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Warning: A bit of Shonen-ai type stuff. Nothing really.

The teenage boy walked through what was left of the building. The fight that had taken place earlier that day had started here. It had moved on to a less inhabited area rather quickly, since both sides agreed that the surrounding area was innocent. But the little house, just big enough for five teens, had not survived.

His cobalt blue eyes scanned the debris that use to be his room. He came here to see if his log book had survived the blast. It had every mission written down in it. He kept files mostly on his computers, and most people did not he wrote them by hand as well. He found it, it had survived though a black dust now covered it and the edges were charred. It capital letters on the right bottom corner his name stood out.


He cursed himself for being careless enough to scribble his name on everything. Whatever he owned should not be able to be traced back to him. This fight had started because of his carelessness. Somehow they had found out where Heero and the others had been staying and confronted them.

Heero sighed. What was done was done, but it wouldn't happen again.

Then something caught his eye. A flash from the departing sun's rays had made him look at the small golden object. He picked it up and triwled the cross on it's chain, catching more of the sun's rays.

<As vibrant as it's owner> Heero thought.

Duo Maxwell must have been in a real hurry to forget such a thing. Heero had never known him to forget it, certainly not when going into a battle.

Heero set the cross in the palm of his hand and went to thinking about it's owner. Always cheerful, continually talkative. But Heero suspected the smile was a mask more than anything, and it would break into a million pieces one day. He shut his mind's eye to the thought, for a world without Duo's smile wasn't one worth imagining.

He heard Duo's voice in his mind.

<Baka. You told a lie every time you put on that silly grin just to cheer me up.>

Heero pushed the thoughts from his mind, perminatly so for now. He pocketed the cross. Duo would have a real smile on his face when he found his normally cold partner had cared enough to bring it back. That smile would have to work for the time being. He could make him smile more, after the war. Someday . . .

The house had been mostly from the left side, closer to the room of two of the other pilots. As entered he noticed a gleam of white. Somehow the pieces of wall had made a little cave for the teacup, catching all the black dirt that would have fallen on it. Though it couldn't stop the cup from getting completely unhurt - there was a little chip in the corner. Heero didn't need to see the cup's design to know which pilot it belonged to. How many times had he seen Quatre Rababa Winner drink from a cup just like this, sitting in the kitchen of this very house? Quatre claimed tea was a soothing drink that brought with it a feeling of peace. Peace was what Quatre lived for. All the pilots said they fought for peace, but Quatre believed it, expected it. He trusted most people with the innocence of a child. Except that children cannot pilots Mobil Suits. Children don't go to war and have their dreams called hopeless. But Heero knew that Quatre would come out of this war all right. The fourth pilot already had Trowa to look out for him, and Trowa didn't seem to be going anywhere without him.

Heero took the teacup with him as well. After all, Quatre had been pretty shaken about the destruction of their happy house.


He looked down to what had caused the sound. He wiped off the dirt to reveal a picture was of the same blond boy. Heero couldn't tell which crack his shoe had made, it now blended in with all the others. The Winner family design that was on the teacup was the same design as the picture frame. But Quatre wasn't the kind of boy to have picture of himself. Heero guessed that Trowa had not been able to find a frame and had used one of Quatre's. Trowa Barton was Quatre's roommate, and the other pilots suspected a bit more. He was silent about everything, and never talked of himself. Heero worried for him sometimes, because Trowa seemed a bit like the perfect solider as well. And no one knew more than Heero how lonely that life could be. He was glad Trowa had found his blond partner before he found his goal. Heero looked at the picture again. He put it on top of his notebook and went to another room. He looked around for something the fifth Gundam pilot had left. It seemed he should take something home for everyone, now that he had collected the other things without trying. But he saw nothing he the wreckage that use to be Wu Fei Chang's bedroom. Anything the boy had owned was gone, though Heero thought it more likely that there was nothing there to begin with. It seemed that the strong people of earth did not have time for teacups or pictures. No, the strong had almost as much feeling as the perfect solider.

Heero sighed. <Maybe perfect isn't perfect. >

He shook off the poetic feelings. The mask came back. He left the old hideout for the new one. This time he made sure no one was following him, made sure that he wouldn't lead anyone to their new location. He placed the teacup and the picture on a table by the door. If the other pilots thought it odd that their fellow pilot had cared enough to bring the things, they said nothing. Save a small "arigatou" from Quatre the next morning at breakfast.

Heero gave Duo the cross that night. He put on the table that separated their beds, knowing it was always Duo that shut off the lamp. Sure enough he found it.

"Heero....you went to the old house?" Duo held the cross in one hand as the other went to turn off the light.




There was a pause as Duo turned off the light and fell back on his bed. Hands behind his head, he looked at the black ceiling as he talked to other pilot.

"Heero? What did you think of? Walking through that place? We called it home for awhile, but it's destroyed now."

When Heero didn't answer, he went on. "You brought something back for all of us, well except Wu Fei. But hey, his old room was as bare as his new one. So that's understandable."

He changed position to look at Heero across the dark. "Heero, what did you think of when you found my cross?"

"I thought of the baka that left it. Go to sleep Duo."

The Shinigami sighed. That's all he'd get out of his partner for tonight. But as he drifted off to sleep, he heard something else.

"Someday. Someday I'll tell you what I thought, what I felt. I'll tell you everything someday Duo, I promise." Duo's sleepy mind thought he half imagined it, but his silly smile came to his face and almost reached his half-shut eyes.

"And someday Hee-chan, I'll hold you to that promise."