Title: Dead or Alive
Author: American Psycho
Pairings: 1x2, 5+M
Genre: AU, a lil OOC, Romance, Action, Adventure
Rating: PG-13 - R
Warning: Some violence and curse words. Of course yaoi. That's about it. Some OOC.


Chapter 5- Quatre's Story

Deep in the wealthy side of Saudi Arabia, the air was hot and the many serveants of an expensive estate were deep in sweat as the afternoon seemed to produce more heat. Quatre stood around the outskirts of the desert which practically made up his backyard. He stood about 5"5, 120 lbs., blonder hair, and blue-green eyes. Quatre also shared his estate with an Arabian troupe that had become very fond of the Winner family. The Manguanacs all worked for his father, some of them as serveants and others in Mr. Winner's company.

Quatre had just turned nineteen which meant the pressure to inherit his father's business had increased. He knew fully well that he still wasn't ready, and that his father loved his job and wouldn't dream of retiring any time soon. However, their days were numbered. The company was beginning to lose money, which forced Quatre's father to invest in a tournament owned by Treize Kushrenada. Despite suspiscions, everyone knew that the tournament brought millions of dollars, so Treize had taken in many partners who were willing to invest. Mr. Winner, head of Winner Enterprises, was one of the key investors.

Even though everything seemed alright with his father's business, Quatre felt something dark underlining his father's investments. Treize was known to be connected with black markets, criminals, and whatnot. Quatre's suspiscion increased as men dressed completely in black uniforms were making periodical visits to his father's company. Everytime they came, Mr. Winner would ask that Quatre excuse them for "private matters". This unnerved Quatre to no end.

A lot of the mysteries came to surface that one afternoon. Quatre was busy filing some reports for his father when three men in black came accompanied by Treize Kushrenada, himself.

"Where is your father?" Treize asked him.

Quatre's eyes widened slightly. He never envisioned meeting this man who was considered superior by many, yet there he was standing in front of him in all his glory. Quatre stood up nervously and extended his hand.

"It is a surprise to see you here, Mr. Kushrenada. My father is in a meeting right now. Would you mind waiting for a second? I think he's just about finished."

"Very well. So, you are the young boy who will inherit this all one day. Your father has told me a lot about you. Being the only male heir out of his 30 children must put a lot of pressure on you."

"I've been observing my father really closely. He is an excellent businessman, and I would be proud to follow in his footsteps someday."

"I'm sure your father would be proud."

At that instant, Mr. Winner stepped through the dooor.

"Hello, Mr. Kushrenada," Mr. Winner said as he shook hands with the aristocrat. "Quatre could you please let me and Mr. Kushrenada talk in privately for a second."

"Yes, father," Quatre said as he walked away.

He looked back at the door as it was closed. Then his curiosity got the better of him. He leaned in and pressed his ear to the door listening in on their conversation. From their tone, both men sounded angry.

"Mr. Winner," Treize said in a smooth voice marred by obvious discontent,"you haven't been paying me the money you owe me. You owe over a million dollars. I lent you some money so you can get back on your feet, but this is too much. Normally, I would offer you a way out or a couple of months to pay me back, but I came across something important. You have been making way more money then you started out with, but you have been withholding it from me. Why is that?"

"Mr. Kushrenada, I don't want to be apart of your 'investment' anymore. Innocent people are being killed in these tournaments, and you don't care. Drugs are being smuggled with your name on it. Women are being taken from their houses and serving as pleasure toys. I refuse to be a part of these things. I don't want my money to be wasted on this. I know you lent me money when I was in trouble, but I have paid it all back. Now, let's cancel our deal and get on with our lives."

"You see, it's not that easy, my friend. Your company signed on to be a partner. You have your name written on the contract. Now, as I look over this wonderful document, it has occured to me that their is a clause. It states that should you choose to be late in your payments and it is discovered that money is being withheld, then I shall inherit your company. So, I have come here to collect."

"What!?!" Mr. Winner yelled in outrage. "There is no way I will give up this company. I'll sue you and your company!"

"In case you haven't noticed, I have a plethura of lawyers waiting down stairs, all in favor that this company belongs to me. You can take this to court, but you, my friend, know that this all belongs to me. There is no way you'll be able to win," Treize said with a malicious grin. "I shall be going now. I expect you and your employers to be gone by Monday. Goodbye."

Treize approached the door of the office, and Quatre scrambled quickly into a janitorial closet. Treize left the building with his giant posse. Quatre came out of the small room with a somber statement on his face. His father had built the company up from nothing. He worked there all his life, and now, it was gone. Treize had taken it all away.

Not only was Quatre upset, but he was disheartened. So many people will lose their jobs, including his own father. The blonde haired Arabian wiped away a single tear that had escaped from his downcast eyes. This was not left unnoticed by Rashid, the leader of the Manguanacs.

"What is wrong, Master Quatre?" Rashid asked.

"My father's company is being taken away by Treize."

"What!?! That's an outrage! We can't let that happen to Mr. Winner."

"But there is nothing we can do," Quatre said on the edge of tears.

"I'll round up the manguanacs. We'll think of something. Meet us in our headquarters in an hour, Master Quatre."

Rashid sped off quickly, and Quatre went to the garage to find his car. An hour passed by quickly, and Quatre was gathered in a small building with 40 or so Manguanacs.

"Master Quatre, they are all waiting for you to make your announcement," Rashid whispered.

"Thank you, Rashid. Now, may I have your attention, please." All the Manguanacs looked expectantly at Quatre. "My father lost his company to that tyrant, Treize. We are all in danger of losing our jobs. We must come up with a way to prevent that from happening."

All the Manguanacs stood around with shocked and hurt expressions on their faces. They were all struck with sadness by the news. Then, one of them spoke up.

"Master Quatre, remember Treize owns the Dead or Alive Tournament," Haru said.

"Yes. I do recall."

"Well, maybe you can win back your father's company. Treize is a betting man. There's nothing more that he loves then a good wager. So why don't you challenge him," Haru finished.

"That's a great idea!" Rashid interjected.

"We're all forgetting one thing. I can't fight. I only know how to fence! Plus, we need a sponsor to get in," Quatre explained.

"Well, that's easy. Rashid, here, is a sponsor. Plus, we can teach you how to fight. We have a week, and if you are as determined as you sound, you could be able to pull this thing off. I've seen the way you workout, and you seem pretty strong to me."

"You're right. I have to do this for my father's company. It's all we can do. I'll just call Treize over the phone and tell him about our little bet. Then...I'll have to win this tournament. This is going to be hard."

"Don't worry, Master Quatre," Fenrir spoke up,"we are all behind you. We believe in you!"

So, the Winner heir was to join the fight a week later. After a brief exchange with Treize's bookie over the phone, everything was ready. There was no backing out. Quatre was in the middle of one of his practices when he looked into the horizon and said to himself,"I'm actually doing this. I'm actually going to fight in the tournament."

He had nearly had a panick attack, but looking at the face of his depressed father had confirmed his goals. His determination inscreased, and he swore to himself that he would give it his all. Who knew, maybe he had a natural fighter's spirit in him all along.


Well, I have finished the last of these introductory chapters. i was in a big hurry with this one so sorry if their isnt much details but i wanted to get to the good stuff. i am anxious to begin writing about the tournament. anyways, i hope you are all enjoying this. i would really like comments cuz id like to know if anyone is actually reading this. well, thanks. plz enjoy!