Title: Dead or Alive
Author: American Psycho
Pairings: 1x2 (I haven't decided if I'm going to put anymore yet)
Genre: AU, a lil OOC, Romance, Action, Adventure
Rating: PG-13 - R
Warning: Some violence and curse words. Of course yaoi. That's about it. Some OOC.


Chapter 3-Trowa's Story

The sky was in turmoil as a fury of thunder clouds spread out through the horizon. Trowa was left to wallow in the silence of his tiny house in the outskirts of Florence, Italy. The rain began to fall heavily and nothing was to be heard for miles except the mournful cry of a wolf in pain. Trowa looked towards his window at the soft puddles forming everywhere.

Trowa was 21 years old (1), 5"7, about 127 lbs., with forest green eyes, and brown hair. He descended from a long line of ninjas in his family. It might have seemed unusual for someone of European descent to have the practice of ninjutsu in his family, but some Asian blood got mixed in at some point. So he continued the practice in his family and became a ninja.

He owned an antique shop and made a living from what he sold there. The rest of his time was dedicated to looking for his long lost sister Catherine, who dissapeared from him about 5 years ago.

The cry of the wolf was heard again. Trowa was snapped out of thoughts of his sister, and he looked up toward the small forest. He quickly grabbed his slim dagger and put it in a small hilt that was on his back. Then he took off toward the cry.

He entered the small dark forest and wiped away the bangs that were stuck to his face from the rain. Looking towards a small clearing, he saw the wolf trapped under a heavy log. The poor animal was only a few months old with a trickle of blood trailing from one of its legs. Trowa neared the animal slowly and carefully. He raised a steady hand and petted the animal gently.

Curiously, the wolf raised its head and stared at Trowa wide-eyed. Trowa lifted the log with all his might and attempted to roll it off the small wolf. The wolf started to howl more and more, which prodded Trowa to hurry. He finally lifted it and pushed it forward into a small pond. He then observed the small animal carefully. It's leg was clearly broken.

"Steady, girl. I'm going to try and help you," he said soothingly.

The wolf allowed itself to be carried by a wary Trowa, who took the wolf back to his small home. He put the wolf down on his bed and grabbed his first aid kit. Slowly, he began to clean the blood with a wet cloth. Then he poured antiseptic and wrapped the wound with a bandage. The wolf wagged her tail happily and began to lick Trowa's hand happily.

Trowa smiled softly and petted the animal's head gently. He left the animal to rest on his bed and began to put his first aid kit away. He then returned to the small wolf and studied it up close. It had soft greyish white fur with patches of black in some areas. Its eyes were a hazel color, and its fangs were a bit small because they hadn't grown to their full length.

"You're going to be staying with me for a while until you heal, so what should I call you?" he asked the wolf.

The creature wagged its tail in response and looked around in every direction.

"Hm..how's about Hazel like the color of your eyes? Yeah, I think I like that."

Trowa was startled out of his reverie as a loud knock sounded from his door. He looked up quickly and picked up the injured wolf in his arms. He walked toward the door and looked throught the small peep hole. Seeing who it was, he opened it and let the person in.

"Long time no see, Tro. I see you've found yourself a new pet. Always rescuing them forest animals; you never change," the man said.

"Hello, Ralph (2). What brings you here? Have you found anything about Catherine?"

"Calm down, Tro,"Ralph said as he petted the small wolf, "If it interests you, yes, I did find something you might want to hear."

"What is it?" Trowa asked as he sat down on a nearby sofa and placed Hazel on his lap.

Ralph sat down across from him in a wooden chair. "Well, I have located her. It seems that Treize Kushrenada, the owner of the Dead or Alive Tournament has a thing for enjoying female and male company. He has plenty of... slaves, if you will, for that purpose. He keeps them around his private mansion. He has them locked up in rooms, but they are lavishly expensive rooms. He grooms them and takes care of them, so it's not all that bad."

Trowa's eyes had widened significantly as Ralph gave his explanation."Wait, you are telling me that my sister is there. She's being used as some sort of pleasure toy for this wealthy tycoon. I am going to go over there and beat the-"

"Easy, boy, don't even try anything that stupid. You'll never be able to get into his mansion with ease. He has the best security in the world. Thousands of soldiers are literally surrounding his home. The man is untouchable. Even you, a ninja, wouldn't be able to get by."

"There has to be some way! I have to get in their some how," Trowa said sadly.

"Well, there's one of two options. You can try and become one of his slaves," Ralph suggested.

Trowa glared slightly."No way! What's my other option?"

"Joining the Dead or Alive Tournament. My uncle, Tsubarov, is one of the member of the council. He is allowed to sponsor a fighter. He's been looking everywhere. I'm sure if you just explained your situation, he'll let you go. Plus, you're strong enough."

"I don't get it. How will entering the tournament get me to his mansion?" Trowa asked.

"Well, in the tournament, the fighters are all cut down to the top ten. Those ten are taken to stay at Treize's mansion before the final round. They dine and rest and then are whisked away to Treize's private arena. If you make it to the top ten you can go to his mansion. I'm sure you can make it that far so you can free your sister," Ralph answered.

"When can I speak to Tsubarov about being sponsored?"

"Right now if you'd like. My car is parked out on front."

Trowa put Hazel down and grabbed his coat. "Come on, let's go," he said motioning towards the outside.

Both young men entered the small car and drove to the city. They arrived around late afternoon when most of the rain had cleared up. Trowa got out first and followed eagerly behind Ralph. They stood around silently as they waited for the elevator to come down. It arrived and the doors opened. They both got in and stood around quietly.

"What if your uncle sais no?" Trowa asked worriedly.

"He won't. My uncle is a good guy. He'll understand."

The doors to the elevator opened and both men got off. They walked to room '304' and Ralph knocked gently. In a few seconds, the door was opened by a white haired old man with beady brown eyes. He smiled a yellow-toothed smile, and motioned for both men to walk in.

"My nephew has told me a lot about you, Trowa Barton."

"Well, Sir, it's very important that I get to go to this tournament. I have to find my sister. She's been missing for five years and she's probably at this mansion with Treize. It means a lot to me," Trowa explained.

"I imagine it does. I completely understand your situation, and I am willing to sponsor you. You see, in my old age, it's very hard to travel and look for competent fighters let alone train them. But, you, my friend, are already trained in the Ninja arts. So, will you travel to the tournament with me, Trowa?"

"It would be my honor, Sir," Trowa answered with a bow.

"Excellent. You are to leave in a week to Tokyo. I'll see you then. Now, I ask that you train while you wait," Tsubarov grinned.

Trowa nodded and shook hands with Tsubarov before leaving. He felt a sense of enlightenment as he boarded the elevator again. He was finally going to see his missing sister after so long. He felt like smiling, but he knew it wasn't going to be that easy. He had to fight harder than he ever did in his life if he planned to make it that far. With resolved fury, he began to train for his last few days.


Well, there you have it. The third chapter. It took me a while to get writing it. I know it seems odd that Trowa is a ninja, but I wanted to base his character loosely on Hayabusa. I know, Duo is more like him, but oh well. Anyways, please stick with me. I'm trying to make this story interesting. Well, plz give me some feedback! that is very appreciated.

(1) I made Trowa older than the other gundam boys. I wanted to vary their ages a little bit.

(2) I borrowed Ralph's character from the Blind Target manga.