Title: Royal Flush
Author: A-chan (aishiteru_1x2@yahoo.com)
Pairings: 1+2+1, 3+4+3
Disclaimer: The usual.

(IMPORTANT) NOTE: This is NOT--N. O. T.--a 4x2 (it does NOT exist in this fic, not one bit), even though it seems somewhat like it at the end of this chapter.


I.: Royal Flush~

The air was tense, and so thick you could cut it with a knife. Four adolescent males were poised for battle, ready to jump throats if the occasion arose. Their eyes glared the promise of a long, painful torture at the others. The scene was familiar--it was how they looked just before hundreds of OZ soldiers met their End. Only the setting was different. They were not in the middle of a heated battle field, where one had to fight for his life. They were not in mid-air with numerous mobile dolls forming a deadly circle around them with no way out. Rather, it was over a poker table.

Trowa looked at his cards and sighing, slapped them down. "I fold," he said quietly.

Duo cackled triumphantly; Quatre smiled gently at his lover; Wufei smirked.

"One down, two to go," the Chinese boy commented.

It was just the four of them. Heero had left for a mission a few days ago, and wasn’t expected back until the next day, which left only Trowa and Wufei to keep Duo and Quatre out of trouble. The ‘Mommies’ were both against the idea of poker, but Duo had talked Wufei into agreeing just to shut him up, and Quatre--well, he SOMEHOW managed to get Trowa to the table, though by what methods he refused to say.

So now there they were, the four of them--well, three--sitting around a low coffee table. The winner was to have the losers do whatever he wants for as long as he wants, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their missions.

Anyway, by the end of the next round of card-passing, Wufei also folded, mumbling about ‘injustice’ and that ‘this game was rigged’. With two out, that left--

Aquamarine clashed with violet. Neither were wavering.

"Are you ready to give up, Winner?" Duo sneered, peeking down at his cards. He had a wonderful hand, enough to knock anyone else out of the game.

Quatre grinned in response, though more subdued than the maniac American. "Not quite yet," he said evasively.

Crowing in laughter, Duo slammed down a straight flush proudly.

"Five, six, seven, eight, nine," he announced with a little jab at each of the cards mentioned. "Can’t get much higher than that! Time to play ‘Duo Says’!!!"

Trowa and Wufei grumbled unhappily and started to stand up when Quatre’s uncharacteristically calm voice stopped them, "Not quite yet," he repeated.

Duo gave the blonde a defiant look, though he started to sweat. "What do you have up your sleeve, Quatre?" he demanded warily.

A slow, almost malicious smile spread over the Arabian’s normally cherubic features as he laid down his cards.

Trowa and Wufei out-right stared at the five Spade cards overlapping each other. Ten, jack, queen, king, ace…

"A…royal…flush…" Duo’s eyes threatened to fall out of their sockets.

"I…never thought those were possible." Wufei’s chin was dangling dangerously close to the ground.

"…" commented Trowa with equal amount of astonishment.

Quatre giggled, resting his heels on the coffee table. "Well, I guess that means I won, huh?" His eyes were fixed on Duo.

"What do you want us to do?" the American asked nervously.

"I’m SOOO glad you asked, Duo-kun!"

Hopping to his feet, Quatre stood directly in front of Wufei. "Mr. Chang, I’d like you to see the word ‘Onna!’ painted on your Gundam in our next battle."

Wufei growled. "I’m doing no such thing to my Nataku!"

"--in big, pink letters."

"NOOO!!!" The Chinese looked at Trowa and Duo in hopes of over-ruling the Arabian. No such luck.

Quatre glomped onto Trowa. "Ah, Tro-chan, my koi. Let me have my way with you until our next mission."

Trowa didn’t look so displeased.

"And Duo," the blonde addressed the fidgeting American. Quatre put a slight sway to his hips as he approached the retreating Deathscythe pilot. With one delicate hand, the blonde tugged gently but firmly on the chestnut braid, pulling Duo’s head with it. Leaning uncomfortably close, Quatre whispered something in his ear that made the violet-eyed boy blush to the very roots of his golden-brown locks.

