Hiya. I've been on this list for about a year, probably longer, but this is my first contribution, 'cause I'm really shy. ^^;; But my friend practically bullied me into posting and said this fic was great, so I thought I'd give it a try. :)

This is one of my first songfics, written while listening to REO way too early in the morning. o_O There's a "sequel" to this fic that's a lot better, however, the fics can both stand alone.

One Lonely Night
Warnings: slight angst
Parings: 1x2, 3x4 (hinted)
Notes: at bottom

You and your baby had some words today
Til not another word was left to say

I sigh as I let Duo in the door. His grin falters as I give him a sad, tired look. Violet eyes turn downcast as he slides by me and starts to trudge up the stairs. His steps are automatic. Lately I've taken to having Rashid keep the guest bedroom ready. Duo comes here often.

I see that grin boy
Maybe you think you'll win boy

He'll always greet me at the door with a grin. Before, he would ask if he could stay for a while. Now he just nods and heads to the room. He told me why, the first time. It's always the same reason, so I don't bother to ask him anymore. I don't ask him now. His gait up the staircase is tired. Yet, he greets Trowa, when he passes by, with an exuberant hello and boundless energy. I wonder how long Duo can keep up this mask. These fights with Heero are really putting a strain on him. But he always goes back. I know why.

Until the sun goes down and once again, boy
One lonely night
One lonely night
That's all it takes to completely break you

It's because Duo can't stand to be by himself.

They say it's darkest right before the dawn
But, oh, those darkest hours can be so long

He's restless the whole time he's here, but never more so than at twilight. I'll hear him traversing the hallways at three in the morning, anxious for dawn. For light. For someone who is a "child of darkness," there's nothing Duo fears more than to bear the lonely night by himself. I don't pretend to know why. When Duo is ready, he will tell me.

You're feelin' strong boy
Tellin' yourself he's wrong boy
But how much longer can this night go on boy

I know that every time Duo comes here, he swears it will be the last time. The last time he runs here, the last time he goes back, or the last time he's the one at fault... I don't know. All I know is, that every time, he goes back. Why? I'm not sure, but I guess he needs the comfort. Like I said, Duo can't stand to be alone. As to why he chooses Heero, that's another thing I don't know. A lot of their relationship is left in the dark to me.

Until the sun goes down and once again, boy
One lonely night
One lonely night
That's all it takes to completely break you

Wufei is here, this same day Duo runs to my house to hide. I know he's heard Duo and his relentless pacing before. Wufei is very protective, of Duo and me especially. (Maybe because he thinks we're weak and need to be guarded, or maybe he realizes we can't take care of ourselves the way Heero and Trowa can.) You'd never know it if you didn't know how Wufei works. And he never particularly liked Heero either. I wonder where this will lead up...

Ooh, he's such a good find
Have you gone and lost your mind?
You should know he's one of a kind

The second Duo comes down for breakfast, Wufei pounces on him. "Why do you do this to yourself?" he asks him in frustration. " 'He's such a wonderful guy'," he mocks. " 'He's one of a kind.' Have you lost your mind? He's the wrong kind for you, Duo!" Duo is hurt. Wufei softens, a rare thing indeed. "Duo," he says. "You know I'm only doing this because I'm worried about you. This relationship of yours isn't going well. Are you going to lie to me and tell me nothing is wrong?"

"No," Duo says softly. "This is not what normal couples go through. Then again, we are not exactly normal." He shrugs. He still defends Heero.

"Well, Duo," Wufei says, leaning back in his chair. "Is this what you want? To run to Quatre's every couple of days?" Trowa and I watch quietly.

Duo starts to speak, but changes his mind on what he's about to say. "No," he says instead, just as softly as the first time. He studies the floor.

"Then what are you going to do about it?"

Duo looks up. I'm scared for him, for his eyes look so very lost and frightened. "I... I don't know..." he says.

Until the sun goes down and once again, boy
One lonely night
One lonely night
That's all it takes to completely break you ...


Notes: Let me state an unclear thing: No, Heero is not abusive. They're fighting with words. I don't believe in bastardized Heeros. Yes, I believe Heero is capable of hitting Duo... but I also think Duo would hit right back. :)

Also, "One Lonely Night" is REO Speedwagon's, not mine.

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