll Duo here’s what I did to you. He’ll be laughing his ass off!”

Heero could be heard growling from the other side of the door, all the while pounding on it with all his might yelling that he would kill her. She simply laughed, heading back for his bedroom.

She picked up the chair and flopped down in it, cracking her knuckles and staring at the laptop. “Lets see what, spandex boy, was searching for shall we?” She quickly started searching threw the files, all the while listening to Heero’s death threats. She was thankful for that nap, she was feeling so much better that was for sure. Soon, she found the file she was looking for. A map of the base popped up and she stared at it intensely. There was a small red light on part of it. That must have been Duo… or where he was being held. That was what Heero was looking up, where Duo was and what his sentences were.

“Death? Great…” she groaned.

She stared at that map for a long time. Well, not a really long time but a good while and soon she started to formulate a plan. They had to get Duo out by tomorrow afternoon. His death sentence was set for that evening. “Hmmm…” She toyed thoughtfully with one of her ebony curls then noticed that Heero was no longer banging on the door. She blinked, plan concocted, and went to investigate what happened to the angry pilot of Wing.

She slowly and cautiously walked over to the door, trying to hear any sound of movement. None what so ever. She blinked her bright lavender eyes and opened the door. She stared into an empty hall. She looked to her right… empty. She looked to her left… empty. She blinked again, scratching her head. Then suddenly a dark blurry flew at her and knocked her to the floor, a gun pointed to her forehead.

“Omae o Korosu!”

“He-he-he,” she laughed nervously, staring into his intense
cold eyes “There you are Heero.”

“You are going to die… right now.”

“Ok, but could I get something to eat first, I’m starving.”

Heero blinked his cold eyes several times at the girl lying underneath of him. He then glared hard and held the gun firm to her forehead. “No!”

“He-he-he, Heero… I’m sorry… um… please don’t kill me,” she begged, waving her arms at him.

“And why not?”

“Because… I’ve got a plan.”

“A plan?”

“Yes, I’ve got a plan on how we can get Duo out. It’s a foolproof plan too. Trust me. Please don’t kill me.”

“What’s your plan, onna?”

“Oh, what, are we Wufei now?”

He glared hard and pressed the gun firmer against her forehead “Plan!” he demanded

“Yes, right, well, first we need the others,” she said, flashing him a cheesy grin of hope.



Trowa grumbled, glaring at the phone. He licked his lips, tasting the milky white substance on them. He grabbed the phone tightly in his fist. “Hello?” he grumbled, sounded rather annoyed. He hated to be interrupted in the middle of  “torturing” his little blond lover.

“Oi… no… he left and went to Sydney about an hour ago… he is? … she’s with you? … alright… got a plan?… yeah… alright… no… sure… ok… Quatre and I will be there soon… yeah… bye.”

Trowa hung up the phone and stared blankly at the wall for a minute before the bed shifted slightly. He quickly spun around and stared warmly at his flushed and tired lover.

“Who was that?”

“Heero,” he whispered, pushing him back down on the bed.

“What did he want?”

“Duo’s captured.”


“Shh… don’t worry, love, they’ve got a plan,” he cooed, once again pushing him back into the pillows.


“Shh… I told him we be there in an hour or so… don’t worry… relax, enjoy.”


Trowa shook his head, placing a slender finger on Quatre’s lips; silencing him. He shook his head and smirked slightly, lowering his mouth back between the blonde’s legs.


She stared at him with wide lavender eyes. Chris sat on the bed next to Heero, who was by the phone. He hung it up and stared out the patio doors. Duo… Chris bounced the bed, pulling him from his thoughts of his missing lover.



“Soooo? What did he say?!”

“They’d be here soon.”

“Even Wufei?”


“What?” she blinked. Knowing when they were all coming, especially him would give her time to prepare a great “avoiding” plan. She most defiantly could not face Wufei… not now. She just kinda crushed his heart in the palm of her hand, like she didn’t care at all. Well, she didn’t! Did she? She shook her head and stared at Heero again.

“Where’s Wufei, then?”

Heero slowly stood, walking over to his laptop. He sat down with a rough kind of grace and started to type. She blinked, feeling a little more than annoyed by that damned thing. She was just about to throw it out the window. But, she didn’t have any more “cards up her sleeve” to barter with her life for.

“Um… Heero… where is Wufei?”


“WHAT?!? HE’S WHERE?!?!”


“Here, here as in this hotel or here, here as in Sydney?”


“B-b-but, why would he be here?”

“I don’t know, you tell me?”

“How should I know. I don’t know why. He’s just some raving justice boy… I couldn’t even imagine to guess.”

Heero eyed her a moment then shrugged “Whatever.” He then continued to type on his laptop. She blinked, inching off the bed and going to peek over his shoulder.

“Um… whatcha doing?”

“Looking for Wufei.”

“What?!?… *ahem*… Why?”

“He is needed to get Duo out of that base. Right?” He “death glared” her and she eeped, backing up to stand as far away from him as possible.

“Um… right. Um… but why are you… um… I…”

“*groan* I have to find what hotel he is staying in so I can call him.”

“Ooooohhhhh, right.”

“Americans,” he grumbled.

“Hey! Why do you keep saying that!?”

“Because, you are an American.”


“Duo’s American to,” he mumbled, a hint of sadness in his voice.”

“Oh yeah?” she blinked as if in more an inquiry than in surprise.

“Yeah, you get on my nerves and are an annoying fool and so is he.”

“Right, but you love him.”







“… hai…”

“Yay! See, does that mean you love me too?!” She batted her eyelashes and gave him some sort of stupid grin and press up against him, grinning more.

“About as much as I love Relena,” he said, pushing her away.

“Oh, I’m starting to think that the more times you threaten someone is how much you like them. ‘Cause lemme see… you threaten Duo like there’s no tomorrow yet you love him… you threaten me more than you do Relena… so, I must be high up there then.” She flashed him a cheesy grin and a victory sign. He “death glared” her again and turned his attention back to his laptop. She sweatdropped and flopped back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. “Right, whatever,” she grumbled, throwing her arm over her eyes, “Grunt when you find him. I’m takin’ a nap.”


//I am being so weak.// He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest and staring out over the huge city. The lights twinkled and danced along the sea and the wind blew its salty flavor into the tiny hotel room. //And so damn foolish.// He sighed again, closing the window and turning back around to stare at the wall… or, more like bed. He flopped down on it, running his hands threw his loose bangs. The ones that she had styled, sorta. He actually liked them that way or he like the fact that she did it. Well, it was both more likely. His thoughts were drawn to the enchanting woman with the bright lavender eyes and the dark ebony curls but, they were quickly pulled from them as the phone ran.


“*static* … Yes Mr. Chang, hate to bother you,” the receptionists oh too perky voice ran threw the receiver. “But, you have a call from a Mr. Heero Yuy. Would you like to be connected?”


“Alright, *click*.”



“What is it?”

“Duo’s been captured by Oz.”


“We need you to help us get him out.”

“Us… who exactly?”

Well, it didn’t take a genius to know what the justice driven youth was wondering. You would have had to be stupid not to know, that and why he was in Sydney in the first place. He didn’t have a mission there... not one assigned to him of course. It was more like a mission of love.

“Us--- me, Trowa, Quatre… and Chris.”

“Chris?!” he scoffed, anger and hurt in his voice “So, that onna’s gonna help?”

“She is a Gundam pilot.”

“If you think so.”

“Hai. Chris and I…”

“Chris is with you?!”

“Yes… she and I are…..”

“Why?! How did you find her first, Yuy?!”

Ok, so, he was slightly jealous. Slightly, yeah right! If Heero were not talking to him on the phone he probably would have attempted to kill the boy. Heero, of course, noticed this and sighed.

“We are at the Sydney Royal… suite room 5. Come over when you have a chance.”

And with that, he hung up. Wufei stared at the phone. Then wanted to beat himself upside the head with it. Ok, so he was a little jealous and he had lost it. But just a little bit. Well, it was all that ‘onna’s’ fault anyway, not his, not Heero’s, not anybody’s but hers. He nodded and threw his stuff back into his bag, raced down the stairs, checked out and ran to see Heero and Chris. He was worried about Duo… honestly!


Heero slowly hung up the phone, not even bothering to look over at the girl who was sitting next to him. What?! Wait a minute, now where did she go? She wasn’t there sitting next to him as she was earlier. Could she have perhaps, left? Oh, wouldn’t that have been wishful thinking… but alas, his beloved Duo would not like that… and, he seemed to be missing his wallet. Now how had she taken that from him without him noticing? ‘Cause, well, ya know, his jeans are pretty tight.

He stood and walked out into the living room. There he saw Chris, his wallet in her mouth, trying to cram her feet into her shoes and tie with out sitting down. He blinked. What was that girl doing anyway? He thought she was strange enough… but sheeze! He crossed his arms and cleared his throat. She blinked, stopping dead in her funny dance. She turned around to him and smiled shyly.

“O… i… mphmhp… by…e.”


She raised a slender ebony eyebrow and stared at him. He stalked over to her and plucked his wallet from her mouth, wiping the drool on her sleeve.

“Thank you. Now, what are you doing… where are you going… and with my money?”

“Wow, you’re actually calm. How come?”

“Because, I need you to help get Duo out… after that, I can rip your fingers off and kill you,” he whispered, staring into her eyes.

She gulped and stepped back. “Oh. Well, I wasn’t going to do too much with the money… I’m starving and I remember seeing this Chinese restaurant down town that said 24hr… or so I think that’s what it said… I just kinda… was hungry and going to stop for a bite to eat.”


“I’m sorry… I would have asked but… you were on the phone and um… well…”

“One question?”

“Shoot. Or… no… shouldn’t say that… may give you ideas… but what, what’s your question, Heero?”

“How did you take my wallet anyway?”

She stared at him a moment then smirked, eyes full of mischief.  “Oh Heero, Heero, Heero… poor, deluded Heero. Hasn’t anyway ever told you…” she said, waving her empty hand around in circles for him to see. “That the hand… is quicker… than the eye!” she opened her hand and there was one of the cookies from the coffee table. He blinked, a little bit more than amazed and she smiled. “It’s magic,” she whispered, taking a bite of her cookie and heading out the door, him not far behind. He just had to grab their coats first.

They walked down the street. There were quite a few people out and about even for as late as it was. The wind was cool from the sea air but it smelled so sweet. Chris smiled some, pulling the collar of her tan coat up to her ears as the wind blew. Heero, of course, didn’t bother with such things. He did, however, put his hands in the pockets of his jean jacket.

They walked slowly, side by side; walking against the wind as if they were something lost in it. If you had just glanced at them, you might have thought they were one. The look in their eyes, their steps in perfect sync. Both trained to kill and would if necessary. One trained to feel no emotions yet they knew love, felt love, and was in love. The other trained to feel emotions yet knew no love, felt no love and was not in love. Irony is sickening.

Chris stared down at the sidewalk, watching the cracks in it pass by as she moved. Then, something white caught her eye. She turned to her left, looking across the street. There was Wufei, dressed in a pair of baggy jeans and a white tee shirt. She smiled; damn did he look good. And his hair was even the way she had put it. She noted the funny feeling in her stomach and heart as she saw him. She turned to Heero and grabbed at his sleeve.

Look, there’s Wufei,” she said pointing at him.

“Hmmm… maybe he should eat with us too… fill him on the mission.”

“What?! No, no, no! He doesn’t need to come with us.”

She waved her hands around and pleaded with the pilot of Wing. He glared at her and then past her. He looked both ways and stepped into the street.

“He does.” And with that he was on his way to meet the pilot of Shenlong.

