trying out this writing thing. i was inspired by this idea. i've had in my mind for a long time. and i thought it would be a good idea. maybe its been done...but o well...plz try not to be too mean. its my first story. ok goes nothing. The song is called 'Temptation Waits' by Garbage.

Title: I Can't Get Enough
Author: American Psycho (that's me! ^_^)
Genre: Songfic/Romance/Angst?
Pairing: 1x2 (n e thing else?)...
Rating: PG-13 - R??? (i'm not sure how far it goes, but definitely not an NC-17)
Warning: hmm...none, really. obviously, this is yaoi. i guess, thats about it.



*****************Temptation Waits*****************


'I'll tell you something
I am a wolf but
I like to wear sheep's clothing '

It seemed like an ordinary day at the Winner household. No missions had arrived, and all the pilots were busy doing their own thing. That is, except one. Duo Maxwell was padding around his room contemplating his biggest trauma. One, Heero Yuy. He had dreamed and obsessed about the pilot ever since he laid eyes on him. To Duo, Heero was perfection. Perfect body. Perfect mind. Perfect voice. Duo was snapped out of his reverie as he heard Quatre calling him down for dinner.

"I'll be right there", Duo called back.

He quickly padded down the stairs of the lavishly expensive house and stopped as he nearly crashed into Wufei.

"Kisama! Maxwell, watch where you are going."

"Whatever you say, Wu-Man", Duo called back as he ran to the dinning table.

Wufei shook his head slightly and continued to the dinning room. All the pilots sat around the table, and Quatre's serveants started to serve them their food. Duo looked down as a plate of fettucinni (sp?) alfredo was placed in front of him. His face lit up with glee, but he chose not to voice out his excitement. He didn't know why, but he felt the need to be uncharacteristaclly quiet. Wufei noticed this and decided to ask what was wrong.

"Maxwell, why aren't you talking our ears off like you normally do with your useless banter?"

"I just don't feel like talking much today," Duo answered.

THIS got the attention of the perfect soldier. Heero looked up in disbelief. *Something must be wrong. He looks sad. What is wrong?* Meanwhile Heero was contemplating this, Quatre was repeatedly calling out his name.

"Heero! Heero! HEERO!!!" Quatre yelled out.

Heero's head shot up, and he raised and eyebrow.

"Do you want more mash potatoes?" Quatre asked not bothering to mask the confusion in his voice. He had never known Heero to space out like that.

"No thanks," he answered.

The pilots sat there, and for the first time ever, they ate an entire meal in silence. Duo didn't even pig out as he normally did. Heero, meanwhile, occupied himself with thoughts of the braided boy. He didn't know why he was so interested in Duo's problem.

Duo glanced down at his food and realized he wasn't really hungry anymore. He got up and went to wash his plate. He entered the modern-looking kitchen of Quatre's estate, and turned the faucet on. He let the sounds of the water soothe his aching heart. *Why am I obsessing so much? All I can think of is Heero. I can't think straight anymore. All I want to do is-* Duo's thoughts were stopped to a sudden hault as he turned around and came face to face with the object of his affection. His eyes widened slightly, and he couldn't produce normal speech.

'I am a bonfire
I am a vampire
I'm waiting for my moment'

Heero stood still also. He wasn't sure why, but he couldn't move. He looked into Duo's violet eyes and felt something odd. His body was on fire. He stood frozen. The moment was, however, cut short as Wufei came barging into the kitchen ranting about some unknown subject.

"I can't believe the nerve of that stupid maid. How dare SHE try to order ME around!!! Stupid onna!"

Heero dunked his plate and glass into the sink and walked away as quickly as possible. *That was weird. What got into me?* He continued to his room where he sat down in front of his laptop. Instead of turning it on and booting it up as he normally did, he just stared at the blank screen as if he couldn't figure out what to do with himself. His body was at war with his long forgotten emotions. He finally turned the laptop on and attempted to get some work done.

It was after about the fifth time in attempting to type the word 'accepted' when he realized he wasn't concentrating. His thoughts kept meandering back to a certain braided pilot. Everytime he would close his eyes, a vision of chestnut hair flowing around purple irises came to mind.

Heero lashed out at his laptop while yelling Japanese expletives. He threw the laptop on the floor and clutched his head in his hands. *When did Duo become so much more? Why can't I stop thinking about him? Why is he all I want? Why? Why? I just want to get through a normal day without having to think about that baka* More questions flooded his mind which only fueled his anger. He picked up the laptop and put it on his desk. Obviously, he wasn't going to get much work done that day.

