Title: Dead or Alive
Author: American Psycho
Pairings: 1x2 (I haven't decided if I'm going to put anymore yet)
Genre: AU, a lil OOC, Romance, Action, Adventure
Rating: PG-13 - R
Warning: Some violence and curse words. Of course yaoi. That's about it. Some OOC.


Chapter 2- Heero's Story

It was a bright, sunny day in Hokkaido, Japan, the native home of the young fighter, Heero Yuy. He was about 5'3, 100 lbs., dark, messy brown hair, and cobalt eyes. He was half American, half Japanese which explained why his hair wasn't as dark, and his eyes were blue.

He had awoken early in the morning to train with his Sensei, Jay (1). He had only a week left to prepare to leave for the Dead or Alive Tournament with his sensei. Fighting in the tournament was his dream since he first began to fight a couple of years ago. He was allowed to join thanks to his Sensei who was one of the sponsors allowed to enter a fighter for the tournament. The tournament had a large council with several sponsors. Each sponsor was allowed to enter one fighter of their choice. Sensei Jay was one of them, and so was Quinze who built the Underground just for that purpose.

His mother, Une Lowe, had owned a dojo which she took over after Heero's father had died. Heero had learned to fight from Sensei Jay who was the best teacher at the dojo. He even taught Heero's father how to fight.

Une had just finished making breakfast when Heero returned from his morning work out, which consisted of running laps around the dojo. He came into his small two-story house and gazed at his mother as she flipped pancakes into the air and caught them with the pan.

"Goodmorning, Junior," Une greeted.

"Mom, it's Heero, now,"Heero admonished lightly.

"You'll always be Odin Lowe, Jr. to me even if you changed your name to Heero Yuy."

"But, Mom, Sensei Jay said I to protect myself from some of my father's enemies. I can only enter the tournament under a false name if I plan to live."

"I don't know why he picked name Heero Yuy though."

Heero shrugged his shoulders and sat down in the table. He began to dig into his eggs and bacon (2) when Une joined him in the breakfast table.

"Junior," she said warily,"I know I tell you this everytime I see you fight, but I'm worried. I don't want you to go to this competition. I am scared, and I don't want you to follow in your father's footsteps."

"Mom, my father was a great fighter. He had the best chances of winning the tournament. He almost succeeded, but he died in one of the matches."

"Junior, they forced your father to fight on a bridge on top of sharp, pointy needles. These fights are too dangerous. If only his opponent hadn't thrown sand in his eyes he would've been able to block the shot. I don't want to lose you, too. You're my only baby."

"But I have to win. Dad always wanted to win. It was his one goal in life. I have to do it for him. Sensei sais I have a real shot at making it all the way."

"Looks like the fighting spirit runs in the family," Sensei Jay said as he walked in. "The boy is exactly like his father. Same skills, same ambitions, but hopefully not the same foolishness. You're father had too much pride, and he thought he could conquer the world. That was his down fall."

"Why don't you join us for breakfast?" Une offered.

"Nah, I just stopped by to pick up my boy, Heero. We have to practice more before he leaves to Tokyo."

"Okay. I have to finish working on his costume for the tournament," Une said as she got up and put the dishes away.

"Mom, please don't worry about me. I won't end up like my father."

Heero got up and put his own dishes away before giving Une a kiss and walking away with Jay.

"I really worry about you, Junior," Une said to herself as she gripped the locket hanging around her neck. She opened it and gazed at her locket which had a picture of Odin Lowe on it.


sorry, this chapter was kind of short, but there wasn't much background for Heero. I just wanted to set up his reason for fighting in the Tournament. As you probably already figured out, I'm going to do a chapter for each of the gundam boys. theres gonna be more fighters though but I'm not going to focus much on their pasts. well plz tell me whatcha think. stick with me! i'm workin really hard.

(1) Dr. J is Heero's sensei. But I picture him much younger and without the glasses or the claw.

(2) I know this isnt a regular Japanese breakfast but Une is American. Which explains why Heero speaks English. He also speaks Japanese, but not very often 'cause his mother doesn't understand.