Chris just about wanted to break down and cry. This was defiantly not what she had in mind. She was planing on avoiding him… not dining with him. She caught Heero’s glance from across the street and then one Wufei intended for her not to see. She grumbled and crossed the street. She stepped onto the sidewalk and met the two pilot’s head on. She smiled some and crammed her hands into her pockets again.

“Hello, Wufei.”


“Ch’…” she mumbled, clenching her fists in her pockets. She then took a calming breath and smiled back at him. “Yeah, great to see you too.”

“We are going to get something to eat. Do you want to come?”

“Oh Heero, of course he doesn’t. There’s no justice in eating.”

Wufei stared at her and wanted to fall over. He too took a deep breath and gave a bit of a smile. “I will… I haven’t eaten all day.” He smirked at her and followed Heero back across the street. Chris stared at the two retreating pilots. She clenched her fists and her jaw, stomping her feet.

Then, with one final tantrum, she calmed down and followed them to the restaurant.

They were seated at a small crescent moon shaped booth in the back of the restaurant, near the fish tank. It wasn’t very crowded but there were still people there, a good many actually. Chris pulled up a chair and sat at the head of the table, so to speak. Wufei was right in front of her and Heero was seated in between the two, as if a referee.

 Everything seemed to be going fine. A little quiet perhaps, but fine none the less. They looked threw their menus and waited for their waiter/ waitress to come and wait on them. Soon, a small young man who couldn’t have been any older then them walked up to the table. He whipped out a little notepad and a pen and flashed a smiled.

 “Hello. I’ll be your waiter for this evening. Any drinks I can offer you tonight?”

 “I’ll have a glass of water.”

 The waiter nodded at Heero and jotted it down on his little book. He then looked at Chris and raised an eyebrow. A young lady as pretty as her out and about with two young men, of course some suspicions would arise.

 “And for you, ma’am?”

 “Um… I think I’ll have a rootbeer.”

 Wufei snorted and turned his nose to the air. Chris blinked at him and attempted to stare him down. “And what is wrong with rootbeer?”

 “Nothing, if you are weak. But, rootbeer is for the weak. You are weak, onna.”

Chris blinked at him and glared hard, jaw gapping slightly. Heero, who was attempting to ignore their little conversation, looked at her a moment and she restrained herself from beating the shit out of him.

 “So Wu-kitty… *smirk*… what are you going to have? Hmmm?” she stared down at her menu and started to read off the sodas and attempting to aggravate him. “They have coke, diet coke, rootbeer, and sprite.”

 “I can see that. I know how to read. I will have a… hmm… um… I will have a rootbeer.” He really didn’t like anything else, enough to actually drink it. Chris blinked at him and just about fell over.

 “But I thought you said that was for the weak!?”

 “It is. But I, I am strong. So it doesn’t matter.”

 “What?! Oh why I otta…”

She glared at him and was really considering jumping across the table and socking him a good one, right in that arrogant mouth of his. Maybe even the nose, who knows, if the altitude of it didn’t give him a nosebleed, her fist certainly would. But, unfortunately, the waiter stopped her.

 “Uh miss! So that’s 2 rootbeers and a water?”

 “Hai,” Heero mumbled.

 “Alright then, I’ll bring them out in a moment.”

 After the waiter left Chris clenched her jaw and glared at Wufei. He simply smirked at her and well, that infuriated her even more. “Wufei?” she said as nicely as possible and threw rather clenched teeth.


 “Why did you do that?”


 “Insult what I was getting to drink when you wanted the same thing anyway?”

 “Because you are weak, onna.”

 “Quit calling… mphmhmp!”

She glared into a pair of cobalt eyes and so wanted to bite his hand off. Heero removed his hand as soon as the waiter quickly returned with their drinks. Hey, Heero wasn’t a bad ref after all!

 “So, are you ready to order?” the waiter asked, staring down at the three.

 “Hai. Kung Pow Chicken.” (te-he… pow! ^-^)

 “Excellent choice sir.”

The waiter nodded at Heero and quickly wrote that down as well. He then looked at Chris again, who had somehow calmed down, slightly.

 “And you, ma’am?”

 “I will have the Sweet and Sour pork.”

Once again Wufei snorted and chuckled slightly. Chris, at this moment, was really, really, ticked off. She glared at him with her brightly lavender eyes and flopped her menu down, clenching her teeth. “What is it now? Is there something wrong with my order choice?”

 “Yes, you are eating pork. Pork is for the weak.”

 “Oh really… well fine! Sir, I would like the chicken then.”

 *snort* “Chicken is for the weak as well.”

 “Oh really!? I know 25 different ways to kill a man with my pinky and you’re calling me weak!?”

 “Yes actually. Sir, I would like the Sweet and Sour pork.”

 “Yes then. Be out in a few,” the waiter said hastily, dashing for an exit. The tension at that table was unbearable.

 “Pork?! You ordered the fucking pork!? But I thought it was weak!?”

 “Only when someone like you is ordering it.”

 “Ok! That’s it!”

She made a flying leap across the table and almost hit him if she was not stopped by Heero’s arm. He was pointing at something outside the window. She blinked and so did Wufei as they turned their attention to it.

 “It’s Quatre and Trowa. They should eat with us, too.”

 “Nani?!” Chris blinked and stared out the window as Trowa and Quatre walked by. She then turned as Heero’s shoved her out of her seat.

 “Go get them. Bring them back here to eat with us.”

 “But… but… why don’t you send Wufei!? He’s not doing anything constructive!”

 “Neither are you. Go! That’s an order.”

 “Oh, what are we Oz now?”

 “Go!” he growled, using his “death glaring x 20” on her. She huffed and glared at the snicker Wufei then stomped out the door to find and retrieve Quatre and Trowa. Immediately after she was out the door, Wufei sighed irritably and Heero glared at him.

“Why are you doing this?”


 “Pissing her off like that? You know she will attack you.”

 “I know.”

 “Then why are you doing it?”

 “Because, I can keep her attention that way.”


 “Never mind. Here they come.”

 Trowa and Quatre walked in the restaurant. Trowa carried two duffel bags over his shoulder and Quatre carried a tiny basket. They smiled at Heero and Wufei and sat down next to Heero. Ooh, more referees! Chris then followed, a distance behind though. She walked with her head held high and something in her hand. She walked right over to her seat and flopped down gracefully. She opened her hand and flicked a tiny pebble at Wufei, which hit him in the forehead.

 He blinked then glared at her, rubbing his forehead and the little nick in it. “Onna! How dare you do that!”

 “Easy. I just found a pebble and put it in my hand and flicked it at you ‘cause Trowa wouldn’t let me bring in a big rock! Arrogant prick!”

 “Onna… you are going to…”

 “Hello, hello!” Quatre waved his hand in front of them, smiling nervously as the two returned to their seats, fully. Instead of being half way out of them like they were a moment ago.

 “Um… hi guys. How are ya?”

 “Fine!” they both snapped, glaring at each other.

 “Well… *nervous laugh*… that’s great… *gulp*… I guess.” He pulled nervously on his collar and sighed, snuggling closer to Trowa. Heero stared at the two next to him and the two attempting to glare each other to death. //Duo, my love, where are you when I need you?//


 The water dripped down the rocky surface of the cell. Dark, damp, dismal cell that was holding him prisoner like a rat. He opened one blurry violet eye as a drop of icy water fell on his face. This was really not a good thing. Ok, so he was alive, big deal. He wasn’t feeling so alive. His hair was caked with blood and dirt. It was all matted to his face and falling out of his braid.

 He coughed as he slowly sat up, leaning his aching back into the cold stone of the cell. This was defiantly not good. The large gash right above his eyebrow was bleeding, again. No wonder his head felt like he was on the Tilt a Whirl at the amusement park, he had lost a large amount of blood in his day stay at “Hotel Hell”.

 His eyes burned from the darkness and the black eye that he seemed to acquire. Along with the fact that he either broke his ankle or really sprained it, either one, he couldn’t walk. So, he was reduced to scooting around, when he wasn’t passed out that is from the two soldiers beating him. The large iron door squeaked open and the bright light blinded and burned his eyes. “Duo Maxwell… food!” A tray was shoved across the floor to him and the door was shut once again. Duo started down at the meal that he was oh sooooo graciously given, some moldy bread with what looked like four-day-old cheese, but one can never be too sure. Some stale chips and a pudding pack. //Yum… tapioca.// Duo mentally gagged and tossed the tray across the room.

 He sighed, hunching over slightly though his body screamed for him not too. He mindlessly played with his shoelace, thinking about the one person in the world that meant anything and everything to him. Heero…He sighed again and ran his fingers threw his hair… or so attempted to. //Heero, did I do the right thing? Did I? Ah, I don’t think so any more. Hell, but I’m always the one to get captured so what does it matter, ne? Oh Heero… do you love me? You’ve never told me. I know I am to die. If I am… I’d like to know that at least. But I love you so much… it hurts… literally too.// He laughed at his joke then cringed, that wasn’t a good idea. It hurt too.

 He worried his bloody lip until it began to scream at him as well. He smirked slightly and chuckled to himself. //Hey, at least I got to kiss you and have you screw me silly before I die!// He shook his head and smiled again, then his smile disappeared. //This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. You and me, Heero, we were to be together forever. I mean, damn, if you survived self-detonation, you can survive anything… even me and my curse.//

 He chuckled slightly again and ran his hand over his face, feeling the tears that fell from his eyes. He shook his head and buried his face in his knees. //I love you Heero. I don’t want to die… there’s so much left for you and me. Please, come and get me like you did before… please, Heero… please.//


 The waiter had brought their food out soon as well as the addition of Trowa’s orange chicken and Quatre’s spring rolls. They ate in relative silence until Chris asked for a refill, which she got of course. But, as soon as the waiter left, Wufei started to pester her again, trying to see if she could and would stay focused on him and pay some attention to him, even if she was threatening him.

 “Pah! Weakling!”

Chris blinked rapidly and stared up at him from her plate of rice, sweet and sour chicken to glare at him.

 “Are you talking to me?”

 “Yes, you are the only weakling I see.”

 “Oh really?!” she snapped, throwing her fork down on her plate and lacing her fingers together across her place mat. “How is it that I am weak?”

 “You had to get a refill.”

Chris fell out of her chair, mentally, and glared daggers at him. She bit her lip and then an evil little smile spread across her face. She then turned to Quatre and smiled, perhaps a bit to sweetly.

 “So Quatre, what’s in the basket?”

 “What? Oh, Chris.”

 “Chris?” *blink*

 “Yeah, the wombat. Duo renamed her after you left. We just couldn’t leave her all alone there at the safe house, what would she eat?”

 “*giggle* Oh, so that’s what you’ve been slipping some of your egg roll to. How sweet.”

 She smiled and propped her elbow up on the table then leaned her head in her hand. She smiled at Heero and Trowa some sort of twisted evil grin. Then she turned to Wufei and batted her eyelashes. He turned bright red and looked a bit uncomfortable. Trowa, Heero, and Quatre all looked at him and then at Chris, wondering what in the world had made him so antsy.

 Well, what the three were not aware of was that Chris was playing a game of “footsy” with Wufei. And, as her foot was gently moving up his leg he found that “jr.” there seemed to like it. She smirked at him, knowing full well what she was doing to him, and that made her revenge all the better. She smirked again, letting her thick lashes almost lay on her cheeks, making her look so seductive Wufei was wondering why he hadn’t grabbed her face and kissed her. Then something tickled his inner thigh, oh yes, that’s right. Her foot was so far up his leg that she could count the change in his pocket.