Meanwhile, Duo was having similar problems. Everytime he passed Heero's door, he was overwhelmed with the sudden urge to just barge in and kiss the fool. Of course, he would never actually DO any of those things as much as he wants to. Instead, he sat down and tried to take his mind off the Japanese pilot by burrying his thoughts in a mindless comic. This would've been easy to do had the main character not been Japanese and bearing a slight resemblance to a certain pilot.

Duo frustratingly through the comic to the floor and strutted to his personal bathroom. He turned the faucet on and splashed ounces of water on his face, yet he couldn't forget the pair of cobalt eyes that haunted his vision. He resigned to his fate. He was obsessed with his fellow pilot, Heero Yuy. He banged his head lightly on the wall which received a yell from Wufei for 'being too loud'.

Duo glared at the offending wall for a while. Then, he proceeded to get dressed and lay down in his bed. He was afraid to fall asleep because that would mean he would dream about Heero, and dreaming about Heero would mean that he would have to wash his sheets again. Quatre's maids would be upset because that would be the fifth night in a row, and he can't tell them exactly WHY they need to be cleaned. So, instead he layed awake until he fell asleep.

Morning came quickly and Duo found himself in the kitchen with a large pot of coffee. He couldn't sleep. Everytime his eyes closed, a dream would start rising in the back of his mind, and he couldn't go through with it. He couldn't see the object of his desire so close yet so untouchable. Duo sat down in the living room and began to sip his coffee slowly and silently. That is, until a ranting Wufei came in. This morning, he was complaining about how he couldn't get enough sleep last night because some baka kept shuffling around and moaning. He said this while looking directly at Duo, who, in turn, blushed lightly and stared down at his cup of coffee.

"Maxwell, what has gotten into you! Stop being so quiet!" Wufei yelled.

"Nothing has gotten into me. I'm fine!" Duo snapped back.

Wufei stared at Duo for a bit, then sat down on the other end of the couch that Duo wasn't on. He took out his book on yoga and began reading. The other pilots joined them silently. Heero was working on mission reports, Trowa was reading a cook book (1) and Quatre was studying an instruction manual for the brand new microwave the Manguanacs have purchased for him.

Even though the room was silent, the pilots could feel the thick tension. Heero would sneak looks at Duo, then berrate himself for it. Duo would stare at Heero from the corner of his eyes, and each time, he would imagine said pilot just grabbing him and kissing the life out of him. This was beginning to turn him on and make him sweat. So, instead, he put all his concentration on the coffee. He began to stir it a bit more wildly and nervously with the spoon.

Heero was busy working on his report when the sound of vigorous stirring assailed his ears. At first, he knew it was Duo, so he didn't want to lash out at him. But, the sound would only make him think of the pilot, and thinking of the pilot led to deep intimate thoughts. All he wanted to do was to push him down on that coffee table and kiss him all over. More images kept popping up until he couldn't take it anymore.

The other pilots noticed the faltering in Heero's steady typing. They also noted how his back tensed up as if he was agitated. Until finally, he yelled.

"Duo, would you stop making that annoying sound!"Heero said angrily.

"Well, would you stop with your fucking typing!" Duo snapped back.

"Atleast I'm doing something productive!!"

"You're always on that fucking piece of plastic. Why don't you give it a rest!?! It's driving me insane!"

In a few seconds, Heero and Duo crossed the room and met in the middle. Heero grabbed Duo's collar and was about to punch him. That is, until, everything fell silent. He was too close. His heart was beating, and his breathing had become labored. Duo was in the same condition.

'You come on like a drug
I just can't get enough
I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more'

"It's not worth this," Heero said quietly while dropping Duo and walking back to his laptop.

Both pilots walked away angrily to their rooms and slammed their doors. When silence pervaded the air, the other three pilots stared in shock.

"What was that all about?" Quatre asked to no one in particular.

"I think they are both having a fight," Wufei answered seriously.

They said nothing more and walked away quietly.

That afternoon, a mission came for Quatre and Trowa. They were to leave early the next morning for a nearby mission to blow up a mobile suit factory (2). Wufei was also called to go to China and pick up some stolen Oz documents from one of his old clan members. So, all three pilots went to sleep early. Meanwhile, Duo was hanging around the outside of Heero's door. He didn't know why, but being so close to the pilot made him feel good.

Heero was in turmoil. He felt so bad for yelling at Duo earlier. All he wanted to do was go to the American pilot and hug him and tell him he was sorry. But, his pride wouldn't allow it. Luckily, he beat his pride and opened the door to go to Duo's room. He didn't find Duo too far since the boy was pacing around nervously in the hallway near his room.

