Title: Marry Me

Author: Amy Mizuno

Pairings: 1+2+1, past R+1, mentioned 3+4

Warnings: Yaoi, AU, OOC, Fluff, Romance, Angst, Proposal, Humor?

Rating: PG

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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the GW characters.

Note: This fic is fusion of the ending of a drama series called "Golden Faith".

Marry Me
By Amy Mizuno


“Heero!” An enthusiastic voice shouted from behind.

The dark-haired young man turned around, and saw Relena, his childhood friend, and ex-girlfriend.

“Lena.” Prussian blue eyes brightened at the sight of the girl.

The blond rushed over with a big smile and gave the young man a bear hug. “Long time no see. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine.”

The girl grinned. “By the look on your face, I’d say that you’re more than just fine.”

A slight blush was creeping onto the young man’s cheek. “How about you?”

“Well, I just graduated from University, and there’s a big company in Paris that wants to hire me already.”

“That’s great. I’m happy for you.” Heero said sincerely.

“How’re things going between you and Duo?”

“Um….well….fine….” The Japanese looked more flushed.

“So, you decided to settle down with him, huh?” The girl’s smile widened.


“I’m glad.” Relena moved to hug her friend.

“Good luck,” she whispered softly in the Japanese boy’s ear.

* * * * * *

Duo Maxwell was walking down the street, and he saw his boyfriend from a couple of yards away, he was about to call out, but when he saw that Heero was talking with Relena, he changed his mind about it.

Relena was a nice girl, and very pretty too.

Duo was fully aware of the past relationship between Heero and Relena. This made the long-haired American very insecure. Even though a few years had passed since Heero and he had gotten together, he was still afraid that Heero would regret it one day and leave him.

Deep in his heart, he knew that Heero loved him, but he didn’t have enough confidence to believe that Heero would stay with him; he just didn’t see what made Heero want to be with him in the first place.

When Relena moved to hug the dark-haired boy, the young American was even more convinced than ever that his boyfriend would leave any second now.

Totally in despair, Duo turned away from the affectionate scene between the two friends, and left silently.

* * * * * *

The night had drawn a dark curtain around the world, and the violet-eyed boy was lying on his bed. In his hands was a beautiful cross, adorned with a purple color jewel, which was the previous year’s Christmas present from Heero.

Duo was looking at the cross with a slight smile, his mind was slipping deep into all those happy memories that he and Heero had created together during the past couple of years.


The phone that was sitting on top of his bedside table brought him out of his reveries.



“Hey Hee-chan. I was just thinking about you.” Duo smiled softly.

“Really? Do you really miss me that much?” Duo could practically hear the big grin in his boyfriend’s voice.

“Of course I do.”

The two started to talk about pretty much everything. Duo also started to convince himself that there was nothing between Heero and Relena.

The Japanese suddenly asked, “Are you free tomorrow evening?” Duo’s heart sank at that innocent question.


“Great. I have something really important to tell you.” The American paled even more.

“So, how about tomorrow at seven?”


“Good, then I’ll meet you at the park, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Aa. See you tomorrow Duo. I love you.”

“Love you.”

Duo hung up the phone gently. Before he had the time to angst and cry his little heart out, the phone rang once again.

The braided boy forced out a smile after hearing who was on the other end of the line this time. But he was not surprised about the call. “I’m fine. You?”

“Yeah. I have the day off tomorrow.”

“Alright. I’ll meet you there at three thirty.”

“Bye. See ya tomorrow”

The young man sighed deeply after he put down the phone. He didn’t even know why he accepted the little rendezvous, but they had to sit down and talk about the problem between them eventually.

Quite a few hours later, Duo finally fell into an unsettling slumber.

* * * * * *


The chestnut head turned to where the familiar voice came from. The blond girl who had called him the night before was already sitting at an unnoticeable corner of the small café.

Relena was absolutely ecstatic to see Duo again, it had been quite a long time since they met each other. The long-haired boy didn’t hear much of the girl’s joyful chatter; his chaotic mind was totally somewhere else, until……

“……and the elephant was sitting on the roof.”

