^.^ Hi hi ML! Okay, A Duo-Heero poem, written by me - AkaneH! I haven't written a good poem in a long time, but personaly I like this one. And ever since I wrote it I've come up with more good ideas. Looks like my poem writing days are back thanks to Heero-kun! Hm, right - the poem.


Can it Last Forever?

A suicidal angel,
A demon with a grin.
Memories of a past
Filled with mortal sin.

Where you ment to be together,
Apollo's friend and Hade's tool?
Is the contrast too great
Between the soilder and the fool?

Cobalt blue and violet eyes
Are sinking in together.
Light and darkness interthwined,
But can it last forever?

Oh - must have comments! Please...please, tell me what you think. I really want to know where I should put this thing - my webpage or my fireplace.