"Duo," Heero called out softly.

Duo's head snapped up, and he responded by saying, "What?"

"Listen, I want to apologize for earlier. I didn't mean to yell at you like that."

"It's okay, Heero. I yelled at you, too. I didn't mean to. I don't know what's come over me lately, but it's put me on edge."

"Oh, ok. Well, that's it", Heero said while fighting the urge to kiss Duo, or even hug him.

Duo was in the same situation. He didn't want to leave Heero's sight, but he knew he had to.

"Well, I got to go. I am sorry, too," Duo said as he left to his room.

That night, both pilots were driven with images of the other. All they both wanted to do was to hold, kiss, touch each other. Anything just to be near. It was a horrible night's sleep for them both. Morning came unusually slow. Duo woke up around 8 a.m. His hair was a terrible mess, and he felt like shit. Everything ached, and his head was pounding with pain. He quickly poored himself a cup of coffee and noticed the note on the fridge from Quatre saying that himself, Trowa, and Wufei had left already.

He sighed tiredly and drowned his pain in a cup of coffee. He looked at his fellow pilot who had settled down to work on the mission report. *Why does he have to do that? Now, I will never get him out of my mind.* Duo sighed softly and began to read another one of his comic books. This lasted for about 10 minutes until Duo started to conjure up images of the other pilot. They were kissing and rolling around the floor. Just when it was about to get good, he was snapped out of his reverie by Heero asking him something.

"What did you say, Heero?" Duo asked.

"I said, could you hand me that report next to your foot?"Heero said a bit agitated.

Heero had awoken that morning on bad terms, and now, he found himself unable to get through his report because of the braided pilot sitting on the couch. He just couldn't take it anymore. He had to say something to him. This was the best he could come up with . If only Duo would leave.

"Here," Duo said as he handed Heero the report.

Their hands lightly brushed against each other, and Heero had to keep himself from blushing. Duo, in the meantime, turned away and quickly walked to his seat before he outwardly showed his affection for the other pilot. Most of the morning was spent with the surrounding tension. Neither of them could take it anymore.

Duo had resigned to working on Deathscythe, and Heero was working nearby on Wing. Duo was tightening some bolts in the cockpit when he banged his elbow. It throbbed with so much pain that he dropped his wrench. It fell on Heero's shoulder, and the Japanese pilot clutched his shoulder as it blead.

"Oh, my God! Are you okay!?!" Duo said as he quickly climbed out of the cockpit in a hurry.

Heero just breathed easily, and Duo grabbed a white rag from his pants and pressed it into his wound. Heero felt a bit relieved, but the closeness of the other pilot was too much to bear. Duo was gently rubbing the wound and whispering how sorry he was. Heero could feel the other pilot's soft breath tickling his skin. Finally, Heero just couldn't take it anymore. He pushed Duo away from him.

"I'm alright. It's nothing. Now leave me alone," Heero said as he walked away into the house.

Duo was hurt. He felt really bad and could understand why the other pilot was angry with him, but, still, he couldn't keep the anger from himself. He was so close to the other pilot. He was sure Heero had felt something. But, he went away. He walked off without so much as another glance. Duo couldn't stand it. He followed Heero's path determined to give the other pilot a piece of his mind. He went into the living room where Heero was covering his wound with a bandage.

"I was trying to be nice to you, and that is how you repay me!" Duo snapped.

"Need I remind you that it was your carelessness that caused the wound," Heero replied.

"Need I remind you it was just an accident. I hit my elbow on the cockpit wall and accidentally dropped the wrench. I am sorry. I apologized, but you didn't say anything!"

"What do you want me to say?" Heero asked, loosing his temper,"Tell me!"

"I don't know what I want you to say. I just.....! Well..."

Duo realized all his anger was misguided. He was really mad at himself for not telling the other pilot of his feelings. He was angry at Heero for not responding better. He was angry because he couldn't get what he really wanted.

"Well?" Heero asked impatiently.

They both stood face to face fuming with anger. They were both breathing heavily and couldn't stop their raging hormones. They were too close. It was all happening so fast. Neither of them could stop the desire that had consume them. Duo chose to escape before he did anything that he would regret.

"Well, fuck off", Duo said before walking away.

'And there's so much at stake
I can't afford to waste
I never needed anybody like this before'

However, his elbow was caught by Heero. He was quickly shoved face to face with the other pilot. Duo looked into the cobalt eyes of the Japanese pilot before he was kissed roughly by him. Duo responded quickly and just as roughly. Duo pressed his tongue into Heero's mouth who accepted eagerly, and their hands roamed each other's body eagerly. They couldn't pull apart. They were so full of desire. They just stood there with their mouths connected, and their hands exploring.