Some crows were chased out of their perches as Duo’s scream of protest rang through the lush hill.


II.: Deal~

Duo was torn between strangle Quatre and crying his eyes out…and THEN strangling Quatre. "Quatre, you CAN’T POSSIBLY expect me to take up on that. He’ll kill me!"

Quatre tapped his toes, waiting for Duo’s fit to die down. "Look," he gave a Heero Yuy Glare, "You came up with the idea. I won, fair and square, it doesn’t interfere with our missions, so YES YOU WILL TAKE UP ON IT!!"

Duo remained stubborn.

"Besides," the blonde continued, "he’s ready to kill you anyway."

Something flickered in the violet eyes, and Duo looked down momentarily before thrusting his nose in the air again. "No, no, and NO."

"Duo…" Quatre was getting a little impatient. "All you have to do is pretend to be Heero’s girlfriend at our next school."

"You say that like you’re reading a grocery list! How ‘bout YOU try it first! YOU pretend to be a girl!"

Surprising, Quatre began to turn red and Trowa coughed. Some other time, Duo would’ve started crowing in laughter at his friends’…creative sexual activities, but this was most certainly NOT one of those times.

"Still no, and that’s FINAL." He began stomping out of the room.

"It’s what you always wanted, isn’t it?"

Duo stopped in his tracks, entire body stiff and tense. "What makes you say that?" he growled through clenched teeth.

"My Uchuu no Kokoro sees it clearly." Quatre took one step toward the braided boy. "Don’t lie to yourself." His voice was harsher than Trowa remembered ever hearing.

"I don’t lie." Duo sounded like he was trying to convince himself. "I don’t," he repeated, as if in emphasis. With that final note, he left the room, eyes shadowed by jagged bangs and mind repeating what Quatre had said. //It’s what you always wanted, isn’t it? …Don’t lie to yourself.//


"I’m going to kill Dr. G," Duo seethed for the eightieth time that afternoon.

Next to him on the backseat of Trowa’s circus truck, Wufei sighed for the eightieth time that afternoon. "Quit your whining, Duo."

Dr. G had sent an unexpected message to Duo which said nothing more than "Change". To any stranger, the command would’ve been just another random word. But for Gundam pilots, they knew just how loaded it was. It meant that Duo was to "be something be wasn’t". As soon as Quatre had seen the new order, he’d immediately reminded the poor Deathscythe pilot on the horrible fate awaiting him at the end of the trip to their new school. Of course, Duo had poked him and said that Heero wasn’t home yet. In return, Quatre’s eyes had widened and he’d looked near tears.

Upon that thought, Duo smiled a little, spirits somewhat higher than a moment before. Leaning forward to the passenger seat, he tapped Quatre’s shoulder.

"Hey," he called, "Since Heero’s not with us, does that mean the deal is off?"

In response, Quatre looked over at Trowa and they exchanged an undecipherable look that somehow made Duo nervous. "No, of course not. He’s meeting us there."

It’s needless to explain how Duo reacted.


"Good morning class, we have four new students with us today!" The hyper, red-haired teacher stepped aside and extended to her arm to gesture to the three boys and one ‘girl’ standing beside her. "This is Chang Wufei…"

The Chinese boy looked displeased.

"…Quatre Winner…"

Gasps were heard from the kids, and Quatre quickly waved his hands. "I have no connection with the family on L4."

"…Trowa Barton…"

Trowa’s one visible green eye looked up. "Yoroshiku."

"…and Helen Maxwell!"

Duo rubbed his arms self-consciously, the padding on his chest beginning to itch. Nevertheless, he grinned cheerfully, tossing a playful wink at a groups of boys snickering to one another. "Ohayo!" As he scanned the students, he caught a glimpse of cobalt-blue and he wiped his suddenly damp palms on the blue uniform skirt.