 “So, Wufei…” she smiled again, picking up a chopstick “how is it that I am weak again?” She then ran her tongue over her bottom lip in the most erotic motion he had ever seen. Oh, and “jr.” was not listening what-so-ever! So, it was a little hard to yell something at her, especially since she was turning him on so bad to begin with.

 “Um… uh… *gulp*… because… because… um…” He gulped for air once again and then her foot stopped roaming up his thigh and went back to the floor. Ok, now he cold defiantly yell at her. “Because you are a woman!”

 “Really?” she said, standing up slightly. “No, that is why you are weak.”


 She then jumped to her feet and pointed her chopstick to his forehead. “You are weak, Mr. Chang, because you underestimate women! That is your flaw! Because… *wicked laughter*… “little Wufei” seems to be standing at the moment… then doesn’t he? So, don’t talk to me about weak and don’t try and get under my skin by insulting everything I want, like, or eat! I always win! I… ha-ha, am a woman and you can’t resist me! So there!” she said, flopping down in her chair and taking a bit of her meal.

 Quatre, Trowa, and Heero, along with the rest of the restaurant, blinked at them and Wufei too blinked, but was blushing brightly. She smirked at him and leaned over, taking some of his sweet and sour pork and popping one of the deep fried bits in her mouth. “And I damn well like pork better… ‘cause ya know why, Wu-darling?”

 “…*gulp*… why?… *sweatdrop*.”

 “*wicked laughter*… ‘Cause, I am strong and don’t get a hard-on from playing footsy!”

 Quatre, Trowa, and Heero all blinked, staring at Wufei and sweat dropping. Wufei stared at them and then at Chris. He flopped his head down on the table and almost in his meal if not for Chris pulling it away to eat it. She giggled wickedly again and continued to eat his meal. Laughing all the while at her perfect revenge and indeed it was, at the time, until he decided on the perfect revenge as well. But, at the moment, he was more concerned with getting ‘little Wufei’/ ‘jr.’ to settle down, then he would figure out the perfect murder plan. Like crushing her under the foot of Nataku. Now there’s an idea!

 After a relatively uncomfortable mealtime they were done and on their way out the door, Wufei lagging behind a bit, not really wanting to see nor have to interact with Chris. They stopped outside the restaurant and stared into the starry sky. Now what were they to do? Go back to the hotel, most likely. Well, that was not really what Chris had in mind.

 “Hey guys, lets go for a walk along the water front. It’s such a beautiful night. Let’s go, I think it would be fun.”

 They four young men looked at each other then her and her big smile. They sighed and shook their heads.

 “Trowa and I can’t. We’ve gotta unpack and what not… ya know? And um… Chris probably wants to run around for a while and…”

 “It’s ok, Quatre. I understand. But Heero… *ahem*… Wufei, won’t one of you come with me? It’s not save for a girl to walk around by herself at night.”

 Ok, so ya know she was really pushing it now. Giving them the sad puppy eyes and the pouty lip that made her look just so cute, in Wufei’s opinion. But still, she was really pushing it. Honestly now, she’s a trained assassin for god’s sake! And she’s worried about walking around alone? Jeeze!


 “Iie… I have to work on this plan. Wufei, you go with her.”


 “No, no, no, Heero… I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

 “You wanted someone to walk with you. Wufei will walk with you, right Wufei?” Heero glared at the pilot of the Shenlong and he simply glared at the pilot of Tora Hana who glared at the pilot of Wing. Heero then suddenly broke from their staring contest and turned on his heel. “Trowa, Quatre, this way to the hotel,” he said and the three of them walked off in the opposite direction.

 Chris stared at him and he stared at her. She then spun around on her heel and headed for the waterfront. “You don’t have to come… I’ll go alone. Go back with them. I don’t want you here anyway!” she growled, stomping off.

 Wufei stood there for a moment and sighed, following after her, after much consideration of not following her. But, he figured this may be the only time alone with her and well, there was no honor in letting her run off alone.  She grit her teeth and stuffed her hands farther in the pockets of her coat as she realized he was following her. “I thought I told you, you didn’t have to come!?”

 “You did. But there is no honor in that.”

 “Yeah, whatever,” she mumbled as she slowed down some so that he could catch up with her. He sighed a bit in contentment as they walked. It felt so right to walk beside her and she felt the same way, as if they were meant to walk side by side in life. She blushed and tried to hide it in the collar of her coat; he noticed.

 “It is a nice night,” he whispered.

 “Yeah,” she mumbled, blushing harder as she felt his eyes on her. Why was she acting this way? She did not care about him! Not at all! Her mind was strictly telling her ‘no, no, no, no, no!’ and shaking a finger at her. But, that faint little voice in her heart was quietly whispering ‘yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” She blushed again as they kept up their pace

 They walked for what seemed like an eternity. The air was kinda cool but it was pleasant. It smelled of salt and the sea. They could hear the waves crashing on the beach below them. The sky glittered like diamonds as the lights of the city twinkled in the moonlight. Wufei sighed, glancing over at her quickly. This was getting them/ him nowhere. Why did he come with her anyway? It’s not like they were going to talk about anything. No, of course not. Why then?

 He shook his head and sighed. //I worry about her.// Yep, that’s it, the chauvinist male was worried about a woman. But not just any woman, it was this woman. She had somehow, in a matter of days, crawled under his skin and into his heart. How, he was not sure? Maybe that’s what had happened to Heero. Well, of course it was. Duo got under his skin with the things he said, way he acted and his looks and Heero fell in love with him.

 The same was true with Chris. She was spunky, sweet, gutsy, and down right annoying but god, had he fallen in love with her and so hard and so fast it made his head hurt. He glanced at her quickly and blinked, smiling lightly. For some reason, he saw a future with this annoying onna. Love, marriage and children perhaps? Yes, lots of beautiful children that would look just like her and be like her too, to have her strength yet kindness and compassion. He smiled again and then she suddenly grabbed his arm.

 He blinked and stopped in his tracks, turning to look at her. She was pointing at something in the distance and tugging on his sleeve.  “What is it?”

 “Look! Look!” He blinked again and expected to see some Oz soldiers or maybe Maxwell had escaped but, he saw nothing, nothing but a fountain that is. “I don’t see what you are pointing at.”

 “The fountain, Wu-darling, the fountain.” He blinked at her, liking the way that sounded. Wu-darling. Sure she was only doing it to annoy him but her calling him darling was so… right. He shook his head and pulled his mind from that thought and the thought that she had a hold of his arm and moved onto the one of the fountain. It was a huge white marble structure with a massive basin. There were at least five different layers of bowls to catch the water of the one above it. And eventually the massive basin would catch the rest.

 “What’s so great about that fountain?”

 “Not just the fountain but that thing behind it too!”

 He blinked again and cocked his head enough to look behind the beautiful structure. There was one of those motion activated fountain floors. Where you would run onto it and sprays of water would fly up from the ground below you. He raised a suspicious eyebrow at her and she simply smiled, tugging on his arm and dragging him over to the fountain.

 “Haven’t you ever played in one before, Wufei?”

 She quickly released his arm and threw off her coat, shoes and socks. She quickly removed her sweater so that all she was wearing was her white tanktop and jeans. She looked over her shoulder and winked at him before she delicately slipped her foot into the icy waters. She flinched some and rolled up her jeans to her shins, then finally, stepped into the fountain, shivering slightly.

 “C’mon Wufei… it’s only cold for a minute--- then your skin goes numb. Please?”


 “Fine… be a party pooper!” she giggled, playfully kicking some water at him.

 She gracefully danced around the basin, kicking up water and coins. She splashed some of the water from the smaller bowls in the air and let if fall around her. She looked up into the sky and sighed heavily, looking back down at Wufei, who was now sitting on the ledge of the fountain.

 “Why won’t you come in with me?”

 “There is no enjoyment in it. Besides, you look stupid splashing around in a fountain the way you are.”

 “*sigh* Fine… but you Wufei… should learn to have a little FUN!” ‘Splash!’ She giggled and ran around to the opposite side of the fountain as he jumped to his feet and glared at her, soaking wet like a drowned cat. The little sneak had pulled him into the water and was now waiting for him to chase her.

 He glared at her, peeking out from the fountain, and threw his arms down, shaking out the water in them. He crossed his arms and shook his head. “I am not chasing you if that’s what you think?”

 She scowled and stepped out from behind her protective wall, placing her hands on her hips. “Fine. I didn’t want you to chase me anyway. I was just trying to get you to lighten up.”

 “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he grumbled, looking over at her.

 His eyes grew impossibly wide as he stared at her. She was soaking wet, from her jeans to her hair to her white tank top that was quite reveling… ‘cause well, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Wufei blinked his dark eyes, watching the drops of crystalline water roll down her face and under her shirt. He gulped, finding his throat dry as well as his lips. And ‘jr.’ was standing proud and tall again! He blinked then sat down quickly in the freezing water. Chris blinked as she heard the little splash. She walked up to him and stared down at him.

 “Wufei, what are you doing?”

 “I fell down.”

 “I know, but how? *snicker*.”

 “Laugh all you like, onna, but it’s not my fault… fountains develop algae!”

 “Algae?” she blinked her lavender eyes and ran her foot along the smooth marble. “I don’t feel any algae.”

 “It’s there, I swear.”

 “Yeah… ok… look! Bird!” she pointed to something in the sky and he quickly turned.

 She laughed as she jumped out of the fountain and ran towards that motion floor thing. Wufei blinked and glared hard. Damnit, he had just fallen for the oldest trick in the book! He grumbled as he jumped to his feet to chase that annoying onna down.

 As he got to her, Chris was all ready making the sprays of water shoot up around her and was enjoying every minute of it. She laughed and giggled, dancing around in circles, letting the water soak her already soaking skin. Wufei stopped and watched her for a minute and smiled. Ok, so he was slightly distracted by her, but not that much… honestly! He shook his head and remember what she had done to him earlier. He took one step onto the fountain floor…

 “Wufei… I’d be careful about…”

 Suddenly at least twelve different sprays of water shot up at him and soaked him instantly. He glared down at the holes in the floor and then at her, who was giggling mindlessly.

 “He-he-he, I told you.”

 “Yeah well… I’ll get you for this,” he grumbled, chasing after her.

 “Ahh!” she screamed, running around with him not far behind.

They ran all over that thing, getting soaked threw to the bone, but neither one seemed to care. She kept giggling as she would evade him and he kept grumbling as he got even wetter. She then stopped several feet from him and smiled, putting her hands on her hips.

 “Catch me if ya can, Wufei.”

 He smirked, wiping his wet bangs out of his eyes. “If I catch you… what do I get for it?” She blinked, not quite sure what to say, at the moment her mind was running on “innocent mode”, which it rarely did, and she wasn’t paying attention to his underlying ideas.

 “You want something?”

 “Yeah,” he creeped up closer to her, smiling all the while “I want something if I catch you.”

 “Umm… ok… now lemme see here.” she gently placed her index finger on her chin and stared down at the holes in the floor. Well, with her mind on “innocent mode”, she wasn’t paying very much attention in the first place, especially to Wufei, who was sneaking up on her even as she thought. She worried her bottom lip and continued to think. She was so involved in that that she didn’t even realize how close Wufei was to her until it was too late.

  He nearly pounced on her and held her arms firm. Her head shot up as she stared into his dark eyes. “Caught ya.”

 “Hey, that’s not fair!”

 “It is. I caught you just like I said I would… and now that I have you, I’m never letting you go.” He let one of her arms go and gently placed his hand on her cheek, brushing back the stands of wet curls that hung in her eyes. She stared mindlessly at him as he pulled her face closer to his. She was so close that he could taste her breath. She gently closed her eyes, so desperately wanting this to happen, but then that voice that she always listened to screamed at her to stop. Her eyes shot open and she wriggled free from his lose grip, backing away from him at lightning speed.

