*wonders in from slacker-dom* Hiya, everyone! So many new faces. When was the last time I posted something? Jeeze... can't even remember. Wow... I've been ignoring all my lists like crazy and this one is no exception.
Gomen, for that one. I've just been so busy w/ life I haven't had time to write or anything. But I was going through all my stuff and cleaning out files when I found this lil number. I don't remember where I was going w/ it or why I was writing it, but it's here. It's titled "Beach Week". Of course it's 2+1/1+2 with eventual 2x1/1x2 -age goin' (it's not quite done yet, tho). There is a lot of inner dialog from Duo and I'm sorry it's not in italics. Gomen.
But, um, I would love to know what everyone thinks of it. I'd like to try and keep up w/ one of my lists. Hopefully I'll be able too now. Do enjoy and send some comments! Thanks a million!!



Beach Week


Chapter 1

A black jeep bounces along a deserted coastal road, tires hitting the broken asphalt at high-speed spraying tiny pebbles and sand up against the side of the vehicle. Two occupants ride silently together as the jeep moves along hitting every imaginable pothole in the road – and almost running over small animals though the passenger would shriek and the driver ver off from hitting Skippy the squirrel.

The driver who was going at least sixty on a road that was marked twenty-five, but should have been fifteen, stared at the winding street with determination in his cold, hard, cobalt eyes before he hit the execrator again going around another sharp curve. His dark, muddy brown hair was wind blown and smelled faintly of salt. Dressed in a pair of tight jeans, yellow sneakers and a green tanktop he was not at all dressed to go to the sea.

Nor was the passenger, really.

He did not seem to want to die anytime soon by swinging around sharp curves, with no guardrail, at seventy miles an hour. His hair was longer than his companion’s and a much lighter shade or brown, a chestnut almost. It hung in a long braid, which was situated in his lap. Small locks of silken hair kept blowing in his face and tickling his nose as he tried to drink his coffee. And try as hard as he might to watch the quickly passing scenery, his eyes kept focusing on the road and the crater sized potholes that wanted to swallow up the car.

The passenger winced inwardly as they flew over another one. He waved his hand about – the one holding his Styrofoam cup of cheap coffee – as he tried not to spill it all over himself.

“Um, Heero, do ya think we could slow down just a tiny bit? Oz is not on our bumper.”

He was not given an answer, as he knew he would not, but instead the jeep’s orange speedometer needle sped up to seventy-five.

Jesus, God, I am gonna die! I’m a freakin’ Gundam pilot and I’m gonna die in a damn car crash ‘cause glacier boy over there has a flippin’ lead foot. Does he not see the potholes? Does he not see how fucking narrow the road is? What if another car comes? Christ, then we’ll be flying over the edge and end up dead down in that ravine! Okay, not him ‘cause he’s a freak of nature, but me! And I value my life… well, to a certain extent.

How in the hell did I get talked into this? Ah, yes, it was that little blond kid’s fault and his big eyes that you could just see were gonna overflow with tears at any second if I didn’t agree. Then, if he did burst into tears, I’d have to deal with his lover and the dude throws knives for a living! Knives! Christ, I would have ended up the next silver plated meal at the Winner family reunion. So, I agreed.

“Yes, Quatre, I guess I can stop by for a few days. Hey, we all need a vacation right?”

“Oh, Duo, I’m so glad you will!” He hugs me then those thin arms of his wrapped around my neck and almost choked me. But I feel loved, ya know, even if he is cutting off my air. Q’s the greatest and so sweet and considerate. Unlike psycho boy over there who is going to kill me one way or another just like he promised.

“You should bring Heero, too!” the little blond had suggested.

I simply stared at him like he had suddenly turned purple and grown horns. What was the boy talking about? Did he actually want to have fun on this outing or not? Not, obviously, if he wanted to invite Mr. Anal-retentive and Anti-social.

Ah, I can see it now. He won’t leave his room once because he’ll be on that damn laptop. Q better not make us share rooms or I’m gonna walk home. And I don’t care if it’s twenty miles back to civilization! I’m not staying in a room with tap, tap, tap, tap, tap… all nightlong! All day long! All freakin’ weeklong! It’s enough to drive an insane person sane.

Honestly now, I know he won’t leave his room. He won’t get to see the beautiful scenery or get to have fun walking the beach finding shells or swimming. No… none of that fun stuff that makes you realize that you’re still alive even if your hands are too stained in blood to be cleaned, too just enjoy a moment of peace no matter how fleeting or how simple. He’ll just stay up in his room – curtains drawn for better ‘laptop light’ – and won’t get to see any of it. The beauty of knowing that this is what we are fighting so hard for.

Because he’s a deranged workaholic!

I’ll bet all he looks up on that damn piece of plastic is porn. Haha! I’m sure it is. He makes us all think he’s looking up mission files and reports and nonsense, but he’s really looking up porn. Probably two chicks goin’ at it. Or two guys. Ooh… now wouldn’t that just be a surprise? A very nice surprise, I might add. People wouldn’t put that past me, but him, ha, that would be amusing. ‘Didn’t know ya swing that way, Hee-chan’. Pah, yeah right, only in my twisted imagination… and wet dreams. So he’s attractive, big deal!