He jumped when the Ms. Kimura began talking again.

"Wufei, Quatre, Trowa, and Helen, there’re three single-desks at the back of the room, but the school is expecting a new shipment of them, so one of you will have to share the double with Heero-kun over there."

As Duo walked down the aisle with the others following, he noted that save for the three mentioned, all the desks in the classroom were doubles. He was determined to get one of the singles. But as he was passing Heero, a foot connected with his ankle and he fell into the empty chair next to the glowering boy. He somehow managed to not squawk as his skirt almost flew up and Trowa gave him a side-wise glare. Duo returned the look along with a ‘what was that for?!’ glance.

Kimura-sensei’s hand flew to her mouth and she rushed to the ‘girl’. "Helen-chan, daijoubu ka?"

He nodded, cringing. "I’m fine," he assured her.

Peeking at Heero, he sighed. This was going to be a LONG stay.


III.: The King of Hearts~

Heero narrowed his eyes at the ‘girl’ next to him. Why was Duo dressed as a female? And more importantly, why was he so nervous?

Sure enough, the braided youth was constantly shifting, fidgeting, and doing everything except sitting still. At the head of the classroom, Kimura-sensei continued to lecture, pausing once in a while to smile at the new students. An attempt, Heero guessed, at welcoming them.

To his left, Duo began moving again. Heero frowned and reached out a discreet hand to snag the slender arm. Duo jumped and looked at him, a faint pink tainting the fair skin of his cheeks. This made Heero scowl even more fiercely and his eyes promised the demand of an explanation later.

Had he not been so absorbed in trying to decipher his partner’s strange behavior, Heero would’ve noticed the glares he was receiving from most of the boys in the room.

Behind the two, Quatre was taking notes. Well, that’s what everyone else thought. In truth, he was doodling and congratulating himself in the success of the first step in his plan. He’d had his eyes on Heero and Duo for a very long time now--it was no secret that Duo saw Heero as more than just a friend, and Quatre had more than just an unsupported suspicion that the Wing pilot felt much the same way, whether the Japanese boy knew it or not.

Quatre resisted the urge to cackle maniacally, so he settled for a smirk. It was fun playing match-maker, and he was good at it too.

That IS, afterall, the reason his relatives called him the King of Hearts. A title which he held with pride.

Without further ado, Quatre drew a red heart and a K on his notebook.


When the bell finally rang, Duo was the first one out of his seat and rushing to the door, and Heero followed. Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei also ran after them; they weren’t going to miss the Wing pilot’s reaction when Duo tells Heero their deal. Not for the world.

However, they were disappointed when the Japanese boy passed Duo in the hallway with nothing more than a glare.


It wasn’t hard for Heero to alter the computer records so that Duo was rooming with him. Same with Trowa and Quatre, and he even got Wufei a room of his own. It was just like their normal routine at safehouses, and Heero had no desire to change it.

At precisely seven, there was a knock on his door. As soon as he opened it, the dorm-keeper launched into an extended introduction of ‘Helen’ and the Wing pilot. When she was done babbling, the woman basically shoved Duo and his bags at Heero. With a cheery wave, she then closed the door, leaving the two boys alone.

"Hn." Heero plucked Helen off of him and returned to his computer.

Duo pouted, dropping his bags on the floor and flopped onto his back on the bed. "Nice to see you too," he grumbled, eagerly tugging off his pantyhose and unbuttoning his shirt to remove his breasts.

Heero didn’t reply, just brought up the latest mission reports. "Get rested. We may have a mission at a moment’s notice."

Duo looked up, now dressed comfortably in more masculine night clothes. "Aren’t you even going to ask me what I’m doing in a skirt? Or pantyhose for that matter?"

Heero didn’t even move. "I figured that you’d tell me without asking."