 He stared at her, eyes wide with shock and hurt. She frowned, staring down at the water that was shooting up at her. He bit his lip. This had to stop once and for all. He had to make her his no matter what.

 “Who’s stopping you?”

She shook her head, sending her wet curls to fly around her face.

 “What’s stopping you? Tell me!”

 “ME! I’m stopping me!”

 He stared at her and the sadness painted all over her face. He walked over to her, being hit by the water. “You’re thinking with your head.”

 “So, what else do you want me to think with?”

 “Your heart. In love you’re supposed to think with your heart.”

 “And who says I’m in love?”

 He shrugged and stepped right in front of her, grabbing her arms and pulling her near. He stared down into those bright violet eyes that were showing so much hope and love. He smiled warmly at her, gently tracing her jaw line and lips with his fingers.

 “I’m in love. I’m in love with a girl who’s too stubborn for her own good. A girl who’s more beautiful than any creature I’ve ever seen. A girl who’s loving and gentle… I love this girl so much, I can’t get her out of my head.” He placed their foreheads together and gently traced the outline of her ear and fingered the small hoop earrings. “Do you know who that girl is?”

 “Me,” she whispered so quietly.

 “Yes,” he murmured, nodding some. He leaned in, so close, just so close. She then suddenly pulled away, letting his head bob up and down. “No!”

 He sighed irritably and clenched his fists. He glared at her and her very flushed face. He could tell she was slightly frustrated, well, so was he. But, she also looked confused, very in fact. And then a thought dawned on him. What Maxwell had said about her: That she was taught was love was but never shown it. He must be scaring her. He blinked then wanted to kick himself really hard. What a dumbass he was. Of course that’s the problem. She was scared and confused because she’s never felt anything like this before. He groaned and smacked his forehead.



 She stared at him, confused about why he was doing what he was doing. “Why are you hitting yourself?”

 “Because I’m a moron.”

 “Really? Glad you admit it.”

Her tone really didn’t have that joking-ness to it as it always did. He sighed and shook his head, waving his hand and motioning for her to come over to him. She shook her head and stared at him like a scared child. He shook his head back at her and started to walk off the fountain thing.



 “Where are you going?”

 “Over here.”


 “Come with me and see.”

She blinked and followed him. They walked back to where she had discarded her clothes and he handed them to her, flopping down on the fountain ledge. She stared at him, pulling her sweater over her head.

 “So, why did you come over here?”


He stared up at her and noticed the biggest smile on her face. He had never called her by her real name before, well, at least out loud. He smiled at her and extended his hand. She stared at it for a long time, still unsure of it.

 “Don’t you trust me?”

 “I do.”

 “Then take my hand.”


 “You’re thinking.”



She bit her lip and timidly took his hand. He was amazed at how warm her skin was due to the fact that she was shivering so much. He pulled her so that she was sitting on her knees, on the brick ledge of the fountain, and in between his legs. She stared at him, still gripping his hand. Her bottom lip trembled and she was now shaking more than ever.

 “Are you cold?”

 “*nods rapidly* It’s cold out and I’m all wet.”

 “Is that the only reason?”

 She nodded rapidly again and he glared at her, she then shook her head, staring down at the ever so interesting brick.

 “Chris,” he whispered, trying to stare into her eyes.


 “Look at me.”



 “I’m afraid.”

 He tilted her chin upwards so that she now had to stare into his eyes. “You don’t have to be afraid of me… I’d never hurt you.”

 “I know.”

 Those two words meant the world to him. He was shocked that just two simple words could inflect so much joy. Well, three little words would be a whole lot better, but he was content with just two at the moment.

 He stared into her bright lavender eyes that had so much warmth and depth to them. He pulled her face close until their noses were touching. She gently closed her eyes, liking the way this felt so did he.



 “What is your heart telling you now?”

There was a long pause, perhaps the longest pause of Wufei’s life. He could feel her leaning in closer to him so that her lips brushed against his like a soft fire.

“That I love you,” she whispered, letting him capture her lips and her heart.

Chapter 9: The Rescue

“You are my angel, my darling…” Wufei gently stroked Chris’ cheek, his face only inches form her sleeping one. Chris lay on her side; bare, pale skin, hidden slightly by silky sheets. She had her hands curled up under her pillow, with one gently resting by her face. Her normally wide and alert lavender eyes were closed softly as her ebony curls spilled on her honey colored skin.

“Goddess… dear angel, how did you fall into my lap?” He smiled, pulling the silky white sheets up to cover her bare skin. She stirred, snuggling deep into the warm mountains of silk. Wufei lay on his side, propped up on his elbow, admiring his sleeping bedmate. He brushed his hair out of his face with some aggravation. It had fallen out completely from last nights… um… romp threw the pleasures of the flesh.

He smiled at her again and gently leaned in and kissed her cheek. She stirred once more but did not wake. He sighed in relief. No matter how much he did want to see those lavender eyes great the morning, he did not want to disturb her. He nodded to himself and slipped out of the mass of crumpled, white, silk, and pulled on a pair of boxers, then headed over to the balcony doors. Swinging the wooden doors open and brushing the curtains back, he stepped out into the morning air. Cool yet surprisingly warm and crisp, fresh and new.

The city sparkled with the newness of the day. The dawns last dying lights reflecting off the water, the glass of the buildings, glittering in the rapidly brightening sun. He smiled, well, ya know; sorta and let out a deep sigh of relief as the warm breeze blew the sheer curtains around the frame of the door and into the room.

A dainty pale hand, gently grasped the bronze doorknob, and cracked it open, just a hair so as not to be impolite, then walked away. A tiny, brown, ball of fuzzy, trotted over to the jarred door and sniffed, tiny whiskers fluttering, then silently entered.

Tiny, paper thin, black ears, flopped in the air as she moved, swift and agile, yet, kinda graceless. Tipi toeing threw the clothes that were carelessly thrown off; she reached the fluttering curtains.

Wufei sighed again, shaking slightly in the morning air, but of course he wouldn’t admit that he, a man, was cold. He chuckled at that thought. She really did bug him, but god did he love it, her fiery attitude and smart-ass remarks, quick thinking and kindness. She was gentle and beautiful and he had all around fallen for her and her for him. He wondered where his luck had come from.

“What god up there gave her to me? Who created this beauty just for me?”

A tiny, yet loud, squeal pulled him from his thoughts. That and something warm and fuzzy brushing up against him foot. Wufei looked down and there was Chris, the wombat, staring up at him with dark eyes that gleamed so brightly.

“Rodent… be gone with you.” He shoved at the wombat gently with his foot, pushing her slightly to the side. Well, this was ‘Chris’ after all, and of course she had somehow acquired her namesakes personality. So, she took a chunk out of his foot.

“ITAI!!” He jumped up and down, holding his big toe. That rat had just bit him! He stopped his jumping and glared down at the ball of fuzz that seemed to be smiling. He swiftly picked her up and held her over the balcony, to drop her to her death.

“Now, thing that you are… prepare to meet your end.”Chris “cried” in a way. She made soft squeaking noises that indicated pain and struggled slightly. Wufei glared hard at the wombat. Then, something clicked inside of him and he pulled her to his chest, holding her in his arms.

“Gomen. Wait a damn minute here! Why am I apologizing to a rat!?”‘Chris’ made little happy noises of contentment and snuggled into his chest. Wufei glared down at the ball of fuzz but smiled softly.

“Yes, now I know why Maxwell named you Chris… you are just like her.” He held Chris up so that he was staring into that sweet looking box face and could watch her nose twitch. “But still… it may suit you… demo, it’s confusing! I think I shall call you…” He stared out over the city once more and watched the people hustle and bustle by. He looked back down at the wombat baby and smiled. “Sydney. I’ll call you Sydney. That’ll work, won’t it? Wait a minute! Why am I asking for your opinion, you’re a rat!”

Slim, silky, pale arms encircled his waist and a warm cheek rested against his shoulder blade. He could feel her bare skin all over his body... she was still nude. He shuddered, still holding Sydney to him.

“She’s a wombat… Wu-darling.”

“Gomen, did I wake you?”

“Hai… you were worrying me.”


“I was afraid you had lost it and were now out here talking to yourself about ready to jump or something.”

He gasped and chuckled, shaking his head. “Iie.”

“I realize that now. I think I would have been slightly annoyed with that, if you did. ‘Specially since, I just found you… couldn’t lose you… not yet at least.”

Wufei slowly turned around and faced Chris, gently putting Sydney on the floor to run away again. He cupped Chris’ face in his hands and lightly kissed her lips, backing her up into the bedroom again. “I couldn’t leave you even if I tried,” he whispered, kissing her deeply.

Sydney trotted out of the room, ears flopping as she did so. Sneaking threw the crack in the door once again; she left just as silently as she came. That same pale hand gently closed the door after her and returned to his seat on the couch next to his lover. Large aqua eyes stared into bright emerald ones.


“Yes, my angel?”

“I’m worried about Duo.”

“We’re all worried about Duo, Quatre.”

“Yes, I know… but if something happens to him…”

He was cut off as Trowa pulled him into a warm embrace and kissed his cheek. “Do not worry about Duo. He’ll be fine. You said you haven’t felt anything with your “space heart”, right?”

“Right, demo, if something does happen… we can expect to see Heero’ jumping off the building or something… if he hasn’t already.”Quatre snuggled deeper into his tall lover’s chest. Trowa only nodded, holding him to him. Sydney stared at the two, blinking her black eyes. She squealed happily, as if to pull them out of their worry. Quatre smiled warmly at the fuzzy thing and handed her a scrap of bread from his jellied toast. Sydney squeaked and chewed happily, Quatre giggling and blushed and Trowa, um… smiling? Well, ya know, as much as Trowa could and would.

Then Sydney’s keen sense of hearing picked up on something. She stopped her eating and looked to her left, staring at nothing really. Quatre blinked and followed her gaze.

“What did you hear?”

She squealed and clicked, padding off to another door, slightly open. Quatre sat back on the couch, one arm resting against his knee. “Guess she’s gonna go see what Heero’s doing.”

Sydney squeezed threw the tiny crack in the door and peered into the dark room. Nothing to be found except an intense breeze. Well, intense for a tiny wombat that is. She toddled over to the fluttering curtains, brushing threw them to stare oddly at the figure in them.Heero sat on the cold stone balcony; legs crossed Indian style. His head was slightly tipped up as to catch the warmth of the sun. Those normally cold eyes closed for a moment of contentment yet worry. He sighed, running his fingers over the harsh surface of the balcony.Sydney squealed happily at seeing him. She toddled over to him, squealing loudly. Heero glared at the happy little thing, unsure of it. She waltzed right up to him and placed her front feet on his crossed ankles, squealing again.

Heero stared at her oddly. That warm and fuzzy almost chestnut colored hair and those bright black eyes, that in the right light, almost looked like Duo’s deep violet ones. Heero sighed, running a hand across Sydney’s forehead and making her purr in contentment.

“Duo…,” he whispered.

He pulled her into his arms, cuddling her tightly, yet not tight enough to hurt her. He buried his face in the fuzzy fur of the rodent and sighed sadly. She smelled actually pretty good for a wombat, like baby powder and oranges. Quatre must have given her a bath. He always did like to keep things clean and tidy. That’s why Duo gave him such grief sometimes, he was such a slob. No discipline!


But, then again, Duo did get on everybody’s nerves. Wufei’s most especially. Calling him names such as Wu-kitty and Wu-man and just all around bugging him until he jumped up and tried to pound him. He even bugged Trowa once and a while, mostly by annoying Quatre. The solemn pilot would gently and inconspicuously try and move Quatre away from the bouncing bundle of Maxwell energy.