The braided boy’s violet gaze slipped over to the creature sitting in the drivers’ seat glaring at the road. The muscles of his arms rippled as he clenched and unclenched the wheel. His hair blew around his stern face making it look a little softer. And he did look really good in those tight jeans that framed his long legs and cute butt. The boy smirked and returned his gaze to the road.

At least he’s not bad to look at. But personality wise… he’s a brick wall.

He could be the hottest damn thing to ever walk the planet, but without a good personality then there is no point in me going after him. Heh, like I’d want too… or be able too. If I simply touch his shoulder to get his attention he pulls that mysterious gun out and aims it straight at my brain.

Ri~ight… imagine trying to seduce THAT! The beauty yawned and settled back into his seat taking a sip of coffee.

The jeep hit a bump.

Hot liquid dribbled down the violet-eyed youth’s pale skin and onto his dark shirt. It seeped though the material and scorched his skin. He yelped, jumping up in the seat. “God damnit, Heero! Slow the fuck down! You made me spill my coffee all over myself!” he yelled, glaring at the driver as he wiped the liquid from his face.

“Hn. Baka. I told you not to buy that.”

“Hello! I need my coffee in the morning. It helps wake me up so that I don’t act like I have a jagged two x four shoved up my ass like some people I know!”

The Japanese boy said nothing only slammed on the breaks. The beauty held his coffee away from himself so that is spilled all over his hand and the floor mat. He swore loudly and jumped out of the car.

The Winner family beach house was far from being a tiny little shack on some strip of sand. The large, ominous structure glowed like a white star in the bright noonday sunlight. It rested on a cliff overlooking the beach, which was completely deserted. The blue waves crashed against the white sand making seagulls squawk and shriek as they looked for their lunch. But no one noticed the gulls or the sound of the ocean instead all they heard were the loud cries of the braided boy.

“I fucking burned my hand! You didn’t have to drive so fucking fast!” he swore, chucking the cup at the side of the jeep. It hit with a resounding ‘thud’ and splattered the brownish liquid all along the window.

He turned from the dark vehicle and the man standing on the other side of it staring at him passively during his tantrum. Stomping up the oyster-shell drive he pushed past the butler and the two people standing on the steps of the front door. “Q. Tro,” he muttered, braid flying behind him, as he stormed in the house.

Quatre blinked after him then turned his eyes back towards Heero who was unloading the car. He shrugged his thin shoulder and stepped off the cement stairs. “I guess Duo didn’t have a nice trip up,” he muttered to his lover as they went to help the dark-haired Japanese boy, and show him to the room that he and Duo would be sharing.


Chapter 2

Duo stood in the powder room right inside the foyer. He had relieved himself then started running cold water on his red hand. The digits were numb, which was a good thing, and the icy water felt pretty darn good on his stinging flesh.

“You should bring Heero, too!” he mocked rolling violet eyes. “Stupid, Quatre. Fucking, Heero. God damnit.” With a flick of his delicate wrist he turned off the water, dried his hand gently on a towel, then returned to the foyer.

The trio was there waiting for him, luggage in hand.

The blond greeted him first with a big smile on that innocent, angelic face. “Duo, how is your hand?”

“Ah,” he said with a shrug, “it’s fine. I’ll be okay. I would be better though if Heero didn’t decide to drive so freakin’ fast so that I spilled coffee on myself.” Once again, he wasn’t graced with an answer, simply a glare, which he blew off. The ‘death glare’ held no fear for him anymore. He had learned that the cold, stoic, Japanese boy glared at everyone. Duo simply took it as a term of endearment. “Anyway, Q, where’s my room? I wanna go change into my trunks and go for a swim!”

The blond clasped his hands together happily. “Oh, yes! That is a wonderful idea. We just bought a Jet Ski, too. Trowa has been testing it out.”

“Really?” the violet-eyed boy eyed the taller one in front of him. “How is it? Nice?”

“It guilds like a dream,” the taller one said almost wistfully. Trowa Barton or rather Triton Bloom had come out of his preverbal shell since he and the blond had gotten together. It was nice to see that he was at least enjoying life though he still never said much. Which was more than he could say for the Japanese boy standing near the stairs.

“Come,” Quatre said heading towards the open staircase up to the second and even third floors.

They followed in relative silence except for Quatre talking about the house, the paintings on the wall, the beach and Duo commenting. The large mansion was one of many the Winner’s owned, but the blond had mentioned that this one was his favorite. It was done in light colors: pale woods, white and cream walls, and soft pastels to draw in more light. The ocean could be seen from all sides of the house except the very front, but even then you had a nice view of the lawn. The sound of crashing waves came in through large, open windows, which also allowed the salty breeze in.

Duo fell instantly in love with the peaceful setting. It was like something straight out of a romance novel. He chuckled to himself. Ri~ight, like that’ll ever happen, perhaps for Q and Tro, but not me. I’ve never had strong feelings for anyone. And I know lust does not count. Hell, I lust after something that is cold as a glacier and as deadly as an avalanche. Why? Um, ‘cause he’s pr~e~tt~y... Haha! But, I want more than lust from Mr. Perfect, which will never happen because he has no personality… or none that I’ve seen, anyway.