Crossing his legs, then thinking better of it and jumping up, Duo approached the small desk. "That old pervie--I mean Dr. G said for me to ‘change’." Heero turned around just in time to see the braided boy blush full crimson. "The others and I played a game of poker and Quatre was the winner. He ordered Wufei, Trowa, and I to do certain things, and well…I was to be a girl…"

The Wing pilot shrugged indifferently. "Makes sense. If OZ were to search for us, then they’d be on the look-out for five boys, not four boys and a girl." He began typing something which Duo couldn’t make out.

"And there’s another part of the deal…"


"……….I’m supposed to be your girlfriend."

Heero stopped typing.


Down the corridor, up the stairs, along a hallway, past the cafeteria, around the corner behind the third door over, a small Voice-N-Vision transmitter was connected to a moderately sized TV, betraying every single action taken and word said in the room below. Positively glued to the screen were three pairs of wide, intense eyes--emerald, aquamarine, and black.

The boys those eyes belonged to were ever so concentrating, backs hunched and noses nearly touching the TV.

"I think he’s going to skin him alive," commented one of them.

"Nah, it’d make too much of a mess, and he wouldn’t enjoy picking up the leftovers," disagreed another.

"He could just shoot him," offered the third.

"Too much noise--"

***"HEERO! *NO* _DOOOOON’T!!!!!!_PLLEEEEASE DON’T!!!!!_"*** exploded from the speakers, almost permanently damaging eardrums.

"*sigh* Nevermind."

***"Omae o korosu,"*** came a deeper, calmer voice.

Trowa looked at Quatre; Quatre looked at Wufei; Wufei looked at Trowa. All three looked at each other.

"He sounds like he means it…" Wufei said slowly.

Upon imagining the possibilities--a mangled corpse with a severed braid etc. etc., their eyes widened. Then with horrified cries, the three boys tried to leap up, but ended up getting tangled together and falling once more. After a few minor injuries and countless muddled curses, Quatre flung open the door--smacking poor Trowa in the face--and they ran at breakneck speed to their friend’s rescue.


IV.: Duo’s Ace~

The first thing Trowa Barton became aware of upon entering the room was a force colliding with his chest. A force that had a great deal of momentum. When he looked down, he saw Duo clinging to him like he was the braided boy’s only hope for survival. And judging from the Heero standing beside the bed, gun cocked and safety off, he decided it was a definite possibility.

"Heero, put the gun down," he commanded evenly. Trowa silently thanked--someone that this part of the dormitory was new and that they were the only ones living there.


Quatre stepped in front of Duo. "You don’t want to shoot him." But when he saw the glare Heero gave him, he began to sweat. So he used his strongest attack:

The Look.

With the perfect mixture of some facial expression maneuvers he’d perfected in his free time and eye-quivering, Quatre became Adorable, Irresistible, and Cute personified.

It worked.

The hand wavered, then dropped, and four very relieved boys’ shoulders sagged.



Heero was in a sufferable predicament. He had been surrounded by a group of giggling, air-headed girls during breakfast, all flirting and nearly throwing themselves at him. He was more and more tempted to shoot these ninnies and blow the whole school to hell with each passing second. But that would blow their cover as well…pun not intended.

"I heard you were from outer space! It must be so wonderful!"

"It must be soooo lonely in that new wing. Say, how ‘bout we move there?"

"I heard you and that new girl What’s-Her-Name are previous acquaintances. Surely a handsome guy like you wouldn’t want such a cheap--"


Said boy froze stiff as a familiar form slid smoothly into his lap, slender arms winding around his neck and soft lips brushing the skin there.

His thought was fragmented.



Quatre sucked in a deep breath when Duo straddled Heero’s lap, uniform skirt riding up juuuuust enough to provide a generous amount of thigh[1] for the viewing pleasure of other boys in the room.

Trowa and Wufei were also watching intently.

"Quatre…" the Chinese said softly, "when you told him to ‘do something that a girlfriend would do to her boyfriend’, I wasn’t QUITE expecting this…"

"Neither was I," the blonde admitted truthfully.


"Helen?!!!" Yumi squeaked.