Finally, they broke off and gasped for air. Then they both looked away ashamed. How could they lose control like that. Sure, they got what they both secretly wished for, but they both knew that falling in love in the middle of the war was dangerous. They didn't need the distraction.

"I'm sorry, Duo", Heero said first, but you know we can't do this. It's wrong. We're in a war, and we're soldiers."

"You're right. This will never happen again. In fact, let's forget it ever took place."


Both pilots walked away a little dissappointed, but they knew it would be wrong. They spent most of the day sulking and wishing the other would come and sweep them off their feet.

That afternoon, Trowa and Quatre arrived exhausted. Duo greeted them with enthusiasm and told them that he had pizza baking in the oven (3). Both pilots nodded tiredly and walked to their rooms to shower. Duo set up the table and put the pizza in the center. He called for all the other pilots to join him in the dining room. Trowa came down first followed by Quatre.

"Where's Heero?" Duo asked worriedly.

"He's working on Wing. I don't think he heard you," Quatre answered.

Duo nodded and took off to find him. He entered the garage and was confronted with an image from a wet dream. Heero was shirtless and sweaty from having worked on wing. Duo almost jumped him right there, but he didn't. Instead, he said, "Heero, it's time for dinner".

Heero looked up from cleaning his gundam's left foot and nodded. He quickly put a shirt on, much to Duo's dissapointment, and walked behind the braided pilot to the dining room. They all sat down and began to eat the pizza Duo made. Duo felt weird. He had been sitting next to Heero, and they kept brushing up each other ever so lightly throughout the meal. This prompted him to eat more quickly than usual. It was such sweet torture. Everything was so wrong, which made him want to do it even more.

"Duo, what's the matter? You are quiet again?"Quatre asked the braided pilot.

"N-N-Nothing's wrong!" He answered a bit shyly.

Then he quickly got up and walked away.

"That was odd", Quatre commented. "Is something wrong with Duo, Heero?"

"Why did you assume I knew something about it? I don't know Duo that well," Heero said before getting up and walking away too.

"They're behaving weird," Quatre said to Trowa.

Trowa just raised an eye brow in response. "I think they're fighting".

"Duo probably did something to make Heero mad, or vice versa," Quatre reasoned. "We should talk to them. I mean, we won't be able to fight as well if two of our pilots don't get along."

Trowa nodded and said,"I'll talk to Heero".

"Fine, then I'll talk to Duo".

With that, both pilots walked to their respective pilot's room. Quatre knocked lightly on Duo's door.

'I'll tell you something
I am a demon
Some say my biggest weakness'

"What is it?" A muffled voice came from inside.

"It's Quatre".

"Come in,"came the reply.

Quatre entered Duo's room and noted the slight disorder. He pushed a few comics out of Duo's bed and sat down. Duo looked at Quatre and asked,"What's wrong?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing. Why are you and Heero acting so strange?"

"I didn't even notice Heero was acting strange, and I'm certainly not acting very different. I'm still the same."

"What's with all the silence?" Quatre asked.

"I just feel like being quiet. Is that so hard to believe? Gees, Quatre, nothing is wrong with me!"

"Fine. I still don't believe you. But, I'll find out somehow."

Then, Quatre walked away not bothering to hide is dissapointment and annoyance. Meanwhile, Trowa entered Heero's room after knocking slightly. Heero looked up from his laptop and raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

'I have my reasons
Call it my defense
Be careful what you're wishing'

"I came to ask you what's wrong?" Trowa explained.

"Nothing is wrong," Heero answered.

"Then why are you acting strange?"

"I'm not acting strange."

"Are you going to deny everything i say?"


"Then, I'm not going to waste my time."

With that, Trowa left. He walked down the hall and met Quatre half way.

"Did he tell you anything?" Quatre asked.


Both pilots gave a collective sigh and walked to their own rooms. Meanwhile, the other two pilots were in turmoil. They spent another sleepless night in their rooms. Although the night passed slowly, morning still found a way to creep up on the two distressed pilots. Duo came downstairs looking for a pot of coffee. Instead, he found Heero quietly working on his laptop.

"You're at it again?" Duo asked annoyed.

"Hn," Heero replied.

Duo rolled his eyes dramatically and began to read the newspaper. He was sipping his coffee when something caused him to nearly choked. There, in big letters, was a wanted ad for Heero. It wasn't from Oz, but from Relena. She didn't want him killed just found for $100,000.