And boy did he get on Heero’s nerves the most! Constantly talking and chattering about whatever the hell popped into his head. Then trying to drag him out of the safe house and get him to do something. Calling him, Hee-chan, and nonsense like that. Heero would have liked to pound him into the ground so deep that he could never dig his way out.

BUT, god how he had fallen in love with him and so hard and so fast he’s actually lucky he didn’t suffer whiplash. Duo’s zest for life even with his dark past. He was beautiful. Those long chestnut locks that hung in that ridiculous braid, but he just wouldn’t be Duo with out it. And his eyes. Oh god his eyes. Those deep, dark violet pools that held such light, yet such evil. Heero would often like to drown in his eyes and he knew that Duo often tried to do the same in his own. He did love that annoying American baka. He loved every bit of him. After all, Duo was the one that taught him how to love.

Heero sighed, losing part of his grip on the little wombat. Sydney squirmed, trying not to fall. He stared down at the little thing, eyes suddenly widening in revelation. He quickly tightened his hold on her, pulling her closer to him.

“I won’t let you fall,” he mumbled, rubbing his cheek on the soft fur. “And you either, my love. We’re coming to save you… to bring you back to me. You belong to me, remember. You promised….”




The Oz solider looked up from his papers to stare at the dark haired figure before him. He glanced back at the papers and then to the “straight as an arrow” boy. The man stared into those harsh cobalt blue eyes that were so distant and withdrawn.

“*ahem* So, you want a job?”


“A solider?”


“Your papers are impressive...”

He only nodded in response. The man stared at him again and sighed, stamping a big red check on the paper. He sifted threw a few things and pulled out a uniform. He passed them over the desk to the boy. “You can change in there,” he said pointing to a small bathroom “After that, I’ll tell you your new assignment.”

A nod again, only ever to be a nod. The boy returned again, dressed as a solider, a gun at his side. The man looked him over once and nodded. “That’ll do. Well now, this way Privet Yuy, we have a prisoner for you to meet.”


The large, grease covered, old man glared hard at the boy with the funny hair. He wiped something on his already stained apron and took the papers from the boy’s hands. He glanced over them quickly then stared at him again.

“Got experience?”

“Hai. As a waiter.”

The man nodded and flipped threw the papers again. He looked the boy over once again then tossed him a stained apron. “You’re hired.” The boy nodded and slipped the apron on over his head. The man glanced back at him before heading over to a different part of the kitchen. “Ah, and this too,” he tossed him some sort of netted hat. The boy blinked, dumbfounded by it. “Put it on… it’s code.”

“Demo… um… my hair…”

“Screw it kid, soon you’ll be bald anyway. Just put it on! I’ve gotta show ya where the pudding is for the prisoners.” The old man walked off, leaving the boy to stare at his hairnet. He cringed, pulling the elastic thing over his head, and making his hair very taunt against his head and out of his eyes. //Ahhh! My unibang!!// He mentally shuddered and followed the head cook.


The guy in overalls stared at the dark eyed boy. He chewed on a big wad of something in his cheek and smelled of cleaning products. He stared at him again and spit his tobacco chewing into a cup. He wiped his chin and sat back on his bucket.
“Any experience?”
“Another Oz base.”

The man raised an eyebrow at the boy and spit again. He then nodded, standing up and tossing a mop at the boy and a metal bucket.

“Here, you get to clean the prison halls and the bathrooms, get the scrubby brush there. Oh, and you’ll needed these overalls too.”

The man tossed him a new pair of overalls and headed out. The boy blinked and stared at the things in his hands. //Bathrooms? Me… clean? The INJUSTICE!!//


A shrill piercing scream awoke the slumbering Shinigami. He shot up in bed and smacked his skull on the metal headboard of his cot. He groaned, slowly getting into a sitting position. “Ahhhhh!!” There it was again, that scream. Who was that anyway? Duo rubbed his head and slowly stood, glaring at the dim light that seeped in threw the doors.

“Yamete! Bastereds! Put me down! Lemme go!”

Duo blinked his violet eyes, staring at the door. Suddenly, it opened, spilling fresh light and air into the cell. He blinked and backed up some at seeing the shadowed figures. There were three guards, that was for sure. Two of them had ahold of a screaming, wriggling person and the other, stood coldly at the door, gun aimed and ready.

“Get in there!” One of the guards pushed the captive into the cell and the door shut behind them. Duo blinked his burning eyes. They ached from the new light that they most defiantly were not used to. Ok, so his eyes felt like they were on fire, but he could deal. He rubbed them and tried to get them to focus on his new cellmate.

When he finally did get his eyes to focus on the other person in his cell, he gasped eyes wide with shock. He blinked several times and was about to speak when they glared at him hard and shook their head.

“Hey, I’m Chris. Who the hell are you?”

“D-Duo… Duo Maxwell.”

“Nice ta meetcha,” she held out her hand and he took it, shaking firmly. The chains of her shackles shaking at the motion. He blinked, rubbing his wrists. At least he didn’t have to wear shackles. But then again, WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE DOING HERE?!

“Um… Chris…”

“Damn, I hate these things!”

“These handcuffs… shackle things. I hate them. Why do they put them on anyway?” She struggled with them, twisting her wrists and scowling because she couldn’t get them off.

“Um… so you don’t attack them.”

“I wouldn’t attack them.”

“Oh no?”

“No. I’d kill them.” She swiftly turned towards the door and glared at it. Duo smiled happily. Finally, he was going to get out of this hellhole. If Chris was here, one of the others was to be as well, or all of them for that matter, but mostly Heero.

“Hey!” she snapped, banging her metal shackles against the metal door. "Take these off!” Clang… clang…. clang… clang… clang… clang… clang!

“Yamero!” the soldier outside growled.

Duo blinked. That voice was familiar.  Dry and kinda nasally and so cold, very cold and monotone. Duo blinked again and ran up to Chris, who was still struggling with her shackles.

“Chris, did… did… Heero come too?” he whispered.She blinked, staring at him with a funny look. “Heero? Oh, no. He didn’t.”


“I said he didn’t. He wouldn’t is more like it. He said it was stupid that I come and save you. I’d probably get myself killed or captured. Ah, guess he was right, ne? Welp, guess we get to die together then.” She struggled with her handcuffs again, glaring at the door.

“Heero didn’t… come… he didn’t come and rescue me?”

“Nah, I already said that. He said it was your own damn fault you got captured and that you should figure a way out on your own. Damn shackles! Hey! Take these off!!”

“He said… that?”

Duo blinked, totally shocked by that. He taught that Heero would have come to rescue him, after all, he did love him. Ah shit, there it was again. That gnawing uncertainty of Heero’s affections for him because, well, the “Perfect Soldier” had never actually told him whether or not he loved him.

Duo flopped down on the cold stone of the cell. He stared up at Chris with hurt and saddened eyes. Chris glared at him, forcing him to stare at her. She shook her head slightly, just a quick tip more like it then turned her attention back to her shackles and the door. “Please! I promise I’ll be good! Please take these off!” Clang… clang… clang… clang… clang… “I’ll stop if ya do?”


“Fine, have it your way!” she giggled slightly and banged her wrists against the door again. Clang… clang… clang… clang… clang… clang… clang… clang! It was actually comforting for Duo to hear her doing that and to have someone else in the room with him. He was tired of talking to himself in his head. But that look she gave him… what did it mean? He wasn’t very attune to reading Chris, well, not yet at least.







She turned around and glared at him. He stared into her eyes, trying to read them. “About Heero…” She nodded to him, staring into those violet pools. They stayed that way for a long time until he smiled. “Thanks Chris.”

“Don’t mention it. HEY!! Jerk off! Did you think I forgot!?” Clang… clang… clang… clang… clang… clang… clang! Duo shook his head and smiled, slowly slinking back over to his cot and lying down. His head was throbbing after all.

Three hours later Chris was still tapping her shackles against the door. It had slowed into a very, very slow pace by now. Her arms were getting tired. Clang… *long pause*… clang… *long pause*… clang. Duo had been sleeping. Not very restfully though but, ya know, at least he got to shut his eyes. There was only one guard at the door that was for certain. How had he managed not to kill her? Chris stood, peeking out the three bars in the door. She sighed again though, sliding back down to the floor.

Slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh… slosh… squeak… clang. Chris jumped to her feet, peeking out the “window” again. She could see the top of the soldier’s head and smiled, tapping it with her finger. The soldier flinched slightly and grunted. She smiled and looked down the left hallway.

There, coming up the way, with a mop and bucket in hand was Wufei! Dressed in overalls and carrying a bright yellow “Slippery when wet” sign. She gasped and tried not to giggle at Janitor Wufei as she turned to her right. There, coming up that way was a man pushing a cart of food. His hair pulled up into a hairnet and two bright emerald eyes showing. //Who the hell is that?// Both Chris and the soldier outside thought. As the man approached, each of them wanted to fall over. //TROWA?!//

Chris blinked and tried not to laugh so hard. She creeped over to Duo and shook him lightly pulling him form his sleep.

“Hey, the foods here. C’mon, lets eat.”

“No, that food is nasty.”

“Iie, please, you’ll wanna see this.”

Duo groaned and rolled his aching body out of bed. Chris beamed as he slowly crawled out of bed. She raced back up to the door and sat on the tiny step of it. She smiled as it opened…


The soldier tossed two trays of tapioca pudding, moldy bread and four-day-old cheese into the cell. Duo, who had finally dragged himself out of bed, caught a glimpse of the solider and gasped. His jaw hanging on the floor and his eyes wide. He staggered to his feet and stared into a pair of cobalt eyes.

“H-Heero!” he ran towards the boy then Chris stuck her foot out and he tripped, falling on his face. He pulled his face from the stone ground and looked up only to find himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

“Stay,” he growled and turned to Chris, who smiled and raised her shackled wrists to him. Heero pulled out a key and quickly took them off. He turned back to the shocked and all around bewildered pilot and nodded then left; closing the metal door behind him.


“Dude! I’m so glad I got those things off! C’mon Duo, lets eat.”

“Chris… what…?” She turned to him, mouth full of food. He blinked and gawked. “Don’t eat that!”

“Huh? Why?”

“God Chris, that’s nasty!”

“Ah, it is, but I’ve gotta eat it, Duo-kun.”

“Why?” he wrinkled his nose in disgust and she simply smiled, sucking down the rest of the food. “Chris?”

“Mhpmph… *gulp*… what?”

“I thought you said that… that…”

“I did.”


“Duo…” she stared into his confused face and smiled, swallowing some of her food. “Trust us. Just stick by me and do as I say… and you’ll be back with your Hee-chan once again. But right now… are you gonna eat that?”

“Um… no,” he shoved the tray of food over to her and she smiled, inhaling the rest of it. “You’re going to make yourself sick eating that.”

“Good, that’s the plan.” *wink*


“Never mind, sleep. We’ve got an hour.”

He blinked again and she shook her head, shoving a big spoonful of pudding into her mouth. He cringed but smiled, climbing back over to his bed and laying down with a heavy sigh. //You did come to save me, Heero, you did. I trust you. I love you… Heero.//

One hour gone by and Duo was once again awakened by Chris. She smiled at him and put her finger to her lips. “Shhh… when the soldier comes back to the door, I want you to tackle him. Ok?”


She nodded and stood, hands on hips as she stared at the door. Slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh… slosh… squeak… clang. She quickly turned back around to him and fell to her knees. He blinked and she took several deep breaths, placing one hand on the floor to brace herself. She took one more breath and stuck her finger down her throat and Duo’s eyes widened as she threw up all over the floor.