Duo smirked. This was the girl he’d dubbed ‘The Bitchy One’. "Yes, Yumi-kun?" He could feel the murderous glare Heero was boring into his head. He was going to be dead, but he’d die a satisfied man knowing that he was the ONLY one able to make Heero It’s-Good-To-Be-A-Marble-Statue Yuy’s eyes grow twice as big in size.

"Just play along!" he hissed pleadingly in his partner’s ear, trying to make it seem like he was whispering love words.

Heero didn’t move.

Duo got an idea. "Remember, the orders!"

That worked, and Heero forced himself to seem relaxed.

"What are you DOING?!?!?" Yumi screeched.

Duo snorted. "What does it look like I’m doing? He’s my koishii!" He was so dead.

Some of the girls in the group giggled--they all had crushes on Heero, but maybe this pair wouldn’t be such a bad idea afterall. Because with the new girl taken, the boys may pay more attention to them.

Another group just grumbled a bit.

But Yumi and her side-kicks--they were turning colors. Pink, red, blue, purple…scarlet. She looked ready to a)yank Duo off of Heero’s lap, or b)throw a fit and faint.

She did neither of those, much to the disappointment of the other three pilots. Instead, she gave a sharky grin and reminded them, "But you hardly know each other!"

Duo smiled and turned so his back was against Heero’s chest. "Weren’t you the one who just said that we’d known each other for a while?"

She turned maroon for that one.

Just then, the bell rang, signifying that classes were to start in fifteen minutes. Duo took the chance to grab Heero and bolt from the cafeteria, calling out a cheerful "Ja!" on the way out.

He didn’t stop until they reached their first class. It was completely empty, though hardly surprising since it was still so early. Heero forced him against the wall.

Duo’s eyes were a bit wild. "Let me go?" he pleaded weakly.

In response, his ‘koishii’ growled and pinned his arms to his sides. The American squeezed his eyes shut. //I really AM going to die! Quatre! Where are you???// He was completely unprepared for Heero next words.

"Do you have any idea…" he snarled, "what you were doing to me five minutes ago?"

Duo stared at him, not fully comprehending the meaning but having a pretty good idea. And his heart flew at the possibilities. He was suddenly aware of the hard bulge pressing insistently against his leg. So that was why Heero was running funny…!

He deliberately rolled his hips against that of the Japanese pilot’s, and was delighted at the little sound Heero made. //My, he’s aroused easily!//

Duo’s eyelids slid shut automatically when his partner’s lips began descending upon his. //C’mon Yuy, show me what you’ve got.//

"Release her at ONCE Mr. Yuy!" The cry of the superintendent nearly made him jump out of his skin.



V.: Playing With Hearts~

"Might I remind you, Yuy, that YOU were the one who threw me against the wall and started groping!"


"You know I'm right, so why keep blaming me for your getting in trouble?"



"See what?"

Duo sighed. "Nevermind." He pushed open the door to their shared room and went through the systematic routine of removing his pantyhose and padding. "If anything, you should thank me for saying that's what I wanted you to do or you'd be expelled and possibly in jail for 'molesting an innocent girl'." He batted long eyelashes. "Ne, Hee-chan."

"Shut up and do your homework," Heero growled, slamming down his things and glaring for all he was worth.

Duo pouted. "Still sore? Man, you're no fun."

To his profound annoyance, the Japanese boy stonily ignored him. Duo did not like being ignored.

As Heero slid behind the desk, he began to strip, knowing full well the Wing pilot watched his every move through the mirror.

"It's so hot in here, isn't it?"

Heero's voice was slightly strangled. "Turn on the fan."

Duo removed his pants, and he could've sworn the other's entire body shook. Maybe this wasn't going to be so hard afterall.

"Naw, it never works."

"Turn on the fan," Heero repeated.

"Won't you do it for me?"

By getting up, both knew Heero would have to stare straight at the more-than-half-naked boy sprawled out on the bed.

"You're lazy."