"What?" Heero asked.

Duo handed Heero the ad. Heero read, and his eyes widened slightly. He growled slightly and ripped the newspaper in half.

"I was reading that," Duo complained.

"Tough", Heero said back.

Duo pouted then began to read the remains of his poor newspaper. He sneezed heavily and spilled half the contents of coffee on his shirt and part of his pants.

"Ow!" Duo yelled getting the attention of the Japanese pilot.

Heero's head snapped to him, and he tried to get Duo to calm down.

"Quick, take off your clothes before your skin burns," Heero said while blushing slightly.

Duo threw his shirt off followed by his pants and noticed he was left in nothing but his boxers. Heero tried to look away but couldn't help keeping his eyes glued to Duo's creamy skin. All he wanted to do was kiss the boy. He lost control and grabbed Duo roughly. He kissed him and began to roam his hands all over his bare chest.

Duo kissed back just as hugrily. All Duo could think of was how delicious Heero looked yesterday. Things were getting really hot and heavy when they both realized they had lost control, and they pulled away.

"I'm sorry!" they both shouted at the same time.

"I didn't mean to kiss you," Heero said,"It was my fault."

"Oh, okay. I'm going to go now," Duo said while grabbing his clothes.

Duo made it to the hall in front of his room, when Quatre caught him.

"Duo? Why are you half naked?" Quatre asked.

"I spilled coffee on myself," Duo said before walking into his room.

Quatre shrugged and continued down the stairs. Heero was typing on his laptop as usual. Quatre looked at the torn newspaper, and the few coffee stains on the floor.

"I take it, this is where Duo spilled his coffee," Quatre said.

"Yes. He had to take his clothes off quickly," Heero said then blushed slightly.

Quatre turned to Heero and was about to say something when Heero's laptop went off.

"Mission?" Quatre asked.

Heero nodded and went off to find Duo. He and Duo were assigned to steal information from an Oz computer lab nearby.

The night came, and Duo and Heero went off to perform their mission. Heero drove the small car to a block away from the computer lab. Then, they both went up to the buildings east ventilation duct. Heero went in first and helped Duo up. The American pilot thanked him quietly and started to crawl through.

"Which lab is it?" Duo whispered to Heero.

"Its lab #5. We have to crawl forward for about 24 feet then make a left and it should be there."


They both finally made it and opened the latch. Heero dropped to his feet and landed softly. Duo followed and took out his gun from his holster. He aimed at the door and protected Heero's back while the Japanese boy downloaded the Oz files onto a disk. All was going well until two Oz soldiers came barging in. They trained their guns on Duo, and his eyes widened slightly. Then, he shot them both quickly with his silencer. He wiped the sweat off his eyes and turned around to check on Heero. All of the sudden, another soldier came from behind and grabbed Duo causing Duo to drop his gun.

Duo and the soldier struggled for a while as Duo tried to escape his hold. He felt the air leaving his lungs, and Duo quickly kicked the soldier between his legs. Then he brought his fist to the man's face and knocked the wind out of him. The American pilot regained his breath, but not for long as two more soldiers engaged in a struggle Duo tried to hold both of them off, but as he sent one of them to the ground, the other one had trained his gun on the back of Duo's head and grabbed Duo around the waste into a deadly lock with his free hand.

Duo squeezed his eyes shut and heard the sound of a gunshot fire. Duo's body fell limply to the ground, and the bigger body of the soldier fell down on top of him. He was pulled out from underneath by a worried Heero.

"Duo, are you okay?" Heero asked.

Duo nodded slightly before being pulled into an embrace by Heero.

"Thank God," Heero whispered.

They both broke off their hug, and Heero showed Duo the disk and motioned for them to leave. He went up the vent and Duo followed. They began to near the exit, when they peeked out and saw a lot of soldier lined up. They were carrying guns and didn't show any signs of moving.

"Heero, we can't leave. There's too many guards," Duo whispered to the other pilot.

"Looks like we are stuck here," Heero answered while staring into Duo's endless violet eyes. He couldn't stop looking at the bottomless depths they held.

'You come on like a drug
I just can't get enough
I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more '

They both got closer to each other. They couldn't take there eyes off each other and soon found themselves kissing. It was full of passion but this time with a gentleness that was uncommon to both of them. So, there they were, in the middle of a mission, and they were making out like nothing else in the world mattered. Their hands sought each other and they deepened the kiss.

They were both startled out of their kiss as they heard a gunshot fire. Heero turned to look in fear and saw the Oz soldiers being attacked by colony resistance troops.

