hello everyone!! This is the first part to my fic. The title comes from my favorite Kurt Vonegut quote "until death, it's all just life" so I named my fic life.

Disclaimers: I don't own the GW boys, something cartoon network is probably rather happy about. Don't sue me, all you'd get is ramen and fansub tapes.

I'm not going to give any pairings or anything like that, cause I don't want to give anything away, yadda yadda. Here it goes.

Life 1/?

"…" - talking
// - thinking

Duo sat on his bed, braiding his long chestnut colored, golden streaked hair, gazing over at the prone form of his roommate, who just so happened to be Heero. Duo couldn't decide weather or not he was cursed or blessed, but he figured that someone up there in charge of everything down here was really getting a kick out of him. His eyes traveled over Heero's sleeping form, the mussed hair, slightly parted lips. All thoughts going through Duo's mind were of him pinning Heero to the bed and lightly running his lips over Heero's. He wondered what Heero would taste like. Duo's eyes traced their way down Heero's body; his rumpled hair, moist lips, one arm over his head, one out to the side, tank top revealing his upper pectorals…and that's where the clothing started.

//Shit, better stop this before I need another cold shower…… Beautiful, he is so incredible. Damn him and damn society. I hate living in a world where people proclaim equality yet can't handle love between two men. We'd be scorned everywhere we went together. If consequences wouldn't be so life-shattering, I'd do something. But ya know, it's not like this is a topic you can just bring up randomly in a conversation 'hey Heero, sure is a nice day, want to play basketball? And by the way, I think I'm gay and I'm wondering if you wanna go out with me sometime. Yeah, he'd take real well to that. Take real well and leave real well and never talk to me again real well. I don't understand why it's so taboo. Love is love, but I guess the sticks that some people have up their butts are akin to redwoods. I know people like that, maybe I could buy them the jaws of life for their birthday, but I don't think they'd get the joke. Maybe it's not the love people question…. Maybe it's something else… like the sex. After all "thou shalt not lie with another man or best like thou liest with a woman". Heh, easy, there's no way you can "lie with another man like thou liest with a woman" the anatomy is completely different! But it is still annoying… sure, guys and girls can kiss and call it casual, sport even, but two guys? Never. Especially if one guy strangles the other to death... especially if the person being throttled will lose his best friend. Yes, I think I'll torture myself some more. God, I need a hobby… maybe I need a new best friend// He laughed. //hell, no//.

Duo thought of all the crazy things he had convinced Heero to do: taking five hour drives just to go to the beach for a few hours, then driving back; borrowing cars just to drive donuts until they were nauseous, laughing until their cheeks hurt. True, Heero never exactly laughed, but he smiled faintly his lips turning up at the corners, and that's a good start, right?. Duo sighed, no he'd stick with this best friend, perhaps Heero needed him. Heero never did talk, really talk, or make his small half smile in front of anyone else, so Duo considered himself special. Being the only person still alive who Heero Yuy opened up to had got to be up there on the list of very unlikely things. //What a life I lead, sitting around boring dorms, nursing chanceless dreams, pondering the meaning of life and love, and fantasizing enough to make porn stars blush…..damn, I'm hungry.//

"Wake up Sleeping Beauty, we'll miss dinner if we don't go soon." Heero sat straight up in bed and began putting his shoes on. //Ack! That always creeps me out when he does that, which is always. Never sure if he's just a light sleeper or was never asleep in the first place, still think it's creepy//

"I'm up, let's go. Even cafeteria food is better than your attempt to cook ramen in the coffee maker."

"Man, that was a stroke of genius, you're just jealous that I thought of it first." They both left for the cafeteria.