Duo sighed theatrically, clad only in his boxers (he'd changed out of his panties). "Well, then I suppose you'll just have to put up with the heat. Unless, of course, you agree with me that you're wearing too much clothes."

Heero turned to glare at the American, then Duo's eyes grew almost impossibly big when he found the other boy leaning over him, face mere centimeters away and breath scalding.

"Just what are you trying to prove?"

Duo's voice was just as solemn. "Nothing."

Cobalt-blue eyes narrowed dangerously, and the braided boy couldn't help but wonder if this was going to be the last day of his life. To his relief, Heero snorted and stood up, returning to his desk without a glance backwards.

Duo bit his lip. "There's an end-of-the-year dance this Saturday, can you take me?"

"We're not going. There's a mission report due and we can't afford to waste time on useless pleasantries."

"But Heero! You can finish it early can't you? Everyone'll be there, and I've never been to one of those and…"

No amount of pleading could change the Wing pilot's mind. Duo firmed his jaw and spat out: "Fine! Ignore me. I guess I'll just have to find someone ELSE to take me then! You're a cold-blooded bastard, Heero Yuy, and I don't how I could ever fall in love with you!"

He threw on a skirt and a blouse and stomped out of the room, leaving the Japanese boy staring expressionlessly after him.


Duo shivered and hugged himself tighter. It was well past eleven o'clock, and he should've been in his room long ago, but he couldn't go back; not after what he'd said that evening.

He'd missed dinner, he was hungry, he was cold, and worst yet, he was lost in the woods surrounding the school. //The search team'll be out looking for me.// No, wait; he'd reported in at eight, so no one knew he was gone.

Except him, his mind supplied cheerfully. //And he wouldn't care if I turned up mutilated next week.// It suddenly seemed freezing.

It wasn't because Heero had refused to take him to the dance that he said what he did earlier. He hadn't expected him to, so it didn't matter much. But the frustration had been building up for a long time now, and Heero'd seemed full set on kissing him this afternoon. It was the latter that bothered him the most. No, not because he'd been so close to locking lips with the person he loved above anything else--just the thought of that made his heart flutter--but because Heero had been so cold afterwards, so different from the apparently passionate side of him Duo had nearly succeeded in unearthing.

"K'so!" he swore, slamming his fist into the tree beside him while wishing it was Heero's face. "You bastard!"

"Excuse me?" The new voice nearly made him jump out of his skin.


The Wing pilot tossed him a coat and glared. "Who's the bastard?"

"No one."

Blue eyes narrowed dangerously, but Heero let it pass. "What the hell are you doing out here this late at night?" he demanded.

Duo bristled. "I do what I want, Yuy!" he snapped defensively. "And I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

"Oh? And I guess that's why you're lost."

"I am not lost," he growled.

"Right. Now do you mind telling me what's going on?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. Now leave me alone."

Heero was silent for a few moments. "What was it that you said earlier?"

"That you were cold-blooded."


"Look, I'm sorry. I was angry and didn't know what I was saying. I must've thought myself as Relena or something." Duo shuddered at the thought.

"Only she would never call me a cold-blooded bastard." Heero raised an eyebrow.

The American shrugged. "Yeah, whatever. She wouldn't call anyone anything worse than a ninny anyway." He growled. "Now go away."

Heero regarded him carefully before nodding. "Follow the way of the lake and you'll reach the school. And Duo." He paused. "You better start thinking about a dress for that dance."

He disappeared through the curtain of trees, leaving behind one very startled Deathscythe pilot.



VI.: Full House~

Make-up…check! Hair…check! Dress…check! …Purrrrrfection…check!

Duo twirled in front of the mirror, then stopped to pucker his glossed lips at his reflection. Knock ‘em dead… he said to himself. No, knock HIM dead…

The dance was just in time; two days before their next mission. Had it been any later, Heero would’ve absolutely forbid it. But as it was…Duo closed his eyes and tilted back his head, allowing his perfect female self to fall onto the bed.[2]

The embarressment of having to cross-dress, especially for a stupid card game, was gone. He’d hated the idea at first, then realized it wasn’t so bad. Afterall, it gave him a valid reason to be as close to the man of his dreams as he’d ever been.