"Heero, we might get blown up if we don't get out of here," Duo said a bit worried.

Heero nodded. "We're going to have to run. I'm going to go first. Please be careful".

Now, it was Duo's turn to nod. "Wait," he quickly said as he grabbed Heero's arm. Heero turned around, and Duo gave Heero a kiss on the mouth. "That's just in case we don't make it." Heero nodded and jumped down from the vent.

Duo followed quickly and tried to dodge the explosions coming from all directions. He covered his head with his hands and just barely missed a gun shot. He ran as fast as his legs could take him but found himself sprawled on the floor as he tripped on a misplaced pile of garbage. His left leg throbbed with pain, and the back of his left shoulder was penetrated with a bullet. He held back his scream and tried to get up.

Heero turned around and found Duo struggling to get up. He ran back to get him. He hoisted the fallen pilot onto his shoulder and ran as quickly as he can. He saw their car up ahead and forced his legs to go faster. He reached the vehicle, threw Duo in, and took off as fast as he could. He drove like a madman until they reached any point of safety.

He finally reached a calm, silent road that was a few miles from the house. He looked over at Duo and began to worry as he saw so much blood. *Please be alright, Duo* he silently prayed. He made it to the house and picked up the injured pilot. He carried Duo in but was soon assaulted by Quatre's questions.

"What happened to Duo? Is he alright?" Quatre asked.

"Well, I guess we won't know unless you move out of the way and help me patch up his wounds, will we?!" Heero snapped back.

Quatre blinked a few seconds then helped pick up Duo and treat him. They removed the bullet and took care of all the wounds. Duo was passed out for a few hours, but when he finally came to, he saw Quatre by his bed.

"How are you feeling?" Quatre asked.

"I've been better", Duo answered.

"Oh, okay. Heero helped you to get here. He said you were injured pretty badly."

"Heero! Where's Heero? Is he okay?"

"Slow down. He's fine. He barely got a scratch. He's just really tired. He wanted to stay by your side, but I sent him to bed."

"Oh, okay," Duo said as he closed his eyes and fell back asleep.

The next morning, Duo woke up and slowly walked to Heero's room. He knocked lightly, and Heero opened it. Heero pulled Duo in softly and shut the door. Then, he gave Duo a hug like Duo had been missing for years. Duo hugged him back as if he couldn't let go.

'And there's so much at stake
I can't afford to waste
I never needed anybody like this before'

They finally let go, and Heero placed both his hands on either side of Duo's face.

"I'm so glad you are alright," Heero said softly.

"Thanks to you", Duo responded.

He was about to give Duo a kiss when he heard someone coming. Heero quickly moved away and Duo pretended to be talking about the mission.

"-and this guy was about to grab you from behind when-oh hi, Wufei! You're back."

"Yes, I felt I should inform you all. Oh,and Quatre told me to tell you that breakfast is ready," Wufei stated.

Duo gave one last look before he walked away and went down the stairs. Everyone was sitting around the table. Once again, Heero sat next to Duo. They tried not to touch and spent a lot of time avoiding each other's stare.

After dinner, they all resigned to the living room. Trowa and Quatre were watching Jeopardy, Wufei was reading a book in Chinese, Heero was once again writing another report, and Duo was eating a hershey's bar(4). Once again, it was silent.

"So...what's going on with your lives?" Quatre asked attempting to break the silence.

The room remained silent. "Look, if you don't talk then I'll be forced to make you all watch Oprah! (5)"

"Quatre, give up your stupid attempts! I refuse to watch that onna show!" Wufei yelled.

Quatre just pouted. Then he said,"Fine! I'm going to play my violin in the music room".

Quatre got up and left the room. Trowa followed, deciding he would join him in a duet. Wufei stayed behind and continued with his book. He sat in a small chair while Heero sat on the couch next to Duo and worked on the mission report. He constantly snuck glances at the American pilot. It's like he could never get enough him.

'You are a secret
A new possession
I like to keep you guessing'

Duo picked up the Japanese pilot's stare and began to eat the chocolate more seductively. He would swirl his tongue around the tasty morsel and chew soffly. He then started to lick the melted chocolate off his fingers one by one. Heero could feel his body temperature rising. He couldn't tear his eyes off. It was too alluring. Duo then repeated the pattern.

Wufei looked up from his book and noticed Duo eating his chocolate in a provocative manner. Meanwhile, Heero's typing would falter slightly everytime Duo's tongue darted out.

"Are you two fucking each other or something?" Wufei asked straight out.