And I know people think I’m some sort of superficial brat, but I’m not! Of course I go for looks, who doesn’t? But that’s just to start off with. After that I want someone who I’ll be able to talk too. Who shares some of the same interests as me. Who can look up at the stars in the sky and just enjoy the beauty. Not have to analyze it and tell me that stars are just balls of gas and will fizzle out and die at some point.

Whatever! I could care less. Physical attraction is nothing compared to real attraction of the mind and sprit. At least this trip might present an opportunity for me to catch Heero in swim trunks and pants him. HAHA! That’d be a riot! Well, then I would end up with cement booties sleepin’ with the fishes, but it’d be worth it.

The Winner heir finally stopped in front of a room. He pushed the door open and Duo gasped. It was a large room with pale white carpeting that had little beige scallop shells imprinted on it. There were two beds lining the left wall. Each one was done up in lavish cream colored sheets with fluffy pastel pillows. Hanging from the posts of each bed were layers of sheer white mesh to protect against any insects that might fly in the large balcony doors that stood open. The same sheer material hung on the doors blowing gently in the sea breeze. The room also had it’s own bathroom which had a lighthouse motif going.

Duo whistled in appreciation as he walked in the room making a beeline straight for the balcony doors. “Whew, Quatre, this place is nice.” He stepped onto the stone balcony and gazed out at the sea. Water stretched before him glistening in the bright sun. The beauty sighed happily and leaned on the railing for a moment drinking in the sights and sounds of the ocean. Even if Heero was here nothing could spoil the moment.

“I hope you guys like your room.”

Except that.

“Say wha?” he choked out cocking an eyebrow at the blond. “Me and the human brick wall aren’t sharing a room. This. Is. A. Vacation. I can’t vacation with that,” he grumbled, thumbing towards the dark-haired youth who was already unpacking his laptop and setting it up on the small, white-wood desk.

“I’m sorry, Duo-kun, but…” the blond wrung his hands together and sighed. “One of my sisters stayed here a few weeks ago. She left all the windows open. Then a hurricane hit. We had some pretty bad water damage and had to replace a lot of things. There are only a few bedrooms finished and livable. The rest are being repainted. I’m sorry, Duo-kun.”

The braided boy sighed and wanted to whine some more, but the look of embarrassment on the blonde’s face was enough to make him stop.

“It’s all right, Quatre, the room is fine,” Heero said before Duo could say it.

The violet-eyed boy nodded. “Yep. It’s fine.” He dashed away from the balcony doors and grabbed his suitcase. Digging through the contents, and flinging most on the floor, he pulled out a pair of black swim trunks.

He waved them about and Quatre giggled. “Tro! Go rev up the Jet Ski. I wanna take that puppy for a spin,” he laughed dashing into the bathroom to change.

Trowa nodded and smiled softly, turning to change into his bathing suit as well and then do as Duo asked.

The blond stayed for a moment and smiled at Heero. “Do you want to come down to the beach with us, Heero-kun?”

Heero turned his cobalt eyes on the blond angel before him. He nodded then gracefully sat down at the desk. “Maybe later,” he murmured booting up the machine.

Quatre sighed and nodded as well. “Okay. We’ll be down there if you want to join us.” With that he turned, shut the door, and went to change into his suit as well. He hoped, however, that Heero would join them later but he knew better. The Japanese youth probably would not join them for anything until that laptop disappeared and even then it was hard to say.


Chapter 3

Duo, Quatre and Trowa spent the rest of the afternoon down at the beach. The braided boy got to play with the Winner family’s latest toy, a Kawasaki Jet Ski. He jumped over waves as gracefully as a dolphin, the wind and the sea in his hair. He only fell off it twice from turning too sharply. Good thing it came with an automatic stopping device in case such things occurred.

They played in the water, jumping waves and trying to drown each other. Duo collected several different kinds of shells and small stones. He even found a sand dollar for good luck. After their bodies became too salty and tired they sunbathed on the warm sand. Then the blond thought it would be fun to dig up sand crabs and put them on Duo’s sleeping form. It was all laughs until the tiny creature tried to burrow in his belly button.

As the sun turned from a bright, golden yellow to a fiery orange the trio returned back to the house climbing the long wooden stairs back up the cliff. At the back door, which was sliding glass, they deposited their things and rinsed the sand from their feet. Stepping into the cool house one of the butlers smiled at his master. “Sir, dinner shall be ready in a few moments.”

“Oh, yes, of course. Thank you,” he said with a bright smile as the man left. “Trowa and I are going to shower. We’ll meet you in the dinning room, okay, Duo?”

“Sounds good to me,” he beamed bounding up the stairs.

“Make sure to tell Heero.”

The violet-eyed beauty stopped on the stairs in mid-bound and grumbled under his breath. He had been having such wonderful time acting like a normal kid that he had forgotten that Heero was even here. “Damn,” he muttered, but smiled at the blond. “Yeah, sure. Okay!” At that he disappeared inside the room.