Duo opened his eyes and looked at the clock. Shit! Heero’ll be here any minute now! He ran back to the mirror and fixed whatever little unsatisfactories his lying in bed had caused.

He reglossed his lips, tucked loose locks of chestnut silk into the hairclips, and examined his painted nails again.

Precisely at eight o’clock, the door to his room opened, admitting Heero…

Duo cocked his head, eyebrows raising. "Why aren’t you dressed?" //Oh god, don’t tell me he’s not…don’t tell me he changed his mind!//

Heero looked him over, frozen for the briefest moment before opening his mouth. "We’re not going. The mission moved one day early. Get rested."

Duo argued back instinctively. "But--but…I’ll be alright tomorrow, I know I will! Please Heero!"

Cold blue eyes regarded him. "We’re not going."

Violet pools returned the frosted look with a heated one. "Fine! I’ll go by myself then!"

"No. You’ll stay here."

"The hell I will! The last thing I wanna do tonight is sit here listening to you type." He was suddenly in Heero’s face. "Just who do you think you are?" he demanded in hushed, angry tones. "You’re not my fiance, you’re not my master, and you’re hardly my friend!"

He could’ve sworn the Japanese boy flinched. "You know how I said that I loved you? Well it’s true, Heero. So--so…good-bye!" Duo pressed his lips to Heero’s firmly before stalking out the door, leaving him behind with the taste of strawberries for the rest of the night.


Quatre watched from Trowa’s embrace as the mob of boys surrounding Duo grew before his very eyes. As well as the group their angry dates made.

"Poor Duo," the blonde whispered in sympathy. He looked up to his tall lover. "I feel as though I am to blame. I forced them together…oh Trowa! I should’ve known this was how it would’ve turned out!"

Trowa’s grip on him tightened. "Everybody makes mistakes, Quatre. Duo is always forgiving with you, I’m sure he’ll understand you meant well."

The braided ‘girl’ said something and the boys burst out laughing, one of them handing him another glass of beer, which he downed quickly.

Wufei approached them, a dark look on his face. "We’ve got to stop him before he makes a fool of himself."

Quatre buried his face in Trowa’s shoulder. "His heart is broken, and it’s all my fault," he said, voice muffled.


It had been a lovely surprise when Helen Maxwell showed up alone at the gymnasium. And even more of a delightful shock when she became extremely friendly with the boys. It wasn’t long before she had them at her side a reign on their attention.

"What about that jerk you’re always with?" one of them asked.

Duo’s glass paused halfway to his lips and his face went black. But he forced a smile and said easily: "Oh, we broke up."

A collective gasp rang through the mob, then happy voices and murmurs. The gorgeous Helen Maxwell, free at last!

Their advances were unrestrained after that, not that Duo minded. It was nice to have someone appreciate you after being rejected so brutally. He laughed, he joked, and he enjoyed the little fleeting touches some of the more daring boys placed on him. He totally neglected to see the pair of cobalt blue eyes glaring at him from the corner of the room.


The baka’ll be too wasted to complete his mission tomorrow! the sensible side of Heero’s brain screamed.

After watching those scavengers take advantage of Duo for over an hour, he growled something incoherent, stalked to the middle of the crowd of people, and dragged the startled Deathscythe pilot out.

Quatre was suddenly at his side, flanked by Trowa and Wufei. "Heero!" he cried, trying to pry the blue-eyed boy’s hand off Duo’s reddening arm. "Let go of hi--her!"

Said blue eyes weren’t completely sane as Heero glared at the blonde.

"Shit, Yuy! That hurts!" Duo snarled, pulling on his abused limb.

One of Duo’s larger admirers laid a huge hand on Heero’s shoulder. "Excuse me, Shrimp, but I believe I have buisiness with the lady here."