Duo's jaw dropped and he nearly let go of the chocolate. Heero looked up and raised an eyebrow at Wufei. "Why do you say that?" Duo asked.

"Well, Heero seems interested in your eating habits, and you are eating that chocolate like you want to suck the life out of it," Wufei answered.

"Wufei, you need sleep. First of all, I'm not gay. Second of all, you think Mr. Stick-up-his-ass is gay? He's the least gayest guy in the universe. In fact I think he's asexual". This earned a glare. Duo just smirked.

"You two are acting funny. Either you want to kill each other,or you want to get on top of each other," Wufei pointed out.

Duo just shrugged and went back to his chocolate. Wufei glanced at them suspisciously before leaving to his room to practice his yoga. As soon as he was out of hearing range, Duo and Heero walked to each other. They quickly began kissing and sticking each other's tongues down their throat. They couldn't keep their hands away. They couldn't even let a slither of daylight pass between them. They pulled away shortly.

"Mmm. Taste like chocolate", Heero said with a smirk.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that," Duo said while stroking Heero's hair.

"Not bad for an asexual guy."

"I could use a bit more convincing."

They both resumed their tonsil hockey. Duo's hands roamed all around Heero's back, and Heero's hands were stroking Duo's soft, long hair. Duo moaned into the other pilots mouth and began to kiss down Heero's mouth to his neck and up again. Then, Heero pulled away.

"Why does this keep happening? The more I try to stay away from you, the more I want you. Even when I'm with you, I still want you. Why do you do this to me?" Heero asked

"I feel it, too. I can't stay away. Don't you think I've tried," Duo said sadly.

"Come on", Heero said while grabbing Duo's hand and leading him up the stairs. He went inside his room, locked, and closed the door. Then, he started kissing Duo's neck and nibbling on his ears.

"Please don't do that to me. I don't think I can pull away", Duo breathed out.

"That's why I am doing it," Heero replied, his voice thick with lust.

They were both startled as Trowa knocked on the door. Duo panicked and dove into the closet.

"What is it?" Heero asked.

Trowa came in and said,"Heero, can i borrow your silencer for my mission tomorrow. I lost mines in my last mission."

Heero nodded and tossed Trowa the gun. Trowa nodded his thanks and walked away. Duo came out of the closet (*smirks* ^_^).

"I think I should go," Duo said sadly.

"Wait, there's something I always wanted," Heero said.

"What is that?" Duo asked curiously.

"I always wanted to see you with your hair down and run my hands through it," Heero replied.

"You will...tomorrow. When everyone leaves on their missions," Duo said with a wink.

"What about Wufei? He has no mission," Heero pointed out.

"Hm...I'll send him to buy supplies. It's his turn anyways."

Heero nodded and gave Duo one last kiss goodnight before they parted. The next day found Quatre and Trowa studying the parameters of their next mission while Wufei was practicing his judo in the yard. Heero came down the stairs and began to boot up his laptop. Meanwhile, Duo was sipping his coffee peacefully.

"Duo, you're still with this silence thing?" Quatre asked.

"I'm just enjoying my coffee", *and the way Heero's ass looks in those shorts* Duo added to himself mentally.

Wufei came in and sat down across Duo as he wiped his sweat with a towel. Duo imagined Heero dripping with sweat after a work out.

"Duo, why are you looking at me funny?" Wufei asked.

"What? Sorry, I spaced out," Duo answered.

Wufei raised an eyebrow but chose to say nothing.

"Remember, it's your day to go shopping for supplies, Wufei," Duo reminded.

"Fine. I'll go after these two leave", he said motioning to Trowa and Quatre.

That afternoon Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei took off leaving Duo and Heero by themselves.

'You come on like a drug
I just can't get enough
I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more'

Heero quickly grabbed Duo's arm and pulled him close. Duo smiled and slipped out of the Japanese pilot's grip. He smirked slightly and turned around. Then, he began to unbraid his hair slowly. Heero was staring with wonder and amazement. He couldn't tear his eyes away even if it meant his life. All that mattered was this moment.

Duo's hair slowly unraveled and revealed a sea of chestnut hair that shined in the light. Heero looked him up and down appreciatingly. Then, Duo whipped his head around seductively and graced Heero with a smile. Heero couldn't take it anymore. He walked up to Duo and kissed him hard. He threw all his cares out the window and poured all his love into that kiss. Duo smiled and ran his hands up and down Heero's back, even tracing circular patterns. The Japanese pilot started to run his hands through the chestnut locks.

"You look so beautiful," Heero commented.