“Wha?” That certainly caught Duo’s full attention.

The blond smirked, “Duo. It’s so obvious that your mind has flown off elsewhere.”

“Sorry Relena. I was just thinking about something…” The braided boy blushed.

Relena’s smile broadened. “So, Heero asked you already? I bet you accepted?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Duo looked confused.

“What? Oops.” The blond frowned a little.

“What?” Duo pressed, he desperately wanted to know what the other was talking about.

“Well…..I don’t think that I’m supposed to tell you about it. You see…..Heero was planning to propose to you.” The girl let the cat out of the bag reluctantly.

After hearing that, Duo’s brain was officially overloaded. “You mean….. Heero and you are not….”

Relena cut the sentence out abruptly, “Getting back together? No no no no no. Where did you get that idea anyway?”

“I saw you hugged him yesterday……”

The blond sighed, then looking into the boy’s eyes seriously said, “Duo, listen to me. Heero and I can never get back together. You hear me?” The boy nodded mutely.

“He’s a great friend, but not a good lover for me. We just had too many things in common. We don’t have the balance that you two have. You and he are the perfect match.”

Duo slowly let the words sank in. A genuine smile gradually forming on his face. “Thanks for telling me, Relena.”

The girl waved her hand. “Don’t mention it.”

“Well, even if we are the ‘perfect match’, as you say, I still have to think about it really carefully about it. I don’t wanna regret later.” The long-haired American grinned mischievously.

The girl’s blue eyes brightened when she saw that smile, and one of her own forming slowly on her face. //Heero Yuy, you’re in deep trouble this time.// “So, what do you have in mind, Duo?”

The grin amplified. The boy leaned close to Relena’s ear, and whispered softly.

Within a few minutes, the two of them turned into two giggly young adults.

* * * * * *

Heero was at the park just below Duo’s apartment complex ten minutes early, with a bouquet of flowers in his hands, sitting on the bench, nervously waiting for Duo to arrive.

This was the place where they first met. That time, Duo was late for school and he was braiding his hair as he was running to the bus stop all the way at the other end of the park, Heero was in a rush also. They bumped into each other, and somehow, Duo’s chestnut long hair got caught on Heero’s buttoned-jacket. It took quite a while to carefully get all the strands out of the button.

Finally, he saw the familiar figure approached. He swallowed hard.

“You said you had something important to tell me about. What is it?” Duo asked flatly.

The dark-haired man gave the beautiful bouquet of flowers to Duo, and fished a marine-blue velvet box out of his jacket pocket.

Duo opened the small box and revealed a gorgeous gold ring. He raised his eyebrows slightly. “What is this for?”

This definitely was not the reaction that Heero had expected. “Duo, I know that this is not much, but I promise I’ll make it up to you. I love you Duo. Honest, I really do, and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

After a small pause, “Will you marry me Duo?” Then Heero held his breath and waited for the answer.

The bouquet and the ring were thrust back into Heero’s hands, and Duo said angrily. “Why don’t ask Relena? Since she’s the one that you truly loved all this time. I am sure that she would gladly accept to marry you in a heartbeat.” The braided boy then ran toward his apartment building.

Poor Heero was standing there, didn’t know how to react. //What the hell had happened?// Then he ran after Duo, hoping that his boyfriend would forgive whatever mistake he had made.

* * * * * *

Heero went to Duo’s apartment, rang the doorbell. A couple of minutes later, the wooden door at last opened.

But the person stood in front of him wasn’t the one that he expected. Trowa, Quatre and Wufei, three of Duo and Heero’s friends, were standing there, looked very annoyed.

“How dare you come here, Heero?” The usually gentle Quatre asked furiously, Trowa silently supporting his lover.


“Yuy, don’t you have any honor? How dare you cheat on Duo?” Wufei asked.

“What??? What’s going on?” Heero was utterly confused, nothing made much sense. “Can I at least come in first, then we can all sit down and solve this problem civilly?”

“Well, I suppose it won’t hurt to let you come in.” Quatre said.

//What the hell’s going on???? What have I done??????// Heero screamed in his mind.