Heero didn’t let go. "Omae o korosu," he growled.

The others began to sweat.

"Stop it!" Wufei commanded male pride and dignity insisting that he help a damsel in distress even though Duo really wasn’t a female.

"Back off, Chang."



"Get the hell away from me."


"Now Heero!"

Duo continued to rub soothing cream into his arm, looking away from the Wing pilot.

"I wish you wouldn’t try and get me angry like this."

Violet eyes blinked up incredulously. "Me? Make YOU angry?!? Man, I think you’d better get your head screwed on straight first."

"Yes, it was you making me angry. Why did you go off to those guys?"

Duo smirked. "My Hee-chan, are you jealous?"

Heero’s look was dark.

//It may be wrong to feel this way, but…I’m glad…// The American laughed. "You are, aren’t you!?" He leapt up off the bed and embraced the Wing pilot, knowing full well he was putting himself in a position to be shot.

But Heero didn’t. He blinked twice, then hesitantly hugged Duo back. "Baka," he breathed into the frangrant chestnut locks. //My baka.//

"Don’t be jealous," he heard Duo whisper. "Don’t. I’m all yours if you want me."

//I think…I think I want you.// Heero grabbed the slender hips and tugged the American closer, eliciting a startled squawk from the boy as well as answering his undertoned question.

Duo pulled away first, adorable face glowing with happiness.

Heero smiled a little, nearly making the other swoon. He turned away. "We leave this school in six hours," he told him.

The American nodded.



Epilogue: Winner Takes All~
The scene was familiar. Such tension, such threatening glares, unaparelled! Only this time, five boys sat at the poker table instead of just four.

Duo threw down three aces, followed by Trowa, who tossed down a flush. Heero cast each player dark looks and showed his cards, sending Duo out of his seat in a giggling fit. A two, four, eight, three, and ten.

"Geez, koi. No wonder you look pissed."

Wufei laid down a full house, eyeing the rest suspiciously. Everyone turned to look at the one remaining boy.

"Quatre," Trowa patted his lover's knee, "it's your turn."

The blonde's expression was unreadable as he continued to stare at his cards. "Oh yes, that's right." He coughed and put down…

Trowa's jaw fell open slightly as Wufei's face turned crimson and Duo screeched unintelligible words at the top of his lungs. Heero just looked even grumpier.

…a royal flush.

Duo tore at his hair in fury and disbelief. "This is NOT possible! No WAY in HELL could he get that TWICE in TWO FUCKIN' GAMES!" he roared. He lunged at the small Arabian, shaking him by his collar before Trowa glared and pulled him away.

"Sit down Duo. He won," the uni-banged boy told the American quietly but firmly.

Duo sat down in Heero's lap, grumbling and undoubtedly complaining to him.

"Now," Quatre continued in a business-like tone. "for my prize, I want Heero and Duo to make out for fifteen minutes on film."

"You hentai…" Duo wasn't unhappy. He giggled and nuzzled his stoic lover's neck, purring like an excited kitten.

"I want a breakfast-in-bed from Trowa and for Wufei to add 'Nataku is my savior' along with those previous things which he never did…" He latched onto Trowa and ignored the fuming Wufei.

As they retired to the bedroom, Trowa noticed something wrong about Quatre's dress shirt. He tugged on it lightly and realization dawned on him.


The blonde blushed and went for the Innocent Look. "Yes, Trowa-dear?"

"What's that?"

Quatre held his arm protectively against him. "Just a pair of sixes…"




*grins* Yup, Q-chan's been cheating all along, though I can't say Heero and Duo there are unhappy…

*groaning and thumping are heard from off-screen and someone named 'Hee-bunny' to 'drill it in deeper'*

*cough* Yeah, anyways…

[1] Yes, I know men’s thighs are different from that of a woman. But from what I’ve seen of the pics and such, all the Gboys have very slender legs that could pass as a woman’s.

[2] *blinks innocently* What? I think Duo can be very vain…