"So do you," Duo replied.

"I don't know why, but this doesn't feel wrong anymore."

"It feels so right. Why can't we just admit that we've falled hard."

Duo ran his hands down Heero's chest and kissed the other pilot deeply. They began to make out heatedly and even fell onto the couch. Their hands were everywhere and their tongues were dueling slightly. The afternoon was so magical. All they knew was that at that moment, life was perfect. Then Duo parted from Heero's mouth.

"Please don't leave me," Duo said warmly.

"I wouldn't even dream of it," the other pilot responded.

Then, Heero began nipping at Duo's neck and cheek slowly. Duo moaned and ran his hand under Heero's tank top. He ran them over Heero's smooth chest. They just couldn't get enough of each other. It felt so good to be in someone else's arms. Duo pressed his lips onto Heero's and things began to get hot and heavy again. Heero began to unbutton Duo's shirt and came into contact with Duo's white shirt. Duo, meanwhile, dug his slim, delicate hands into Heero's thick, dark brown hair.

'And there's so much at stake
I can't afford to waste
I never needed anybody like this before'

Duo moaned in pleasure and happiness. It was so perfect. He was with the man he loved. Everything felt so right. This is where he wanted to spend the rest of his life. That is when reality came crashing down on them. Duo pulled away quickly.

"What is it?" Heero asked.

"The war. What if we die? I couldn't take it if I lost you," Duo said sadly.

"Fuck the war!" Heero said causing Duo to go into shock.

"I didn't know you felt so strongly about us, but I can't just forget. We're soldiers. I need you. But, I can't have you. I don't want to stop".

Duo was quickly silenced by Heero's mouth as they were both driven by need and want. All they could do was just keep touching each other. Heero threw off Duo's black priest shirt and his white under shirt and began to kiss Duo's neck. Meanwhile, Duo was letting his hands roam lower into uncharted territory. Their mouths connected once again, but only to be pulled apart by the sound of something being dropped.

Wufei had come back quicker then planned, and he dropped the grocery bags he had in his hands. Wufei's eyes were wide, and he looked to be on the verge of passing out.

"I knew it!" he said.

Duo and Heero stood there stunned and guilty. Neither of them could say anything.

"I can't believe you two were making out! I can't believe you're both...I long has this been going on!?!"Wufei yelled.

"Wufei, I don't see what's the big deal I mean-" Duo tried to explain.

"Silence Maxwell! You know this is wrong. You're both soldiers, and we sit on that couch you both were about to have sex on," Wufei said while barely containing his anger.

"You have no right to judge us. I don't care about the war. This is the only thing that's getting me through it. I need him. It's more than just sex. I....I....I" Heero stuttered.

'When I'm not sure what I'm living for
(When I'm not sure who I am)
When I'm not sure what I'm looking for
(When I'm not sure who I am)'

"I love him", Heero finished.

"Oh, Heero," Duo said surprised. "I can't believe I mean..I ...I.."

'When I'm not sure what I'm living for
(When I'm not sure who I am)
When I'm not sure what I'm looking for
(When I'm not sure who I am)'

"I love you, too," Duo said as he ran into Heero's arms.

Wufei smiled. "It's about time,"he mumbled to himself.

He then walked off and gave the two lovers their privacy. Heero and Duo embraced more closely, and that night they decided to show exactly how much they meant to each other. Now, the war is so much easier to live through when the love of your life is by your side.

'When I'm not sure what I'm living for
When I'm not sure what I'm looking for
When I'm not sure what I'm living for'



*****************THE END*****************

Well, that's it. I'm finally done! Yay! I'm so proud! I can't believe I finished my first story. I feel happy. Well, I'd like to thank those who supported me. I dont have a muse sadly, but I have my stuffed animal Shelly who gives me support. Well, I'm done. Comments are appreciated.

Author's notes:

(1) I always pictured Trowa as a chef for some reason. He seems like the type. I'm not sure why.

(2) okay, so this is a cliched mission. I couldn't think of anything else. I'm sorry!

(3) Duo is often made to be a bad chef in fics. Anyways, here I decided to make him a descent chef cuz anyone can make a pizza. its relatively easy.

(4) Mmm!!! Hersheys!! Yum!! I love it! one of my favorite chocolates along w/ twix. I haven't eaten chocolate in six months cuz i'm on a chocolate sabbatical! so i miss it very much =***(

(5) I hate Oprah, but I could totally see Quatre watching it. Maybe something he picked up from all his sisters. I don't even think Oprah would exist that far from now, but let's just pretend she does. ok? ok.