She sat back, wiping the tears from her eyes. Duo ran to her and grabbed her shoulders, staring into her eyes. She smiled weakly and reached for something in the pile of throw up, a tiny white plastic bag like thing. She opened it and pulled out something that was about the size of a Tylenol pill. She stuck it in her ear and listened for a moment before she pulled something off of her palm, it looked like fake skin! But, it reveled a small black patch.

“Quatre ya read?”

“Hai. What’s happening?”

“Attempt number one.”

“Attempt number one?!” Well, that wasn’t too comforting for the captured pilot of Deathscythe. She smirked at him and stuck the patch into her pocket before heading over to the door. She pounded on it and did a funny dance.

“Please Mr. Solider sir! Can you let me out! I’ve gotta go potty!”


“I mean it! I’ve gotta pee!”

She quickly turned to Duo as she heard the lock opening. She glared and smiled then turned back to the door. Heero stepped in the doorway and looked at her, then Duo. Duo took a deep breath and tackled him to the ground, making them both skid across the freshly washed floor. Duo lay on Heero’s chest and stared into his eyes. Both seemed to be lost for a minute there before Duo grabbed Heero’s face and kissed him passionately.

Chris dashed out of the cell and glared at the two pilots making out on the floor. //Great, our covers blown!// She ran over and grabbed Duo’s messy braid, yanking him from the Wing pilot. “You are supposed to be attacking him, not kissing him!”

“Ha-ha, sorry but he looked so damn good in that Oz get up. Wonder if they’ll let him keep it,” he laughed, as they ran down the hall. Of course he wasn’t sorry and neither was Heero, who stood up winded. Heero glared down the hall at the two retreating blurs then sighed, pulling the alarm. “Gomen nasai.”

The two raced down the hall. Ok, well, Chris raced down the hall and Duo limped. His leg was kill’n’ him. But, he’d get out of there no matter what. But, with Chris telling Quatre “Attempt number one”, he wasn’t feeling all that good about it.

Chris breezed by Trowa as the red flashing light when off and the sirens. “They’ve caught on,” she laughed at the Heavyarms pilot and his hairnet then waved, blowing a kiss to him. Duo followed close behind and gawked, trying to see if his eyes deceived him. It was… it was… Trowa… and in a HAIRNET! He broke into laughter as he and Chris turned the corner.

She stopped suddenly and he plowed into her, knocking her to the floor. They both looked up from the cold tile and found several soldiers holding guns to their foreheads.


The pair looked at the soldiers and then at each other and blinked. The soldiers roughly pulled them to their feet, throwing them both in a fresh pair of shackles and dragging them back down to their cell. Four soldiers all together, to escort two prisoners. Chris smirked to herself. “Attempt one complete.”

“What?!” Duo blinked and just about fell over. How could their first escape attempt be complete!? They were fucking caught for god’s sake. He glared at her and she smiled, flashing him a cheesy grin.

They were dragged back to their cell where Heero stood awaiting and ready, a nightstick in his hand. He glared at the two and Duo was now the one that flashed a grin. They threw Chris into the cell and Heero glared hard at Duo.

“Worthless trash, how dare you attack me!” Heero grabbed his loves arm and twisted it around his back, making Duo writhe in pain. He raised his nightstick and whispered silently. “Gomen,” then struck him in the back of the head before pushing his limp body back into the cell.

Duo opened his eyes hours later to a warm almost fuzzy feeling. He blinked, trying to sit up but was only pushed back down by a strong yet gentle hand.

“Easy there, Duo-kun, you’re in no condition to move.” He blinked again, staring into the lavender eyes of the girl above him.

“Chris… what happened?”

She smirked and helped him into a sitting position. “Part of the plan.”

“Oh,” he groaned, running his fingers threw his hair. He blinked, feeling bandages on his hands and head. His wounds were dressed and his hair fixed. He turned to her and gawked. She giggled and sat back on her hands.

“I told you when I first met you that I wore a 36 C… well, it’s actually a 34 C. Gotta be prepared for things, ya know?”

“Yeah, I know. *smirk* Thanks.”

“Hmm… no problem. We’ll get out of here, Duo, don’t worry.”

“Ah, I don’t seem to have as much faith in that as I think I should.”

She stared at him and shrugged. “Heero plays his part well.”

“Yeah,” he rubbed the growing knot on the back of his head “Too well I’d wager.”

“He does love you though.”

“Yeah,” he scoffed, staring down at the dirty floor.

“He does. Check your pants pocket.”

Duo blinked and reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. He blinked again and stared at her. She giggled and climbed up to the top bunk. “I can’t believe you missed that.” She stretched out and turned her back to him and attempted to sleep.

//Yeah, how did I miss that? Jeeze, ya’d think I’d know exactly when Heero did put his hands down my pants.// He chuckled to himself and opened the papers.

<<Koibito, “Mine.”  “Zutto.” Omae wa ore no mono da. Kore kara zutto… itsumademo. Ai Shiteiru, Duo… suki da.>>

Duo bit his bottom lip and held the note to him. A single tear of joy rolled down his face and he sniffled. “Duo-kun, are you crying?”

“Um… why?”

“… ‘cause didn’t you say ‘Boys don’t cry’?”

“Yep, but it seems that I’ve been breaking that rule a lot lately.”


“Yeah, ‘cause ya know, ‘boys don’t cry’ but boys in love, do.”

“Te-he, really?”

“Hai, hai!”

“So, what’s your beloved Hee-chan have ta say to ya?”

Duo managed to pull himself to his feet, limply though. He hobbled over to the beds and stared into the bright-eyed girl’s face. She smiled and so did he. “That I was his, always and forever.”

“Aww… that’s so sweet.”

“Yep,” he spun around on his heel and flopped down on his cot. “He loves me.”

“I know.”

“Yep. Hey Chris?”


“Can ya tell me the ‘plan’… please.”


“Oh, why not? I hate not knowing what the hell is going on!”

“Sowwy, Shinigami, can’t. Besides, I think it’s funny.”

“You have a sick sense of humor.”

“Nah, it was Wu-darlings idea to not let you in on the little secret.”

“*incoherent sputters* Wu-darling?!?!”


“You and WuFEI?!”




“Are you and Wufei an… an… *gulp*… item?”

“Um… yes.”

Duo lay on his cot for a long time, jaw-hanging open. He blinked and stared up at the mattress above him. “I’m speechless.”

“Well there’s a first.”

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny. Hey…”


“Have you had sex yet?”

“Jeeze, what kind of question is that!?”

“Well, I was just wondering if having sex would kill one of those bugs up his ass.”

Chris blinked and then started to giggle, her giggles soon became laughter then all out hysterics. Duo stared up at the mattress and laughed as well, even if it did hurt his sides; laughter was the best medicine anyway.

Duo awoke, rubbing his eyes. They didn’t burn surprisingly enough. He sat up, rubbing his head. Sure, he was fixed and bandaged but he wasn’t exactly healed, ya know? He swung his legs over the cot in hopes to stand. As he stared into the dark cell he saw Chris, sitting over on the tiny step by the door. He blinked, staring at her with some concern.



“Are you ok?”


“Then what are you doing?”

“They are changing the guards.”

“Oh yeah? Heero’s…”

“Nope. He left a couple of minutes ago.”


“Yeah. It’s feeding time though.”

“Yep. You’re not gonna puke like ya did last time, are ya?”

She turned and smiled warmly at him, shaking her ebony head. “No,” then
turned her attention back to the door.

The Perfect Soldier walked down the hall, eyes scanning the area. He pushed pasted the revolving doors and walked into the kitchen. There, seated upon a tiny wooden table was a tiny little blond angel, staring intently into a pair of emerald eyes. He walked up to them and their package of chocolate pudding.

“Shift change?” the emerald-eyed cook asked.


“Hmm… this is Mr. Winters, he’s the new accountant.”

“Hello!” the blond turned around and smiled brightly, aqua eyes lighting up. He held out his hand and the solider took it, shaking firmly. “I hope I am not in your seat.”


“Great. So, you’re using chocolate today?”

“Yes sir,” the emerald-eyed boy said again.

“Alright. Hmm… kinda pricey though.” The blond hummed to himself, tapping his finger on his chin. “Ah well, just give it to ‘em.”

“Yes,” the cook nodded and left; his cart squeaking the whole way down the hall.

The blond stared into the cold cobalt eyes of the soldier before him. The soldier sighed, shifting his eyes over to the door. The blond stood and patted the soldier’s shoulder. “Ten minutes,” he whispered, walking over to the door. “Hey, I’m gonna check out the rest of this place.”



The little blond waved as he disappeared threw the door. The soldier stood there a long time and too headed out, pulling his uniform off as he walked.

The dark haired janitor looked up from the toilet bowl and scowled. //Son of a bitch! There is not justice in this!// He stood and wiped his brow, dropping the toilet bowl scrubber back in the bucket. He sniffed his clothes and just wanted to throw up. He smelled like disinfectants and cheap menthol. //Chris will never love me again if I smell like this.// His bottom lip trembled and he pouted, crossing his arms. //Fucking toilets… urinals, disgusting!// He kicked the porcelain bowl then cursed, holding his toe. That wasn’t such a good idea.

During his little jumping and cursing fit, his watch went off. He stopped immediately and checked it. //It’s time.// He nodded, grabbed his metal bucket and his mop then started to kick it and slosh his mop in it all the way down the hall.

Chris sat poised at the door of the cell, never moving, never blinking, and Duo could have sworn that she stopped breathing every now and again. He sat on the cot, his elbows on his knees. He was just watching her, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. She was unpredictable and it was kinda scaring him. Then he heard the noises that always seemed to mean  trouble. Slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh…  slosh… squeak… clang.

Chris’ eyes widened and she jumped from the step and ran over to him, staring in him in the eyes. “Whatever happens, you must not leave the cell. Got it!”

“Demo Chris…”

“No!” she growled, “Promise you won’t Duo, promise.”



“Yes, alright, alright, I promise.”


She spun around and glared at the door. Slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh… slosh… squeak… clang… slosh… slosh… squeak… clang…. silence

Both she and Duo took deep breaths…

Trowa stopped his little cart and stared at the two guards at the door of the cell. Both were young, no more than the twenty. One had dark brown hair and the other, a reddish color. They looked at him and scowled.

“Whatda you want, kid?”

“I’ve brought the food for the prisoners.”

“Hey! Chocolate pudding!” The brown haired guard smiled, grabbed the pudding off the tray and ripped the plastic seal open, shoving a spoonful in his mouth.

“I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.”

“And why not, kid?”

“’Cause, it’s for the prisoners.”

“So, I don’t give a shit about that bitch and the fruit cake.”Trowa glared at the guard and then shrugged. “I still wouldn’t eat it.”

“Why not? What, is it poisoned?”

“Well, yes actually.” Both guards gawked, eyes wide. Trowa glared at them and started to laugh. Both guards still gawked, blinking rapidly. “I’m kidding.”

“Ha-ha, nice joke there kid, I thought you were serious.”

Trowa only nodded at the soldier and then turned away, walking back to the kitchen area. Wufei turned the corner as Trowa disappeared, his bucket clanging on the floor as the mop sloshed back and forth on the floor. He walked up to the two guards.

“I am here to clean the cell.”

“Nani? I never received information about that,” the red headed guard stated.

“Yes, I was told to do so.”

“Iie, well I was not. Let me check.”

The red haired guard turned around and pushed his communicator to check with his superior officers. In the mean time, the brown haired soldier was not looking too good. In fact, he looked kinda green.

“Aw man, I don’t feel so good,” he clutched his stomach and his mouth and stared at the now two Wufei’s. The red haired guard turned and glared at Wufei.