“Is Duo home yet? Can I see him for a while?” The blue-eyed Asian asked sadly.

“I am sorry Heero, but he doesn’t want to see you for now.” The blond pitied the Japanese.

“Oh.” The silence that followed was depressing.

After a while, Heero spoke up again. “Can I talk with him? Just outside the door?”

The three friends looked at each other, then nodded their consent.

The dark-haired young man went to Duo’s bedroom door, spoke softly, but loud enough for the American on the other side of the door to hear. “Duo... I… I really don’t know what I’ve done to make you so angry. If it’s because of yesterday when I met with Relena, we didn’t do anything. I swear.”

“During the time, when we were together, I was very happy…. I still am….… and…… no one has ever made me this content in a very long time… hell, I’ve never been this happy in my whole life.” Not a sound had come out from the other side of the door.

“Well, I… I hope that you’ll forgive me.”

Three pair of ears listened to the conversation….. or rather…monologue intensely. Quatre had practically fallen over into Trowa’s arms after hearing the little speech. “How romantic!”

After Heero left miserably, Duo finally came out of his bedroom with a big goofy smile plastered on his flushed face.

Duo almost rushed out of the room to comfort Heero. But he pushed down urge, because he felt like that he should punish his boyfriend for…… for making him anguish for nothing.

* * * * * *

It had been a few days already, Heero hadn’t heard from Duo at all, and he didn’t dare to call, because he was not sure if the other boy was still mad at him or not.

After work, the dark-haired young man pass by the mailbox to collect his mail before he went upstairs.

Within the whole pack of junk mail, there’s one white envelope with no stamp on it. Heero quickly tore it open.

There were two plane tickets to Paris, and a short message with Duo’s messy handwriting.


Pack your stuff. We will meet at the airport on Monday morning at seven.


Heero looked at the note dumbly.

* * * * * *

The airport was filled with busy people. Strangers passed by and went in and out of the place.

Heero was sitting in a chair, his luggage beside him. Cobalt blue eyes darted left and right, looking for the familiar figure in the hectic flow of people.

Suddenly, a flash of chestnut caught his eyes. Duo was walking towards him with a little smile on the heart-shaped face.

But on the other side, Relena was also walking towards him, her baggage dragged behind her. Duo’s face fell the minute he saw the young women.

“Heero.” Relena smiled at her friend.

“‘Ro.” The long-haired American frowned at the girl.

“Relena, why are you here?” Heero asked, wondered why the girl was at the airport too.

“I’m going to Paris today, and you promised me that you would go with me!” She took two plane tickets from her pocket.

“But….but I never…..” Heero stuttered.

“Heero! What does this mean? Aren’t you suppose to go to Paris with ME?” Duo sounded very mad.

“No no…. Duo, believe me, I never promised her that I would go with her. I swear!” The young man panicked.

“But you did!” The blond latched herself onto Heero.

“Heero!” Duo growled.

The poor guy flinched.

“Are you coming with me? Or her?”

“Duo, I……”

“Of course he’s coming with me.” The girl said victoriously.

“Why would he want to go with you?” Duo snapped back.

“Because he loves me better.”

“Ha. You wish. I said that he loves me better.”





Their voices raised higher and higher. The young Asian man stood between them, hoping that there was a hole on the ground to let him hide in.

Heero eventually could not bear it anymore, and he yelled at the two. “Okay! Stop arguing now”

He looked up and saw that both of them were smirking at him. His eyes narrowed at this realization, and nodded slightly. “I think the two of you have had enough fun with me today. I think it should be my turn to have some fun now.”

Relena and Duo looked at each other. //Uh oh.//

They started to run away from the not-too-happy Japanese man.

* * * * * *

Heero and Duo were sitting near a beautiful bag lake, watching the sunset peacefully.



“You still didn’t answer my question?”

“What question?” Duo snuggled closer to his koibito.

“Will you marry me? Live with me for the rest of your life?”

“Yes.” With the most beautiful smile Heero had ever seen, Duo leaned down to kiss his husband-to-be passionately.




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