“Hai, you can. They just gave me word.”


The guard nodded at the boy, totally ignoring his allying companion and opened the door of the cell. “I think, I think I’m gonna hurl!” the other guard threw up all over the nicely cleaned floor and then collapsed in it. The other guard gasped so did Duo and Chris, who could now see everything and Wufei merely stared. The guard picked his friend up, but it was too late.

“He’s dead.”

“Puddings bad for you then!” Chris yelled, racing out of the cell.

“What?! NO! You and that punk kid where in on this!” The guard let his companion fall to the ground and he grabbed the alarm as Chris disappeared around the corner. Duo stood there and gapped. //Chris is gonna get captured. What the hell’s she thinking? Why do I have to stay here?// He then turned to see Wufei, who was standing there earlier, but he was now gone. Duo took several steps. He wasn’t going to stick around there that’s for sure. But then, he remembered his promise. //I may run and hide but I never lie. And breaking a promise is lying.// He sighed and sat back down on his cot, watching the bright red light go off.

Chris ran down the hall at top speed. //He damn well better be there!// She was out running and out hiding the other soldiers, well for now. But soon, if Heero wasn’t there, she’d end up Oz bate once again and then their plan would have totally failed! She turned another corner and skidded to a halt. A dead-end! She cursed as she heard soldiers coming that way. //Fuckfuckfuckfuck!//

She bit her lip and got into a fighting stance. Hey, maybe she could fight them and their machine guns off. Yeah right! What fantasy world was she living in? //This is the end,// she thought as she heard the soldiers coming closer. She sighed and then, someone or something grabbed the shoulders of her sweater and pulled her into the air. She screeched as she was no longer touching the ground. She was pulled into one of the vents and someone put a hand over her mouth.

“Shhh…” they whispered as someone else closed the vent cover.The soldiers ran down the hall, staring at the dead-end. “Ah, empty, turn around, men!” one of them yelled as they all disappeared back down the hall again.

That same person lifted off the vent cover again and Chris was gently placed back down on the floor. She blinked and stared at the vent. Trowa gracefully jumped down, staring at her and um… cracked a smile. Then Heero jumped down, falling on one knee, his hand resting on the ground. He stayed that way for sometime before straightening back up.

“Heero! Trowa! Man am I glad to see you guys!”

“You could have gotten yourself captured and jeopardize the mission.”She mentally fell over and sighed. “I would not have!”

“Hai, you would have.”


“Is the guard dead?”

“What, Trowa? Oh, yeah, he is. It was kinda funny. To die from pudding!” she giggled and the two stared at her with stone like expressions. She sighed again and mumbled, “Like talk’n’ ta two brick walls.”

“C’mon, we have to get Duo.”

Trowa nodded and followed Heero, who was in full sprint, down the hall. Chris sighed and threw her arms up in the air. //Why!? I think he’s getting revenge on me for throwing up down his shirt, or is this just his natural charm?// She shook her head and followed them down the hall.

Duo sat in his cell; soldiers rushing by at fast pace with guns ready and aimed. Where had the other soldiers gone? No one was watching him. Why was he still sitting there? He sighed and then a tiny little figured stepped into view.

“Duo-kun! We found you!”

Duo blinked, he recognized that voice. “Quatre?!”

“Hai! We have to get you out of here.”


He blinked as Quatre ran into the cell and slung his arm over his shoulder. He gently helped Duo to walk out of the cell and there, standing before the two of them with a gun in his hand and a mop was Wufei.


“Hey, *Wu-darling*!”

“Don’t call me that!” he growled, glaring at the chuckling Shinigami pilot.



“Stop fighting, we have to get out of here. Duo, can you walk on your own?”

“Yeah, kinda Little-Q.”

“Then do it!”

The pilot of Deathscythe and Shenlong jumped back at the blondes orders and he, himself, blushed. “Gomen guys. Um, we have to get out of here and meet the others. Duo you can walk?”

“Yeah, limp, but walk.”

“That made no sense, Maxwell.”

Duo shrugged as he, Quatre, and Wufei ran/ limped down the hall to find Trowa, Chris and most of all Heero.

Quatre, Duo, and Wufei ran down a rather deserted hallway, which was making all of them uneasy. They were near an exit though. Soon they would be out and Duo would be back in the arms of his lover where he belonged. They raced around a corner and skidded to a halt.

“Ahh! There they are! Get them!”

The three stared at each other with wide eyes and took off running back the way they came. Wufei shot a few soldiers and they shot back, but there were to many of them. They quickly tried to lose them; running down some unknown hall. Quatre, who was in lead, suddenly stopped and Duo smacked into him with Wufei right behind.

“Q, whatcha stop for?!”

“We’re trapped!”

Duo peeked out from behind the blond and gasped his jaw on the floor… a dead-end! What was it with this base and it’s dead-end halls?! (author giggles)

“This is soooo NOT cool!”

“Shut up, Maxwell, they’re coming!”

“Goodbye, Trowa.”

Quatre sighed and closed his eyes. Then, suddenly, someone grabbed a hold of his purple vest and pulled him up into the air condition vent that was above them. Duo gasped again and grabbed at his foot. “Quatre!” But, it was too late; the little blond was gone into the vent. Both Duo and Wufei gawked at the opening and Wufei instinctively put his hands in the air. Someone grabbed them and pulled him up into the ceiling. Well, Duo was down right flabbergasted. He stared up into it trying to see anyone.

“Hey!? Hey!? HEY?!”

There was no answer. Duo blinked, maybe it was some aliens or something and they were abducted. He bit his lip and wanted to smack himself. “They went down here!” He turned swiftly, his braid floating in the air as he moved and stared down the hall. Suddenly, he felt a firm hand on his braid and he was yanked into the air, screaming at the top of his lungs and holding his head. The vent closed over his feet.

At least twenty armed and ready soldiers stood at the end of the hall totally dumfounded. They were certain the prisoner and his companions went down this way but it was a dead-end and they were gone. The soldiers blinked and mumbled between themselves and then one called out, “Hey, they’re not here. Let’s try that other hall!”

“Hai!” that was the final word as the soldiers disappeared out of sight.

Meanwhile in the dark air conditioning vent Quatre sat in the arms of his lover, face slightly lit by the light from the ground below. Chris and Wufei were behind the two, holding on tightly to each other in the dark and Duo sat in front of Quatre, a ways a way though. His was mostly covered in shadow.

A strong arm was around his waist, holding him tightly and a hand was on his mouth, keeping him from yelling or talking.The hand slowly moved off his mouth and gently stroked the pale column of his neck with callous fingers. Heero gently nuzzled his lover’s neck, inhaling the sent of his chestnut hair. Duo smiled and purred. “Heero…”


“Get a room!”

“Shhhh! Chris!”


*sigh* “Never mind.”

“We should get out here.”

“Good idea. Open it, Trowa.”

“Do you still have the button, Chris?”

“Of course I do. But, I don’t think it would feel good if we were sitting in here when I did blow the venting up.”

“She’s right.”

“Hai,” Trowa nodded, opening the vent covering again and  gracefully jumping down. He opened his arms to catch his lover, who was the next down. Wufei leaped down but slipped and fell on his rear. Chris giggled from above and jumped down gracefully. She bowed then giggled at him.

“Smooth move, Wu-darling!”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Why?” she smirked, brushing up against him. He shuddered and glared. Quatre giggled and Trowa sighed, wrapping a strong arm around his tiny lover’s waist.

“Hey, are you two coming down or what?!” Chris yelled, looking up into the darkness.

Duo still sat in with Heero’s arm around his waist. He ran his fingers over the boy’s arms, touching every part of him, just trying to make sure he was real. “Heero…”Heero held him tight, nuzzling and kissing his neck. Loving his sent, he too wanted to make sure that he was real, afraid that if he did let go he’d be gone again.

“I love you, Heero.”


“Do you love me too, Heero?”

Duo spun around in Heero’s arms, staring into warm cobalt eyes. He gently kissed his lips and ran his fingers threw his hair. “Do you Heero? Please, I need to know.”

“Duo…” he pried the young boy from his lips and stared into those deep violet eyes that held so much light yet evil. “Ai Shiteiru, Duo… zutto.”

Duo smiled brightly, wrapping his arms around Heero’s neck and holding on tightly. “Oh Heero! I love you too!” He glomped him and they both fell backwards on the metal vent duct.

Creak… creak… squeak. The four looked up at the duct and then at each other. They took a simultaneous step back and waited. Creak… creak… CRASH! The duct fell down to the floor and there lay Duo, kissing his Hee-chan and Heero, blinking wildly. Duo laughed and stood up, brushing off.

“Hi guys.”

The four looked at each other again and sighed, shaking their heads. Heero then stood, not even bothering to brush the dust off of himself; he glared at the others. “Let’s get out of here. Chris.”


She rolled up her pant leg to revel a tiny black remote with a red
button on it. She undid the Velcro that held it to her pale knee and smiled, handing the remote to Heero. “I hope they haven’t found these,” she said, rolling her pant leg back down again and feeling Wufei’s eyes on her ass.

“I doubt it.” Heero took a deep breath and pushed the button. Blast after blast after blast echoed from the upstairs. Men screamed and sirens and lights went off, but the six Gundam pilots, who caused the chaos, were no were to be found in that base. Instead, they were in a truck, on their way home in the arms of their lovers.

Duo awoke with the afternoon sun beating down on him. He blinked, slowly rolling over in the huge bed. The room smelled of dust and was nice and hot and sticky, but cooling down rapidly. He was back in the safe house, bandaged and safe once again. He slowly sat up, looking around the room. Not a single person to be found. There was a glass of water on the nightstand and a chair by the bed, but other than that, there was no sign of life.


He blinked and threw his covers off, his bandaged wrist hurting with that move. He brushed his bangs out of his face and stood, then limped over to the door. He hobbled into the living room and saw no one once again. Trowa and Quatre’s game of chess was still set up but they weren’t there. The kitchen was empty and he could not hear the constant arguing of Chris and Wufei.

“Where is everybody?”

He blinked again and then heard a female voice. “Go get it, Sydney!”

“Chris? What in the world…?” He slowly walked over to the old wooden screen door and peeked outside. There was Chris, Wufei, Trowa and Quatre and little Sydney. Wufei had a ball in his hand and was tossing it in the air.

“Chris, you can not throw the ball to Sydney, she can not catch it.”

“But she’s on my team!”

“So, she’s a rat! Rats don’t play games!”

“She’s not a rat, Wu-darling, she’s a wombat. And she’s on my team. Just like Heero. If he ever returns from the BATHROOM!”Quatre sighed and placed his fingers on his forehead. “Here we go again.”

“Omae o Korosu!”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

‘Snap!’ The five turned and stared at the door. Duo smiled sheepishly at the loud snapping noise of the door. He then waved happily down at his friends.

“Hey guys!”

“Hey Duo-kun! How ya feelin’?”

“Fine, Chris, thanks.”

She nodded and looked at Wufei. He smiled slightly and she walked over to him, cuddling against him. Duo smiled at the pair. They really were sweet. He then looked down and saw Quatre and Trowa, forever cuddling down at the bottom of the stairs. They too were a sweet couple, but then again, they always were. Then, his eyes locked onto a pair of cobalt ones. He smiled brightly as Heero walked up the stairs, eyes never leaving Duo’s.

“Hey Hee-chan, how’s it shakin’?”

“Baka,” he snorted, gently stroking Duo’s pale cheek.

“Oh Heero.”

Duo jumped at him, instantly wrapped his arms around his neck and holding tight. Heero smiled, sorta, burrowing his face in Duo’s hair. “I love you, koibito.”

“I know, Heero, I know.”

Quatre smiled up at the two and then turned his attention back to the setting sun. The ambers and golds painted across the already red colored land, the white clouds turning a nice pink color. It was so very beautiful. He smiled, resting his head on Trowa’s shoulder and sighing.

“What are you thinking about, my angel?”

“Huh? Hmmm… oh, the future.”

“Nani?! Why would you be thinking about that? We are Gundam Pilots after all, we don’t have a future, isn’t that what we were told?”

“Ah, yes, Wu-darling, but… it is human nature to look to the future. For all humans believe in the fat and destiny… even if they don’t admit it. Such as this is fate. It’s our destines to meet, fall in love. For, you seem my friends, we are human. Our love makes us so. So looking to the future is ok, Wufei. And Quatre…”


“Go ahead and do it. ‘Cause I don’t mind doing it now either.”

“Yeah, me neither! We’ll still be together in the future, right, Hee-chan?


“Um… is that a yes?”

Heero turned and stared into the bright violet eyes before him. Duo smiled, wanting so desperately to drown in those cobalt eyes forever. “Omae wa ore no mono da. Kore kara zutto… itsumademo.” Duo smiled at him, kissing him deeply. “That’s a yes!” and, he kissed him again.



“Will we still be together in the future?”


“Yeah, who else would Wu-man argue with!?”

“Shut up, Maxwell! Aren’t you supposed to be making out with your boyfriend!?”

Everyone’s eyes widened at that comment. Wufei blinked and suddenly clamped his mouth shut, horrified on how that comment just came out of his mouth. The others stared at him and stared to laugh hysterically.

“Te-he, seems like Chris is rubbin’ off on ya, Wu!”

Duo laughed hysterically, holding on tight to Heero’s neck. Quatre giggled, trying not to be too impolite, but it wasn’t working. Trowa cracked a smiled and Chris blushed and hard. Wufei grumbled and then turned to the blushing Chris. He smiled warmly at her sheer innocence and beauty. “Suki da.”

“Hai,” she whispered, kissing him gently.

The tan mini van bounced down the dusty dirt road, headed for a house. This house was out in the middle of no where, but it did have a river and a pool by it. It was a quaint little two-story brick house with white shudders and pillars on the porch. There was a large garden around the back and a little white picket fence. The mini van bounced again… almost there.

A young man, in his late twenties, stood on the porch of this house, his long chestnut braid blowing in the gentle breeze. He was dressed entirely in black; black pants and a loose, button down black shirt and it wasn’t even very buttoned! It exposed his pale chest and a silver cross that he wore around his neck. He ran his fingers threw his hair, violet eyes locking onto the mini van. //Ha-ha, I can’t believe he got one of those!// The man laughed as the van pulled into the driveway.

Seconds later, the door of the van, swung open. Out popped a little girl, dressed in a pair of tennis shoes, shorts and a bright pink shirt with the words ‘Brat’ written on it. She had short, black, straight hair that hung down to her tiny shoulders. She could have been no more than five. She had the biggest smile on her face as she saw the man and her big black eyes lit up.

Then, jumping out of the van right after her, was a little boy. Dressed in a pair of jeans and tennis shoes with a white shirt and a bright red baseball cap. He too was no more than five and had short, black, hair, in a bowl style cut. His eyes were just as dark as the little girls were and his smile was just as bright. They both smiled at the man.

“Uncle Duo!!” the pair cheered as they ran into the awaiting arms of their ‘uncle’.

“Caterina! Kai!”

He scooped the twins up into his arms, holding them tightly and kissing their cheeks. They clung to him like a second skin. “Uncle Duo! I missed you so much!”

“And I missed you too, Kitty Cat.”

“No more than me, right?”

“Ha-ha, of course not, Kai. I missed you both just the same.”He smiled at the pair in his arms and they smiled back. Then there was a light tug on his now very long braid. Duo gently placed the two children down on the porch again and spun around. He smiled warmly down at the tiny angel before him.

The tiny, three-year-old, boy had a head full of dark ebony curls and a smile that could melt the sun. He was dressed in a pair of overalls with a light blue tee shirt and white tennis shoes. He smiled up at his uncle again, illuminating his big, bright, dark violet eyes.

“What about me, Unky Duo.”

“Oh, I could never forget about you, Max.”

Duo scooped the little boy up into his arms, just as he had done with his siblings. He held him tight, fearing he might crush him. He then turned around, Max still in his arms, to greet the pair getting out of the van.

“Hello there!”

“Hello there yourself, Duo Maxwell-Yuy.”

Duo smiled and blushed, running his free hand threw his hair as the woman walked up the stairs to greet him. Being called ‘Maxwell-Yuy’ still made him blush and sent shivers up his spine, even after all these years. The woman smiled, shaking her dark ebony curls that spilled down past her shoulder blades now. Her features were more of those of a woman, high cheekbones, curves and pouty lips; she would be perfect looking if not for her stomach. She was dressed in a blue sundress, of sorts, with a white shirt. She smiled at him and Duo smiled back, a big smartass smirk on his lips.

“Dude Chris! Who knocked ya up this time?!”

“Ha, ha, funny. If my children were not around I’d tell ya a few things for that remark.”Duo shrugged and Chris wrapped and arm around his neck, pulling him close, Max still in arms, and hugging him tightly. “I’ve missed you, you baka.”

“Hey, I’ve missed you too.”

She smiled and nodded, then the pounding of little feet on wood caught their attention. Kai and Caterina were jumping up and down, cheering happily.

“We missed you too, Uncle Duo!”

“Me too!” little Max cheered.

“Well, I know.” He gently placed Max down on the ground with his siblings and stared at the three. They stared at him intently and he smiled, cocking his head to the side, motioning at the door. “Got something special for ya guys.” Their little eyes lit up and they smiled. “Why don’t ya go upstairs to your rooms and find out.”

The trio looked at each other and then at their mother. Chris smiled and nodded. Kai and Caterina cheered happily and raced inside, little Max trailing behind but still attempting to keep up with his siblings.

“He just loves to do everything they do.”

“Ah, he loves them that’s why.”

Chris nodded and so did Duo. He stared at her funny and then at the van. He quickly placed his hand on her swelled stomach and bit his lip. He stared up at her, dark violet meeting light. “I thought you swore you would never have children again after Kai?”

Chris was about to open her mouth in response when a friendly word and wave was shown from the trunk of the mini van. “Oi, Maxwell!”

“Yo, Wu-man, wuz up?”

“Not much. How are you?”

Wufei, the slightly older, taller, darker looking Chinese man, walked up the steps of the house. He stared at Duo and then his seven months pregnant wife and then Duo’s hand on his ‘child’.

“What are you doing, Maxwell?”

“Huh? Nothing. Just wondering why Chrissy here seems to be pregnant again since she swore that she wasn’t going to have anymore after Kai.”

Wufei looked at his wife and that smartass look on her face, he sweatdropped and big time. That look never meant anything good. “Well, Duo, that’s what I was going to say. SOMEONE can’t control himself! ‘Cause I did swear no more after Kai! But no~oo… someone’s always gotta have his hands on me.”

Wufei blinked and sweatdropped even more as Chris crossed her arms over the swell of her stomach and glared at him. He backed up slightly and laughed. “Well, I think I’m gonna um… unload the car.” And dashed off the porch.

Chris turned to Duo and they both smiled, bursting out into laughter. “You two are still so funny! Even after all these years.”

“Hey, it hasn’t been that long. And speaking of significant other, where’s your Hee-chan?”

“Oh, he went to go and get Trowa and Quatre from the airport.”

“Ah, ok. Their flight lands soon?”

“Hai, it should have landed a couple of minutes ago. They should be back soon. No more than twenty minutes I’d say.”

“Yeah. But if Heero took Wing, they’d be here in twenty seconds!”

“Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, but, he drives a car just like he does Wing.”Chris stared at him and blinked then burst into laughter. Duo smirked at her and shrugged. “It’s true!”

“I know,” she giggled, “that’s what makes it so funny!”

Duo was about to open his mouth in response when loud cheering and the sound of a stampede was heard from inside the house. Suddenly, several little wombats raced out of the door and into the yard. Chris blinked and stared at Duo.

“How many do you have now?”

“Well, some we let go. But, we’ve got um… well there’s Ember and Shadow Angel and Jay and Kel and Beck annnnnnnnnd, that’s it, yeah. That’s it.”


“Yep, all Sydney’s babies too. But, like I said, we let most go. Heero gets pissed ‘cause they just keep populating.”

“Ha-ha-ha, their rodents.”

“Yeah. Guess they found their surprises.”

“We’ll know in a minute,” Chris giggled as her two oldest children ran outside.

Caterina held up a Malibu Sandy doll (like a Barbie) to her mother and smiled. “Lookie what Uncle Duo got for me!”

“Oh wow, that’s so nice of him. What do you say?”

“Thank you, Uncle Duo!” Caterina beamed, hugging him tightly.

“Your welcome, Cat.”

“Dude, check this out, mom!” Kai held up a brand new baseball glove and a ball to his mother. He smiled brightly and she nodded and moved her eyes to Duo. Kai nodded and smiled. “Thanks so much, Uncle Duo!”

“No problem, kid,” he laughed, pulling the visor of Kai’s hat down over his eyes. They all giggled and the two turned and took a flying leap off the stairs of the porch to go and show their father what they got.

Chris smiled and sighed happily as her two oldest children pestered their father with what their uncle had gotten them.

“Their full of energy, aren’t they?”

“Yeah. Ya know, Duo-kun, you really didn’t have to get them anything.”

“Ah, I know, but I wanted to. Besides, I don’t get to see you very often, now that you and Wu-darling live in colonies.”

Yep, that’s right, Chris and Wufei had moved to the colonies to raise their ever-growing family. Duo and Heero were still out in Australia and Trowa and Quatre lived in between the colonies and the Earth. Being the soul heir of the Winner family assets made him travel a lot.

“Oh yeah, well why don’t you and Hee-chan come and visit us more often?”

He shrugged and she giggled then there was a light tug on his braid. Duo spun around and stared into the dark violet eyes that were so full of innocence. Little Max smiled up at his uncle, clutching a big stuffed Whinny the Pooh Classic teddy bear. Chris smiled at her youngest son as he was scooped into the arms of his uncle and namesake.

“You like your bear, Max?”

“Yes, Unky Duo. What these?” Max stuffed the bear in Duo’s face, running his pudgy little fingers over the gold pins on Pooh’s red shirt.

“Oh these. Well… this on is me, and this one is your Uncle Heero. So we’ll always be with you.” Duo pointed to each of the pins and watched as Max’s eyes lit up. There were two gold pins, tiny in size but very elegant. One was of an angel; it held a small sapphire in its hands. It was more like a chip really. The other was a devil and it held an amethyst. Both were sitting on Pooh’s right shoulder. “Do you like them?”

“Yah. Lemme go, unky… I wanna show daddy,” Max said, squirming in Duo’s arms until he put him down. The boy smiled and clutched his over sized bear close as he toddled off to show his father his prize.

Chris walked over to Duo and smirked, smacking his shoulder. “That’s cute.”

“Really? Welp, glad ya think so.”

“Hai. But where’d ya get pins like those?”

Duo smirked and buffed his nails on his shirt, “Sheer talent.”

“Oh, you’re so full of it.”

“I know.”

They both stared at each other and burst into laugher. Then the loud calls of Caterina and Kai alerted them to the road. There, coming up the dusty, bumpy, road was a black jeep. Kai and Caterina both cheered as it pulled into the parking lot and they both just about tackled it’s occupants to the ground.

“Uncle Heero! Uncle Trowa! Uncle Quatre!”